Berlin Bakery Tour and Our Cute Hotel!


Before my dad and I headed home from Sweden, we made a slight detour down to Berlin. Germany has always been at the top of my travel list, so I’m so thankful we were able to spend some time here. We filled our two short days with tours and sightseeing, but I was also so happy to squeeze in some time to meet up with my friend and fellow blogger Erin from Texanerin Baking. She’s a Texan named Erin who’s currently living in Germany where Texanerin means “female Texan”. How cool is that?? She’s also the one with the amazing homemade peanut butter recipe that inspired my honey roasted peanut butter cookies!

Erin’s blog specializes in 100% whole grain, reduced-sugar baking recipes that don’t taste healthy — they just taste fabulous! She generously brought me a sample of her 100% Whole Grain Peanut Butter Filled Brownies, and oh my word, I am an instant believer!! She probably brought me half the pan, and I am only slightly ashamed to say I ate the entire thing in practically one sitting. Hey, they’re “healthy” right? :D Totally. You gotta try ’em. They are ooey, gooey, fudgy and fabulous. Forget that they’re 100% whole grain, I just loved how fudgy they were!! My perfect kinda brownie. :)

Berlin Bakery Tour


Erin totally knows her sweets, and I had so much fun exploring her charming neighborhood in East Berlin on our fun bakery tour! We started with this gorgeous chocolate blueberry cake from Kaffeehaus SowohlalsAuch.


But this was why we came to Kaffeehaus SowohlalsAuch. Oh my gosh. This may just look like your average croissant, but oh my gosh. This was the flakiest, butteriest, dreamiest crossiant I have ever had. I am still dreaming about this croissant!


And how fun was this hot, crispy waffled topped with powdered sugar, gelato, and hot fudge from Kauf Dich Glücklich?? My belly is growling just thinking about this fun treat. :) I loved every second of our sweet bakery tour. Thank you for showing me around Berlin, Erin!! :)


Where We Stayed: Hotel Indigo, Berlin


Okay, I had to show you our cute Berlin hotel! I loved our room at the Hotel Indigo in San Diego, so when I saw this one in Berlin I knew I wanted to stay here.


How fun are their bright, funky colors?? This room is totally right up my alley. :)




Rainbow mosaic tiled shower? Yes!


All the lights in the room were also control by these switches by the bed — even the ones in the bathroom! So if you got all comfy in bed and forgot to turn out a light, no problem! You could just reach over and touch one of these switches. The bottom switch even turned on a nightlight illuminating the floor in the bathroom if you had to get up in the middle of the night but didn’t want to blind yourself by turning on the overhead light. LOVE this idea!! Oh, and it had outlets right in the headboard for charging, which is something I personally think all hotel rooms need to have! :)


The drawers in the bathroom were those drawers that closed on their own — so all you had to do was give them a push and they gently guided themselves shut.


See these arrow switches?


They controlled the blackout shades. :)


You could even open and close the blinds with ’em!


Ahh, then there was the balcony. The perfect place to sip coffee and eat croissants in the morning.


Here was the view from the balcony.


And how fun is this hall?? The hot pink lights lit up as you walked down the hall towards the room. So neat.


On our last night in Berlin, Erin and I walked down to the Brandenburg Gate — we had to walk off all those sweets! ;)

Thanks so much for looking. Until next time!

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28 Responses
  1. nick p

    your hotel pictures are amazing! i try to take hotel/bedroom pictures, and they never turn out well….it’s either my camera or that the rooms are usually too cramped :P

  2. ina

    The hotel looks great and about the drawers in teh bathroom that you loved so much: I think it’s some kind of “standard” here (yeah, I’m from Germany ^^), our drawers in the kitchen shut themselves, too. You can get the hinges in every home improvement store :) Hehe, sounds like a good birthday present for you :b

    By the way, I love you posts and photos although I might just veeery rarely comment! Keep going!

    Ina ♥

  3. Emily

    You always look so great. I know you have shared your weight loss story with us, but how do you keep your weight down while eating sweets all the time?? Do you just take small sample bites of everything?
    I’m just dying to know! :)

  4. Jarks

    Hi Amanda!

    These photos are amazing. Just wondering which of these you used your 10-22mm lens for? I’m looking to buy one but the pricetag is very scary in Australia ($1200)!

    Also wondering which Indigo you stayed at; the Hardenbergstrasse or the Alexanderplatz?


  5. Shelby

    So glad you got to stay in one of our international Hotel Indigo locations! Looks absolutely fantastic! I hope you got the Friends and Family rate or better! All of those dessert pictures make me really hungry. Yum.

  6. Jean Marie

    I have so enjoyed all your photos and the food!! Those croissants looked delicious and so do the soft peanut-butter cookies :D Nice places so visit, have fun!

  7. Melis E.

    you re so sweet :) I admire the hotel and the colors! ^.^And also want to ask something to you if possible, which camera lens did you use with taking cake/bakery photos? I have Cannon. But I want to know the object glass/lens ? thank you so much for your answer :)) Melis :)

  8. Yvette D

    You are a travelin’ sistah. The pictures are beautiful. I trust you had a marvelous time. Keep sharing. I enjoy it all. Yvette

  9. Wombatish

    You stayed right next to the (former location of the) Youth Hostel we were in when I visited several years ago (I really thought that view was familiar!!). Our hostel was a gorgeous old building, I can only imagine everything else right there is equally amazing!

    Hope to see more pictures from this leg of your trip!

  10. Flavia Andrews

    What a great experience Amanda! and what a lovely hotel room! My favorite is the outlet in the headboard!. I’ve come to “know” Erin -and her blog- via Instagram and she is as sweet as I am sure her baked goods are…so nice you got to meet her (was it for the first time? ). Love your pictures, love your blog. I have been following you for 6 years now! Thanks for sharing not only these, but all the beautiful pictures of your trip to Sweden too. Everything is just perfect! Take care, Flavia :)

  11. Kim

    Places I haven’t even thought of visiting end up to my “places to visit” list once I see your experience there!! Berling looks amazing from the hotel and pastry/desserts on its own!!

  12. Steph from

    Great post. German food is great and Berlin is just so interesting. That looks like a great hotel.
    I can’t eat regular baked goods but love to look at them!

  13. Erin @ Texanerin Baking

    Yeah! :D That was one short bakery tour but I think we got what we needed with that croissant. I’ll bring you some if we ever meet up in Europe again! I’m so happy that you were impressed with the brownies. Thanks for linking to them. And for writing all those nice things. :)

    That hotel room was super cute. I was really surprised at how clean and new looking everything was! I definitely didn’t expect to see something like that in Berlin.

    I hope you make a Sachsenhausen post. It doesn’t really fit in with the sweets and happy times traveling posts but I think lots of people would be interested in seeing it. Just my opinion… :)

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