Gooey S’mores Cookies

Gooey Smores Cookies

I ate way too many of these darn cookies this weekend. It’s everything you love about S’mores… in cookie! :) If you love that perfect combination of sweet graham crackers with warm, melted chocolate and gooey, toasted marshmallows, then I have the perfect recipe for you. This chewy cinnamon graham cracker cookie is stuffed with mini marshmallow bits that get all perfectly toasted on the outside and impossibly gooey on the inside. They’re also stuffed with mini Hershey’s kisses to complete the S’mores trifecta. Groan. They’re so good.

Gooey Smores Cookies

Need I say more?

Gooey Smores Cookies

Let’s make these sinful sweeties! Here’s what you’ll need. Act like I didn’t leave the baking powder out of the picture, okay? I used cinnamon graham crackers because that’s what I had on hand, and I was fully prepared to tell you to feel free to use regular graham crackers. But after tasting them with the fabulous cinnamon version, I’m going to retract that statement. Definitely try these cookies with the cinnamon grahams! It adds the perfect, tiniest hint of cinnamon to these cookies that just sends them over the top.

Gooey Smores Cookies

Start by creaming one stick of softened butter with 1/2 cup sugar and 1/4 cup brown sugar until light and fluffy, about three minutes. Next you’ll add one egg and a teaspoon of vanilla and beat for an additional two minutes.

Gooey Smores Cookies

Meanwhile, combine 1 1/3 cups flour, one teaspoon of baking powder, and 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

Gooey Smores Cookies

Oh baby, now for the graham crackers! You can certainly used store-bought graham cracker crumbs here, but I absolutely LOVE the addition of cinnamon in these cookies!!

Gooey Smores Cookies

Pulverize 7 full graham cracker sheets to get 3/4 cup crumbs.

Gooey Smores Cookies

Add them to the flour mixture and whisk to combine.

Gooey Smores Cookies

Slowly add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and mix until the cookie dough is just combined.

Gooey Smores Cookies

Oh my gosh, this cookie dough is amazing.

Gooey Smores Cookies

Have you seen these Hershey’s Mini Kisses? I found them in the baking aisle, along with the rest of the chocolate chips. They’re massive!! Check out how giant they are compared to a regular chocolate chip. I knew they’d be perfect for these S’mores cookies! Add one cup of these to your dough.

Gooey Smores Cookies

Finally, add one cup of my new favorite thing, Kraft Jet Puffed Mallow Bits!! I know I’ve spoken my love for these a few times before. :) I’ve had the best luck finding them at Target in the baking aisle with all the other marshmallow products. Stir the dough to incorporate the marshies and chocolate.

Gooey Smores Cookies

Scoop the dough onto a baking sheet and bake these at 350 for 10 minutes.

Gooey Smores Cookies

Oh my gosh. Toasty marshmallow cookies.

Gooey Smores Cookies

I seriously love the puffy, chewy graham cracker cookie here. This is not your ordinary chocolate chip cookie.

Gooey Smores Cookies

You’ve got to try ‘em.

Gooey Smores Cookies

Swoon. Enjoy these guys!!

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Gooey S'mores Cookies
  • ½ cup (1 stick) butter, softened
  • ½ cup sugar
  • ¼ cup brown sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1⅓ cups flour
  • ¾ cup graham cracker crumbs (7 full graham cracker sheets)
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup Mini Hershey's Kisses (or chocolate chips/chunks)
  • 1 cup Jet Puffed Mallow Bits
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and spray with cooking spray. Using a mixer, cream the butter and sugars until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes. Add the egg and vanilla and beat for an additional 2 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, use a food processor or blender to crush 7 graham cracker sheets into ¾ cup fine crumbs. In a separate bowl, whisk together the graham cracker crumbs, flour, baking powder, and salt. Slowly add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients, and mix on low speed until the dough just comes together. Add the chocolate and marshmallows and stir to combine.
  3. Place 1.5 tablespoon sized scoops of dough onto the prepared cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes.
Makes 2 dozen cookies.
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I recently tried making s’mores cookies, using graham flour, and that, along with regular marshmallows, did not work out well. I think I’ll have to try your way- and I think that those mini marshmallows, which I also picked up at Target, is JUST the ticket.

