The Best Pot Rack For Kitchen Storage Cabinets

The Best Pot Rack and Kitchen Cabinet Organizers for Kitchen Storage Cabinets

You guys, I am SO excited to share how I organized my messy kitchen storage cabinets with this awesome new pot rack! I had tried other kitchen cabinet organizers before, but this is the BEST pots and pans organizer I have ever used. It’s been 5 years and I still use it and love it every day!

The Best Pot Rack and Kitchen Cabinet Organizers for Kitchen Storage Cabinets

I can now quickly and easily grab anything from this pot rack and put it right on the stove. And then when it’s clean, it slides right back into place in my kitchen storage cabinets.

(The top rack is pulled out a little bit in this picture, but it goes all the way back in for full access to the bottom rack)

The Best Pot Rack and Kitchen Cabinet Organizers for Kitchen Storage Cabinets

The pot rack dividers are adjustable. It comes with extra dividers so you can put in as many or as few as you want, making any sized slots you need for truly customized kitchen storage cabinets.

The Best Pot Rack and Kitchen Cabinet Organizers for Kitchen Storage Cabinets

There’s even a place for all the lids! They’re all together and easy to find! I didn’t know kitchen cabinet organizers could make me this happy!

The Best Pot Rack and Kitchen Cabinet Organizers for Kitchen Storage Cabinets

The top and bottom racks move independently for easy access — just like a dishwasher.

The Best Pot Rack and Kitchen Cabinet Organizers for Kitchen Storage Cabinets

The pot rack really doesn’t take up all that much room either. It is a TOTAL space saver in my kitchen storage cabinets. Here are the actual product dimensions for this pots and pans organizer:

Pot Rack Dimensions

Actual Product Dimensions

Width: 20.75 inches
Depth: 22.0 inches
Height: 18.13 inches

Minimum Cabinet Space Required

Width: 20.5 inches
Depth: 22.25 inches
Height: 18.38 inches

I combined three cabinets worth of messy overflowing pots and pans into this one, organized, easily accessible space. My cabinets are so much cleaner and brighter now!

My Kitchen Storage Cabinets Dimensions

Here are my cabinet dimensions, by the way, just for reference:

Width: 30 inches
Depth: 24 inches
Height: 20.5 inches

Depending on your cabinet layout, you can mount it on the bottom, back, side or all three for total stability. Ours is mounted at the bottom and back.

The Best Pot Rack and Kitchen Cabinet Organizers for Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Pots and pans have always been the bane of my existence. I don’t like to have to “dig” for stuff. It seems like you just have to take everything out of the cabinets, get the one pan you need, and then put everything back in again. Then do it all over again when the pan is clean to put it away.

More Organizers for Kitchen Storage Cabinets

hidden drawer slots organization for pots and pans

Before I found my pot rack, I looked at other options on Pinterest. I originally thought about doing something like this drawer. I still love this idea for a pots and pans organizer! But I had kitchen storage cabinets, not drawers.

pot rack hidden inside cabinet

I also thought about this pot rack for my kitchen storage cabinets. Super creative idea! A pot rack hidden inside the cabinet. But with mine being a lower cabinet, I’d still have to get down on my hands and knees and crane my neck to see under my deep kitchen storage cabinets any time I wanted to hook or unhook a pan. Plus, what would I do with all the lids??

The Best Pot Rack and Kitchen Cabinet Organizers for Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Out of all the other kitchen cabinet organizers, I knew this pot rack was exactly what I wanted. It had everything I was looking for to organize my kitchen storage cabinets. It’s easily accessible, adjustable, has room for my biggest pots and pans, and even a place for the lids.

This pot rack is very well made and you can tell the creators really put a lot of thought into the design and thought about everything. I love products like that.

The Best Pot Rack and Kitchen Cabinet Organizers for Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Here’s the “Pinterest Worthy” picture if you want to save it to Pinterest!

The Best Pot Rack and Kitchen Cabinet Organizers for Kitchen Storage Cabinets

The Best Pot Rack For Kitchen Storage Cabinets

But I am just as in love with my “real-life” version! :)

Here’s where you can find one of your own:

Rev-A-Shelf 2-Tier Pullout Cookware Organizer — We got ours from our local Lowes store. It was in stock and there was a display model on the floor to test out.

