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Welcome to the newest section of — My Favorite Recipes! :) I love trying out new recipes so I thought I’d start a page where I could share my favorite recipes with you… And I hope you’ll share some with me too! :) Once I get some recipes added, you can check the Categories on the right to sort them by course (appetizers, main dish, dessert, etc) and you can find the 5 newest recipes down at the bottom of the page. If you make a recipe and like it, I’d love to hear from you! :) Please feel free to leave a comment on any of the recipes. :) And if you make any changes that turn out awesome, I’d love to hear about those. :) Thanks for looking; I hope you’ll find some new favorite recipes that you’ll love just as much as we do. :)

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19 Responses
  1. Luisa

    Hello! !, I love all this web page, Im from Mexico I have been living in the USA for 4 years ans always looked for recipes in different web pages, but few days ago I found youre page went trough it and loved it, also youre dosgs are so cute!! How often do you add new recipes!!! Once again thankyounfor all the wonderful recipes!!!

  2. Grandmom

    I love your recipes and recipe cards. I’m trying to make a family recipe book and you have given me some ideas. Thank you.

  3. Heidi

    I have an amazing recipe. My mom called them Goo Goo Bars. They are extremely rich and addictive.

    1/2 cup margarine, melted
    1 box German chocolate cake mix
    1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
    1 bag of Kraft caramels
    1/2 cup Milnot
    1 cup chopped Walnuts (if desired, I never use them as I don’t like nuts, but mom did)

    #1 Heat oven to 350°F (325°F for dark or nonstick pan). Lightly grease or spray bottom and sides of 13×9-inch pan. (I use a 9×9 pan because I like them a little thicker)

    #2 In medium bowl, mix margarine & 1/4 cup of Milnot into cake mix. Press half of the mixture (2 1/2 cups) in bottom of pan.

    #3 Melt caramels & other 1/4 cup of Milnot in a double boiler until creamy.

    #4 Bake cake mix 10 minutes. Sprinkle chocolate chips over baked layer. Drizzle caramel over chocolate chips.

    #5 Drop remainder of cake mix by teaspoonfuls on top.

    #6 Bake 24 to 28 minutes or until cake portion is slightly dry to touch; cool completely. Refrigerate until firm.

  4. Dawn Leto

    I am so inspired by your website! The pulled pork and chocolate cake were amazing…..Thanks for sharing!

    Dawn Leto
    Downers Grove, IL

  5. Alyx

    I really enjoy this website. I love finding the new fonts, and also *LOVE* reading through the recipes. I am always asking my parents if we could try some of your recipes. Thanks for sharing it.
    Alyx :)

  6. Morgan

    Omg, I’m like fourteen and I absolutely love this website! I’ve always liked reading recipes and finding new fonts online, and I love this website more than any other that I’ve visited–which is alot. So yeah, never get rid of this! xoxoxo -morgan

  7. Laura

    Great recipes! I’ve tried a couple of yours and really liked them. Thought I would share a favorite of ours, as well. I know you have a recipe for biscuits already, but these are worth checking out! Delicious and SO easy to make!

    Beer Biscuits

    4 cups Bisquick
    1/4 to 1/2 cup sugar
    One 12 oz. can of beer
    2 tablespoons butter, melted

    Preheat oven to 400. Mix all ingredients well, adjusting the sugar according to how sweet a biscuit you prefer. Pour into well-greased muffin tins. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes. Serve with honey butter.

  8. Justin

    I was hankerin’ for some tender and juicy pulled pork, and I came across this site… All I can say is WONDERFUL, I really appreciated the simple step by step approach with the recipe and all the pictures. I have since booked marked this page, and will be coming back for some more recipes!

    Thanks again!

  9. Rachel

    I absolutely LOVE your site. The way you include pictures makes the recipe much easier to follow! Thank you for taking the time to create and share such wonderful recipes!

  10. Lynn

    Hey Amanda! Long time no see girl! I was browsing old favorites and was surprised and thrilled to find this new section! Even more excited to see the yummy enchiladas! Love the change with rotel in it. We made them Christmas (they are the oldest daughter Lauren’s favorite) so I just had a recent enchilada fix!! Can’t wait to see more. I have a really yummy soup recipe to share with you that has frozen mac&cheese in it! Really fast & quick! Our favorite!!!

  11. lady surfer

    All I can say is WOW. Your website is amazing! I love the fonts, the colors, the backgrounds, the layouts… and all the little nick knacks around. You seem very multi-talented and I am jealous lol! Can you teach me all that you do? =P
    Blessings to you!

  12. Van

    Amanda, thank you, thank you, thank you!! I just found your website today from Scrappin Cop and what a place you have here. I have had a great time going thru your recipes. I have really needed some new ideas for dinner and my family would love all of these. Can’t wait to do the calzones with the kids.

  13. Carolyn

    Be still my heart….two of my favorite passions combined…scrapbooking and cooking/recipe collecting. Wait, thats actually three, hehe.

    You have inspired me to make some recipe scrapbooks for Christmas this year. Keep up the beautiful work and please, keep sharing the love.

  14. Naye

    Hi, You’re Web Page is so beatiful !!! You look like a great family. My best wishes for you. Thanks for the recipes. Look so good. Greetings from Mexico.

  15. Cameron

    I wish I was as good a cook as you are! I’m jealous. . .This is a fabulous site, which adds to my jealousy. xD But keep up those great recipes. They’re all *so* delicious!

  16. Tina

    This looks delicious as well as many of your other recipes. The recipe scrapbooks are precious. How do keep them so clean. I’m not sure I’ll be making the recipe scrapbooks, but I sure will be making some of those recipes.

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