Fall in Blue Ridge

We had a fantastic time visiting Blue Ridge, Georgia last weekend! Check out the beautiful views we witnessed and our favorite stops to make in Blue Ridge!Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

A Great Place for an Autumn Getaway

Last weekend Kevin and I spent a few days  in the beautiful, quiet mountains of Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

I love the town of Blue Ridge. It’s small. It’s quiet. And it’s beautiful! And there is tons of yummy hometown food and fun shopping.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

We try to get there at least every couple of years or so, but I’ve never been in the fall. I knew that was something I wanted to remedy as soon as humanly possible.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

Kevin has every other Friday off, so last week when we found ourselves with a free weekend falling on one of his Fridays off, we booked ourselves a last minute cabin rental for the three day weekend. This was the cheerful covered bridge on the dirt road leading to our cabin.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

Blue Ridge in the fall absolutely took my breath away.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

Sightseeing in Blue Ridge, Georgia

Saturday morning we took a drive up the mountains on some curvy, narrow dirt roads. What’s better than a weekend drive up a mountain? When that mountain is surrounded by the beautiful fall foliage of Georgia!

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

The trees were amazing!

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

I couldn’t stop snapping photos of all the fiery colors.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

Sun roof view.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

If you can believe it, we started out at the base of this mountain and drove through all that fog. It was so foggy down below, we just thought it was going to be an overcast day. But when we reached the top and got above the fog, the sky was completely clear and sunny!

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

Here’s what it looked like by that afternoon — all the fog had totally burned off.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

Saturday afternoon we drove down to Amicalola Falls State Park.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

I loved this reflection pool at the base of the falls!

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

We saw a paved path to the top of the falls, and it looked like an easy walk, so we decided to take it.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

Little did we know, it was straight up!!

(By the way, I am in love with this rainbow tree here!)

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

And at the end of the straight up path, there were steps. Six hundred of them.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

And of course, when we got there, we realized…. we could’ve driven there. Doh.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

But the view from the top was absolutely worth it.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

Normally I use my lens hood to avoid flare like this. But sometimes I think it’s kinda cool.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

I think I’ve discovered that a slow shutter speed creates that cool starburst effect in lights. Notice the difference between this starburst and the one above, then click on the photos to see their shutter speeds. The slower the speed, the bigger the burst!

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

After hiking back down the mountain, and back down those 600 steps to our car, we drove a little further up to watch the sunset over the mountains.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

Our Favorite Blue Ridge Hiking Trail

The next day we headed to one of my favorite trails, the Jacks River Falls trail. It’s a 4.5 mile easy one-way hike to the falls on an old railroad bed. Four miles might seem a little long, but it’s an absolutely gorgeous hike. Totally worth seeing. Here’s a map of our hike. Kind of cool to see our route, pace, and elevation.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

I love our colorful, dreamy, leaf-lined path.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

And the canopy of color all around us.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

Here’s what was waiting for us at the end of the hike.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

Jacks River Falls has an upper falls and a lower falls. Here’s the upper falls.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

You can walk right up to it, and in warmer weather wade right up to the falls.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

Here’s the lower falls. You can climb all over the rocks and get as close to the falls as you dare.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

So pretty.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

Evidently we had some pretty tired pups at this point!

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

How pitiful are these two?? Not even a bed to sleep on.

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

Nevertheless, they sought respite where ever they could find it.

They also got some peanut butter to restore their energy for the hike back. Remember what Miley and Howie got for Christmas?

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.

Ready for the hike back!

 Thanks for joining us! Hope you enjoyed this little peek into Blue Ridge!

Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Weekend Getaway. Hiking, Cabins & Waterfalls.


The Best Things to Do in Blue Ridge, Georgia

Where to Eat in Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge Brewery
Fabulous food here! Make reservations early in the day for dinner.

Cucina Rustica
Italian. Very romantic. I can’t say enough good things about how incredible our dinner was here. Make reservations.

Harvest on Main
Rustic lodge setting. Totally worth checking out. We ate here last year when we were in Blue Ridge. Make reservations for dinner.

