Look Who’s Got Scented Wax Melts Now!

New Scented Wax Melts from Target and Paula Deen Scented Wax Melts found at Walmart!

I was so excited when I saw these fun new scented wax melts at Target. Love that they are carrying these now! And with a Target now just 3 miles from the house… I could be in trouble.

New Scented Wax Melts from Target and Paula Deen Scented Wax Melts found at Walmart!

Take a peek at their yummy fall scents. Caramel Pumpkin? Cinnamon Streusel? Vanilla Frosting? Yes please!

New Scented Wax Melts from Target and Paula Deen Scented Wax Melts found at Walmart!

I love that they have sample packs with mix and match flavors, but I also had to get one with just Tahitian Vanilla — it’s my favorite!

New Scented Wax Melts from Target and Paula Deen Scented Wax Melts found at Walmart!

Target’s also got some gorgeous new warmers for melting. Love this one!

The only thing is… the wax cubes don’t come in the plastic clam shell-style cases like the Scentsy and Walmart cubes do. There’s nothing to pour it back into when you’re done melting! Is it supposed to be a one use only kinda thing and then it’s done? I don’t think so! I think I’m just going to pour this one I’ve got going into an ice cube tray for now.

New Scented Wax Melts from Target and Paula Deen Scented Wax Melts found at Walmart!

Now after that you know I had to run over to Walmart and see if they had any new fragrances. And oh my goodness was I in for a surprise! Paula Deen’s got her own line of scented wax melts now! These fun things are popping up everywhere. Such delicious fragrances!

New Scented Wax Melts from Target and Paula Deen Scented Wax Melts found at Walmart!

And thanks to some super awesome Twitter friends for sending me pictures of the new BHG Gooey Marshmallow S’mores scent! I knew I had to make it my next mission in life to find it at Walmart. They also had a few other new flavors I had not seen before. A Thankful Harvest smells so sweet and buttery! I think I’m going to pop it in now.

What fun shopping finds have you bought lately? :)

Have a great day!


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36 Responses
  1. geraldine

    I’m a great fan of scented wax. Especially with a candlelight dinner, but sadly, I never saw my favorite scent which is lavender.

  2. Carolina

    I actually saw a cheaper way to make your own wax melts on Pinterest! Simply buy a scented candle of your choosing, wait for it to be melted and on it’s liquid phase, and simply pour on an ice cube tray and freeze! Tried it quite a few times, it works just as well as these and it’s ten times cheaper.

  3. Anne

    Sadly, I have never tried any Scentsy products. I have heard wonfurdel things about them though. Just don’t seem to be able to find them. I do think that Rio Beach, Newborn Nursery & Eskimo Kiss sound like ones I would LOVE! Maybe I will win and get to try you out.

  4. Dayna

    OMG! I haven’t seen the Paula Deen scents yet. Must buy all the scents!

    That s’mores scent is UH-MAZING. I keep fooling my H into thinking I’m baking chocolate chip cookies.

  5. Rhadonda

    I burn mine all day for usually 2 days and don’t bother to reuse as i don’t think they have a strong smell after being burned that long already. But i love the fire starter idea and am grabbing my egg carton to get started on that. Unfortunately where we have moved in Illinois there is no Target and the Walmart here cannot seem to keep the scents stocked, always out. Maybe people are stocking up for the cold winters i hear we have! So…. i will request scents from my children and their Target/Walmart stores for Christmas! As always love your blog.

  6. Emily D.

    After you posted the first time about the better homes and garden warmers at Walmart, I’ve been busy buying away for everyone! I got one for my MIL last Christmas and must get one for my mom this year. I recently purchased one for my home and filling it with wonderful scents. I love some of the combos that Scentsy has and will be ordering soon. I too was curious as to what to do with the wax after, but you have a wonderful idea of pouring it back into the container!

  7. Jennifer

    Oh my gosh–you MUST get the Frosted Gingerbread scent from Walmart (Better Homes and Gardens). It is absolutely amazing. I told everyone I wanted a bunch of them for Christmas because it will be gone after the holiday season…..(it’s a Christmas scent!)

  8. Alisha C.

    OMG! I am SUCH a tart-lover! Over the years I’ve become quite the collector! I love the BHG wax melts! I suppose I’m lucky that there isn’t a Target nearby because that would definitely fuel my addiction! I’ve also had great luck ordering tarts from Carol at Candles From the Keeping Room (www.candlesfromthekeepingroom). Love a yummy smelling home!

  9. Kalen

    I find that I can only use the Scentsy & Walmart scents for two days (3 max) before they stop smelling anymore, so it doesn’t bother me that I can’t dump the Target ones back into the packaging. One of my favorite Walmart scents is Iced Carrot Cake. YUM! And Scentsy just came out with the Pumpkin Roll. I swear I could eat them!! ;)

  10. Kristyn

    Oh wow, I wish we had a Target!!

    But, I am definitely going to Wal-Mart to hunt down the S’mores scent. It’s an absolute must have! I’m so happy that I can keep/store the used cubes now that my husband has quit smoking. Before, I had to throw away the melts when they were used because they absorbed the scent of smoke.