Your cookies look mahvelous!

These look like they would be my fav! We do not have the mini marshmellows in my area of Canada – I’m still looking (we don’t even have Biscoff spread yet!) . Tried to find them in Hawaii recently but no luck :( I’ll just drool over your picture!

I don’t even have a kitchen and I think I’m going to make these over the weekend. I have to get to Target to buy the tiny marshmallows. I hope my giant toaster oven is up for cookies!

I can’t wait for my kitchen to be done.

I’m going to make these for my DH today!
I do have to ask, how do you manage to eat stuff like this and still stay so thin?
I gain weight just looking at the pictures. LOL

Amanda, I think we gals are all of the same heart (according to the posts above), lets get busy, make some of these then sit back and enjoy!

i think you love my curves and big butt, because there is no way I can loose weight with you doing this to me!

— dalis

We’ve got the Peppermint mini marshmallows in the pantry right now…I’ll have to think of a recipe to spin off of yours- those look amazing! =)

& I’m currently saving up for a DSLR- preferably Canon- so this giveaway makes me very happy! Crossing all of my fingers & toes =)

Saw these on pintrest & made them instantly! They’re really good, but I had to bake mine for about 8 minutes instead of 10 because the bottoms of the first batch were black :/ Also, how did you get the marshmallows from spreading everywhere & making a mess on the parchment paper? Other than those, these were yummy!

These cookies look heavenly. I love how you photograph the step by steps. You do a wonderful job. I always look forward to seeing what recipes you have next to share. Thanks….Hugs, Becky

Hi Maggie! I know you posted this months ago, but I wanted to bake some treats for my husband whose having to study a lot for law school right now and was curious about the marshmallow fluff! Do you by any chance remember how much you used in your cookies?

ok – made these today w/my two little girls. They taste every bit as good as they look. Even my DH, who is not a big sweet fan, REALLY liked them. This recipe is a keeper. Thanks for posting it!

Kevin & Amanda,

My name is Matthew, and I help run the JET-PUFFED business at Kraft. I can’t even begin to tell you how incredibly grateful we are for your two recent, AMAZING creations using Mallow Bits. We are honored that you’re helping to inspire creativity with the product. These s’mores cookies look absolutely incredible, and I cannot wait to try them out myself this weekend!

I also wanted to let you know that I’ll be showing “link love” to your recipe on our recently launched Facebook Page: You folks are absolute culinary innovators! Please visit our Facebook page (and like the page so we can tag the post) and also send me an email so we can connect offline. I’d love to touch base.


Can I just say THANK YOU for creating these new mini mallows!!!! they might be my new favorite creation. i’m so excited about using them in cookies!

Rebecca Kipe

Ummm can I just add something to the comment I left yesterday?! Ummm day old cookies… pop in the microwave for 7 seconds…. ummm oooie gooey all over again!!!

Thanks, (again)

I bought the marshmallows bits at Target last week and couldn’t wait to try out your receipe!! Yummy!!! They are now my husbands new favorite!

I saw this recipe last week and knew my students would love it. So today I made it 4 times for each of my FACS ( family and consumer sciences) kiddos as a demonstration, you should have seen their faces when they found out they had to wait until tomorrow AFTER their test to try them! I did, and they are awesome!

I made these this morning. I used regular graham crackers instead of cinnamon – personal preference. They turned out really well. Love the flavor. The only problem was that the dough was a bit crumbly – I had to push back in several wayward chocolate kisses and marshmallow bits that wouldn’t stick to the dough. However, this was a minor problem. Thanks for the recipe!

I made these today and found the dough very crumbly as well. I thought too crumbly. I wonder how to remedy this? Less flour/graham or perhaps another egg? Any suggestions from anyone else?

these are FANTASTIC! a new favorite! the recipe is straightforward and solid, and the cookies both taste delicious and look appealing. i found the tiny marshmallows at target but could not find the mini-kisses. used regular chocolate chips and regular graham crackers. thanks so much for sharing such a great recipe.

I made these a couple days ago and they came out so good. I didn’t have the marshmallow bits so I just cut mini marshmallows in half and used that. The melted marshmallow gave the cookie a little bit of sweet crispness. Great recipe!

