Birthday Week Giveaway #6! Canon T3i DSLR Camera + Two Lenses from Adorama!! (Winners Announced!!)

Time’s Up!

The winner of the grand prize Canon T3i Camera, Lens and Accessories Bundle is Amy I.

The winner of the $100 Adorama Gift Card is Tanesha T.

Congratulations Amy and Tanesha!! I’ve sent ya’ll an email. Thanks so much for celebrating 10 years with us!! :)


Canon T3i and Two Lenses Giveaway from Adorama

It’s a big, big, big giveaway!

I am so excited to share this amazing giveaway today from the fabulous folks at Adorama!! I have been counting down the days until I could tell you about this giveaway! In honor of our 10th Birthday, Adorama has graciously offered one Kevin & Amanda reader an incredible Canon DSLR camera prize package with not one, but TWO brand new Canon lenses plus a whole ton of accessories to go with it. It’s basically everything you need for a fully-loaded camera bag!  Just check out what all is up for grabs today.


Canon T3i and Two Lenses Giveaway from Adorama

You’ll get the 18-Megapixel Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR Camera and Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II Lens


I’m totally digging the flip-out LCD screen. It’s perfect for shooting at a variety of angles. You can use it while holding the camera high for overhead, above-the-crowd shots, down low for eye-level kids and pet shots, or rotate it fully for picture-perfect self-portraits. Love this versatile screen!


Canon T3i and Two Lenses Giveaway from Adorama

You’ll also get a second lens — one of my all-time favorite lenses — the Canon 50mm f/1.8! If you love bokeh this is the perfect lens for getting those gorgeous, blurry backgrounds. You totally need this lens. I want you to have it.


Canon T3i and Two Lenses Giveaway from Adorama


Aaaaaand…! You’ll get an amazing starter kit of accessories to make sure your camera bag is FULLY-LOADED and has everything you need for photo shoots at home and on the go. This is basically everything I keep in my camera bag at all times. You’ll get:


I am so excited to share this giveaway with you guys. Thanks so much to the sweet folks at Adorama for celebrating our 10th Birthday with us!


How to Enter

**Please Read Carefully!**

Because this is a special giveaway, I’m going to be using Rafflecopter to help me moderate the entries. If you’ve never used Rafflecopter before, it’s super easy!

To enter the giveaway, simply “Log in with Facebook” using the Rafflecopter widget below. Don’t worry, it’s safe! It won’t start posting any unwanted junk to your Facebook wall or tell your friends what you’ve secretly been doing on the internet. If you don’t have Facebook, you can login with just a name and email address, but logging in with Facebook is the easiest way to earn extra entries to win. (P.S. If you’re reading this from an email or RSS reader, you’ll need to click here to visit this post on our site.)

Next, click the +1 DO IT! buttons to earn entries for the giveaway. There are 4 ways you can enter. The first way is to Leave a Comment on this post. Complete the first entry to unlock 3 more ways to enter. You can do 1 or all 4. This giveaway will run for one week, and one of the entries you can do every day to enter, so be sure to come back every day to earn an extra entry to win! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to email me!

Bonus prizes! If this contest gets 5,000 comments, Adorama will give away an additional $100 gift card to a second Kevin & Amanda reader. If this contest gets 10,000 comments, Adorama will give away a $100 and a $250 gift card, for a total of three prize winners. So tell your friends to enter!

Contest ends Friday, March 30 at 12:01 am EST. Winner will be chosen randomly by Rafflecopter and notified by email. Giveaway graciously provided by the lovely team at Adorama.


Good luck you guys!! Thanks so much for celebrating birthday week with us. I’ve loved sharing all these giveaways with you guys this week. Happy weekend!

And may the odds be ever in your favor. ;)


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5,278 Responses
  1. glenda terry

    would love to win this, I have grandkids I would love to take pictures of. I had a good camera, but while I was in Mexico, a money knocked mine out of my hand……..

