Bakeshop Heaven

Bath & Body Works Bakeshop Candles

I am in love with the new Bakeshop collection of candles and fragrances at Bath and Body Works. I wandered into my local store this weekend and I was instantly delighted. Bakery scented candles as far as the eye could see. I had, at long last, reached the mother ship.

I might have picked up one or two. Or a dozen.

Like S’mores. In a jar. Oh yes please. It’s sweet, toasty, and chocolaty, with graham crackers and vanilla. How do you say no to that? Answer: You don’t.

Bath & Body Works Bakeshop Candles

Marshmallow Fireside. Here’s a similar one. I love this fun twist on the familiar scent of a sweet vanilla candle. It’s blended with just a hint of a smoky woods for a perfect beach campfire scent.

By the way, I started out using my 24-70mm for these photos, but as I had just returned from an hour of Body Pump, I was barely able to lift the spoon to my cereal bowl — much less my five hundred pound lens — though beloved as it may be. I switched to the refreshingly light 50mm 1.4 shortly thereafter.

As always, you can click on any photo to see the camera, lens, and settings I used. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Bath & Body Works Bakeshop Candles

Oh my. Pumpkin Caramel Latte. It’s pumpkin. Caramel. Vanilla. Pralines. All in one perfect little candle.

Bath & Body Works Bakeshop Candles

Okay, just how fun is this Cinnamon Sugared Donut candle? So fun. To be perfectly honest, it does not smell like cinnamon at all, which is just fine by me, because I much prefer the sweet vanilla cake and sugar tones of this doughnut-scented candle.

Bath & Body Works Bakeshop Candles

Homemade Cookies. I don’t think one is new this year, but with a combination of butter, sugar, and vanilla all in one candle, I wasn’t gonna say no to that.

Bath & Body Works Bakeshop Candles

Frosted Cupcake. Lightly scented, and exactly what I want my buttercream frosting to taste like. (Smell like?)

Bath & Body Works Bakeshop Candles

Oh yum. Salty Caramel. Heaven help me. This might be my favorite of them all. Not that I could ever really play favorites among bakery scents, but this one comes awfully close. It smells like warm, salty, buttery, caramely, freshly-popped popcorn. Mama mia.

Bath & Body Works Bakeshop Candles

Hot Chocolate. I love this one because it smells exactly how you’d think it smells. Imagine rich hot cocoa brimming with hot, gooey marshmallows. It smells just like that.

Bath & Body Works Bakeshop Candles

Apple Crumble. I don’t usually go for the fruity scents, but this one had just enough if a vanilla streusel crumble topping scent to intrigue me. And it smells like fall.

Bath & Body Works Bakeshop Candles

Caramel Apple. What was I saying about fruity scents? Here’s another apple-scented candle that found its way home with me. This candle has got so much going for it. Hot, rich caramel. Brown sugar. Vanilla. Nutmeg. And just a light hint of apple.

Bath & Body Works Bakeshop Candles

Mountain Leaves. There’s one more candle that made it’s way home with me and it’s not a bakery scent at all. It just smelled so good. So unexpected. I don’t even know if I can describe it. You just gotta try it. It’s a little bit like crisp fall air, a little bit like Christmas trees, a little bit manly, and just a little bit like sweet lemonade. It’s good stuff.

Bath & Body Works Bakeshop Candles

I also picked up a few room sprays. These are fun to have on hand.

Bath & Body Works Bakeshop Candles

Oh dear. My local Bath & Body Works is having a sale on their 4 oz candles this week, two for $10.

I might’ve stocked up.

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53 Responses
  1. Emily (New York, NY)

    I love candles! I must say, I also stock up… frequently! You have some of my FAVORITES (like cinnamon sugared donut and salty caramel)! I love adding candles to a room to not only look beautiful and cozy but smell great too!

  2. Meredith

    So I need to go back and check out Fall Leaves, you have me intrigued.. I like the very opposite scents that you do, but I DID pick up the peppermint chocolate one, because it was all the goodness of the ice cream without the calories! :)

  3. Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles

    I, too, fell in love with the Pumpkin Caramel Latte! Such a warm and comforting scent. I went on a fall scent spree a couple weeks ago. Such deliciousness.