Thank you so much for this recipe…so very yummy! I was sad not to be able to find mallow bits in our small town but I cut mini marshmellows into halfs and it worked ok…still hunting for those mallow bits though! Excellent recipe!

PS just a suggestion: it really isn’t necessary to bust out the food processor for the graham crackers, just break them up inside a gallon ziploc and then use your rolling pin on them…less dishes!

i make the same cookies every day and am too stubborn to try anyone elses new recipes.. until now. u sold me, these. They look perect. bet it’ll be my new favorite cookie. In terms of butter:flour:egg ratio, its just like my usual choc chip cookie recipe except yours has the addition of the graham crackers and those new super awesome looking marshmallow bits. and I LOVE smores and i love those little marshmallows that come in pre-pkg hot chocolate, so i know i’ll love these.

Made these today with cinnamon graham crackers, and they are excellent. I used chocolate chips since I didn’t have mini kisses on hand. I found the marshmallow bits at Meijer. Will make them again. Thanks for the recipe :)

Where did you find Mallow Bits! Those cookies look fabulous and I want to make them but haven’t found the ingredients yet.

Deborah, I got my Mallow Bits at Target. They are with the other marshmallows. That’s the only place I’ve seen them so far.

I also tried these cookies last week. My kids were so excited to try them. My dough wold not stick together and the ones that did were very dry tasting. Some other people said to try another egg?? Did anyone do that? Also as much as I love the mini marshmallows, my marshmallow monster six year old thought they were hard so next time i will either cut up regular or use fluff like someone suggested.

I just made these today for a Cookies for Kids Cancer bake sale and they turned out lovely. The directions say to use 7 Graham crackers that when crumbled make 3/4 cup. I ground up 7 and had over 3/4 cup so I saved the rest for another recipe for today (S’mores cupcakes!) Maybe some of you that had crumbly dough added all 7 crackers and didn’t measure them out after being crumbled? I didn’t add them all because of the fear of drying out the dough. Wonderful recipe. Will make with cinnamon Grahams next time.

I used seven graham crackers but did not measure after they were crumbled. Maybe that is why my dough was so dry. I will give the recipe another go!

Wow, I just made these…took my first bite and still warm in the middle! I absolutely love how my kitchen smells right now and the hint of cinnamon in these makes them perfect!

Thank you for this great recipe! I had no trouble making these with your step by step instructions. I can always count on your site for the best!

I am so sad! I just made these and they turned out waaaay too dry. I could barely get them to come together when I was forming the cookies. I am so disappointed, and desperately trying to fix them since I’m supposed to take them to a baby shower tomorrow. Where did I go wrong?!

Well, after reading the other comments, I am thinking I must’ve used too many Graham crackers. I will definitely make these again in the future, being more careful about keeping my batter moist! I am also considering adding a dollop of Mallow Fluff to the top and torching it brulee-style…

I loved these! However, they are quite messy when it comes to the marshmallows. They melted and smoked up my oven lol. But still taste delicious :)

Amanda, these look awesome! I stumbled on to your website today and just love your detail with every recipe! I bet these would be awesome in your cookie dough cupcakes!!

Thank you for this recipe!
I am trying to live a wheat-free diet at the moment; however, I make exceptions when exciting recipes like this one send me to the kitchen to turn on the oven and plug in the mixer. I made a batch today, and they were fabulous! Thanks so much!

I was so excited to try these and was sadly disappointed… the dough was way too crumbly, and I did measure out the graham cracker crumbs. Unfortunately there was nothing gooey about them. Still tasted great though.

So i called every store we have and only target sells marshmellows the dough was very dry i just added a couple tblsp of milk peeerect ty

I followed a pin this afternoon and just had to make these tonight. I have 5 canisters of those delightful marshmallows in my cupboard. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that one canister perfectly makes a double batch! They’re cooling on my counter and coming to church with me tomorrow. Thanks for a new favorite cookie recipe! I will be making them again in the future… very near future!

I made these for my niece’s birthday party – she LOVES anything S’mores style and even though mine didn’t turn out half as beautiful as yours did, my niece LOVED them! And in the end, that’s all that mattered to me – feeding the heart with yummy dessert treats!

