Christmas in July Week of Giveaways! Win a Weekend in Seaside, Florida

Welcome to the final day of our Christmas in July Week of Giveaways! I have a HUGE, special giveaway to share with you today for our last day of celebrating!! If you missed the previous giveaways, you can still check them out and enter HERE.

Win a Perfect Beach Vacation to Seaside, Florida! #giveaway

I am so excited to share the grand finale in our Christmas in July Week of Giveaways!! :) Earlier this year we were able to spend a weekend in Seaside, Florida. We absolutely fell in love, and today we are partnering with Visit South Walton to send YOU on your own 3 day, 2 night vacation to Seaside!!
Win a Perfect Beach Vacation to Seaside, Florida! #giveaway

We love South Walton beaches for the sugar white soft sands and the clean, crystal clear water. Perfect for wading, swimming, and reading by the beach. :) There is just nothing else like them anywhere in the world!


The Giveaway

Here’s what’s included in the Seaside Giveaway. One lucky winner will receive:

  • 3-day, 2-night stay in a 1-bedroom Classic Cottage (sleeps up to 4) at Cottage Rental Agency in Seaside, Florida
  • Winner will be reimbursed mileage for travel to Seaside or one standard airfare up to $550.00


How to Enter

Use the PromoSimple Widget below to enter.

Win a Weekend in Seaside, Florida

If you don’t see the widget, click here.

Contest ends August 16, 2013 at 11:59 pm CST. Winner will be contacted via email.

*Lodging certificate must be used by February 28, 2014 and is subject to availability and blackout dates. See Contest Rules for more details.


Good luck!!! :) Thanks so much for joining our Christmas in July Week of Giveaways! :)

There’s still time to enter more! Check out the previous giveaways here:

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1,975 Responses
  1. Stacy VZ

    I very rarely travel, so I would have to say the weekend getaways to the beach on the Mississippi River near me would be my favorite vacation. It’s enough to help me relax and forget the stress of everday life, if even just overnight!

  2. Dona Lewis-Pearce

    my best vacation ever was at fort Meyers beach walking for ever when the tide went out and collecting shells until my back hurt.

  3. Crystal Newman

    Our honeymoon to Seaside when we first experienced that magical place. That was 16 years ago, but it started a love of the place that will last a lifetime! It’s my little bit of Heaven on Earth. My 6 year old asked just today when we are going back to Seaside! :)

  4. Elizabeth S.

    My best vacation at Seaside ever was when I was younger. My precious grandmother was still alive then, and she and I stayed together in the upper bedroom of what was then “Dappers Den.” We would sit on the screen porch together and listen to all of the sounds of the city. One night, we even heard a jazz band playing. We would take nightly strolls down the cobblestone streets. Ah, simple pleasures.

  5. Jana

    I would have to say our best vacation would be the first time my husband and I ever stayed at Seaside. The reason…we found out a couple months later that we had taken home the best souvenir ever. Our daughter was born 9 months later after years of infertility!

  6. Melody Ray

    My best vacation was my trip to Thailand riding an elephant in the jungle and in the Kwai River. A trip I will never forget!!

  7. Cindy Appleby

    My favorite vacation ever was right there in Florida….with my parents as a little girl, with some of my best friends and later to my husband on our honeymoon…that was 25 yrs ago and I have never taken another vacation again. I raised my kids and never had the opportunity to take another vacation since then. I would give anything to come back to Florida! I will move there someday but I can’t right now as I work full-time and I am still here for my kids who are all in their early adult years. I can ‘t wait to see if I win so that I can share this paradise with my kids whom have NEVER had a vacation!

  8. Mary Kathryn

    My best vacations have always been in Seaside! I just turned 30 this year and my parents started family vacations in Seaside when I was 4 and I’ve been every year since. It has changed so much in that time!!

  9. Suellen Russell

    The first vacation we took as a family! It was to Disney and so much fun! Can’t say the second vacation to the beach was the best because Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel was broadcasting from our beach. And, you know, when he shows up, you had better leave!

  10. AmyAbdella

    My best vacation was at Seaside, Florida — I just love that town so much. It’s so simple there… walk to the beach…walk to restaurants… walk to shops. It’s the kind of place where you feel like you could leave your door unlocked

  11. Maribel

    Best vacation ever, 2 weeks with all family visiting different spots in Florida as Clearwater beach, St Augustine, Tampa Zoo & Anna Maria Island

  12. Judy

    I’ve been to Asia, Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean and I always come back to my stay at Seaside at cottage number 5 as my most relaxing and enjoyable vacation ever. I would love to come back again.

  13. Kristina

    Best vacation was a trip to New Zealand! But a close second was going to the beach with my godson & his family and SUPing every morning on the Florida coast.

  14. carol keeton

    Seaside in July was the first time all of our family got to spend a vacation together. It was wonderful! Our family, my husbands sister’s family, and all of the grandchildren, we are blessed. Planning one for next year. Can’t wait to be back at Seaside!

  15. kim

    My best vacation ever? Hard to pick just one, but any vacation that I am with all of my kids and my granddaughter would have to be my best!

  16. Larry Abramson

    Our best vacation has been anytime we can spend time at the beach so my wife can lay around and relax in the sun while I go out and go scuba diving. Then, with any luck, eating the lobster that I caught while diving!