  2. Lauren Williams

    If I had $250 to spend I would buy a flash, or a new lens!! It would make my christmas very merry!! I have been wanting to buy one, but I got laid off from my job so don’t have the extra funds to continue my dream of opening a photography business one day! Pick me please! :)

  3. Rosita Pierce

    I’ve always wanted may of your prizes!! But I’ve always wanted a GREAT cannon camra. But with the prices these days I only have a small canon camera that calls for extra lenses

  4. shirley vanderau

    Happy Blogiversary!! love the site..I keep entering these types of sweepstakes but have not won anything is worth the try :)

  5. lily

    wow this is awesome. i cant even afford one ..ever since i could remember i have a passion for photography only because it capture the most beautiful moments in life gives me such a sence of peace. I take photography classes in school but i want my own! ..I really need this!

  6. lily

    wow this is awesome ..i cant even afford one ..i have a strong passion for photography since i could remeber only because it captures the most beautiful moments in life ..its just a sence of peace for me. I join photography in my school but ive always wanted my own! ..i need this!

  7. amylee

    If I had a million dollars, I’d buy the studio! But, if I had $250 I would be happy to buy a new lens to make the world smile brighter!

  8. Roberta

    If I had $250 to spend at Adorama, I would buy a really cool camera bag for my stuff. Adorama totally ROCKS! LOVE the giveaway! Thank you!

  9. April Anderson

    I’d spend put the $250 dollars towards a camera for my daughter & I to share. Unless of course we win the Canon giveaway, then I’d buy an external flash:)

  10. John Griggs

    Oh…and the $250 I would likely use towards an ultrawide for my walkabout camera which is an Olympus E-PL1.

    Thanks again,

  11. michelle

    if I won, I would take it as a sign and use it towards a new fancy camera. I have been dying to take photography lessons and learn all I can!!!!!

  12. Nathan

    I would use the $250 to buy my wife that camera bag she’s been drooling over. She is by far a better photographer than I!

  13. Kathy Airmet

    I would love to spent it on a new camera bag! Mine is falling apart and I need a new bag for my SLR and lenes. So many choices it would be hard to decide?

  14. Pam A

    I would buy a new lense for my camera! I love to take pictures but find that accessories are very expensive so I dont get much of a chance to buy them.

  15. Amanda

    If I had $250 to spend at Adorama, I’d put it towards a new camera to replace the one my adorable and way too high-strung Old English Sheepdog put a crack in!

  16. Lynley Ruth

    Last summer my husband was trying to take a picture of my boys while standing in a canoe on a lake. Guess what happened? He fell IN the water WITH our new digital camera!! I would use the $250 from Adorama toward a new digital camera for him and he would NOT be allowed near the Canon T3i DSLR if I win it!!lol

  17. Cary

    Oh wow. This prize package is ah-mazing! I’d probably find a case if I won… And I can only imagine the awesome pictures I could take on my trip to Chicago with my boyfriend. :D

  18. Shalane Galle

    This give away looks awesome! My mother has been wanting a camera like this for years! I would love to see her have it! I would definitely buy her extra batteries, because she would be taking pictures nonstop! :)

  19. Courtney Howard

    if I had 250 i would put it towards and Ipad… my cell phone does not use interenet and my computer is old as the hills!

    Thanks soo much!

  20. Courtney Howard

    I would love love love to win this… I need this!!! I am 24 year old with a dino aged computer… and I take pictures for extra income but my camera is no good!

  21. Kim

    This is exactly what I need to kickoff my new life-starter. If I had $250 from Adorama, I’d put it towards an ipad to share all my new adventures in photography

  22. Kristen

    I would definately put the $250 towards buying a new camera. Or maybe a new lens. Or maybe a new tripod. Or maybe a backdrop stand… lol

  23. Ashley Moore

    If you had $250 to spend at Adorama, what would you get?

