How Sea Lions are Like Boston Terriers

Or vice versa.

How Sea Lions are Just Like Puppies

They yawn.

How Sea Lions are Just Like Puppies

Really BIG yawns.

How Sea Lions are Just Like Puppies

They scratch.

How Sea Lions are Just Like Puppies

And snuggle.

How Sea Lions are Just Like Puppies

…when forced.

How Sea Lions are Just Like Puppies

They play bitey face.

How Sea Lions are Just Like Puppies

But without the big teeth.

How Sea Lions are Just Like Puppies

They love a good sun spot.

How Sea Lions are Just Like Puppies

Just like BTs.

How Sea Lions are Just Like Puppies

They like to swim.

How Sea Lions are Just Like Puppies


How Sea Lions are Just Like Puppies

And bounce big rubber balls on their noses.

Sea lions do that, right?


Tomorrow I’ll be in Birmingham for the Lisa Leonard event. If you are anywhere in the area, I’d love to meet you! :)

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88 Responses
  1. Jill

    Seriously one of the cutest blog posts ever. :) Aren’t BT’s just the fiercest creatures out there when they play bitey face?

  2. Sharon

    I am not sure how I found your great blog this evening.
    Love you photos of your Bostons! We have two…Jake and Sadie.

    I found your holiday images for tags and photos. Wondering if it would be OK to use for my holiday blog banner?

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  3. Fairfield House

    Love this sweet post. Your dogs are too darn cute!
    First visit to your blog but I will be returning. Lots of great things here to take in.


  4. Kristine

    So adorable. I had a Boston growing up, and we used to say all the time she reminded us of a seal. Those whiskers and that mouth. LOVED this post.

  5. Cherry

    Aww! That’s Adorible! You are an AMAZING photographer! I have a small graphic blog with only 4 followers. It’s NOTHING compared to yours!

  6. Monica

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of your babies!! We have 2 Bostons also and they were our only children until our son was born last year….one is 10 and the other is 5… babies are beyond precious and I’m so glad I stumbled across your blogs while looking for fonts!!

  7. KATIE

    Had to share with you how much I LOVED LOVED LOVED this post!! A.DOR.A.BLE!! I have 2 boxers and they are my whole world! Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. marla {family fresh cooking}

    Amanda, I love this post!! Your pups are so freakin’ adorable . I want to cuddle up with them & give them a GIANT squeeze :) xxoo

  9. Crystal

    Awww,your pictures are so cute!!!
    I have sharpeis but i could never get them to model so well!!
    Swimmer too….so special:)

  10. Ann-Margaret

    I absolutely LOVE this post!!! So cute and funny! And, oh, my…how they do resemble!! Truly an adorable post! My sweet Tucker (Westie) just loved it…said to tell you that you did a paw~si~tively awesome job! :) Thanks for adding a smile and lots of cuteness to our day! :)

  11. Katherine @ Grass Stains

    Amanda, So great to meet you yesterday! As you could probably tell from our conversation, I love your blog and your photography in particular. So glad I was able to meet you in person after admiring you from afar from so long. :)

  12. Amy J.

    We have a baby Boston Terrier, Lucy, who’s 9 weeks old and we’re quickly learning what a funny sweet personality they have. Love the comparisons!!

  13. Ashley @ Ramblings and Photos

    I always love reading your blog and seeing your dogs (I grew up with boston terriers), but this post is awesome! I seriously loved every line and photo.

  14. Kasey

    Your Boston’s are adorable.. We have a Boston also [her name is Lola]. Although I am wondering how your little ones came to like water? Our Boston is almost 2yrs old and have tried getting her used to the water. Have even brought her in the pool, and although she does know how to swim, she just wants nothing to do with it. Is this something you guys experienced at all or did they automatically enjoy the water right off the bat?