I just made these cookies… Oh my word they are so good, I thought they would be to sweet but everything balances very nice… By the way the cinnamon crackers do give the cookie a good taste… Making my second batch for my Girl Scouts…

Hello! I finally made these cookies and my first impression was, “WOW! They REALLY do taste like S’mores!” Funny thing is…I don’t even really LOVE s’mores lol But they are really great, I didn’t have a problem with the dough being “dry” or “crumbly”. Baked for 10 minutes and they’re perfect, nice and soft on the inside…it really is amazing.

Thanks for a great recipe!

So I tried these cookies a couple of hours ago and they didn’t turn out quite as expected… I used mini marshmallows instead of marshmallow ‘bits’ and my marshmallows melted everywhere! I’m not sure if it was because I used a diff. marshmallows or what… Oh well, they still tasted delicious! : )

These cookies were incredible! I made them along with your chocolate cake for my husband’s b-day party & they were a hit! I was asked to make them again for tonight’s get together along with another chocolate cake. I can’t wait to try the other recipes on this site as I’m sure they are just as wonderful! I am having so much fun baking again! Thank you!

What a fantastic recipe! These cookies baked perfectly. I followed everything exactly and even ended using all the graham cracker crumbs . And the results were just as described. I will be adding these cookies to my repertoire of baked goodies as these were so easy to make (not to mention cute thanks to the mallow bits)and so delicious!
Thank you for making this recipe available. Cant wait to try the cookie dough cup cakes next. Will keep you posted on the outcome :)

I just tried this recipe and I dont know what I did wrong. Instead of being small and puff up my cookies were flat, spread out and looked a lot different. I just dont know.
BUT they are so good and so soft it makes up for everything.

Made these and they were great! Big hit in the breakroom where I work. I added a marshmallow cinnamon drizzle (heated up marshmallows, cinnamon, and heavy cream) and sprinkled more marshmallow sand graham cracker crumbs. Super-delicious.

I just made these and my dough turned out crumbly too. I just added an extra egg and then the dough was perfect. They turned out great!

I hereby declare these the greatest cookies ever. I ate the dough for lunch and will follow that with a few freshly baked cookies. These are awesome! Thank you for this recipe.

I made these for my family and they were wonderful, although I substituted the marshmallow bits for marshmallows. My teen daughter who never cooks has made over 20 dozen of these cookies now and that is just for the month of December. They are easy to make and taste great. Thanks.

I SO wanted these to work! Couldn’t find the marshmallow bits (and didn’t have time to run around town) and most of the cookies ended up a sticky gooey mess on my cookie sheet. They DID taste good, but I only got a few off successfully that could be called “cookies” lol :) Maybe I’ll use the rest as ice cream topping. I think after reading the comments and seeing either great success or great failure with this recipe, the best conclusion I can come to is that substituting mini marshmallows instead of the marshmallow bits is NOT optional–regular marshmallows liquify when in the oven at those temps (my only successful cookies were the ones that happened to have the marshmallows ‘contained’ inside the cookie dough when they went on the sheet). Will save this recipe and try again with the correct ingredients!

@ Bekah- Im going to look at Target! A few people mentioned getting then there. Hope this helps.

These are in the oven now. I thought the dough was extremely dry. If I make these again, I will use a little more butter, a little less flour and mini chocolate chips. They are cute and tasty but did not knock our socks off.

I love reading your blog!

These look great! I am making them for a D.A.R.E. graduation tomorrow and I see you have White Lily flour in the picture. That’s not available here, but wondering if you’d recommend using cake flour or stick with AP? Thanks!

made these yesterday and WOW!!! I’m from Canada and I have yet to find those mini marshmallow bits, so I cut up regular ones in bits and dried them overnight and I also measured the graham crumbs and these turned out great! The marshmallows kept there shape almost like yours! Thanks this recipe is a keeper:)

HI I am making these yummy cookie tomorrow. But I cant find the mini kisses . DO you know where
I can find them? Help THANK YOU

Amazing! Just what I was looking for. Do you know how they would turn out if I froze them after making them? Do you know what happens to the consistency of the marshmallow? I am making a bunch of cookies for an event and I need to freeze them. Just want to be sure they will be just as outstanding after freezing as they warm out of the oven. Thanks.

I just made these and they were amazing! Per comments from other people I added an extra egg and I can honestly say I think these might be my favorite cookie! Thanks for the recipe!