  17. Kellie

    My best vacation ever was taking my two little girls to,the beach in Florida for the first time! They were amazed and fell in love with the ocean!

  18. Tracy

    My best vacation ever, was our last family vacation in Mexico. Our sons are older now and no longer go on vacation with us. So it is a wonderful memory.

  19. Teresa

    My best vacation was a week my daughters and I spent in ‘Peaches and Cream’ at Seaside! It was my favorite house we ever stayed at!

  20. Mollie K

    Visiting my sister who moved away with her family. When my children saw their cousins at the airport, they nearly crushed each other with hugs! Didn’t matter what activities we had planned, just that we were together!

  21. Kelley Tobey

    My best vacation – my first trip to Destin, FL (two years ago) and someone suggesting that we take a ride along about Route 30A. Exploring the towns, stores, restaurants was the highlight of the trip, and I absolutely love going back there! There is nothing quite like the soft white sand, friendly people and delicious seafood found along the Gulf Coast of Florida!

  22. Kelli B

    We just back from taking our four-year-old daughter to Disney World. Experiencing the magic through her eyes made it a vacation I’ll never forget.

  23. Tempress

    The time I went on a cruise to Jamaica with my family and my parent were acting like teens going out at night and playing on the ship and let us kids do the same.

  24. Jennifer Shumate-Blythe

    I think the best vacation “would be” Christmas in Florida!! My son lives there and with my grandson that will be 2 in November. I’m all the way in Ky. It would be great to great away and see them in the process. Florida vacations were always great when I was a child. As I’ve gotten older and lost my husband the farthest I ever get is the Smokey Mountains. No vacation for 6 years.

  25. Hope

    Tough one…I love going places with my family. The best is prob just trips to the Oregon Coast, staying at the beach, building fires, hanging out, watching my dad surf.

  26. Misty

    Best vacation ever – Saturdays and Sundays. It doesn’t matter what you are doing or who you are doing it with, it’s all about making the most of those everyday experiences.


    My best vacation was when mom & I went to Anna Marie Island FL. The best 5 days we ever had. Sun, sand, surf. grouper. so much. fun We got along so well. I cried when we left. We have always wanted to go back and never could afford to. Mom has end stage renal failure now but is holding tight. Want to go back to FL someday some way, somehow. I know we will find a way if God is willing and wants us there. I know momma wants to see it again one more time. It is so beautiful there. We are from OK and desperately need a break to help us renew our Spirit really bad. If anything could help us, it would be Florida.

  28. Mindy Kimmel

    My best friend’s son and daughter in law are having their first child. This will make her a grandma (gigi) for the first time. They live in Florida and she lives in Illinois. This would be a perfect way for her to go and visit them and they could all vacation at the same time.

  29. ashley - baker by nature

    Our best vacay was definitely Australia! So gorgeous and I’m dying to get back! But I’d happily take a Florida weekend anytime!!! I love it there :)

  30. Kathy Manning

    My favorite vacation was when we took our family to Tiajuana, Mexico. Our youngest son was graduating from Marines boot camp in San Diego. He married his sweetheart the same day and then had leave to go to Tiajuan with our family. We all had a wonderful time. The different culture, the varied people, the shopping experience, and then the mad dash across the boarder to meet our flight…all are memorable.

  31. Jamie Alice

    Love FL! Our best vacation was our 5 year wedding anniversary trip to Disney! My husband and I had a blast acting like kids. We wore ourselves out! We needed a trip from our trip! LOL!

  32. Jessica Lodge

    4 years ago I went to London for a month. I left my 2 boys at Grandmas house and rented a room in a flat which had 4 other flat mates. It was the best vacation ever! I made great friends, lived like a true Londoner, and enjoyed myself more than I could have ever imagined. London is my absolute favorite place!

  33. Marjorie

    My best vacation ever was a cruise to Alaska’s Inside Passage. It was absolutely gorgeous. I also love Seaside, FL too and would love to go back! :)

  34. Courtney

    My best vacation ever was actually a family trip as a child. We drove from Missouri to California and stopped in Iowa, the Dakotas, Nevada…you name it. We saw Yosemite Park and Old Faithful as well as the Grand Canyon. Great memories!

  35. Evelyn Chuter

    My favorite vacation was a trip I took to San Fransisco with my parent when I was 13 years old. It was the mid-60’s and the hippy scene was going full blast in SF then. I was from Louisiana and the sites were foreign to me. And exciting. I was a hippy at heart ever since.

  36. Megan

    Italy…It was the first real family vacation we ever took as a family. It only took us 25 years to make the trip!

  37. Sandra Cumpston

    My best vacation was when I, my husband Joseph & our son William went to Cancun Mexico. Wonderful memories. :-)

  38. Sarah

    Out best vacation ever was actually our wedding week! We got married on Blue Mountain Beach with about 50 of our closest friends and family there. The entire week was amazing getting to connect with our friends and family before and after the wedding in one of the most beautiful and relaxing places in the country. We honeymooned at a cottage in Seaside… That was 10 years ago this September. We always said we would go back for our 10th anniversary but… I’m hoping to win and surprise my husband!!