    Thanks for giving me a heads up! My local B&BW has been closed for remodeling. Sounds like I’ve really been missing out. Must go this week and buy anything with “caramel” or “apple” in the name!!!

  5. saundra

    I am writing to Bath and Body Works to let them know if it wasn’t for your great pictures and descriptions I would have not gone to their store today. Really. I have not gone in years and I thought I have to go smell that Salty Caramel. After I smelled it I had to have it and the Pumpkin Caramel Latte. Thank you.

  6. Megan

    ok but my FAVORITE bakeshop candle smell is the lavender macaroon, and they only have it in the teeny tiny candles. I was so bummed!! You will HAVE to smell it!

  7. Denise

    I used to work at Bath & Body and am addicted to these, they are the best! I LOVE Salty Carmel, Autumn and Leaves. Yummy!!! They just set a mood so well. I’m doing some card making later and scrapbooking, will put music on, scent the room with these and have some hot apple cider! Happy girl. :)

  8. Kaye

    I am sitting here laughing because I thought at first the line, “I might have picked up one or two. Or a dozen.” was hyperbole. . . but apparently not! Love the photos and I bet they smell wonderful.

  9. Lauren

    I work at BBW — you’re not lying about these candles! I spend a lot of time at work smelling them all because they’re all great! A little birrrrdy told me that our 3-wicks *might* be on sale this weekend — 2/$20 (We still don’t know yet, they’re teasing us, lol). More than likely it will be for our home fragrance event on Saturday, where we’re giving away 3 new yummy Christmas preview candles (and a super cute tote bag) with any Home Fragrance purchase — while supplies last! :) For more information, go to

  10. Bethany

    Thanks for the tip! I live in Dubai and “Bath & Body Works” has just recently opened here FINALLY. After reading your post and went straight for the store and the only one they had was Salty Caramel, but it is AMAZING. My apartment smells like caramel popcorn and the candle was even my pic of the day in my pic of the day project on facebook. :)

  11. Holly Moser

    I am OBSESSED with the s’mores and the marshmallow fireside candles. I have them burning right now actually : ) Every time I go to the mall I invent a reason to go into the store and usually come out with some of those little guys.

  12. Susan

    Hi, Amanda and War Eagle! I’ve been visiting your blog all day long….. I think I scrolled through a couple years of posts. I’ve stopped by from time to time, just googling and reading a post here and there, but today, I spent some time actually reading posts. Your house has to smell amazing with these scents burning. I’m currently trying to get into the Autumn mood with some Autumn Leaves by Yankee Candle.

  13. Kristin S

    Oh, how i LOVE Slatkin candles. Can’t wait to visit…

    I just pulled out my Leaves from last fall and Ginger Vanilla from the year before (I stocked up since they seem to discontinue my faves every year).

    1. emma fryer

      ya same with me amanda do u know where to buy it because i have been to three stores in my local area NO i cant find them get back to me please as soon as possiball also please check out my wwebsite sometime

  14. Sara

    Amanda…I was in there about a month ago and totally fell in love with the Frosted Cupcake. I have the room spray and…this is so pathetic…I give it a little spray in my bedroom before I go to bed. It makes me relax and feel all happy inside! I love the way it smells of real cupcakes that have been iced! YUMMMM! And not of the cheap baked goods scented candles and such!
    I wish they had the melting wax so I could use it in my Scentsy at work. Those scents would just make my classroom smell homey and warm! I wonder if we could get them to make it!?!

  15. Cara

    I am in, thanks for the breakdown I will have to go pick some up in anticpation for fall..cant wait for the 115 degree weather to be done here in AZ!

  16. Jennifer Ericksen

    Love your site….I read it all the time, plus follow you on Facebook and Instagram! But what I’ve been wondering is if you could do a blog on your favorite books you’ve read recently. I’d love to hear about what you’ve been reading.

  17. kaylene

    Oh man i LOVE!!! their candles! I JUST went out yesterday and did the same thing! I got the salted caramel as, alas, my store isn’t having a sale right now so I had to limit myself to one. Considering my favorite drink of all time is Starbuck’s salted caramel hot chocolate it’s perfect, with pumpkin latte in a close second. I got the holder from henry slatkin as well that’s ceramic and looks like a log…soooo cute. You should check it out if you didn’t see it in the store!

