Christmas in July Week of Giveaways! Epiphanie Camera Bag

Welcome to Day 4 of our Christmas in July Week of Giveaways! If you missed the previous giveaways, you can still check them out and enter HERE.

Epiphanie Camera Bag Giveaway-1 Epiphanie Camera Bag Giveaway

Today I am so excited to offer a fun and stylish giveaway from Epiphanie Bags! I know you’ve seen these adorable, functional camera bags before. On the outside, they look like a stylish, leather handbag. (Dying over this pink one!)

Epiphanie Camera Bag Giveaway-3

And on the inside you have this bright, fun fabric with tons of compartments. They come with plenty of moveable velcro dividers, so you’ve got room to customize your bag for a camera, lenses, keys, wallet, cell phone, and anything else you might be hauling around in your purse.
Epiphanie Camera Bag Giveaway

There are tons styles to choose from ranging from fun, to gorgeous, to elegant.

Epiphanie Camera Bag Giveaway-6

Love that the inside fabric is soft and camera-friendly. Epiphanie Camera Bag Giveaway

New chevron print!Epiphanie Camera Bag Giveaway

This green is fun all year round, but I’m especially seeing it this fall with warm boots and a cozy scarf.

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How to Enter

Use the PromoSimple widget below to enter.

One Kevin & Amanda reader will win an in-stock Epiphanie bag of their choice. Click here to go shopping! :)

Epiphanie Bags Giveaway

Good luck!!! :) Be sure to come back tomorrow for another fun giveaway! :)

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1,664 Responses
  1. Ashley

    Current purse is a cognac/brown leather. But baby is due soon and would love the Brooklyn backpack in grey or mustard to use as a diaper bag/purse/camera bag!

  2. Abbie

    Hi! Thank you for such a lovely giveaway! My purse right now is quilted, grey Baggallini. I love it but it is a twee bit too small for my camera! :) I currently tote my cameras everywhere in the camera bag you reviewed a few years ago… I love it but it sure would be fabulous to have something a bit more stylish!

  3. Erin S.

    My purse/diaper bag right now is a light green with brown and white flowers (Morning Vines from JuJuBe). Thanks for the giveaway!!

  4. Trish F

    Hello, right now I have an off white bag, but my camera bag is a rich brown. I need to consolidate. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  5. Ashley

    I didn’t know people made such pretty camera bags ;) I know what I’m asking Santa for this year!!!

  6. Vanessa Cook

    I have a tommy hilfiger black and beige purse, the straps have seen better days for sure this would be great to win, save me from buying a new purse lol!

  7. Makeda

    I alternate between a brown purse and a navy blue monster of a purse that can literally carry everything including the kitchen sink :)

  8. Bailey K.

    I’d LOVE one of these bags. Can never have too many camera bags! I hate buying purses. I usually get them as gifts, so I just wait for the next person to buy me one. Mine right now is teal, but it’s all scratched up with holes in the fake leather and everything. Time for a new one! :)

  9. Christa McClellan

    Just carrying around a classic black hobo style bag..plenty of room for all my “must haves” :)

  10. Jen

    My purse right now is purple, and I love it! Sadly, I use it so often, it is starting to fray, and the handles don’t want to last much longer. Perfect time for a new purse giveaway ;)

  11. Holly

    I have a black camera bag made of nylon, but I would love something that actually has style and is colorful.

  12. Sally M.

    Wow, I just reviewed all the bags, can I change my entry, I would absolutely love that Lola Mustard colored bag. That’s one beautiful color!

  13. Sally M.

    My purse is Salmon color. I am in love with the pink camera bag, that is so awesome. Would love to win it. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  14. Libby

    I currently rock a gold/brown purse from Fossil. Love it, but it’s heavy. Great for two kids and a mom on the go.

  15. Debbie

    *YELLOW* !!!! LOVE colorful summer bags! Need to get my color on for haulin’ around my camera, though! ;)

  16. Cami S.

    I’m all about classic so my purse is a brown that looks great with everything, but is super boring.

  17. paula huie

    I have a thing for Black purses :) so right now my purse is black with pink heart interior :)

  18. Sue

    My purse is teal, and it doesn’t fit my camera very well =( I would love to have and Epiphanie bag! They are so awesome!!!

