Christmas in July Week of Giveaways! #1 Custom Teeth Whitening Trays

I’ve never really celebrated Christmas in July before, but it’s never too late to start, right? :) My birthday is December 3rd, and while I never really had a complex about my birthday being close to Christmas, I did always wish I had an occasion for receiving presents in the middle of the year, lol! Waiting a whole year for fun new toys is just too long! :) I think that’s part of the reason why I wanted to get married in the summer!! :) Of course ever since we first got married Kevin and I made it a tradition to celebrate our anniversary by giving each other gifts of travel, so no gifts then either, lol. SO this year I decided to celebrate with YOU GUYS! :)

Every day this week I have some fun new giveaways I want to share (ending with a HUGE giveaway on Friday I am so excited about!!) as a way of saying thank you for being such awesome readers. :) THANK YOU!! :)

First up are Custom Teeth Whitening Trays from SmileBrilliant. I know this might be kind of weird coming from me, but I remember the first time I ever went to California, I was so giddy and I thought I HAD to have blonde highlights and get my teeth whitened, lol!! If any of you are like me thinking about getting your teeth whitened, here’s your chance! :)


The Giveaway

Three (3) Kevin & Amanda readers will receive a custom teeth whitening kit from from SmileBrilliant. The SmileBrilliant process is used by 95% of all cosmetic dentists, but users at home can can order the kit directly from SmileBrilliant for a fraction of the cost. The trays are IDENTICAL to those sold by dentists for $500-$1,000 but when you order directly from SmileBrilliant, you can get the custom-fitted trays starting at $89.95. Here’s how the process works:

  • Step #1: Place an order for custom teeth whitening trays.
  • Step #2: Receive The SmileBrilliant System.
  • Step #3: Create Your Impressions At Home.
  • Step #4: Return Your Impressions To The SmileBrilliant Lab with the postage paid envelope.
  • Step #5: Begin Using the Hi-Intensity Whitening Gel! SmileBrilliant ships your custom fitted bleaching trays back to you usually within 1 – 2 weeks.

See the SmileBrilliant FAQ section for answers to commonly asked questions.

All of the SmileBrilliant products are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee so if you are not completely satisfied with the results, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund! In addition, they are the ONLY lab to offer a life-time tray replacement warranty. SmileBrilliant keeps models of your teeth on file so they can make replacement whitening trays upon your request. Lose them? Damage them? Dog ate them? No problem. They replace them FREE!


How to Enter

See the PromoSimple widget below to enter.

SmileBrilliant Custom Teeth Whitening Trays

Good luck!!! :) Be sure to come back tomorrow for another fun giveaway! :)

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45 Responses
  1. Christine

    Fingers crossed! I haven’t been able to afford a quality teeth whitening system. This looks amazing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. ryane

    would absolutely LOVE This. I stopped drinking coffee and Tea. To see if i could help . lol This would be a huge boost. thank you

  3. Cindy

    I would love to have my teeth professionally whitened. I quit smoking last year, have been doing the Crest version, but it just doesn’t do the same as I am sure this whitening kit would!

  4. Candice S. in Colorado

    this would be so awesome! As a coffee fanatic, I could use this in a big, big way!!!! You’re amazing!

  5. Kim

    I would give this to my husband! I have something similar and love it . He would never buy it himself or want me to spend the money on him like this but would live it if we won the giveaway !! My two teen daughters might fight him for it!!!!

  6. Trisha

    Super fun to celebrate in July. My bday is the beginning of December as well and I always wished the presents could be spread out and not in the same month.

  7. Danielle

    What an awesome idea! I have always wanted to have my teeth professionally whitened, but I never wanted to pay the insane prices. SmileBrilliant seems the way to go. Thanks for the chance to win, Kevin & Amanda!

  8. Sandi

    I would LOVE to win this! I have been wanting to have my teeth whitened for a few years now but it’s really an expense that I can’t justify purchasing, this would be so exciting to win this!!!

  9. Amanda

    This would be amazing! My teeth slowly started yellowing when I got pregnant with my son. The dentist said a professional whitening is the only thing to make my teeth white again. But, the cost is way out of my price range, so I haven’t ever been able to have it done. As a photographer, your smile is always one of your most important features, and I hide mine all the time because of the color of my teeth.

  10. Barbara @ Barbara Bakes

    My son got his braces off a few months ago and I’ve been thinking I should get his teeth whitened. So this would be perfect for him. What a fun week!

  11. Becca

    OOOhhh Amanda..!
    This teeth whitening prize has come @ just the right time! I am meeting my bestfriend Jeanean in a few months! We haven’t seen each other in 3 yrs!!
    Florida hugs,

  12. cynthia y

    Hey we share a birthday! And I agree with your sentiments exactly! I was also always jealous of my brother’s pool party birthdays :-).

  13. leslie

    Yes! Please me! I had my teeth molded and trays made, but we lost that whole box in our last military move! Was just lamenting mt coffee stained teeth!!

  14. Athena R

    I love having my teeth whitened. I haven’t been able to do it since I’m pregnant, but my little one is due in about 6 weeks. I can’t wait to whiten my teeth then.

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