  39. Cindy La

    My best vacation was to San Francisco! It was nothing big and fancy, but the fact that it was a spontaneous getaway from a hectic college finals schedule was so nice and welcomed!

  40. Megan Horner

    My best vacation is at the beach in Florida! It doesn’t get any better than the white sandy beaches and clear blue water! Paradise!

  41. Christine burd

    My best vacation ever was to Portland Oregon with my husband . We stayed in a hotel on the Walamette River and watched the Dragon Races. It was so much fun.

  42. Rachel

    My best vacation was when my entire family (before mom and dad divorced) went on a week trip to Destin, FL – we rented a house on the beach and had a wonderful time with everyone!! It was beautiful and the weather was great! Oh the memories!!

  43. Erin

    Best vacation was our first trip to Europe. We did Italy – 3 cities over thanksgiving. Felt relaxed, cultured and grown up as our first real big trip being married

  44. Sarah R

    Wow! Great giveaway, guys! LOVE the whole 30A area…Beautiful and SUPER family-friendly. Hubby and I honeymooned in Seaside 7 years ago. Great memories there! Best vacay was probably a week-long trip to St John in the USVI. SOOO relaxing!

  45. Cassie S

    Well, I guess it would be while I lived in Hawaii. Our trips to other islands were awesome, but just exploring the island we lived on was pretty great, too.

  46. Nicole Hood

    My best vacation ever was my honeymoon to GA with my husband. We had a fun road trip and stayed in 4 different cities! I love him so much!

  47. Pamela

    My best vacation ever was spending a week every summer at Hilton Head Island, S.C. when our kids were growing up. Great beach memories! Would love to see those white sandy Florida beaches!

  48. Dianna

    Every summer around July 4th we travel far into the mountains of Virginia to visit with my husband’s family. Since we live in one of the southernmost cities with our three children, it is always a treat to steal away there to enjoy their cooler temperatures and breezes, watch the children run and play on the soft grass, and hearing the cows on the neighboring farm moo throughout the day. It’s not the fanciest of places to vacation but always just the right spot for us.

  49. Laureen

    Best vacation was just me and my husband, visiting my SIL and her husband in Germany and getting to visit Ireland while there also. Such fun memories (and delicious beer and whiskey)!!


    My best vacation was going to Florida on my first ever vacation with my first income tax refund.

  51. Holly

    The best vacation that I ever took was to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico this year – we got married there and then stayed for our honeymoon :)

  52. Meredith

    My best vacation ever was a cruise to Mexico with my mom, grandmother, and several aunts and uncles the summer after my freshman year of college. Not the typical college vacay, but memories I’ll cherish forever.

  53. Susan Broughton

    My best vacation I guess was when we took our daughter to Disney World when she was little. I enjoyed seeing the imagination in her eyes, I really have never been on a vacation for just me.

  54. David Kline

    Japan. Kyoto. Just at the end of fall, when the maples were still a bright, fiery red, the crowds were small, and the food was as good as ever.

  55. Dianne

    My “best vacation ever” was a train trip across Canada, but I expect the visit to Seaside, Florida to be a runner-up vacation. Expecting to have a blast!

  56. Elizabeth Reeves

    Best vacation ever a cruise to cozemel last year. We stopped in Progresso Yucatan and Cozemel was the last stop and the water was so beautiful blue, it was breathtaking. Can’t wait to go again.

  57. Mac

    Got to go on a cruise with my immediate family a few years ago, before I was married. We stopped in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, and went snorkling, and we did lots of other things. It was awesome.

  58. cindy

    A week long trip in the mountains of TN with my mom and her sisters from MN who had not been together in 20 yrs

  59. Lisa Reynolds

    Best vacation… ever … hmmm. I love all the concert trips I take with my daughter, but cannot actually think of a “best” vacation.

  60. PatrickJ

    My best vacation was when my wife and I took our 5 year old daughter to Disney World and seeing her talk to Cinderella in front of her carriage.

  61. chris hoey

    my best vacation was visiting my uncle down in Palm Beach FL. This was right when Jaaws first came out. I was terrified of the ocean. Then a sand crab comes running out of the sand. Yikes I screamked like a little girl!!

  62. joseph

    ive never had one me or girlfriend of six years.she just got her master degree with honors and would love to take one.shes never been out of state

  63. Shawn Ferguson

    My brother and I went to Las Vegas shortly after our mother passed away from Ovarian Cancer. WE NEEDED this, we lost our best friend. We didn’t gamble or anything special. We just spent time talking about her, she would of loved it there and never got to go….

  64. Philip Lawrence

    My best vacation was to New Zealand because I not only got to see an old friend but I also toured the country from one end to the other.

  65. Holly

    My best vacation ever had to be my honeymoon almost exactly 10 years ago to San Francisco. Amazing city, food, hotels … and an amazing husband. :)

  66. Penny Leidecker

    Best vacation was husband surprised the kids and me with a trip to Orlando. Florida is a great vacation spot.

  67. Amy Honious

    my best vacation ever was the one i won for me and hubby to berlin, germany! it was only for 4 days, but how many people get to ‘weekend’ in europe? we stayed at an exclusive members only hotel and got a shopping spree! fun fun fun! this was the first vacation we had without the kids who are now grown! thanks for such a nice prize and giveaway!

