Eventi Hotel, New York City

Eventi Kimpton Hotel Chelsea New York City

Back in March I was in New York for a quick 30-hour visit. The wonderful folks at Hellmann’s Mayo (they’re the ones who let me meet Bobby Flay, swoon!) brought us up for a fun event. We got to pretend like we had our own cooking shows and make a video preparing a recipe. They put us up for our one short night at the ultra swanky Eventi Kimpton Hotel in Chelsea, and I loved every minute of it. Since our time was so short, I didn’t have much time to sight-see outside of the hotel, but I did get to meet up with my friend Shaina, eat arepas, and lounge around in this deliciously comfy bed while staying up way too late chit-chatting with my friend.

Eventi Kimpton Hotel Chelsea New York City

I arrived at the hotel before Shaina, and I may have taken a few too many pictures of the room while I was waiting for her! I apologize in advance :)

Eventi Kimpton Hotel Chelsea New York City

But this bed? Oh my gosh.

Eventi Kimpton Hotel Chelsea New York City

I am still dreaming about it.

Eventi Kimpton Hotel Chelsea New York City

Peeking out from behind the curtain :)

Eventi Kimpton Hotel Chelsea New York City

Fun NYC fabric on this chair!

Eventi Kimpton Hotel Chelsea New York City

The bathroom was massive!

Eventi Kimpton Hotel Chelsea New York City

Hello, full length mirror.

Eventi Kimpton Hotel Chelsea New York City

After thoroughly exhausting every possible angle of the room, I went to check out the rest of the hotel. These pretty flowers were right outside the elevator doors.

Eventi Kimpton Hotel Chelsea New York City

Swanky chairs in the lobby.

Eventi Kimpton Hotel Chelsea New York City

This was the path to the outdoor terrace.

Eventi Kimpton Hotel Chelsea New York City

One of the floors had this gorgeous, cozy outdoor terrace.

Eventi Kimpton Hotel Chelsea New York City

These couches looked so inviting! Perfect for curling up outside with a book.

Eventi Kimpton Hotel Chelsea New York City

Or perhaps have a little afternoon tea?

Eventi Kimpton Hotel Chelsea New York City

Oh, and did I mention the view? :)

Eventi Kimpton Hotel Chelsea New York City

The next day we got to sleep in, have brunch, and go do our videos. Shaina and I teamed up to make our video together. The videos were totally just for fun — they’re not going to appear in any commercials or anything, thank goodness! :) — but Hellmann’s totally treated us like such professionals anyway.  They took us to a professional studio, brought in people to do our hair and makeup, and we even had food stylists who prepared all our food for us.

Eventi Kimpton Hotel Chelsea New York City

I am telling you, that is totally the way to cook!! With food that is already pre-cut, measured, and lined up in little bowls, just waiting for you to dump everything together. :)

Eventi Kimpton Hotel Chelsea New York City

You want me to say what on camera?!

Eventi Kimpton Hotel Chelsea New York City

Just kidding :) It was totally unscripted, so I just kept rambling on! :) Lesson learned — do not put me in front of a camera without a script. :)

Eventi Kimpton Hotel Chelsea New York City

Since I was a complete nervous wreck on camera, and I was totally nervous about dead air, I think I even make some silly remark in the video about how easy it all was. Of course it was! The food stylists did everything, I just dumped, stirred, and smiled, lol! :)

Eventi Kimpton Hotel Chelsea New York City

In honor of Shaina’s new book, Desserts in Jars (which comes out in June, yay!) we made Chicken Salad in a Jar. I loved this fun dish! My job on camera was to shake it all together, lol! Head on over to Food for My Family to get Shaina’s recipe.

Now, okay. The video. I was also really nervous about not making eye contact with the camera, so I end up over-compensating by making this creepy, come-hither snarl at the camera most of the time. It’s pretty embarrassing. You probably just shouldn’t watch at all, okay? Actually, promise me you won’t watch. It’s SUPER EMBARRASSING! I can’t get through the whole thing without slamming down the laptop lid in horror and running away screaming.