The Best Pot Rack and Kitchen Cabinet Organizers for Kitchen Storage Cabinets

My Other Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Now let me show you my other kitchen cabinet organizers that I cannot live without.

vertical slotted organizer racks

These are “vertical slotted organizer racks” and I have seen them at Walmart, The Container Store, and Amazon.

The Best Pot Rack and Kitchen Cabinet Organizers for Kitchen Storage Cabinets

They are awesome for everything — Serving trays, cutting boards, sheet pans and more!

The Best Pot Rack and Kitchen Cabinet Organizers for Kitchen Storage Cabinets

These kitchen cabinet organizers work great for pyrex and baking dishes!

The Best Pot Rack and Kitchen Cabinet Organizers for Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Even muffin tins and pie plates! I seriously have these kitchen cabinet organizers in almost all of my kitchen storage cabinets!

The Best Pot Rack and Kitchen Cabinet Organizers for Kitchen Storage Cabinets

These kitchen cabinet organizers rock my face off!! They organize my entire life. I love them!

The Best Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Here’s a link to the exact ones I have: Organized Living 4 Sort Large Divider

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Here’s how these kitchen cabinet organizers looked in our first house, when we had much less cabinet space. Click the link below for more photos and info:

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

ktichen cabinet pots and pans organization Collage

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39 Responses
  1. geraldine

    Up to these days, I kept digging for the perfect pot that I’ll be using for my cooking. It’s quite frustrating having a kitchen cabinet that is messed up, it’s time-consuming just for searching.
    I like how you keep your kitchen organized, your rack really rocks. Too jealous, I wanna get those!

  2. Crystal W.

    While searching for a way to better organize the cookware in our new home I came across your blog for the Rev-A-Shelf Cookware Organizer yesterday. I was so inspired and reassured by your post that I ran straight down to my local Lowes and bought it! My husband installed it today and we are both just over the moon with the results!! Thank you sooooo much for sharing this among your many experiences!! It was the last thing we were missing in our kitchen for it to feel complete!! Much love from Crystal & Dan in Tennessee!!

  3. Marie H

    This popped up in a Facebook feed a few days ago. It’s an old post; so I’m not sure why I just saw it; but there it is. We recently moved to a condominium. We downsized a bit and I needed some serious help in the kitchen fitting everything into the space. Hubby was pretty skeptical about this pot holder; but he is now a convert. He said we need stock in this company! We also put in four rev a shelf double drawer units. Holy cow; I can see everything in my “baking” area. We added a recycling/trash can pullout too. Next up is an organizer for baking sheets and cutting boards. It’s in my Amazon cart for ordering tomorrow. Lowes carried everything rev a shelf we needed. This spring we are going to see how we can utilize some of these on our boat. Yay, thanks for the help!

  4. Angela

    I love the ideas for the pots and pans. But have suggestions on organizing a cabinet full of all those Rubbermaid, Tupperware and other bowls of this type?

  5. Keith

    Wife and I are in process of remodeling our kitchen and also have been very pleased with the Rev-a-Shelf product.
    One word of caution. I installed a two tier Rev-a Shelf organizer and had a bit of difficulty. Nothing terrible and I still plan to buy more of their stuff but here’s a little heads up for whoever is installing a similar unit.
    On the two tier unit we purchased there are two brackets on the back side of the top roller extension bars. The instructions have you assemble the frame work minus the drawers then place into the cabinet and fasten in place using provided wood screws. You are to slide the two brackets back to where they contact the back wall of the cabinet for added stability. However if you have tightened down all the counter sunk machine screws you will find the brackets to not slide, they are locked down. I found it easier to install by only putting one screw in each of the back mounting holes of the upper glides and leaving it loose. Before placing inside the cabinet I made certain the brackets would slide easily. Then I placed the unit into the cabinet and ran a couple of the mounting screws into the face of the cabinet, these screws are horizontal. I then moved the brackets back and installed the second counter sunk machine screw into each glide and tightened all four of the CSMS in place. I then installed the reset of the wood screws. You can also screw the brackets to the back of the cabinet but I don’t think it adds any real benefit as in my case it was just sheet rock in the back.

    Next project is to install a rack for all our cookie sheets.

  6. Barbara | Creative Culinary

    I just finished a mini makeover of my daughter’s condo galley kitchen and we really did find some better organization opened up a lot of space for her. Still…I hate it every time I open the door where are pots and pans are kept. Ugh. PITA. A pot rack is too big for her space but this is now on my Christmas list for her. Perfect…thanks!