  68. tammy shelton

    Every favorite Vacation I’ve ever taken has been to Florida… so I moved there 2 years ago. BEST decision I’ve ever made. Now, every day is a vacation!

  69. chris

    I haven’t been on an exotic vacation around the world like some people here. Any vacation would be good.

  70. Bev Harrison

    Best vacation ever was cruising with my husband, and being joined by the kids for 1 cruise. Nothing beats spending the cold months on a cruise ship.

  71. carla bonesteel

    My best vaca ever was to Niagara Falls, Canada…it is beautiful there, and I hit a jackpot at the casino!

  72. Jean y.

    My best vacation was to Mexico last year w/ my husband to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, 40th bdays, and tenure – 3 years late.

  73. Robert Jackson

    My best vacation was being with my family in Maui in 2000. It was worth the money from our retirement fund!

  74. Kathy D.

    My favorite vacation was going Up-To-North with my family in Michigan. They have a house on Lake Huron and I love going there! Every time we went in the summer also included a trip to Mackinac Island. One year we went for the fireworks on the 4th of July, and they were wonderful! I have a lot of great memories from that area of Michigan, it is so beautiful and peaceful.

  75. Cheryl Fulton

    Our best vacation was visiting with my husband’s parents in Ardmore, TN when our children were younger. We always had so much fun!

  76. katerina

    Best vacation ever was 5 years ago when I went to Greece with my family for my cousin’s wedding. Amazing!!

  77. Maddie G

    Best vacation ever has to be our trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico! My husband and I climbed some Mayan ruins, swam with dolphins and pampered ourselves with a wonderful spa day :)

  78. Dawn

    Our best vacation is when we went to Oklahoma and stayed with our niece and nephew. We visited the Medieval Faire in Norman, OK, The Sam Noble Museum and our boys did an Easter egg hunt there, Jasper’s Children Museum, went to a drive through zoo, and had a great time with family.

  79. Nicole Elliott

    Oh hmmm—best vacation ever??? Probably my families staycation in Washington DC and/or Boston–when my family came out and visited my hubby and I we got to play tourists and it was amazing! :)

  80. Angela

    Several years ago my daughter and I went to Hawaii with my two sisters-in-law. We had a wonderful time spending time together and exploring the Big Island!

  81. Samantha

    Best vacation(s) ever were in VIVA LAS VEGAS! We have gone 3 times in the past 3 years, we need to spread out wings and go somewhere new! Florida would be totally out of the box and somewhere where we have never been!

  82. Kayleen Badertscher

    It was the year we went out west and saw every state out there. Was great, especially Oregon coast.

  83. Cindy Brooks

    Our best vacation ever was either Australia or Alaska….it’s a toss up and we want to go back to both!

  84. Kat Decker

    My best vacation EVER was with my sister and best friend to Kansas City to see Josh Groban in concert. Everything just lined up to make it a perfect couple of days. I’m ready for white sand beaches now!

  85. Wombatish

    Best Vacation is a tie between two weeks in Germany the summer after I graduated from High School (first time out of the Western Hemisphere) or the trip down to a local cavern with my best friend where we did the Adventure Tour (aka mud, no railings, more mud, very little lightning, did I mention MUD?). She has actually passed away since (tragic accident) so it will always hold a special place in my memories, plus I just love caves.

  86. Jamie Snyder

    My best vacation was in Seattle, Washington. I went with my husband (who was my boyfriend at the time) and his friend for Wrestle Mania. I wasn’t into it like they were I just wanted to go to the other side of the country and see what it was like. We had the best time. We walked everywhere and it only rained the day we got there. We visited the original Starbucks, Pikes Fish Market and so much more. I want to go back again for sure.

  87. Makeda

    Best vacation: In 2009 I went to Sydney, Australia for the first time and had the time of my life. I fell in love with the city of Sydney and if I ever get a chance to move there permanently I totally am going to do it :-) I have a picture from that trip of me on top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge with my hands up in the air, feeling free. Love that pic and the reminder of the freedom I felt during that time.

  88. sharon miskiv

    Lake George!! Frontierland where they reinact a shoot out-the children participate and can become sheiff for the day.

  89. Kris Hacket

    Best vacation ever was when we told the kids we were going to my sisters house in Fl for Christmas and surprised them by ending up at Disney World!!! They sure were surprised!

  90. Kimberly Williams

    My best vacation was when my entire family spent two weeks in Florida, centered around a family member’s wedding. We reconnected, had a blast, really wish we could do it all over again! I miss you all so much!

  91. Judith S.

    Best vacation ever was visiting my husbands best friend (and the best man at our wedding) in St. Thomas where he lives. We celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary with him and some other friends. Nothing like living like the locals instead of just doing the typical tourist trip.

  92. Angela Hohneke

    My best vacation ever was one to the Florida Keys. The water was just gorgeous, the sky so blue, the cool ocean breezes and the seafood was beyond amazing!

  93. Heather

    My best vacation ever was to the emerald water and beaches of Destin and Mirarmar with my husband and two daughters. During our stay, we spent one whole day in Seaside dreaming of what it would be like to actually stay there. It is all my girls talk about.