  19. Haley @ The Forman's Corner

    My mom just bought me a bright yellow Antonia Melani purse from Dillards! It’s so bright and summery!

  20. Tabitha

    Amanda, so funny that you are having “Christmas in July” and giving away an Epiphanie Purse….a long time ago when you first wrote about an Epiphanie camera purse I thought “what a brilliant idea!” Well, today I was checking your site to get the name of the brand, because I reeeally want one…and voila it’s Christmas at Amanda’s!! I’m thinking it’s fate :) My purse right now is a small vintage burlap clutch, perfect for summer.

  21. Tasha Phillips

    The Lola in teal is scrumptious! I always carry a very neutral black bag, which gets quite boring especially in the warmer months. So, if I win I’ll definitely be going for COLOR! :)

  22. Kathryn

    My current purse is a buttery khaki color but in these awesome bags I would have to go with something bright and fun!

  23. Anna

    I love my classic black leather bag. It matches most of my wardrobe, and I didn’t mind spending a bit more money on it because I know I will use it for years.

  24. Lynda Harley

    I carry an out-of-date gold Coach…’s large enough to carry everything I need and can’t find….because it’s all scrambled at the bottom….lol

  25. Vicki

    I have a black purse that I use most of the time because it goes with just about everything! But I do have a Miche purse and a lot of shells that can be changed. Love that!

  26. Amy

    I’m still using my gorgeous navy Kate Spade purse…not very summery, but I’m not ready to put it away!

  27. Alison Althouse

    What a great giveaway! Would love to have a camera bag that doesn’t “look” like a camera bag! What a great idea!

  28. Tia

    My current purse is tan, cream, and navy blue. Thanks for the opportunity to win a Epiphanie bag! :)

  29. Mary

    My current camera bag is a boring black! I would love to win one of these bags in a new and exciting color. :)

  30. Mindi

    Black. Those are wonderful! I had never heard of them – that would be awesome for the new DSLR I’m wanting to buy!

  31. Angela F.

    My current purse is a soft mint green. I’ve been eyeing these bags for a while. Would love a pretty bag I could fit everything including my camera in. Love them!

  32. Abigail from These Hands of Mine

    My current purse is black, with pink and grey accents… but sadly doesn’t house my camera! What a blessing it would be to be able to have a purse like this!

  33. DeeDee J

    My current purse is my son’s diaper bag. It is easier Han carrying two bags at once! Oh, for the love of being a mom!

  34. melissa

    I don’t carry a purse. I have stretched my phone case to hold my D/L and credit cards. I do have a turquoise E bag to use when needed.

  35. Paula Stahlman

    Winning one of these bags would mean that I could stop carrying my camera in an ugly black bag! Thank you kevin & amanda!

  36. Marie

    I have a boring tan leather purse. It’s cute, but it would be great to get something new with a pop of color. :)

  37. Pearl C.

    I have a taupe bag now, but I need something fun for my camera… in love with the pink & turquoise bags :)

  38. Alesia

    I actually have two that I’ve been alternating depending on what I’m wearing. Although both are super cute, one is black, and one is a lighter brown faux leather. So, very basic and neutral, but easy for whatever I’m wearing. :)

  39. Cindy

    My purse is bright orange with a cute oilcloth print and embroidery. Great for summer! It’s not a Consuela, but the next best thing. I need a cute camera bag, though!

  40. Taera

    Right now… purse if you’d call it that is a roxy tote bag that I can jam everything in from a sippy cup, books, and even my camera!!!! YES it’s oversized!!! :)
    Love LOVE LOVE these bags!!!!

  41. Leslie-Anne

    My purse is tan/camel …I would love a chevron camera bag…love the look of the over the shoulder!! Great contest! Good LUCK to everyone!

  42. Alison Wood

    Love these bags! Adorable:) My purse is stripes in black, pink, yellow and gray. It is from The Sak.

  43. Stephanie S

    My current bag is black. I don’t even own a camera bag for my gear, I have to use an overly large handbag (spending my money on camera goodies instead of the basics!)

  44. Sara

    My bag is a very boring red one. My camera lives in a very utilitarian black and red camera backpack. I need a lovely epiphanie bag to carry my camera around.