I made these with my boys last night. I measured everything perfectly and they ended up dry and crumbly for me as well. I added another egg and they ended up perfect. Thanks so much for the recipe! They were delicious!

Okay, I just made these amazing cookies, and really they were outstanding. I made the following changes to the recipe based on user reviews: I cut back on the flour by approx 1/3 cup. I say approx. because I started with a full cup of flour. After adding the dry ingredients to the butter and sugar mixture, I knew that the consistency was a little too wet for a cookie, so I added a couple of tablespoons of flour until I felt it was right.
Also, I really like a more carmelized cookie, slightly firm (not crispy!) on the outside, gooey on the inside. So I switched the sugars, and used 1/4 c. white sugar, and 1/2 c. brown sugar. The result was amazing. They were gorgeous, golden, gooey and tasty!
Oh, I also experimented with the shape. I did a sheet of drop cookies and a sheet using a cookie scoop. The drop cookies were way more appealing, with little peaks and craters of chocolate-marshmallowy goodness! The scoop cookies were pretty and symmetrical, but lacked the texture and the highs and lows that this cookie needs to show its stuff! :)

Mine turned out dry :( I wonder why, I followed the steps and ingredients. I still ate them tho ;) I want to make them again but I don’t want them to turn out dry again. Any suggestions?

I cooked them for just 8 minutes and they got a nice firmness outside with a soft middle. I just let them sit on the pan for about 30 minutes on top of the stove after I took them out.

wonder how these would taste if you replaced the graham crackers with ritz crackers and chocolate chips with peanut butter chips. sounds like an idea. . .

the dough was crumbly, but the cookies were amazing. I only cooked them for 8 minutes and that was just right. I got about 40 cookies out of one recipe. I used the cinnamon graham as well and it def added that little something extra.

I made my first batch of this recipe with just the plain honey graham crackers and they were DELICIOUS. Second batch I decided to add cinnamon like suggested just to see how it would taste and let me tell you…what a difference. I thought the first batch was good, the second was out of the park. Thank you so much for posting. I definitely have a new favorite cookie!

I just made these and they are the best cookies I’ve ever made! They are chewy and chocolatey and just delicious! I am pretty much obsessed with s’mores and these are perfect! Taking the majority of them into work tomorrow so I don’t eat them all in less than a day! :)

I made these yesterday! My dough was super crumbly. I had to mix in a tiny bit of milk so I could actually form them on a cookie sheet without them falling apart. And I followed the recipe exactly. Anybody else have this problem? However, they were still good:) Oh, and 7 sleeves of cracker is not 3/4 cup, more like one cup!

Made these today for our son and a playmate…. FANTASTIC !
Don’t have the mini Kisses in any of our stores so I used Trader Joe’s semi sweet chocolate chunks …yummy !

Found this recipe through a friend and loved it so much I tried it myself. However when it was already too late I realized I only had regular mini marshmallows. I substituted the jet puff bits for regular mini marshmallows and it turned out quite good! The only thing was I had to bake the cookies an extra five minutes

Made these today–they are awesome! I had to use mini marshmallows, because my store did not have the bits, but they still turned out great.

I just tried this recipe and it is OUTSTANDING! The cookies are just incredible! Can’t get enough of them :) I did put some Reese’s peanut butter chips into the mix and I think they added a really nice touch.

This recipe looks AMAZING!!! I am going to make it to take camping over the 4th of July weekend. I always associate S’mores with that holiday. I’m going to substitute Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal for the graham crackers, not sure how it will work but I’m going to give it a try. I found the marshmallow bits at Walmart in the hot chocolate/coffee aisle.

Thanks again for another great recipe :)

These cookies were the absolute BEST cookies I have ever tasted!
I Loved the recipe and can’t wait to make them again.
What I Did do was make them on the smaller side this way
I wouldn’t feel AS guilty.
Best cookies thank you Kevin & Amanda!!!!!!!

I make these every time I want to make cookies now! I use normal mini marshmallows (not the bits) and they turn out great every time! I just have to put them in for 7-8 minutes instead of 10. I was out of chocolate chips this time, so I broke apart 2 king sized Hershey bars. Turned out gooey and delicious!