Still Obsessed with Bakery Scents

Bakery Scents & Perfumes from

Back in 2010, I wrote a post about some fun lotions and perfumes with the most delicious bakery scents ever. I’m talking jelly doughnut, blueberry muffin, lemon buttercream, and blackberry shortbread. I was obsessed with them then, and three years later I’m still obsessed with For Goodness Grape scents! :) Now they have even more fun bakery scents, and they even have my beloved Jelly Doughnut in a body mist!!

Bakery Scents & Perfumes from

Look how cute their fun packaging is. Cake Batter body mist??! :) That one is very light and yummy. :)

Bakery Scents & Perfumes from

Here’s my favorite For Goodness Grape product: the Perfume Roller Stix. It goes on like a roller and leaves a strong, but not overpowering, lasting scent. They’re perfect for keeping in your purse or pocket and applying on the wrists and neck when you need a little scent touch up! And they leave a pretty, shimmery sheen on your skin. Love Blueberry Cobbler! Did you see Brownie Batter??! :)

Bakery Scents & Perfumes from

They’re also perfect layering and mixing and matching flavors. Cookies and Scream smells just like cookies and cream! And Marshmallow and Hot Cocoa is the perfect hint of cocoa.

Bakery Scents & Perfumes from

The mini body mists are perfect for traveling! Twinkies is so fun! And I LOVE Banana Cream Pie! Very fun banana scent!! :)

Bakery Scents & Perfumes from

The solid perfume stix are great when you need a little moisturizer and fragrance. Love Pink Cotton Candy Bubblegum. Hello Sugar is really fresh. And if you like apples and cinnamon, you will love Pumpkin Pie Spice!! :)

Bakery Scents & Perfumes from

Here’s the difference between the Solid Stix and the Roll On Perfume Oils. One goes on like a body butter and the other goes on like a light massage oil. Both are great at moisturizing and leave a lasting scent. Hello Glazed Donut!!

There are so many fun scents and products, and you can get any of the scents in any product you want. Here’s where you can find For Goodness Grape online:


If you need some fun scents in your life, check them out! They are even offering Kevin & Amanda readers an exclusive coupon code, because Lisa knows how obsessed I am with bakery scents. :)

Use the code KEVINandAMANDA to get 15% off your order.

Hope you enjoy, friends! Talk soon! :)

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15 Responses
  1. Kristi

    Thanks for the recommendation! I popped over and bought a few items (a lip scrub and 2 fragrances – one stick and one roll on). It’s nice to support a small business that still has reasonable prices, too!

  2. Becky @ So Very Blessed

    Oh my word…Amanda, you find the coolest stuff! I want you to be my personal shopper! These are the cutest!

  3. Alisha Colon

    Goodness! These look ah-maz-ing! :) I am a long-time lover of all scents bakery. I’m a first grade teacher whose kiddos would LOVE for me to smell like brownies or cake! Hooray for a coupon! I’m heading over there & giving myself a little back-to-school treat! Thanks!

  4. Tricia Richner

    I’m pretty sure I would not really like to smell like food. Doesn’t it make you hungry? I’d just want to eat more.

  5. Kimberly

    Oh my!!! Those sound yummy! I have to agree that I am addicted to food scented candles. My favorite is pumpkin pie and apple pie. Now I will have to pick up some of the body sprays! Thanks!

  6. Sara

    That is the funniest thing! It would be so fun to create new scents with my students for Mother’s Day! The kids would love it and I’m sure the moms would enjoy new perfume/scents!

  7. Thais

    Hello Amanda. I DO NOT want to know what Kevin does when you walk into the room smelling like a jelly donut!!! I would LOVE to see a photo of what Miley and Howie do when you walk into the room smelling like a jelly donut!!! You just made my day :) :) :)

  8. Anele @ Success Along the Weigh

    Glazed donut!?!? Sweet!! Now I can stop pestering Krispy Kreme for some hot glaze! ;-) These will be perfect stocking stuffers too! (Yes, I’m already Christmas shopping!)

  9. Dora @ InLondonWeTrust

    If I can’t eat it, I’ll definitely smell it! Let’s put it that way, for the small guilty pleasures that unfortunately I can’t enjoy on a daily basis! :-)
    I’ll definitely try them! :-)

  10. Kelley M.

    Is there anywhere you can smell them before buying them? I am obsessed with those kinds of smells in candles, and I’m just betting that if I get the right smell my husband will not be able to leave me alone! :)

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