  11. Claudia M

    I do let mine harden sometimes when I turn it off after the scent is gone, then it is easy popping it out, but those times where the light is on and I want to change the scent because it no longer smells like anything, then I pour it into an old cleaned out jelly or spaghetti jar. I never thought about the dryer sheet thing, that is a good idea! Now that I think about it, my hubby takes toilet paper rolls and fills them with old dryer sheets with the left over wax and uses them as fire starters when he goes camping! I usually put one scent in my warmer and let it run out of smell before I change it out. I have never changed it out before the smell was all gone! My hubby is so sensitive to the smells that I use 1/2 square in my plug in ones and only 1 square in my regular ones. He tends to go behind me and turn them off if they are too strong for him! I love the pumpkin roll, satin sheets, and echo from Scentsy but I just discovered SOFT CASHMERE AMBER that I got at Walmart and it is WONDERFUL! I also got ocean flowers that smells really good too!

  12. Jenny

    Instead of pouring the wax into a container for re-use just turn the light off and let it harden. Once it’s hardened, use a butter knife and pop that sucker out. You can store it in a ziploc bag for later use. I sell Scentsy and that is what I was instructed to do :). So much easier and less messy than pouring it into something.

  13. Jenny

    Instead of pouring the wax into a container for re-use just turn the light off and let it harden. Once it’s hardened, use a butter knife and pop that sucker out. You can store it in a ziploc bag for later use. I sell Scentsy and that is what I was instructed to do :).

  14. Nicole

    I LOVE that they are all individual pieces already. It’s the worst thing ever trying to get the scentsy ones out of the plastic case. I HATE it. Seriously.

  15. Cathy

    I bought some of these a week ago and was truly surprised at how long the scent lasted!! Yet another way Target will get my money ;) LOVE IT!!

  16. samantha

    My scentsy gal said she pours her old melted wax into egg cartons with used dryer sheets, she said they are awesome fire starters! Makes your fire smell nice & gets one more last use of the wax!

  17. Amanda

    I’m wondering the same thing about the re-use issue. I just pop the top cup portion in the freezer, when it’s cool, for about an hour and the whole wax portion will just pop out of it. I just toss my wax right in the garbage but you could toss it in a ziploc bag to store and re-use I guess.

  18. Claudia M

    So why do you pour them back into the containers (or in this case – ice cube trays)? Do you re-use them? I usually just pour it into a glass jar and then when the jar is full, I throw it away. Just wondering if I am missing out on something!!! Thanks!

    1. Amanda

      Well, it depends on how long you melt them the first time, but I normally use two cubes from the Walmart or Scentsy packs (the Target ones are bigger, so you only need one cube). I’ve found those two cubes have at least 24-30 hours of fragrance, and since I don’t burn mine for that long at a time (on purpose anyway, lol!) and I usually want to switch scents out before that, when I’m done with one scent I just pour it back into the container it came from and when it hardens it looks just like brand new and I can reuse again :)

  19. brandi williams

    I am currently burning Scentsy’s Pumpkin Roll melts…it is sooooo yummy! Once i started using scentsy brand melts, i stopped buying all the others. It truly lasts longer and smells stronger than any other…when i leave and come home, i can smell it! Some of my favorites are blueberry cobbler, paradise punch, and toasted apple butter.

  20. Vanessa

    OH they look fabulous – but honestly – having my home smell like smores would not do my waist (butt) line any good! I could always go for a nice spicy cinnamon scent now that the weather has turned cold!

  21. Heather @ Heather's Dish

    oooooh, thanks for sharing! i needed a reason to go to Target today and i think you just gave me a good one ;)

  22. Anele @ Success Along the Weigh

    I love it when you get all excited about melts, so cute! :-) These actually might make the perfect stocking stuffer for my mama!

  23. dale

    Thanks for the post! I never look at candles at Target because they never have anything I am interested in. I will be heading over there to try these!

  24. Mary anderson

    Your pictures & blogs are the best!
    Don’t work, continue doing this!
    Love your dogs and new house too!
    I covered my dogs cage like you did.
    Thanks for sharing!

  25. Nancy

    Another find!
    Battery operated pillar candles at Pier One. With a timer (!) that will turn the candle on for eight hours the same time every day. It’s so realistic that my husband warned me to blow it out before we left the house. I love tucking lights around the windows, on the mantel and in glass fronted cabinets. The pillars cast a soft glow, feel like wax AND I love the timer!!!

  26. Sally

    Oh my – Target convenience — but really? You can’t pour them back for re-use? Might have to purchase an ice cube tray for that very reason!! =) I was at WalMart the other day, and bought my new favorite, which is Grapefruit Melon Sage. It is wonderfully fresh and delicious smelling! I didn’t spot the Paula Deen brand. I’ll have to search for that next time. Thanks for the shopping tips! Have a great day.

  27. Emily

    I was just at Walmart a couple days ago buying relief supplies for the hurricane Sandy victims and ended up starting and finishing my holiday gift shopping too! I didn’t think to look for anything fur myself but if you had post this earlier in the week I would have pick some of these up for myself! I’ll have to take a look the next time I’m there.

  28. Stefani

    I just saw these at Target today but resisted buying any. I didn’t realize that there were so many different scents available at regular stores like Walmart or even Target. I have only used Yankee Candle and I have heard about Scentsy. I think I am late to the party when it comes to all of these yummy scents. Thanks for the info. Looks like I may need to go shopping. :-)

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