Fall Purple…

Colors for Fall | Purple

Have you seen the new fall colors that are popping up now? I am loving this grayish purple I’ve been seeing everywhere. It has taken over my wardrobe!

Colors for Fall | Purple

I first fell in love with it when I saw this flirty strapless dress at Forever 21. And although I will probably never, ever get the opportunity to wear it – it’s a little fancier than what we normally do! – I had to get it. Just in case. I just love it.

But uh, first I’ll have to steam it. And apparently that scarf too. I promise my clothes don’t sit in a heap at the bottom of my closet. Sheesh.

Colors for Fall | Purple

Then I saw these soft corduroys from Ann Taylor Loft and they stopped me in my tracks. This color is gorgeous. Check out the deep clay color compared to the regular gray. Isn’t it so warm? So subtle?

Colors for Fall | Purple

This cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft. How comfy would this be to throw on with a tank top and skinny jeans with these boots and the pom-pom scarf from my How to Tie a Scarf video? Cozy.

Colors for Fall | Purple

Y’all knew I couldn’t stop at just one scarf. Here’s another one from Ann Taylor Loft. Love the sequins. And here’s how I’ll wear it:

leather jacket
off white tank
skinny jeans
hair in a ponytail
flirty high heels

Colors for Fall | Purple

Like these. These are so fun! I scooped them up as soon as I saw ’em. And I can actually walk in them… miracle! They’re gray enough to wear with anything, but have just a hint of purple in the right light.

Colors for Fall | Purple

This nail polish. Meet Me on the Star Ferry from OPI. It’s more grayish purple inside and this wild, sparkly, berry purple outside. Love it!


What color are you loving for fall? ♥

This weekend I am headed to San Francisco! I’m meeting up with Jenny @ Picky Palate and attending the BlogHer Food conference. Crazy, whirlwind, fantastic food-filled weekend ahead!

Can you guess which 3 of these are in my suitcase right now? :)

Keep up with me while I’m gone on Twitter and Facebook – I’ll be posting live updates along the way. See you soon! :)

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60 Responses
  1. Kerry

    I had to think of you today as I unwrapped my very first VERY gorgeous umbrella… it was THIS color purple that you are in love with and it had RUFFLES! I would send it to you except that shipping from Germany to the States is outrageous and I am sure you could find one just like it ;) Pasting a pic doesn’t work right here… but if you Google “Lisbeth Dahl” you are sure to find your next favorite accessory… umbrellas are accessories right?!?! Hehahahhha… it has got to be fun thinking people all over the place are thinking of you when they see this color purple or when they see a cute scarf and instantly buy it or when baking a batch of blondies… hehahaha, which I did tonight in honor of you!

  2. BrooklynBeka

    ugh! I LOVE that shade of dusty purple! I like the sound of ‘dusty purple’ or ‘greyish purple’ better than lavender but that’s what it reminds me of. Like the shades you see in the real plant. I am doing my bathroom in a pale lavender/grey and bought towels the richest shade of heathered purple.

    Love those shoes! sooo cute! like your feet are wrapped up like a present. Thanks for all your great pics!

  3. Angela

    Just discovered your blog…and I love it. Food, fashion, home decor, and travel all in one place!

    BTW…Ann Taylor Loft is my absolute favorite store, ever! Might have to go get some of those corduroys soon.

  4. TwoHeartsTogether

    I am really loving purple this season too! I just went into Maurice’s for the first time yesterday and LOVED all of their stuff my new favorite store for clothes

  5. Lois Hartwell

    So back in March my daughter scoured the paint stores trying to find a “grayish purple” for her walls. She wound up mixing her own color and it looks great. Now, wouldn’t you know, it’s the “IN” color for fall!! You would totally match her room if you came to visit! Tee hee ;)
    BTW – Your toes look quite cute and I love that polish! Please do San Fran wardrobe pics for us all.

  6. Amanda Sevall

    I’ve noticed a lot of that color too — love it!! Have fun in SF this weekend!! Hopefully the nice weather from last weekend will be back this weekend… it’s been chilly, rainy fall weather here so far this week! :)

  7. PeppermintPatt

    You call it Fall Purple I call it Mauve, whatever it is I have always loved the color! Makes me want to drape myself in it and twirl around dancing!

  8. Kimberly

    First, I have to say that I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago while looking for fonts and it has become one of my daily stops. =) I’m just sad that the stumble didn’t happen alot sooner!

    I LOVE the heels….and the price isn’t bad either! I’m also digging that purple color. I like it because it’s kind of girly but also a Fall/Winter-ish type color. I’ve been into more greys lately too..snapped up a pair of grey converses and they are sooo cute for casual wear.

    Have fun in San Fran…sucha great city!

  9. Shell

    Love those shoes! And I would say that dress calls for a date out with the hubby…lol Have been seeing purple alot this season in clothing and home decor.

  10. Andree Close

    Love all of it! What a great color. I have been digging purple a lot lately, and grey is one of my all time favorite colors! The two together… magic! Have fun in San Fran! I was just there a month ago!

  11. Lilianna Grace

    I too love the purple. I have several decorative pillows on my couch. Terracotta, candy apple green, and purple! The colors look so good together! Lovin those shoes!

  12. teresa

    You are TOO CUTE!
    Writing down that toe~nail polish color!
    Just what I needed!
    Your toes always look so GOOD!

  13. Melissa Ventura

    Does anyone know where I could get those shoes? Like PRONTO since my reunion is coming up. I tried to google “Maunces”…is that the brand?

  14. HeatherB

    Love a peek at your new wardrobe. I’m looking forward to seeing pics that show more than your toes though. Maybe from your SF trip?

  15. kelley blake

    I lvoe the gray-purple for this season too! I think my favorite color for this season is the persimmon color I’ve been seeing paired with all the lovely neutrals. I was raised in San Francisco and went back earlier this year to visit. You are going to have so much fun this weekend! Oh, and I love that nail color :)

  16. Claudia

    I absolutely LOVE that shade. It’s pale but not pastel-y, which I couldn’t wear, but this lovely gray purple is just gorgeous.

  17. Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic

    I am not a fan of purple usually but this might make me change my mind. If I do go for purple it’s usually in an eggplant hue, but I love that cardigan! Wonderful choices girl! ox

  18. Southern Gal

    I love those shoes!! The color is perfect. I’m on the look out for a couple of lightweight cardigans. I want ruffles, though. Have fun at the conference!

  19. A Cupcake for Moose

    Ohh, I love the purple! In fact, I just bought some leggings at gap in this color. They are soft and pretty and perfect with a nice fall tunic. I agree with your other readers…those shoes are especially fantastic!

  20. Angie

    Love, Love, Love the shoes. I will be heading to Maurices to snag those girl up. They will make a great addition to my fall shoe collection. Thanks

  21. Sydni

    This is great! Thanks for sharing all of that – even down to the nail polish color. This is exactly what I need. I also went back and watched the scarf video again. It’s SO helpful. You’re totally adorable.

    1. Debbie

      I adore your photography. So precise and focused!!! The purple goodies just make me want to touch the textures. Those SHOES!!!!!!! LOVE EM!!! Keep up the amazing work. I look forward to opening up your updates!

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