  94. Mary Jo Griego

    My grown kids took me to Hawaii for my 50th birthday ALL expenses paid. Love them to pieces!

  95. Kathy

    Our best vacation was a motorcycle trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The mountains were absolutely gorgeous!

  96. Kimberly G

    My favorite vacation was Italy with my boyfriend, and eight other friends. We rented a van! But Seaside, Florida looks like it would be amazing too!

  97. Debra

    My best vacation ever was with my entire family (at the time…We’ve since added 4 grandchildren) in Florida. We loved every minute of it. So much fun…would love to go again and take all the new members of our family.

  98. Christine

    Best vacation ever??!! I did go to Seaside recently, and I loved it so much!
    great oak circle

  99. Alyson

    Our 10 year anniversary trip to Maui and we stayed at the Grand Wailea – it was a perfect vacation to celebrate! Always wanted to spend some time in Florida!!

  100. Lynn

    The best vacation ever was a week on the beach in Destin. We had lots of family time and beautiful weather.

  101. Maryanne

    Visiting Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Yellowstone after attending a destination wedding in the area. Gorgeous area in the spring.

  102. HeatherN

    The best vacation I have ever taken was last summer to Banff with my family. It was about a day too short.

  103. Stephanie Gossett

    My best vacation ever was going home to see my precious family. We don’t get to take many vacations, but we are so blessed with our children. I would love to win this and take them on a fun trip! Thank you for the chance!

  104. Chelsea

    My best vacation ever would probably be my honeymoon to St. Lucia because it was my honeymoon!!! Followed by a close second would be our one year anniversary to maui because I love Maui!!!!

  105. Connie

    Oo-la-la! It’s a toss up between London/Paris or Phoenix/Tucson! I can’t forget my cruises or…

  106. SES

    best ever is hard to choose, but favorite in recent years was a bday weekend getaway with my sweetie to Anna Maria Island.

  107. Charlene

    My best vacation was when I went to Hawaii with my boyfriend. We saved our rent money by managing the building and took that money and did everything. I went para-sailing, we went to a pig picking, took a helicopter ride around Maui and then we took our rental car past a sign that said do not go pass this point. It was off roading but we saw a part of Maui most people don’t get to see. We had a blast.

  108. Kelly

    Best vacation ever was a week in Key West for my hubby and I’s 10th anniversary…it was so great to just GET AWAY from it all!!!

  109. Linda Szymoniak

    My best vacation ever was our trip to Cocoa Beach where my daughters competed in the Junior Olympics. My mom came with us and we had more time to relax and let the girls play than we spent at the competition. The drive to and from Florida was relaxing and gave me time to catch up with my mom. Then, our time at the hotel and hanging out on the beach gave my daughters and mom time to get to know each other better and bond. Every child should be able to have a vacation with their grandparents like mine did with my mom.

  110. Diane {Created by Diane}

    The best vacation ever was when we took our kids back to NJ where we both grew up they missed two weeks of school, it was October and the weather was unusually warm, we all remember it so well. Memories like that last a lifetime!

  111. Angi T.

    Best Vacation – visiting Disney World with my baby daughter that took us 7 years to have. Dream come true!!!

  112. Joyce Raymond

    My best vacation was the six week vacation down the east coast when my kids were old enough to have it mean something. We went to all the hot spots in New York City, Pennsylvania, D.C., Busch Gardens Williams, No. Carolina, St Augustine, Fl., and every single Theme Park in the Orlando/Kissimmee area! It was wonderful!

  113. Lindsay

    My favorite vacation was when my husband surprised me by taking a “detour” on our way home to find myself in Kennicott, Alaska. Hiking glaciers, sight seeing airplane ride, and tour of the old mining town and mining quarters.

  114. Lindsay

    The best vacation I ever took was renting a small cabin in Alaska with my husband. Nothing but cuddling up in blankets, games, and stoking the fire.

  115. Amy

    When my son was twelve we spent four days in New York City over Christmas; just the two of us! We had such a fantastic time exploring the city together!

  116. Yvonne C

    My best vacation ever was to Maui with my hubby and some friends! I could seriously live on the beach there!!

  117. Christy G

    Our best vacations were spent riding bikes all around Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain Georgia when our children were younger. They were so carefree!

  118. Monica Floyd

    My best vacation was about 15 years ago. My family and I went to New Orleans and had the time of our lives. I’ll never forget it and I’ve never had that much fun since. Winning this vacation would be perfect for me.

  119. Trish F

    The best getaway was the first time we took our kids to Disney World. They were just the right age where they just had a ball and my husband and I had a ball watching them. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  120. Rose

    My best vacation was to Ireland. We went to see my grandfather’s farm adn it was just like he described.

  121. Sarah

    My best vacation ever was a long weekend in the Lake George, NY area. I would love to go to Seaside.

  122. Jennifer B.

    Last year we spent a week in a condo with friends in Cabo San Lucas. It was the most relaxing vacation that I have ever taken.

  123. heather k.

    I think my BEST vacation was one a few years back. I live in AK and all of my family lives in California (San Fran. bay area), so my vacations usually are going home to visit mi familia. This trip I visited family, but my mom and I also took a car trip down to southern California to visit my uncle. I had never beent o San Diego, and I LOVED every minute of it! BEST trip!!!