    I’d take $250 off the iPad so I could display the photos I take.

  24. Nathan


    About a month ago, one of my twin three-year-old daughters was diagnosed with Leukemia, we have been using our phones to document our life as much as possible, but it would be wonderful to be able to take some nice pictures to keep to remember this time. The gift card would help buy a nice camera to take pictures of my girls. Thanks. :)


  25. Karen J Moseley

    I’d buy a nice camera bag…and a tripod! I’d also buy some books on lighting and tips on shooting babies and children. Little ones are my favorite subjects and perfect for me, as I’m a wheelchair user and they are the right height for me! : ) Thanks for the Giveaway, Adorama and Kevin & Amanda!

  26. Stephanie Brocious

    This is such an amazing giveaway. I have been eying this particular camera for a long time, and I would be the happiest girl in the world to win!

  27. Jennifer

    If I had $250 to spend at Adorama I’d want to spend it on PhotoShop…it’s the program I’m dying to own but just can’t commit to. Love your site!

  28. Dustin

    If I had $250 I might put it toward a new Canon Rebel. I have had my current one for about 10 years and I really want to upgrade! thanks!

    1. Katie

      Oh, and I’d definitely put a gift card to Adorama towards a DSLR camera. My babies are wild and quick so we need some fast shutter speeds around here!

  29. Melissa Eichelberger

    If I won the money, I would purchase a small point and shoot to carry in my purse at all times. For those moments when an SLR just isn’t practical.

  30. Lynne

    If I win I’d like to put the $250 towards a laptop from Adorama. Where am I going to get the rest of the money? From the $476 million I’m going to win from the Mega Millions drawing on Friday night.

    Hey, you never know…

  31. sierra Hess

    If I had $250 to spend at Adorama, I would buy the Digital Photography for Dummies book and all of the Wiley Publishing books for photography. I totally need some help figuring out the new camera I am going to win on!!! (hoping if I put that thought out into the universe, or blogosphere, it just might come true!)

  32. Kiah

    A camera that is not a point and shoot. Don’t get me wrong I love my point and shoot, but I am ready for a challenge. The Canon Rebel seems like a good starting place.

  33. Betsy B.

    Well, if I win this camera, I’d use the money to buy memory cards and another extra battery. I’m one of those that can’t stand the thought of deleting photos from a memory card even if I’ve downloaded it to my computer. You never know when you might just need the original picture, right??? LOL! And another spare battery would come in handy on trips when you might not be able to recharge the other batteries you have~ especially on a camping trip when there’s no electricity!! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome, awesome, camera!

  34. Laura M

    I would buy either a new digital point and shoot to carry around every day and/or a good scanner for negatives and slides.

  35. Angela Lee

    If I had $250 to spend at Adorama, I would get my daughter a new point and shoot camera. She’s leaving for a trip to Italy in a couple of months. It would really come in handy.

  36. Ruth Naylor

    If I had $250 to spend at Adorama, it would be on a tabletop studio and softbox kit! I’ve been having the hardest time trying to take good pictures of some of my bracelets and cakes and even my nail art designs that I try. The flash just makes them look odd and I can’t get the lighting in my house just right.

  37. Angela Lee


    Oh my gosh! I have been drooling over this camera for months. And I love Adorama. I get all of my toner cartridges from them.

  38. Donna Gaschel

    If I won $250 to spend at Adorama, I most likely would buy another battery or possibly a lighting kit. So exciting!

  39. Jenn

    I think I already posted a few days ago but upon thinking…. if I was to win, I’d use the money towards buying my Autistic son a 16GB black NEW iPad. He’s currently using a Motorola Xoom: Family Edition and while it’s quite useful, the apps and such for special needs children have a much larger base on the Apple products rather than the other platforms. It could really help him gain a more interactive grasp on his educational curriculum.

