Howie Dives off the Diving Board!

Our Boston Terrier Howie is quite the swimmer! He’s even started diving off the diving board! Check out our aquatic pup playing fetch underwater!

Diving Boston Terrier swims to bottom of pool for Frisbee. #Cute #Dogs #Funny #LOL

Dog Diving & Swimming to the Bottom of the Pool

Howie is obsessed with diving now!! First he was diving to the bottom of the shallow end. Now he’s jumping off the diving board and swimming to the bottom of the deep end!!!

Diving Boston Terrier swims to bottom of pool for Frisbee. #Cute #Dogs #Funny #LOL

He kicks his little turkey legs so hard, like a little frog!

Diving Boston Terrier swims to bottom of pool for Frisbee. #Cute #Dogs #Funny #LOL

And snarfs up that Frisbee with his giant mouf! How does he not swallow the entire pool??

Diving Boston Terrier swims to bottom of pool for Frisbee. #Cute #Dogs #Funny #LOL

Then he kick-kick-kicks all the way back to the top.

Diving Boston Terrier swims to bottom of pool for Frisbee. #Cute #Dogs #Funny #LOL

Here is a GIF of him in action.

But you should really watch the whole video!! :) Click play above to see eight different dives.

We used this Nikon COOLPIX Waterproof Camera to make this video. It takes great underwater photos and videos, and I can even send photos from the camera to my iPhone without the need for a WiFi connection using the free Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility iPhone app. The pictures in this post are just screenshots from the video, so that’s why the quality isn’t that great. Next time I’m going to try and get some good pictures of him diving! :) 

See this post for more info on how we trained him using the steps of the pool.

Thanks so much for watching! Happy summer!! :) xoxo


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15 Responses
  1. Lora

    haha, so cute! I am tired just watching how hard he has to work with his “turkey legs” – but he sure is having a blast!

  2. Leslie

    I missed any mention of it being a salt water pool in previous posts. That’s so great!! That makes me feel so much better when I see those googly eyes open under water. I didn’t think that was a very common system for home pools yet. Thanks for clarifying!
    My little mill girl (7 years in a mill, 6 months in rescue, 4 and a half years with us) does love her wading pool, and wading in the streams on my farm. I took her to a lake for the first time recently, and she went in up to her chin, but didn’t try to swim. I think if I keep taking her, she’ll try swimming sooner or later. (She does have a life jacket, but I didn’t use it there, as there was a nice gradual slope in). I wonder why so many Bostons seem to love the water so much, they certainly aren’t built for it, like Labs. Maybe because they overheat so easily, with their short noses?

  3. Leslie

    I so love how happy your Bostons are with their new pool. Do you give them eye drops at the end of the day, to counteract any effects of chlorinated water?

    1. Amanda

      Hey girl! We have a salt water pool, and it doesn’t seem to bother them. It definitely doesn’t bother our skin/eyes like chlorine pools do! We love our salt water pool. :)

  4. Jess

    too funny…I was just thinking about how much I missed seeing your pups and came to the site. Howie looks like he found his calling :) so adorbs!!

  5. Lois H

    Oh how I wish our little Boston, Olive, would be brave like Howie! She won’t even get near any body of water! I love the shot of Howie holding the frisbee with his soft little muzzle lips over the top of it! And his EYES!! He is totally focused on the task at hand, lol! Kevin gets props for showcasing his legs and pointed toes gripping the frisbee!

  6. Anele @ Success Along the Weigh

    Go Howie Go!!

    “Turkey legs”…too funny! It looks like he’s having a blast though. Does Miley like to dive too or just kinda hang out while he’s playing fish?

  7. Tom @ Raise Your Garden

    Technology is amazing these day’s. That Nikon camera really does a nice job underwater and Howie is ready for the Olympics!

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