  124. Alison P

    Our was probably more recent – it was with my husband and 2 kids – we went to the beach to spend the night – very relaxing. Thanks!

  125. Candace Guy

    My best vacation would be the one we just got back from – we took our family to Colorado for a week and had a blast!! The kiddos thought it was the best :)

  126. melissa allen

    I have never been able to afford a vacation for me and my kids, but I dream about the day I can! but i had great vacations growing up with my parents

  127. Sabrina Adamson

    We go to Florida quite a bit. But, for our 25th wedding anniversary, we were able to spend one week of our normal 3-week December vacation on a cruise of the Caribbean. We sailed from Ft. Lauderdale to Key West, then Grand Cayman Island, then Ocho Rios, Jamaica. It was so much fun! Then we got to spend our two remaining weeks in FL with our kids for Christmas!

  128. Patty

    My favorite vacation (done over 2 trips) was driving the entire west coast without any reservations–best weather and absolutely beautiful. Driving the coast gave us the opportunity to see so much–Seattle, La Push Beach, exploring caves, exploring tide pools, hiking in the Redwood National Forest, Sea Lion Caves, winery on the cliffs over the Pacific Ocean, whale watching, Golden Gate Bridge/San Francisco, Muir Woods, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Big Sur, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, San Diego, elephant seals, Santa Barbara, Hearst Castle, Carmel, Pebble Beach, and much more!

    Honorable mention: Anniversary trip to Mexico with an excursion to Chichen Itza; Anniversary trip to Jamaica–best snorkeling ever; Shenandoah National Park.

  129. Kristen

    How fun! Thanks for the chance to win. I love just about every vacation but our trip to Michigan recently was pretty spectacular!

  130. Tiffany

    Best vacation ever was beach trip to Jersey shore with my grandma before she passed away. I have the best memories of sitting on the porch of the beach house talking to her.

  131. Emily Wells

    The best vacation ever was back in the mid 80s, when I was 10, and my grandparents took ALL the grandkids to Cape May, NJ to the beach for a week. OMG I remember it like it was yesterday!

  132. Stacey

    My best vacation was my honeymoon to St. Thomas and St. John, but we also had a great vacation staying in Grayton Beach with our two kids a couple of years ago. You just can’t beat those beaches!!

  133. Rick Hambrick

    My best vacation ever was when I went to Australia while i was on leave from Iraq. I would have stayed there if I didn’t have the Military obligation.

  134. tara b.

    best vacation would have to be when i was 14 and i went to london, england with my mom and stayed there for a month with my stepbrothers :)

  135. Juli V

    My best vacation was going to the Riviera Maya on my honeymoon last year. We had such an amazing time.

  136. Taylor

    Best vacation would probably have to be our honeymoon in Whistler, BC. But a close second is the one we just took with our three kids to Myrtle Beach, SC, a few weeks ago. So so fun!

  137. Sarah M.

    Extended family vacations at the beach. We’d rent a couple of condos and pile everyone in! So many great memories.

  138. Danielle

    My best vacatin ever is probably our 1-night honeymoon. My husband and I just got married but he is currently in the police academy, and is unable to miss any days. We got married on a Sunday, so the following Saturday, we went on a little one night honeymoon to Deep Creek Lake in MD- it was short but just so nice to get to relax together, and it was not anything fancy or high-maintenence so we just enjoyed each others company :)

  139. Laura A.

    Best vacation ever was taking my son to Disneyland and staying on site. No hassles or worries – just watching his amazement and having the time of our lives

  140. Olivia

    My best vacation is any vacation! I love traveling with my family. The beach is probably my favorite general place. But, relaxing and enjoying fun time with my family is always the best, no matter where we are.

  141. twyla

    Visiting the Dominican Republic for my Besties Wedding was an awesome adventure. We stayed at a gorgeous boutique hotel in the city, ate at authentic Dominican restaurants and really walked among the locals! It was a memorable and exciting trip!

  142. yvonne

    My best vacation as a family was to Mt. Vernon to see and hear about George Washington’s life on the Potomac river.

  143. Rachel Griswold

    I’ve been on so many awesome vacations it’s hard to pick just one. I guess my favorite recent vacation was a Royal Caribbean cruise. We had three ports: Nassau, Bahamas; Coco Cay private island; Key West, Florida. Nassau and Coco Cay were okay, but Key West was fabulous! The weather, the atmosphere, the scenery- absolutely GORGEOUS! Ever since that cruise I have been dying to go back.

  144. Farhah

    It’s got to be when we went on a trip to Turkey! The weather was cooold, the people were lovely, the historic sites were awesome and there were cats everywhere! :D oh and the food.. the kebabs were YUM!!

  145. Sonia Mazur

    Best vacation ever was Disneyworld over Christmas and then we went on a cruise to the Bahamas over New Years!! Thanks for the chance to win! Sonia Mazur

  146. Terri

    My best vacation ever was going on a cruise to Alaska for our honeymoon! My husband and I decided to splurge just this once so we wouldn’t be like our parents who always wished they’d gone on a cruise. We can say we have!