  40. Janet A.

    Happy Blog Birthday, Kevin and Amanda! I ♥ Bama folks! Sure could use a tripod for starters, if I won a gift card, but holding out for the major award! Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. Melissa Wise

    I would definitely go for a camera as well. I have a pretty wimpy digital camera, but would love to have something decent. Thanks for the opportunity!

  42. Mary EO

    I’m new to your blog and already finding so many new, interesting things to check out, and even places to visit. Who thought Birmingham?!?!
    I’m a brand new, first time grandma and the Canon T3i DSLR package would be a perfect way to begin taking photos of this precious life and all his adventures.

  43. Ben Miller

    If I had $250 to spend I would by the candy bar camera to capture those quick moments while using my DSLR to capture the other events in my life!

  44. Jaimee

    I would get some accessories for the camera. I am due in July with my first baby and want to be able to get some great pics. :)

  45. Pam

    I bought a canon xti off of craigslist last month and now the flash is broke. I am loving my first DSLR and would love to have a brand new one!

  46. Jenny Depa

    An awesome give-away. It would be such an improvement for me. I’m sure I would have to learn more photography tips… perhaps a tripod/more lens?

  47. Bonnie {PaperKeeper}

    If I had $250 to spend…at Adorama…sigh…

    I would by a 50mm lense for the camera I currently own, a Nikon. I would love to have that lens for the d.o.f.and the lovely blurry backgrounds I know it can capture!
    Awesome giveaway!

  48. nur

    hi! this is like the best giveaway ever! and congratulations on the 10th blog anniversary. we, the readers will always support you :)

  49. Lisa

    Always love shopping @ Adorama. Always good price and fast shipping. If I win $250, it will go towards the purchase of a new lens.

  50. LaTasha

    I would love this camera or the gift towards purschasing a higher quality camera, sooo I can text higher quality photos for my blog. It would really rock my world to win and it is sooo crazy that this giveaway would be for camera, because I was just telling everyone I know about how bad I wanted to purchase a nicer camera!!!!!

  51. Kayse

    If I had $250 to spend at Adorama, I would put the money towards a flash! It would help to propel my career in portraits and wedding photography!

  52. Catherine R.

    I would spend the 250 on Tripod and maybe some towards a new lense. Me and my sister are going to be going into a photography kind of deal where she is the photographer and I’m the editor so we would love those!

  53. Andrea Speck

    I LOVE your site and blog. I am not a very lucky person – I guess you never know! I would love to win – thanks for making it even a posibility!!!

  54. Terryk

    If i won a gift certificate I would have to spend it on photo albums of course. I need to save all the great pix I could shoot. Thanks to your Blog and Adorama for a chance to win such a cool prize

  55. CherylK

    If I had a $250 gift card for Adorama I’d put it toward a better printer…one that prints high quality photographs. And if I won that camera, I would be over the moon!

  56. Alyson Thompson

    If I had $250 at Adorama, I would buy a Polaroid Pic 300 Instant Camera, Analog – Black. I love these types of cameras and pictures. I can get the pictures right away and use them to decorate my apartment.

  57. Paige

    If I had $250 to spend on the Adorama store I would buy a Go Pro Hero camera, that way I could film my dives, and show them to my grandma, who is no longer able to dive due to her age :(

  58. Tonia Smith

    I would buy my daughter some more photography things she wants. She’s madly in love with it and her birthday is coming up soon. :)

  59. Brian Donovan

    I’d buy a light-box so my girlfriend, Becca had an easier way to stage and photograph her food creations for

  60. jason h.

    I would get the Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR Camera, – with Tamron 18 – 270mm Piezo Drive Ultrasonic Lens, Circular Polarizers Filter, 8GB SD Memory Card, FREE: Red Giant / Adorama Production Bundle.

  61. Vicki N

    I would be so excited to have $250 to spend on a new camera. We are limping by with one that is older than dirt…time for an update!

