Alabama Cotton Fields During Fall

The Best Cotton Comes From Alabama Cotton Fields

Yesterday I drove past this cotton field. This time of year in Alabama, I can’t leave the house without driving past giant fields of white, fluffy cotton. It’s everywhere. Big fields. Little fields. By gas stations. Between houses.

Alabama Cotton Fields
Alabama Cotton Field Picture
Alabama Cotton Field Picture

Alabama Cotton Field Photo

When the sun is high, and the fields are vast, the cotton in the distance just glitters, as if it were a mirage. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Alabama Cotton Field Photo

This is Alabama snow.

Cotton Fields In Alabama During Fall

Pretty soon it will all be picked clean. It’s almost time to harvest.

Cotton Plants In Alabama During Fall

It’s always a little sad to see the stripped bare, naked cotton fields.

Cotton Plant Picture

But it’ll be back next year, just as white, fluffy and beautiful.

Picture Of Alabama Cotton Plants

Yesterday, I drove past this beautiful cotton field, and I had to jump out and snap a few photos before it’s gone for another year.

Cotton Plant Photo

So soft. Just like big, fluffy cotton balls.

Alabama Cotton Picture

I always want to reach out and grab it.

Alabama Cotton Field Plant

This one exploded.

Alabama Cotton Fields

Happy Fall, ya’ll. Love, Alabama.