L&L Beanery
Fun little coffee shoppe and bakery with an attached restaurant. Check this place out for breakfast & brunch!

Mercier Apple Orchards
Whatever you do, do not leave Blue Ridge without trying a fried pie from Mercier! My favorite is the banana. They also serve breakfast & lunch here. I so wanted to try their apple bread french toast.

The Sweet Shoppe
Cupcakes! Need I say more? My review on these cupcakes is coming on Thursday! You’ll be surprised at which one was my favorite. I was.

The Chocolate Express
Fresh fudge, chocolates, and caramel apples. Yum!


The Best Shops in Blue Ridge

Posh on Main
One of the cutest boutiques I’ve ever seen. Here’s my review on Posh from our visit to Blue Ridge last year. This place is so cute, and always a must-stop for us. Tell Matt & Millie we said hello!

Threads of Blue Ridge
Fun little boutique! I almost walked away with some faux-furry winter boots here.

Mercier Apple Orchards
Plan to spend some time shopping at Merciers too! This is such a fun place. I always stock up on their strawberry butter.


Where to Stay in Blue Ridge

My Mountain Cabin Rentals
Rustic, tucked away cabins with all the amenities, including WiFi and satellite TV.


Hiking Trails in Blue Ridge

Amicalola Falls
Just remember, you can drive to the top of the mountain. ;)

Jacks River Falls
Jacks River Falls is located in the Cohutta Wilderness Area on the Jacks River. It is about an hour and a half, to two hours from Blue Ridge. To reach the falls: From the intersection of US 411 and Old Hwy 2 in Cisco, GA, head east on Old Hwy 2. Continue on this road (pavement ends about 1.8 miles) for 10 miles to FS 62 on the right at Big Frog Loop Road sign. Turn right on FS62 and continue 4.4 miles to Jacks River Trailhead. The parking area is on the left. The trail to the falls is 4.5 miles of moderately easy walking on an old railroad bed. After 3.5 miles, cross the stream and continue on the trail for another 0.5 mile until you reach the river. Follow the river downstream another 0.5 mile to the falls. Keep following the trail just a bit and there is a steep path to the base of the lower falls.
Google Map to parking area.

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139 Responses
  1. Amanda from Ellijay

    I love the article. However, when I Googled Amicalola Falls it’s located North of Dawsonville. About an hours drive from Blue Ridge. Just figured I’d give some guests on here a heads up before they start questioning their GPS.

  2. Andrea

    Hi There! I’m staying in Blue Ridge for my birthday the weekend of the 23rd-25th and im dying to know where you took the pictures of the mountain views. Where you said that you started at the bottom and drove threw the fog. Also, were the areas with the covered bridges private property? If not, I’d love to go there with my friends and have a fun fall photo shoot.

    Thanks so much!

  3. Maxine Billings

    WOW!!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures! My family and I love, love, love the mountains but have never been in the fall. That is now on my wish list! :)

  4. Caleigh

    Are you just allowed to put up a tent anywhere along these trails? Its beautiful, im wanting to go camping in a tent somewhere in the beautiful georgia nature for our one year in November. any thoughts?

  5. Annie

    When was your trip to Blue Ridge? I’m planning to go, but I want to make sure I’m there during peak lead season.

  6. Samantha

    Where in blue ridge is the magnificent waterfall picture taken? I am planning a very special hike up there and have dreamed of going to that exact place

  7. Marnie

    Hi! Ran across your blog from Pinterest today. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL pictures. I leave 30 minutes from Blue Ridge myself. Might I ask you where the beautiful covered bridge is? I am assuming in the subdivision you stayed in? We have friends coming around Thanksgiving that would Love this area. However, I will have to warn them the leaves won’t still be this beautiful.