  45. Barb Mostat

    My current purse is a light brown color. I would love one of those hot pink camera purses – my current camera bag is a well-worn, 9 year old, out-dated backpack. :)

  46. Shaunah Maybeline

    My current purse is a black L.A.M.B purse and I adore it. I do wish I had a nice place for my camera instead of it’s dreadful cam case ;)

  47. Patricia Allison

    My current purse is grey, but would love to switch it up with something fun and colorful! =)

  48. Kristen m

    I have 2 right now I use…a mustard yellow for when it’s just me out and a large chestnut brown for when I need to haul kid stuff too!

  49. Tinajayne Bosland

    I have a black bag right now, boring but functional. I would love to be sporting such a fun and fresh Epiphanie bag, perhaps with a pink lining ;)

  50. Lynsey H.

    I’m using my purple diaper bag for now, but it would be great to have something with more padding and compartments for my camera:)

  51. Julie Staub

    Hot Pink leather crossbody from Fossil. Definitely need a beautiful bag to carry camera gear – LOVE these Epiphanie bags!

  52. Paula

    My purse is multi-colored. The body is blue, the front flap is black, white, red, blue, green, etc.

  53. Amy G.

    Ugh. My purse is either our beat up Vera Bradley diaper bag from 4 years ago or a blue and white striped tote bag from Target. I NEED a new purse especially since I splurged on a Canon 60D this year and am going to break it by carrying it everywhere we go in one of the two above bags!!

  54. Merry

    My current purse is orange. I used to hate orange, but over the years it has grown on me. I love my ornage purse!

  55. Cindy P

    Today my handbag was black. Yesterday it was orange. Tomorrow it will be pink and orange striped.

  56. Donna

    I am currently using a Vera Bradley tote in the Purple Punch pattern. It is such a bright and happy bag, but it would love a friend, say an adorable pink Epiphanie bag!

  57. Alicia Diane

    I just love Epiphanie, really would love to win a bag to keep my precious camera safe! My current bag is bright yellow but it’s starting to show its age! Time for something new soon… ;)

  58. Tonyia Karwanski

    my current purse is actually just a black backpack :( I so want to win this!!! Thanks for the chance!

  59. Jean

    I love these bags! Currently, I own a black camera bag as my purse and would sure like an Epiphanie bag instead!

  60. Michelle

    I use a very small dark brown Danier Leather purse my sister bought for me in the 90’s. It’s in great shape but would love to upgrade. :)

  61. Marianne

    My current purse is grey. I think I’d really love a fun coloured purse, but always go with a practical neutral.

  62. Sarah

    My current purse is a grey one my mom bought at a church rummage sale, and my camera bag is the standard canon black snap bag. I’d love to upgrade to one of these lovelies!

  63. Katrina

    My purse right now is Brown Leather, it’s kinda boring. But not as boring as my black camera bag.

  64. Pamela

    My purse right now is an olive-y green, although I REALLY wanted the gorgeous turquoise one I saw…until I realized it was $200. :0

  65. Cindy Morris

    Hmmm, which one? I have several that I switch on pretty much a daily basis!-lol Today however it’s the Leopard print! :)

  66. randi

    I don’t really have a purse right now. I’ve been shoving my edc into my medela tote along with my pumping gear. Oh how I would love to migrate to a roomy and stylish bag!

  67. Noah R.

    Right now I have an orange purse that I got from Target. But, my camera bag is a black Canon bag, which isn’t all that big and would love to have a “fancy” bag with more room. :)

  68. Amy

    Have had my eye on an Epiphanie bag since discovering them earlier this year (I know, I’m a late comer, but better late than never!). I keep waiting for my husband to get the clue and get me one for any holiday/special occasion, but winning it would be even better! Thanks for the chance.

  69. BetsyG

    The purse I carry the most right now is white! And I am definitely needing a bag for my new camera…I still haven’t purchased one yet! Yours are by far the cutest! :)

  70. Kat F.

    My bag is from pursemafia so it’s very colorful & bold. The inside is a cheetah print. The front & back of the outside is a green/white tribal pattern and the fold-over part is white with yellow anchors!

  71. Élan

    I have a black Marc Jacobs bag, but it’s not big enough to fit my Nikon! I love these camera bags. :)