Fall Afternoons

Boston Terrier Catches Frisbee

Fall afternoons are the best.

Boston Terrier Catches Frisbee

Miley and Howie especially think so.

Boston Terrier Catches Frisbee

It’s not too hot, not too cold, and the sun is just too beautiful to stay inside.

Boston Terrier Catches Frisbee

Yep. Fall afternoons are irresistible.

Boston Terrier Catches Frisbee

Miley and Howie get so excited to go outside and play. They’re so fun to watch.

Boston Terrier Catches Frisbee

The simple act of putting on shoes and walking towards the back door have them jumping and spinning in circles.

Boston Terrier Catches Frisbee

A few weeks ago we got Miley a new frisbee, and she’s getting really good at catching it.

Boston Terrier Catches Frisbee

She just snatches it out of mid-air!

Boston Terrier Catches Frisbee

The girl has intense focus as she tracks her target.

Boston Terrier Catches Frisbee

Another great grab!

Boston Terrier Catches Frisbee

Miley’s all smiles as the frisbee takes flight..

Boston Terrier Catches Frisbee

And she spots it! Look how her expression changes here. So serious!

Boston Terrier Catches Frisbee

She comes away with it one more time!

Boston Terrier Catches Frisbee

Keep your eye on the prize, Miley!

Boston Terrier Catches Frisbee

And even when she doesn’t catch it…

Boston Terrier Catches Frisbee

She still snatches it up. That frisbee’s not getting away!

Boston Terrier Catches Frisbee

Look at this smiley little guy.

Boston Terrier Catches Frisbee

He’s got a favorite toy too.

Boston Terrier Catches Frisbee

Ready to pounce!

Boston Terrier Catches Frisbee

We get these little squeaker soccer balls from PetSmart and Howie just goes nuts for them.

The look on this crazy happy face says it all!

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56 Responses
  1. Jeanie @ Simply Stated

    Hey, Amada~

    Love these pix of your flying Miley & Howie!

    And love your FANTASTIC website!! You’re truly a great example of making a blog for people!



  2. Pat

    We lost our sweet Boston Terrier, Molly, just over 3 years ago. I still miss her so much! She was almost a twin of your Miley, so I really enjoy seeing your dogs in action, having fun and enjoying life. In response to Chris, above: Molly had sensitive skin that was allergy-related; we always had to use a special shampoo and an ointment when her skin got irritated, and she took Benedryl everyday. Keep posting the fun pix of your BTs!

  3. chris

    great pictures, as usual :)
    i have a boston myself, he was a 2 year old rescue with some “issues”. he’s fabulous now at 4.5, still cuckoo but we love him. I also have 2 boston gran-pups and one of them has really sensitive skin. i was wondering if yours ever have skin issues?


  4. Debbie

    Thanks so much for sharing Miley & Howie with everyone. I have 3 Boston Terriers so I know how much joy one can get from being around them. They have such emotion and expression. I have been following your dogs pretty much from the beginning when you just had Howie. And I look forward to every update.


  5. Alma

    Your dogs are adorable! Great photos too….love the action shots. :) My Luna loves going outside, but never mastered the art of catching stuff in the air.

  6. Kelly S.

    I love those two! They are so cute. You are so good at capturing their energy and amazing expressions. I could take 2000 photos of my boys running around like that and would be lucky to get one or two good ones!

  7. Sey

    The pictures are perfect. I think I need more tips in taking pictures, now that I am getting addicted to it. I’m amaze, wow 724 photos in 27 minutes! Great!

  8. elizabeth

    love the pictures of the BTs. lost mine this June (14 yrs). miss her everyday. seeing Miley and Howie helps fill the void. more pics of them please.

  9. Caitlin

    That is a ton of pictures! The more I take pictures, though, the more I realize that I have to take bunches in order to get a few good ones.

    I am a high school math teacher so I also love seeing things in stats and numbers :)

  10. Tricia Richner

    Seriously, they have to be the cutest doggies I have ever seen. Wow – the stats blew me away. Not feeling so bad about taking 200 just to get a decent Christmas photo for cards every year {4 kids plus one dog = lots of photos}

  11. Amy Fine

    My BT Mia loves the little soccer ball too, goes nuts for it in fact. On a sad note, my older BT Maggie was diagnosed with cancer two weeks ago. We are devastated. She will be 13 in January so we aren’t doing chemo/radiation. She is blind and nearly deaf so we are just going to enjoy the time we have left. Maggie is my husbands first dog ever and he is just beside himself with this news. Maggie is definitely his dog. Good news is that I had Racahael Rossman paint both my BT’s. They turned out beautiful!

  12. Tracy

    Love, love, love Boston Terriers! Your two are adorable!! We have two adorable little Boston’s named Roxy (she’s 5) and Minnie (she’s 10 months). The best breed of dog, ever, in my opinion. Such people dogs that live to love their people.:) So much fun to play with…..simply the best! Thanks for sharing your sweet pictures.

  13. Jenn

    Don’t you just love Boston Terriers?!?! I DO!! Love the pictures of your fur babies. My 2 BT’s love this weather too. I love the action shot of Miley & Howie catching the frisbe. Keep the darling pictures & videos coming :)

  14. Heidi

    Absolutely adorable! My Bostons aren’t big fans of the squeaker balls, but they go bat crazy over frisbees. I have these old rubber ones from Old Navy of all places stockpiled because they’ve proven tough enough to withstand the pressure of two Bostons trying to rip them apart.

  15. Graziela

    Fantásticas fotos! Me apaixonei e que cão sabido!!! Parabéns!
    Queria saber tirar as fotos assim, sou uma fotografa frustrada, fico babando com essas imagnes tiradas em movimento e ainda mais com um cão, amo esse bicho, tenho três: Um Rot, um labrador e um bassê hound.

  16. Jessica

    YAY! I’ve been waiting for a new post about Miley and Howie! I love the picture of Howie in mid-air all stretched out. He looks like superdog :) They look like they are having a blast. Thanks for the happy images this morning

  17. Mindy

    Hi Amanda! Lovely shots you got there. I have a quick question… On that afternoon, how many actual pictures did you take? I know when I take pictures, I have to take like 20 to find that perfect one. Just curious :)

    1. Amanda

      Hi Mindy! Great question! We spent just under 30 minutes outside that afternoon and I took 724 photos. Holy smokes, I just did the math on that and that’s about 27 photos per MINUTE, lol! That’s roughly one photo every two seconds for 30 minutes straight. It definitely helps that my camera can take 8 photos a second, I think I was just continually shooting the whole time. :) Out of that, I ended up with about 90 that were useable — I guess that makes my success rate about 13%! I narrowed it down to my 20 favs to share here. :)

      Photo Stats Recap
      27 minutes
      724 photos
      2.24 photos per second
      93 useable photos
      12.8% success rate

      Trivia: I wanted to be a math teacher when I grew up. True story.

  18. Suzanna Bird @fancycowdecor

    Hi Amanda, I love reading the posts about your adorable dogs and the fun you have with them and the glorious photos you take. More of these please :)

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