  8. Jennifer

    I have been reading your blog for quite some time and never saw this post. My family and I went there a few years back for Turkey Day!! We used the same cabin rental company, and went to the same places. We had such a great time and your pictures are amazing and shows it’s beauty to a “T”. We were quite upset after trekking to the top of the falls, all 600 something steps, that there was actually parking and I think bathrooms… UGH! It was an amazing trip and one we plan on making again when we get back to the states (we live in Guam at the moment) but orchards and little town were just too cute and this time I will have a DSLR in hand :) Thank you for sharing!

  9. Gayle

    Beautiful, awesome, wonderful! I’m ready to go! We are thinking about taking a few days off after Christmas to go somewhere peaceful. Not too much of a drive from VA, maybe we’ll go here!

  10. Kelly

    I really liked your fall pictures. Adding in the link to your runkeeper was a great idea. I like the runkeeper app for my phone and use it for all my random exercise. I did a post on my top “ten” apps and that made the list (

  11. Carol

    Wow! These are definitely some of my favorite pictures of yours. The colors are amazing! I can’t imagine hauling all of that camera equipment up those stairs. If it had been me, I would have been curled up next to one of the pups.

  12. Tildie

    Wow! Those are absolutely beautiful! I love the way you can photograph anything. This is a lot to ask, but I was wondering if you would allow me to have a copy of one of the pictures for a display in my home? They are gorgeous.

  13. Nancy

    Those 600 steps up Amicalola Falls will almost kill you but the view from the top is so worth it. We haven’t been back up that way in a few years, need to plan a trip. Your pictures are stunning and make me want to go back really soon.

  14. EatLiveRun

    Amanda, this is absolutely stunning! My parents live in Savannah so now I’m thinking I’ll have to make a trip next time I visit them to the mountains!

  15. Jaime

    Amanda, these photos are simply breathtaking! My aunt and uncle live in Blairsville, and every time we visit we HAVE to visit Merciers! I haven’t tried the banana pies- I usually get peach… although the banana sounds lovely!

    There is a small coffee shop in Blairsville called Grinds N Glazes and they have THE BEST cake donuts I have ever had- made fresh every morning. My fave is the chocolate peanut!

  16. Jenni

    Beautiful Amanda! The trees look like that here too in NC. Fall is my favorite season. Glad ya’ll had a good time. {Hugs & Joy}, Jenni :)

  17. Nancy Smith

    I’m so jealous! Those are amazing pictures. I would love to visit somewhere that is that beautiful during the fall!! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Caryn Prouty

      Absolutely beautiful, great photos! I have been wanting to go visit every since I read your post a few years back. I visited the website of the cabin rentals you had linked, and I was wondering if you would you be willing to tell me what specific cabin you stayed in? I love covered bridges and would really enjoy being able to visit the one you pictured. Thanks,

  18. Carrie

    These shots are beautiful. I so enjoyed going through them. And, the photos of Miley and Howie take the cake. Poor tired pups! Of course, the peanut butter sounds like it revived them.

  19. Trudy L.

    Stunning. I can’t believe these are real. Bless the Lord O my soul!! Thanks for sharing with us. First your gorgeous Alabama cotton pictures, now these! Don’t we have a whole lot to be thankful for in this wonderful country?!? Fall’s my favorite, and since I’m not where any colors are, I am loving, loving these pictures. Thank you so much. :)

  20. Melissa

    What a wonderful place to visit! You really captured the beauty of fall in these photos! Definitely have to put this on my list of travel destinations.

  21. becky

    What an amazing place to visit. Your pictures are the best I’ve ever seen. You are truly talented in photography. Howie and Miley are too cute taking a nap on the rocks. How sweet….love those 2. Fall is my favorite season of all. Love all the colors in nature…..I thought the reflection photo was a painting…no kidding. Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent. Hugs, Becky

  22. Shannon Stamp

    WOW! Amazing photos. Got this place added to my bucket list, now. To see the trees in all that color is just breath taking. Is the best time to go, late October or is November usually better? You picked the perfect weekend as those photos are just simply beautiful.

  23. M.A. Gallerani

    These pictures were like sweetness to my displaced Southern soul. I grew up in Atlanta, and we went to the N. Ga mountains each Fall. So stunning. Now I am in New England, which is also beautiful this time of year. Your pictures are stunning. I just recently discovered your blog and LOVE it. Keep up the great work!