  18. Skuba

    You must be a card carrying member of Candle Addicts also. I would love to take all thoes home with me also, love thoes kind of candles that make it smell like you’ve been cooking all day without all the calories. My mother in law always insists on getting me candles like strawberry shortcake and berry cobler. It’s great they have so many selections for everyone but I don’t like my fruit burnt.

  19. Leah

    I am in *LOVE* with Bath & Body Works candles!! I’ve had my eye on the Hot Chocolate & the Salty Caramel for a while….I think it’s time to go get them!!

    I also love your shopping posts!!! They’re the best! :)

  20. Alisha

    My husband and I have a ‘seasonal tradition’ of going into BBW and buying handsoaps for the upcoming season for our house. We just completed our mission for fall, and stopped to smell every single one of the candles you mentioned on here! Love it! We might have bought one or two or ten as well. And I’m totally with you on the mysterious allure of mountain leaves!

  21. Rosemary S.

    Ooooh – my goodness! I think I need to buy every single one of those. You are such an enabler! As always, your photography is beautiful – and your writing delicious!

  22. Amanda

    My Bath & Body Works is having a big sale too – I just stocked up last weekend! LOVE these scents and can’t wait to burn them all fall and winter long!

  23. Claudia Z. Eubanks

    You did go crazy!! But I think these are awesome alternatives to the usual cinnamon nastiness I get assaulted with around the holidays. Blech!! Thanks, I may just have to venture forth to the mall and buy some of these lovelies…

  24. joni

    i went a couple weeks ago and got most of these scents and their matching foaming hand washes. it definitely smells like fall in our home. i love it!

  25. Shelby

    I am addicted to the Marshmallow Fireside…which is surprising considering that I can’t stand the original Fireside candle. That addition of Marshmallow makes me want to eat Marshmallows every single time we light it! :) I think you should be set with candles for a while! ;-)

  26. Suzanne Shepherd

    Wow, you went candle crazy! But I can see why…or should I say I can smell why? Photos are all lovely, very dreamy in quality. Your blog makes me smile every day.

  27. Barbara Ford

    I can almost smell these by your descriptions! Must get to the store. Fall is my favorite season, and aromas are part of the reason! Thanks for enabling!

  28. Vicki

    Thanks for the item description on each candle I haven’t made it in there yet but knew from my mailer they added bakery scents- YUM-OLA!!! By the way I teach Bodypump- How great that you do it as a workout!! :)

  29. Julie Chiou

    Oh my gosh. I LOVE bakery scents. They’re my favorite scents ever when it comes to candles. I’m totally heading there tonight and stocking up. Thanks for the heads up on this :) I love candle sales!!

  30. Erin @ Brownie Bites

    Wowza! You certainly DID stock up! I love burning lovely-scented candles and I don’t even think I could get through all of those in a season. You’re going to have a heavenly-smelling house this fall and winter!

  31. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    Girl you weren’t lying when you said a dozen! Those scents look dreamy and I’m so ready for all of them. Thank goodness wax isn’t tasty because I have to imagine they smell good enough to lick like a popsicle if that wasn’t a deterrent! I shall find out myself this weekend m’lady!

  32. Angie

    And this is the reason for warnings labels that read “do not eat” ;) YUM!

    These bakery scents are my favorites for candles and it sounds like I’m going to have to stock up. I’ve had a blueberry muffin candle in my guest bathroom for quite a while and everyone who goes in raves about how great it smells. But it’s almost gone and I can’t replace it. Thanks for the heads up about these, now I have a whole list of possible replacements and I’m pretty sure I’m going to LOVE the salty caramel one!

  33. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    I love body sprays, room sprays, and candles! The sweeter and more vanilla-ey or cookie dough-ey or just candy like, the better!

    And I have the 24-70 too. And attached to my 5D Mark II, it’s like I dont need to go to the gym to do arms…I can just take pictures :)

    1. Claudia Z. Eubanks

      I rented one once (I hope to own one after this holiday season) and I had sore back muscles after my sessions were over! The results are well worth it though…

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