  15. Chris Turnbull

    Oh I just love your post, poochies and sea lions….so cute…very similar even in looks and yes you did put a smile on my dial after a long day working on the pc. Stunning pics too! ♥♥♥

  16. Amanda S.

    Oh so true!! You got some great pics of the sea lions at Pier 39!! I can’t stand the smell over there long enough to take any pics. ;) This is so cute — love it!! :)

  17. Debbie Pugliese

    How right you are, and as usual, your photos are stunning. Your dogs are adorable, by the way. You can just see the personalities shining right out of the photos. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Denise

    Just Precious Amanda! I Love my Baby too! You’re exactly right about the seal thing, but you won’t find a smarter, more loyal or better companion in the world than a BT!!! :-)

  19. teresa

    Amanda this is so CUTE I can barely stand it!
    I LOVE Sea Lions!
    And of course I adore your Boston Terriers!
    You capture their adorable~ness so well!
    I KNOW you loved visiting with the Sea Lions in San Fran!
    How FUN!
    I am too JEALOUS you will be with LISA in Birmingham!
    I already emailed her and made sure she was going to pop to Homewood and Mr. Brook and hit some of my favorite little shoppes!
    Have a BALL!
    And give her a BIG hug from a SOUTHERN girl stuck way out here in the Northwest!!!!!!!
    Happy Weekend Amanda!

  20. Melissa Pierce

    I love your ‘how sea lions are like bt’ that is so true!! My husband and I are always saying that ours is like a sea lion. It’s crazy how similar they are! Great post!

  21. Kristen

    What is that magazine that does the Celebrities are Just Like Us segment… this reminded me of that. So cute.
    I didn’t get to see the sea lions this time around. Probably best…I could spend the entire day watching them!
    Again, great pics. I must get that lens!! :)

  22. Mary Anne

    I love this comparison…very creative. But, one thing I have experienced is that I’ve never had a Boston that liked the water. It amazes me that yours do. In fact, our last one accidentally fell off a 9 ft. dock and went straight down to the bottom! Thankfully, my husband made a heroic rescue and saved him (but our dog was never the same and died 2 months later.) Our new Boston is also petrified of the water and I was told that bulldogs are the only breed that can’t swim due to their muscular makeup. But then I see your Bostons in water and that dispels that truth!
    This is my favorite post though! I love those BT’s!

  23. Jessica

    Okay our bostie will NOT swim. He will snort his way to shore, and float on a noodle (IF he is wearing his lifejacket)but will not swim or put his paw in the water voluntarily! I just ran across this blog and already love it. Boston’s are the best!

  24. Geneva

    Love it, you are so right! We have 2 bostons and they really are like seals. We just had a litter of 5, and of course, I can not keep them all, but we are keeping a adorable baby boy, so excited. My father is taking one and so is my daughter. Family get togethers with 5 Bostons under the age of 3, PRICELESS! Enjoy your babies, they are a treat to see on your blog!

  25. Jaime

    Love the bitey face photos! Do you have any recent scrapbook pages to share? I love looking at your older ones. That is why I got hooked on your blog in the first place. Well, that and seeing the pictures of your fantastic scrapbook room! I’m wondering if it always looks that neat and organized though :)

  26. Jennifer

    Love this! BUT, my boston terrier is still a terror! She’s 8 months old and is non-stop in trouble. Were yours like this too??? I’m so looking forward to the day when she settles down.

  27. Dalis

    I am not sure which photos I like best the sea lions or the BTs… I think I might go w/ the BTs… but those sea lions are cute too.

    — dalis

  28. Evil Pixie

    Hahahaha! This is hilarious! I LOVE it! And, interestingly enough, I’m starting to see the similarities between seal iions and my grandpa. :)

  29. Lara Hanson

    I love all your posts and pictures. I especially love anything Boston Terrier related you have two very cute Boston Terriers. I am very lucky to be owned by Lucy a very spoiled 11 year old Boston Terrier.

  30. kelley @ the eclectic owl

    those are the most adorable pictures of miley & howie! i especially love the one of them cuddling! can’t wait for tomorrow! wahoo!! :)

  31. Kathy Martin

    I LOVE it! So cute a post!

    Do you know why those funny sea lions are there? I lived there in the Bay area pre 1989 earthquake when those docks were filled with sailboats and the like. After the earthquake, the sea lions came in and took over. The owner of the docks and the boaters were not too happy and were discussing ways to get rid of the sea lions. Before they could do anything about it, however, it was realized that those sea lions were drawing visitors and money back to San Francisco and that they should stay. They’ve been there ever since and have become quite the attraction!

  32. Kim Bell

    I love this post!! Super cute!! I also love those dogs……..look forward to photos of them. I have a pug, but want a BT too!!

  33. Annette

    I just love your post those dogs are the sweetest things
    enjoy the event wish I could be there but look forward to seeing your post about it

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