  24. Tricia Richner

    Amazing little walk down memory lane. Years ago my husband and I were visiting there as well and all the colors and trees were such a sweet reminder. Then seeing the pups laying on rocks made me laugh out loud. Our dal actually got blistered feet from the hike we took one day. It was so pitiful – course our feet weren’t feelin’ too great either. Thanks for the reminder of a great time shared years (and years) ago.

  25. MikeVFMK

    Really beautiful pictures, Amanda! Nothing beats a getaway with your spouse and especially in the fall when the colours and leaves look like this. Love that reflection shot!

  26. Brenna

    I now know why Fleet Foxes wrote a song called Blue Ridge Mountains. Absolutely breathtaking! Thank you for sharing. Now I have a new iPad background!

  27. Jeff Whorley

    I follow you specifically because of your photography. I too have a love of photography and have a great appreciation for someone who has an eye for the simple beauty whether it be food or nature. I share your great pix with family and friends. Keep them coming. I am a “foodie” who love to take pictures. So your bolg satisfies both passions. All the best! JW

  28. Kate Ware

    Oh, my! What absolutely beautiful photos! Makes the photos I posted of fall in UT look pale! LOL! I would love to hit the east coast sometime in the fall — but in the meantime, thanks for sharing your views. They are stunning!

  29. Melissa

    Hey Kevin and Amanda – I love your blog and follow you with the newsletter. You’re so inspiring to those of us who would love to travel. I especially loved this one with the fall colors. Never been to Blue Ridge, GA. but it sounds wonderful. I have been in the Blue Ridge Mountains but not in the fall. That is a must do for me and the scenic drive. I am moving to Virginia next year and will be living near the mountains…YEAH! Thanks for the inspiration and keep it up.

    ~ Melissa ~

  30. Nicole

    These pictures are gorgeous and I am so glad you shared! I used to live very close to the falls and I have been missing the beautiful colors this time of year!! Thanks again for sharing!

  31. Rachel

    Amanda, WOW, these are INCREDIBLE photos. You should seriously think about selling prints. I would absolutely be first in line to BUY THESE!!!

  32. Koko @ Koko Likes

    This place looks absolutely gorgeous. My boyfriend was stationed in Columbus, Georgia and we took a few road trips to Dahlonaga (I may have brutalized the spelling) and Savannah, but this spot looks amazing for a future trip!!!!

  33. Carol in Florida

    Amanda – beautiful pictures – my husband and I were actually there in the spring a couple of years ago (we were working at Unicoi State Park in Helen, GA) – so the pictures I have on my blog are from a different perspective. We will just have to make sure to go back next fall and see some of that great fall scenery, since we certainly don’t have any of it here in South Florida! Thanks for sharing!

  34. Elizabeth C.

    My favorite photo is the reflection one. So beautiful!

    You mentioned figuring out the sunburst– I think it’s actually related to aperture (notice that that changed in your settings, too), not shutter speed. I looked it up a while ago online because I was wondering how to achieve one in a photo, and it told me to close my aperture!

    This isn’t the website I used, but it gives an example: (Aperture-f/16, SS-1/800, ISO 200)

  35. Anja

    your photos are amazing! pittoresque landscape. I love the photo with the reflection of the trees in the water. It looks like a painting from Monet. Beautiful!

  36. Kristina Vanni

    Pure heaven! I miss the fall colors, it was always my favorite time of year growing up in the Midwest. Palm trees are the same color year-round here in LA!

  37. Danielle

    Are you kidding me with these amazing photos?! Wow! I love living in Arizona except that the weather kind of skips autumn. The leaves that do fall, fall in January, and by that time I’m over it. Blue Ridge, GA is going on my short list of places to visit in the fall. Thanks for sharing!