ANYWAY! We totally had a blast, even though I was pretty mortified the whole time. Thank you so much to Hellmann’s for putting on this fun event for us!

P.S. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates and photos from Italy this week! :) I can’t wait to get back and show you all the photos :)

P.P.S. I am a dork!

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36 Responses
  1. Steph

    I recently had a fun girls weekend in the city and we stayed at the Eventi because I remembered reading this post! THANKS for the tip, it was a great hotel and is now on my list of NYC keepers!

  2. Teresa Horner

    You look so pretty and how amazing to get to do that commercial for them! I love the photos and love the Italy adventure.. Can’t wait to see more! Congrats!

  3. Brandy

    Hi Amanda. I so understand what you are talking about with looking into the camera! I have only been on t.v. once (a local news piece about our area’s history) Anyway… Everytime, I would look at the camera, I would freak out. I could not even watch it afterward. lol I can truly say that you did a fantastic job and looked wonderful, no dorkiness at all. I tried this recipe the other night and it is a keeper. Thanks for all you do and I love your blog!

  4. Jacquelynne Steves

    Cute video- I didn’t notice any dorkiness or snarling ha ha. The recipe looks really good- great idea to layer it.

  5. Nicole

    I’m a dork too! haha
    What great pictures of NYC and the hotel. I absolutely love that fabric on that chair with the fun NYC stuff all over it.

  6. Alicia

    I just got back from staying there this weekend, imagine my surprise when I discovered your post! You are so right the bed was amazing. I will always reminiscence about my breakfast in bed with the NYC skyline:)

  7. Mercedes

    My husband and I stayed Eventi when it first opened and loved it! We had the whole terrace to ourself every night which was perfect for after dinner cocktails! Glad you had a great trip!

  8. christina @ ovenadventures

    One of my dreams is to make it to New York and your pictures just make me want to go there even more. Beautiful.

  9. Melissa M

    You are totally NOT dorks! You both looked great – good hair day, both of you AND you got to make a great video and meet “Mr. Bobby Slay me with your big blue eyes”!! And stay in a swanky hotel (Swanky hotel beds are the best) with a friend!
    I could go on, but I won’t. Except, I can’t resist… when I make that salad… I’m going to add some chopped up apple.

  10. Sew Create It - Jane

    You are not a dork! You look delightful and your video is very informative. If it were me I’d either be all mono-toned or squeaky…you did neither :o)

  11. Dalia

    You are not a dork! It looks like you gals had an amazing time and I love that hotel. Wish that I could view the video, it looks totally fun.

  12. Sandy W

    I agree with everyone else… when, exactly, did you look anything but great during this video? Good job and all the pictures from the hotel were fun to see. Thanks

  13. Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

    SOOO funny! I’m working a Sony event at Eventi this week, and recognize pretty much all those photos! I’ll be heading over there in a few hours :P

  14. Mary

    Amanda, you may think you are a dork, but you are darling! You are a great photographer, and I don’t know how you stay so thin with all those tempting desserts that you make! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. Amanda Dawn

    You’re not a dork! :) Back at the hotel…outside. Were those pillow cases stuffed with fiber fill and knotted off as cushions!? Those would make a great addition to my backyard seating.

    1. FC

      I was thinking that they looked like sandbags, perhaps to hold down the chairs so they don’t blow away? But your idea sounds cute!

  16. Amanda

    Amanda… I am waititing for you to do something that looks bad on the video, but you did a wonderful job! Give yourself credit! Have fun in Italy!

  17. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    Oooh swanky hotel! I LOVE that office chair! I’m totally buying a new one now. (Like how I justified that? HA!)

    I love the video! You’re not a dork, just super cute as always! That’s a great idea to put that all in those jars. Picnic anyone?

  18. Cathy E

    cute video Amanda! You looked relaxed and natural just until the very end, but I wouldn’t know where else you could look except into the camera, which would make me freeze up too! What a fun experience – I’d trade being a dork for that.

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