BTs on the Beach

Miley and Howie had a great 4th of July celebration at the beach this weekend. There was barbecue, swimming, fireworks, and best of all…

Boston Terriers on the Beach

The beach!

Boston Terriers on the Beach

Miley has boundless energy. She could run up and down the beach for hours.

Boston Terriers on the Beach

While Howie prefers to crash into the waves.

Boston Terriers on the Beach

Boston Terriers on the Beach

Time for a game of beach fetch!

Boston Terriers on the Beach

It looks easy enough but…

Boston Terriers on the Beach

Diving for the ball in all that sand is tricky! (Hint: She’s not even close. See the ball behind Howie’s feet??)

Boston Terriers on the Beach


Boston Terriers on the Beach

Beach Fetch: Who can bring it back first? Howie tries to steal…

Boston Terriers on the Beach


Boston Terriers on the Beach

That’s okay. *CHOMP!*

Boston Terriers on the Beach

But Miley gets away!

Boston Terriers on the Beach

Eat my dust, Howie!

Boston Terriers on the Beach

*SLAM!* Howie executes a surprise body-check sneak attack!

Boston Terriers on the Beach

Miley somehow manages to hang on to the ball!

Boston Terriers on the Beach

He gives chase…

Boston Terriers on the Beach

*SMACK!* I’ve seen UFC fighters take more pleasant hits than this! (And when I say UFC fighters, I mean Jon Favreau on Friends. *blush* “I know I’m no John Bon Jovi!” Nevermind.)

Boston Terriers on the Beach

It’s just loose enough for Howie to get a grip…

Boston Terriers on the Beach

He almost has it…!

Boston Terriers on the Beach

Not so fast, little bro.

Boston Terriers on the Beach

Then I take it and throw it again. Hehe. Beach fun!

Boston Terriers on the Beach

This is Miley’s face when it’s time to go home.

We ♥ the beach! Thanks for looking! :)


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49 Responses
  1. Molly

    I love your pictures!! This post made me laugh out loud!!! BT are one of my favorite breeds, my first dog ever was Stoney the BT :) Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Erica

    These are precious! Love the “face plant” shot. These two totally remind me of our two dogs. Glad I found your blog!

  3. Jen Z.

    OMG they are sooooo cute. I love every photo’s. Thanks for sharing them. They really put a smile on my face. You are such an awesome photographer.

  4. Diane Eck

    Your pictures are awesome…the puppies are having the time of their lives!! Do you have to bathe them after an outing like this??

  5. Donna

    OHHHH Amanda Howie and Mylie are just sooooo cute and you make it look like so much fun to have DOGS. I am a CAT person and have 5 of them plus a Cockatoo. After seeing this post of their beach time fun I actually drove by the Humane Society thinking of getting a dog of some kind but came to my senses and kept on driving lol. Keep posting their fun time they are so sweet and funny. BTW I LOVE your blog and ck it daily. thanks for the giggles. Donna

  6. dietworries

    Love these photos. Right now I am doggysitting one of these cute breeds! She is such a sniffer and pacer. She must be missing her mama.

    I have a techie question. How would I make a slideshow that runs continuously on my blog, like for my awards?

    Thanks for your help.

  7. ImAprilE

    Love, love, love your BT’s. They are too cute for words. Thanks for, once again, being able to make me smile, laugh, and cry – all at the same time!

  8. carolanne carter

    Love reading your blog Amanda and I’m always happy to see what your babies are up to. I used to have a silky/poodle, Tom, who looked like a silky. He never used to bark much. He would try and talk to me. This happens I think when you love them as much as I can see you love yours. I would love a camera like yours too. Your pictures are always so clear. Glad you had a great 4th of July.
    Cheers from Australia.

  9. Emily L.

    Love the pictures, it reminds me of my dogs playing on the beach.
    I also love Pete’s line thrown in there ;)

  10. Roxanne

    I LOVE your pictures! Your puppies looked like they had so much fun! I tried to add a comment to your facebook page, but couldn’t…was I too late?

  11. Amanda Sevall

    Love it!!! I always enjoy your doggie pics!!! My Scarlet would fight to the bitter end to (a) keep the ball and (b) stay at the beach!! :)

  12. Sherry

    I love how they run together – and great photos by the way! The last one is classic – kinda how I feel at the end of a great beach day.

  13. June

    ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!!! I love your dog posts!!! Your pictures mixed with your commentary are priceless!!!! Thanks so much for sharing and putting a HUGE smile on my face!!!

  14. Debi

    You had me in stitches on this one! LOVE the dogs! Your photographs are fabulous. Thanks for sharing this with all of us. Hope your 4th was the best!

  15. Debb

    Hi Kevin and Amanda,
    I have a website I would like my visitors to be able to view your blog directly from my webpage. How do I do that?

    Thank You.

  16. edyB

    It always makes my day when I check out your Blog ~ ESPECIALLY when you have photos of the “kids”! They are the happiest little doggies!
    Love to see them play!

  17. Lorena

    OMG…. these pictures are soo beautiful and lively I feel I was there…
    Your dogs are so cuteeeeee and looks like they had tons of fun.
    It’s like they never get tired.

  18. Kaye

    My favorite photo is the last one. . . exhausted after a long day of play! I have two Irish Water Spaniels who play the same way. Aren’t dogs great?

  19. teresa

    You are just too cute!
    Your adorable personality and LOVE for your fur-babies BEAMS through your pictures and words!
    So much FUN!
    Your BTs are just too cute for words!
    How much FUN they must have!
    I know you guys had a FABULOUS Fourth!
    Happy Summer!

  20. Kathy Martin

    Your pups are the CUTEST! And your pictures are AWESOME! Love the one where they both have the ball in their mouths and the last photo! They must be a hoot to live with! :)

  21. ♥ Ellen ♥

    OMG, what unfettered JOY with those two dogs! I felt like I was there, without the sunburn of course! I could feel the sand kicking up and the slobber on the ball. I loved the pic of Miley at the end — looking like a tantrum and a pout at the end of a very fun day. Thank you so much for sharing!

  22. HeatherB

    Love your photos – your dogs have such expressive personalities and you capture them so well with the camera! :)

  23. Cre8tive Cre8tions

    I just love the pictures! I can never get action shots like that so clear!! And your commentary is awesome!!! Have you ever thought of doing a picture DVD to music with all of these great pictures? I make them for my kids and they love watching themselves, it’s like a scrapbook but you can watch it on your tv!! My family loves them too, and I enjoy making them.

  24. Jenni Roseland

    OMG-your dogs are SO CUTE! I love how you described their playtime! Had me giggling!

    And time to go home face was priceless!

    1. Lili Albright

      Those are two of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen!!! I love how Miley almost always is the one with the ball!! =]

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