  38. Anne

    Oh.Em.Gee. Amanda, these pictures are beyond gorgeous! I so totally want to make this trip, and definitely would make it in the fall …. especially since we don’t really have fall in southeast Texas. I am seriously going to tuck this posting away for a future trip for my granddaughter and me to take. I am absolutely awed by the beauty of this place. Thanks for posting the pics as well as your recommendations for all the other things to do, see, stay while there.

  39. Sara

    I was just wondering if you used a tripod for the pictures that had the slower shutter speed. I find that when it is slow the pictures turn out shaky and blury.
    If you didn’t what did you do? I have some great pictures to take here where I live in Utah and don’t want shaky pictures! HELP!

  40. Ashley Eiban

    wow this place is beautiful! I didn’t even know this existed and it’s only 45 minutes away from where we live! SO going to have to go here next year!

  41. H. J. Gadiyar

    These pictures are very very beautiful, to say the least. You take excellent pictures. Thanks for sharing them. Wish you were in one or all of them to give it a special personal look!!! Just a suggestion.

  42. Teri Dingler

    You need to sell some of your photos! I have been (not to the cabins!) to Blue Ridge, and all around the same area as my husband and I go to North Georgia/Tenn at least every other year – this is one of our favorite areas! My shots don’t come anywhere near in comparison to yours! Absolutely gorgeous! Especially the reflecting pool! Amazing! Thanks for sharing! It makes me feel as if I were there now!

  43. Alyce R.

    Breathtaking pictures, Amanda. My husband and I visited Blue Ridge on our honeymoon, 14 years ago and celebrated our anniversary there for several years thereafter. Over the years, our lives got busy (and we had a baby) and time just seemed to get away from us before we realized how long it had been since we had been back. Seeing your pictures makes me want to visit again. And soon! Thanks for reminding me of what drew us to Blue Ridge in the first place.

  44. Linda

    Wow!! What a breath-takingly beautiful place! You took amazing photos!
    I really want to go there some day.
    Thank you so much for sharing. I love, love, love, the fall foliage.

  45. Mary Anne Tomlinson

    Hi Amanda,

    I loved, loved, loved your pictures of Blue Ridge. I’m a fall foliage freak. Thanks for sharing your lovely weekend adventures with us.

  46. Erika

    GORGEOUS! And thanks so much for your list of recommendations – I know where I’m going on vacation next year :)
    ps. Not usually a dog person, but those pics of your puppies were adorable!!

  47. Roxana GreenGirl {A little bit of everything}

    We were few weeks ago in the mountains here in VA but my photos are not even close to your stunning photos! Everything looks so beautiful!

  48. Capella @ A Curated Lifestyle

    We were up there last weekend too, but our photos don’t look like that! We have a sling to carry our boston-mix when he gets too tired or stubborn to walk anymore. Love your suggestions on places to visit- will have to make another trip up to try them out.

  49. Marianne

    Wow! You are so lucky to take and wonderful weekend getaway like this. That is right up my alley. Love to hike in the mountains. Beautiful pictures, thanks so much for sharing, it is like I was there also. Have a great day!

  50. Debbie in S. Florida

    Well, Amanda, since, as you might guess from my penname, I live in South Florida, where there is NOTHING like this in any way, shape or form, I am so grateful to you for giving me the autumn I miss so much! I grew up in the midwest, where fall was my absolute favorite season, and no matter how long I live here in Florida, I’ll never stop missing it. I literally want to jump into your photos! Thank you, again, for sharing your talent for breathtaking photography. It literally brings tears to my eyes.

  51. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    1) The pics are totally amazing. When you think of Fall, those pics are about the epitome of what pops into your mind. (The fog one…breathtaking)

    2) I about wee’d myself at the dogs. You gotta be pretty whooped to drop over on a rock like it was the most comfy bed you’ve ever been in! Classic!

  52. Angie @ Bigbearswife

    Beautiful! I love the parkway. We live only about an hour or so from the parkway here in VA, and it is so so beautiful in the fall

  53. Carrie

    Amazing photos (per usual). Can I come hang out with you and learn your tricks on baking, photography, and all things crafty.
    Confession – I scroll through your posts and admire the photos, then go back and read the post. You have a real talent Amanda!