  147. Natalia Tapia

    My favorite vacation is going home to Ecuador, staying with my parents and seeing my friends!

  148. Gretchen

    My best vacation ever was going to Florida with my family when I was a kid. It took 3 days to drive there but the beach in March was totally worth it!

  149. Susan

    Best vacation? My honeymoon to the Caribbean 21 years ago! I loved that we had our lives ahead of us! P.S. Second best? My daughters first trip to Disney World 12 years ago.

  150. barbara n

    My best vacation ever was an Alaskan cruise that my husband and I took for our 25th wedding anniversary!

  151. Kati

    The best vacation by far has been my husband’s and my 10 year anniversary vacation. We went to Vermont and enjoyed the different sites there.

  152. April Young

    For my 40th birthday a hot, buff, European man who is 10 years younger than me took me to Jamaica ;)

  153. Julie Dellasega

    Our family was fortunate enough to travel to Italy last summer…all 5 of us. It was a wonderful, wonderful trip!

  154. Bill

    My best vacation ever – so far – was a trip to Florida years ago with several relatives, most of whom are “not around” today. We went to Disney World, to Miami and the Florida Keys and various places in between by car. A lasting memory of a good time with good people.

  155. jenny

    My best vacation ever was to Navarre Beach..but I have ALWAYS wanted to go to seaside. It look absolutely INCREDIBLE!

  156. Rita

    Best vacation ever was probably backpacking in Europe my last year in college with my boyfriend (now husband).

  157. Carly

    So excited about this giveaway because we recently visit southwalton in June and stayed in Seagrove and fell in love! It was our kids first time to the beach and we all had an amazing time! We plan on returning every year from now on.

  158. Voncelieet

    My best vacation was getting back to my beautiful island to see my family again. I love Puerto Rico.

  159. Sara S

    My best vacation ever is whenever my husband and I go to the Oregon Coast–it’s the best every time :)

  160. Ashley

    My best vacation EVER was when my mom and step-dad first got married and they CRAZILY loaded all 5 of us kids in a truck and hooked up to the camper and headed out to Pennsylvania to tour the Amish country, Gettysburg, and also Hershey Park. Now that I have kids I think of how much work that took and I am very thankful for their sacrifices!! I’m not sure if I would have done that with my TWO kids! haha

  161. Rhonda Wheeler

    Best vacation in Gatlinburg TN when my parents came along with my family. I enjoyed watching them enjoy themselves :-)

  162. Cindy

    My best vacation ever was a few years ago, when my kids were still little. My best friend from childhood lived in Georgia at the time, and my family was taking a vacation in Florida to go to Disney. She decided to drive over and surprise us! It was so much fun. She was the manager of an ice cream shop at the time, so she brought with her a cooler FULL of ice cream. There was so much of it…we even wound up eating it for breakfast a couple times. She stayed the rest of the week, and we had the best time visiting Disney and just hanging out. We’ve gone on many vacations since that one, but it will still always be my favorite. What treasured memories.

  163. Liz C.

    my best vacation was out to Northern Cali last year for my brother’s wedding – San Fran, Muir Woods, and WINERIES!! so wonderful

  164. Lisa List

    My BEST vacation ever was a road trip from Maryland to Maine. We drove to CT and stayed 1 night there, then up and over to VT and stayed 3 nights there in this quaint little town called Grafton. There was even a house that had a creek running right under it. From there we drove to Bangor, ME where we took the CAT ferry to Nova Scotia and stayed there for 1 night. The CAT no longer serves ME but it was a high speed ferry that even had a casino. I played blackjack but of course I didn’t win anything. However, I did see a lot whales playing in the water. I’ll never forget how awesome it was to see them. Anyway then we did the trip in reverse to come back home to MD. My BEST vacation ever!
    ps-I used to live in Florida so I’ve been to Seaside back in the 90’s when it was first developed. Loved it so much so that I bought a painting done by a local Tallahassee resident which was of one of the houses there in Seaside. Love this picture!

  165. Dennis Lyons

    My best vacation was a trip I won to stay at Animal Kingdom in Disney. There were so many extras attached that we stayed busy the whole time!

  166. Heidi Gore

    My husband and I would love to take a weekend trip here!! The beach in the picture is calling my name, so it just goes to show that you too should be calling my name–to win.

  167. Miranda

    My best vacation is anywhere with my Love! But maybe if I had to pick one would be our recent trip to Catalina Island!

  168. annie

    the one we just got home from. we went to sandestin but visited seaside and rosemary a few times. it’s our last vacation as a family of 3 before we welcome a new baby girl into our family in december. it was really special having this vacation being all about easton. we did so many fun things for him and had perfect weather the whole time! i’d love to have a little many vacation one more time before she comes!

  169. Michelle

    My favorite vacation was a trip to Vermont and New Hampshire during the fall foliage. Loved the food and the scenery.

  170. Nicole

    My favorite vacation is to West Palm Beach. I love the beaches, leisurely drives up and down A1A and the tropical lifestyle. My best friend LOVES Seaside, FL and I would love to experience it for myself!

  171. Lindsey

    Totally cheesy, but my best vacation was my honeymoon. I have travel many, many places, but to have that special time with my husband in Northern California Wine Country was just amazing!