  7. Donna

    The pot and pan organizer is perfect! I am going to look for one.
    I currently have the organizer you use for the pyrex/cookie sheets, etc. . .
    I have a love/hate relationship with it, however, because it tends to tip over if you don’t take out the cookie sheets, etc. . . so that it remains balanced.
    So, in short, how do you keep yours upright?

  8. Lori

    These are a great idea! I wish I had a cupboard wide enough for them!

    Can I just respectfully ask ONE thing though…why do you feel the need to tweet about the blog post 5 times??

  9. Laura L.

    Thank You for posting this!! I’m designing my new kitchen with cabinets right now and I’ve seen this set up for the pots and pans and wondered if it really “worked”. Now to decide if I buy the cabinet with it installed or install our own (which I didn’t know was an option-thank you again!). We are having drawers and I thought about that set up but I didn’t think about some of our pans not fitting in them! Yikes!
    And the other organizer is awesome – I need some of those!

  10. GinaE

    Such great ideas! My cabinets need a complete overhaul. I just recently bought a new set of bakeware and now need to spend a day on my hands and knees digging out the old stuff to get rid of. Love your kitchen and would die for that stove.

  11. Anna

    I LOVE it!! So organized and easy to get to. Can’t wait to do the same as I am always struggling with trying to keep things organized in my cabinets. Thank you for the info. Your cabinets look so orderly and convenient to get what you need. LOVE IT!!!

  12. Kerri, A Pop of Pretty

    LOVE this post! I struggle with pots and pans and not enough storage in my kitchen. I can’t wait to grab myself some of those slotted organizers too! Thanks for sharing these tips.

  13. SusanP

    You are utterly brilliant! I have been wanting to do my lower cabinets with pull out drawer, but that wasn’t enough because I’d still have to cram everything in. These structured pull-outs are the best. I’m heading to my local Lowe’s to check them out. Thanks so much!

  14. Ashley @ Our Full Table

    I’m totally book marking this! When we tackle the kitchen remodel in spring I’m gonna totally redo my kitchen organization! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Lori Peuterbaugh

    I am always looking for creative organization tips!! And I have been looking for those types of dividers too!! Thank you!!

    Okay, funny story that you have GOT to hear. I ALWAYS love your Miley & Howie posts….my husband & I have a 4 year old Boston and our daughter & son in law have a year old Boston. We were out back throwing the frisbee for “the boys” and my daughter says, “Oh mom you should see the you tube video of the Bostons on the beach, the one always comes up and takes the frisbee from the other one after he does all the work. You should see those two Bostons, they are adorable. I said, ” Are you talking about Miley & Howie? ” She says,”yes, have you seen it?” I then told her about your blog.

    Too funny!! Thought you might enjoy ;). Have a great day!

  16. Larissa

    Those are great organizing ideas!! Pinning for when I get to re-do my kitchen…or just for when I get my act together to reorganize the one I have now. Those 4-slot organizers are genius for so many things! Now, do you have a Tupperware organizing idea that doesn’t involve nesting all of the bowls so that when my kids (and I) put the dishes away they (we) do it right? I loathe taking out all of the Tupperware bowls to add the clean, dry ones to the stacks. Maybe I just need to purge.
    Anyway…thanks for the tips on that pot and pan organizer! I see a trip to Lowe’s in my future – if I can move the Tupperware cupboard to make room for the pots and pans…uh oh.

  17. Mary Jane

    I am currently having the plans drawn up to GUT my 70’s kitchen for new cabinets, and these ideas got PINNED!!! Thanks soooooo much for sharing!

  18. shelly (cookies and cups)

    I totally need these! Getting out a pot or pan is basically like entering the Matrix in my house! These are perfect :)

  19. Carrie

    How was your Rev-A-Shelf to install? I have this exact model in my garage waiting to be installed because my hubby is not a handyman. I am dying to use it!

  20. Aimee @ ShugarySweets

    OMG great ideas. Pots and pans are the bane of my existence as well! This would give me the incentive to purge some of my collection too, LOL.

  21. Anele @ Success Along the Weigh

    *We regret to inform you that a comment cannot be made as the reader has fainted from viewing too much awesome in one post*

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