Glittered Fall Pumpkins

Hi friends! I’m running around San Francisco this weekend, trying to keep up with Jenny at Picky Palate at the BlogHer food event! :) While I’m away, my other friend Jenny is taking over my blog for a fun fall tutorial. Take it away, Jenny!

Glittered Fall Pumpkins

I am so excited that Amanda is trusting me to take over her blog today. I was the lucky winner of the L.A. trip contest and was taken on a whirlwind vacation with Amanda. We had such a great time in L.A. together; I don’t think words can describe it. Our trip started our friendship, and it continues to grow daily. A couple of weekends ago we had another adventure together in Atlanta. We hit up all the eatery hot spots, shopped, got pampered and ended the day with a fun double date with our hubbies.

During our countless conversations, I was telling Amanda how I enjoy recreating items I see in magazines or stores for less. When I was telling her this, I could see the wheels turning in her head… then she asked if I would do a tutorial for her blog. At first I was tempted to say, “Are you crazy? NO!” but then, how can you say no to someone as sweet as Amanda. So here I am, my very first blog post ever and I’m nervous… so bear with me!

Glittered Fall Pumpkins

Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season. How could it not be? Pumpkins, leaves changing color, cool crisp air, being outdoors… what’s not to love? I normally make pumpkins that are completely glittered in different colors, but this year I thought it would be fun to make a design on the pumpkins. I got this idea from a magazine, but they wanted over $100 for these pumpkins! I don’t think so! With my frugal mind I figured I could make them for a lot less and just as cute.

For my pumpkins I used:

  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Black Glitter
  • Plastic Pumpkin (found at Michaels)
  • Paint Brush
  • Sharpie Pen

Glittered Fall Pumpkins

The first thing I did was draw swirls on my pumpkin with a sharpie pen.

Glittered Fall Pumpkins

Then I went back over the sharpie with Elmer’s Glue.

Glittered Fall Pumpkins

Be warned… it starts to drip so you better work fast!

Glittered Fall Pumpkins

Take your glitter and pour it all over the glue. (I only did one swirl at a time.)

Glittered Fall Pumpkins

Since my swirls didn’t come out perfect at first, I used a paintbrush to brush away glue and glitter, and clean up the lines.

Glittered Fall Pumpkins

I think the top of the pumpkin looks really cool with the glitter design.

Glittered Fall Pumpkins

Once all the swirls are dried, I put glue all over the stem and glittered.

Glittered Fall Pumpkins

I probably spent a total of $15 on both of these pumpkins. That’s a lot better than $100 for the ones I saw in the magazine, that’s for sure!

I hope everyone enjoys making these pumpkins as much as I did!

Jenny has a brand new blog at The Box and the B where she blogs about her love of decorating and DIY projects, as well as cooking, traveling, and hiking with her boston terrier Bella. Thanks for sharing this darling fall project, Jenny!


Keep up with me while I’m in San Francisco on Twitter and Facebook – I’m posting live updates along the way. Have a great weekend! :)

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58 Responses
  1. Rachel

    found you through rachel’s graspingforobjectivity…and I totally plan on doing this craft with my girls! It seems easy enough for kids, but tasteful enough to decorate with! A unique win-win!

  2. Rachelle

    So chic! I love it. I have always used a brush like you did to brush away the excess glitter but I was just reading about doing glitter painting on Martha Stewart’s site and it suggested using canned air to blow away the stray glitter. I thought that was a great idea and this project immediately came to mind and wanted to pass the tip along.

  3. Sarah

    These are too cute! I’m having a pumpkin carving party this weekend…but maybe I will have to change it to “pumpkin glittering” Thanks!

  4. Amanda Moscoe

    I love love love these! I am heading to Michaels today for paint…and will be picking up some pumpkins! :) (And great job on your first blog post)!

  5. Wendy

    I love this project and may just have to give this a go! Thanks for sharing :)

    Amanda, when you get back, would you tell us more about BlogHer and how to get involved with that?

  6. Renee

    I love this. Especially the white pumpkin. White pumpkins are my favorite! I’m reposting this and linking you in my blog. Thank you for posting this adorable project.

  7. Lauren

    I love these! My mom and I made glitter pumpkins last year for the golf course she works at and we glittered the golf course logo!

  8. Stefany

    Jenny, you did a great job in Amanda’s absence. You shouldn’t be nervous at all. I saved your site in my fave’s and will be checking you out as well.

    Thanks for the great tips.

  9. emily

    very elegant! love the idea and think i’ll give it a try. you could eliminate the drip problem by painting on the glue. i think it would be really pretty to spay paint one in gold first and add the glitter for a formal centerpiece or even cut some swirls into it too to add and additional effect with light! can’t wait to get started!

  10. Amy J.

    Super cute pumpkins!! I think I may have to try this as it so easy and cost so much less than what you can purchase out of the catalogs. That leaves me more $$ to buy more things…tee-hee!! Thanks!!

  11. Gretchen

    That’s a fantastic idea! It’s perfect for those of us want the seasonal festivity but can’t be bothered to carve a pumpkin. Well done!

  12. CAROL

    What a cute & fun idea. I was just thinking, has anyone tried this on real pumpkins? It probably wouldn’t come out quite so perfect, but the sizes would be limitless & maybe cheaper. If I decide to try glittering the real ones, I’ll post it on my blog, but all the credit goes to you, Jenny, for the great idea!

  13. Sharie

    Great job Jenny! Thanks Amanda, I am sure you’re having a great time!!
    My friends and I have a pumpkin carving party planned with our kids. Now my friends and I will be doing our own grown-up project along side them!!
    Lurve it!!

  14. Ashley H.

    Love it! I am definitely trying the swirls and a personalized one for my son. Good job…I’ll be keeping up with your blog, Jenny!

  15. Lori F

    Finally an idea to do with those plastic pumpkins I’m seeing everywhere! I love this and I’m a big fan of swirls so I’m totally doing this! What other things have you seen with those plastic pumpkins to do? Carving (scares me!)?

  16. Amanda Walker

    I also saw something like this in a magazine last year and wondered how they did it! Thank you so much for for sharing! I guess I will be at Michael’s again tonight:) I so have to do this project.

  17. peamissy

    This is a super fun project. I plan to copy it!! You did a great job on the blog posting too! Thanks for this great idea.

  18. Sarah

    Those are so neat! I’m going to try it–I saw some of those plastic pumpkins at the dollar store and glitter abounds at my daycare!!!

  19. Amy

    Awesome idea. I love doing the same thing- taking a $100 item and making it for much less in a way that I love instead of a generic from the catalog :) TFS!

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