  54. Urban Wife

    Oh, wow! The beauty of fall colors just absolutely make my heart swell. Thank you so much for all the recommendations – I’m definitely bookmarking this one for future reference. :)

  55. Misti

    Absolutely beautiful! The last time I was on the Approach Trail at the top of Amicalola Falls it was to start the AT and it was very foggy and wet! Not any of this beautiful foliage!

  56. Demitria

    You take amazing photos! I was in awe at all the amazing colors and shots you captured. Now I really want to visit there!! Thank you for sharing!

  57. Natalie V2

    Thank you. This was a lovely escape!
    We went in search of color this fall and arrived at a local park, where there were some trees dispersed among the pines, and sandstone bluffs. I thought it was marvelous and took pictures and had my seasonal fix… but THIS! Your hike and photos are the real thing, and so breathtaking. When I share my (silly) pictures, may I link back to this post, so my friends can see what I was actually looking for?!

  58. Angie

    I’m a sucker for a mountain getaway and there is simply no better time in my mind than fall. We had actually hoped to be hiking through those beautiful colors in the Smoky Mountains last weekend, but the timing just didn’t work out for us. So thanks for the beautiful images ….I almost feel like I can breathe that fresh air in just looking at them. Glad you had a great time :)

  59. Annie

    Hi Amanda!
    All of your pictures are amazing (as usual), but I am truly in love with the reflection of the fall leaves in the water. Do you ever sell any photos? I would love that one!

  60. Brandi

    *sniff sniff* Looks like home to me. I grew up in the Blue Ridge Mtns of NC. Now living on the beaches of GA & there’s NOTHING here that compares to the autumn colors of home. Thanks, Amanda, for the reminder that it’s been too long since I’ve been home.

  61. Rylie

    Great post Amanda! Mercier Farms is also incredible for Strawberry picking in late Spring…nothing better than eating ripe strawberries straight from the vine! Happy Fall!

  62. SewLindaAnn

    Your pictures are breathtaking! I haven’t been to Amicalola in years and I live in Georgia! I’m loving the connections you gave and plan on doing a hike over there in the next couple of weeks. Blue Ridge is an amazing place and I’m so happy you brought it back to my attention!

  63. Jean Punt

    Wonderful! My husband and I spent a retirement trip traveling through that
    area and the Great Smokey Mountains….Living near the Seirra Nevada
    mountains and now the Grand Tetons, I still marvel at the fall colors. Your photography is amazing…I wanna be you when I grow up! Any chance I could use a couple for cards for a fundraiser at my 2 year old grandsons school? They are

  64. Cupcake Crazy Gem

    Wow. Wow. Wow. These pictures make me just want to jump the next plane out of here and live in Georgia for the rest of my life! Those are the most amazingly vivid and colourful trees I have ever seen. I wish Autumn scenes were half as good as that here in Wales. Thanks for sharing!

  65. Ashley @ Lewis in Love

    Wow, these pictures are AMAZING. You are quite the photographer. I can’t stop looking at all the gorgeous colors!

  66. Southern Gal

    Gorgeous. There is absolutely nothing like the mountains in the fall. Don’t you just love the treasures you discover at the end of a grueling hike? One of my favorite places. We were sick during our anniversary and had to miss the planned trip in October. Found out later the leaves peaked that weekend. Bummer. Did you have to carry the pups back down?

  67. ava-j

    Oh Amanda, what amazing photos you took! I could almost smell the crisp, cool forest air. I’ve lived in tropical countries in Asia & Africa, so I’ve never experienced fall. I would love to see all those colors too. You are so lucky to have this in your “backyard”. Thanks for posting. :)

  68. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    Amanda you should be shooting for National Geographic or something like that…your photography is beyond incredible!! Makes me want to take a trip to the Blue Ridge Mtns!

  69. Kate M.

    Gorgeous! I am living in Japan now and Autumn isn’t quite the same. Your photos are beautiful. Thanks for the Autumn cheer. :)

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