  172. Jen

    My best vacation ever was going to St. Thomas in the USVI last February. We surprised my mom at the airport there (it was a surprise trip for her 50th birthday), and had a week of fun with my parents, my aunt and uncle, and my husband and I. St. Thomas is an amazing island!

  173. Liz

    As a kid, my family usually vacationed with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins. One year we went to Fontana Damn in the Smokey Mountains. I usually love the beach best, but that year we had so much learning new things and playing around in the lake. I think it was exploring all this with so many people I loved that made this my best vacation ever!

  174. Meghan O.

    Best Vacation Ever: My honeymoon to Jamaica. It was more than I could have hoped it would be. I still dream about that trip 7 years later.

  175. Andrea

    Lake Tahoe tops my list of best vacation places…beautiful sunsets, sandy beaches, and all around gorgeous scenery!

  176. Kathleen Novak

    Nagshead, NC with three other families. All of our best friends and 11 kids all in one place. Gorgeous house on the beach, amazing food and fun. It was vacation perfection!

  177. Susan

    Best vacation ever was the first time we took my daughter to Disney World and her reactions to everything!

  178. Heather

    Disney World or New York with my family…I can’t decide! Or Sandestin, FL…this is a hard question.

  179. Carlye

    My favorite vacation is a trip to Gatlinburg for Christmas when I was a child. Lots of fun and laughter with family. :-)

  180. Maria

    Best vacation was our 15th anniversary trip to DisneyWorld—without the kiddos! Would love to come back to Florida again and spend some time at the beach.

  181. Pam

    Best vacation ever…visiting my son, daughter in law and 4 grandkids in Australia. We took a vacation within a vacation and went to Tasmania with them for 10 days. Beautiful.

  182. Wendy Jackson

    taking my children to DisneyLand for the very first time. seeing the wonderment and aww in their eyes was priceless.

  183. Melanie

    My best vacation ever was our trip to Italy, where we were engaged in Venice! It was our first international trip and we loved every second of it!

  184. melissa

    Best vacation ever was being allowed to go with my husband & 2 little kids on a work trip of his that lasted 5 weeks in DC & Manhattan. We lived at the Double Tree & ate cookies everyday & got to enjoy both places for an extended trip, so many memories. Loved it all.

  185. Leandra Bahler

    My favorite vacation ever was when I went to myrtle beach with my family last year!!!! We had a blast! :)

  186. Stacie

    My best vacation was 3 years ago when we took a Mediterranean cruise and a few days in Rome afterward…it was the first really big vacation I took my daughter on and the first of many to come for us!!

  187. Lindsey L

    Worked in Seaside and Water Color rescuing animals after the BP spill. Amazingly beautiful coast and community. Enjoyed it a lot even though I was working.

  188. Cindy

    My favorite would have to be a long weekend spent in New Orleans listening to the blues and enjoying the great food!

  189. Cecily Pareja

    Best vacation was going to orlando. That was my first time to fly in an airplane and I was picked up from the airport in a limo.

  190. Jennifer

    Best vacation ever was this summer with 2 weeks on the gulf coast with my 2 teenage it’s. we had the best time!!

  191. Laura

    Driving from the East Coast to Yellowstone Park with my husband and kids. We stopped anywhere we wanted and saw lots of sights. Then we spent 5 days in Yellowstone Park which is one of my all-time favorite places anywhere. Showing it to my family was fantastic!!

  192. Deneen

    My best vacation ever was in 2004 when my husband and I went on a trip to Cancun. It was our first real vacation in the 20 years we had been married at the time.

  193. Bonnie A

    Anytime I can be with my entire family! Living away from them makes every moment together the best!

  194. Wendy

    The best vacation I ever had was when my husband and I (we were dating at the time) drove through the Badlands in South Dakota, through Wyoming to Yellowstone (and stayed several days) and then on to Jackson Hole, WY to see the Tetons. It was so gorgeous!


  195. carol roberts clark

    when we all went to destin flordia it was so fun my daughter just came back last thursday so i didnt get to go she went with her bff but ya it was fun

  196. Patty Z

    We have never really had a great vacation. Would love to give my family a happy memory of a wonderful vacation!

  197. Stacey

    Our best vacation was two summers ago when the kids and I met my husband (stationed in Iraq) in London. The kids loved it and we surprised my oldest daughter with a weekend trip to Paris. It was an expensive trip, but the memories are worth every dollar we spent!

  198. Andrea Morrison

    My favorite vacation was just a couple months ago! We went on a cruise with our 2yr old daughter, I’ve been on plenty of cruises but to go/experience it through a child’s eye was beyond anything I could have hoped for!!!

  199. Shirley Miller

    My favorite vacation spot is Maui! We went to a pineapple farm, parasailing, shopping, etc. It was beautiful!

  200. Christina

    Our family rented a condo in Panama City Beach a few years ago. Our only agenda was to have fun on the beach. It was the best vacation ever!

  201. Natalie

    Great giveaway! My best vacation was my three week honeymoon in Europe two years ago. ♥ Loved it!

  202. Beth

    Kauai a few years ago was my favorite vacation….. warm breezes with a tropical feel all around :o) I’d love the opportunity to spend a few days in the Atlantic!!!!

  203. Tracy W