  62. Emily McManus

    If I had $250 to spend, I would get the Polaroid Pic 300 Instant Camera, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom V4 Software, and a couple extra camera lens caps (I seem to be quite forgetful.. lol). Thanks for the opportunity!! :)

  63. Faith Sloper

    I would buy that camera because i really need a new one and i love photography, my camera now is a canon powershot, and i am trying to start my own photography buisness , and i dont have enough money to buy a new camera so i hope i win!!! Good luck to ever one!!

  64. Wendy

    If I won $250 to spend at Adorama I COULD FINALLY AFFORD A NICE CAMERA FOR MY HUSBAND!! He would totally love it if I would stop using my camera phone to take pictures of our family and for a hobby (so of course I would borrow it!) but it would be for him. :) We have been dreaming about a nice camera and lens forever now. Here’s to dreaming!

  65. Lynn Bustle

    I would LOVE an Apple 16GB New iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G (Verizon), 9.7″ LED Multi-Touch Display, Dual-Core A5x Processor, 5MP iSight Rear Camera, 10 Hour Battery Life, Black!!!

  66. Stacy

    I am in need of a new point and shoot camera so with the money I would go with this camera: Canon PowerShot Elph 310 HS Digital ELPH Camera, 12.1MP CMOS Sensor, 8x Optical Zoom lens, 3.0 inch PureColor LCD Screen, Silver.

  67. Linda B

    $250.00 I might see if my son needs anything for his camera outfit, as he is trying to make a living shooting pictures. Thanks for this Great Give-Away!~

  68. Carly Standridge

    I would definitely get a fisheye lens. I have been drooling over them and the beautifully distorted pictures that they create for a very long time. This is such a great giveaway that it was impossible to not enter!!!

  69. Shannon

    I would by photo albums and batteries- boring but practical! So tired of having all of my pictures sitting on my computer!

  70. Erica

    If I hd $250 to spend at Adorama I’d buy a nice tripod or maybe put it towards a sports lens to catch my boys in action!

  71. Elissa Riegsecker

    I want to put it towards a camera upgrade, but since our fax machine is on the blink I should go with and a wireless all-in-one printer.

  72. Cristy

    I’d put $200 on Adorama towards an iPhone projector to use at my kids’ school when I come in to help the teacher enhance their education!

  73. Christa

    Adorama… I adore the idea of putting $250 towards buying a “real” camera, not just a point and shoot. It’s been too long since I took a good picture!

  74. Kimberly

    If I had $250 to spend at Adorama I’d love to pick up a couple of backdrop stands, or maybe a softbox. I could spend $250 just like that >snaps fingers< at Adorama!

  75. Mimi Jones

    If I had $250 to spend on Adorama I would use it toward the purchase of a new camera (if I don’t win this Giveaway).

  76. Lakota

    If I had $250 to spend… I would by Photoshop software and small pocket camera to keep with me at all times. ahhh to dream!

  77. Luz Maria Martin del Campo

    I would love to have this Canon PowerShot D10 Compact Digital Camera, 12 Megapixel, WaterProof to 33 Feet, 3x Optical IS Zoom for summer, it would be great for taking pictures of my kids!!!

  78. Robin Thomas

    This may be simple and silly but really I would want a new camera, mine broke about 18 months ago and the one I’ve been using since then broke this week.

  79. Megan King

    I’d LOVE to spend that extra $250 on a new camera and bag. My point and shoot just isnt doing it for me…I’d love to get something fancier!!

  80. Anya Carluen

    I love adorama and I love kevin and amanda thank you for the opportunity. I would definitely go for a new canon camera :)

  81. Jaime Pumphrey

    I would probably buy a tripod or put money toward it. We are expecting a baby, and a remote camera system would be perfect to capture baby and mommy while daddy is at work :)

  82. Lauren

    I am actually in the market for new camera gear!

    With $250 to spend at Adorama I would get a new lens and/or possibly load up on some film! OR maybe I would just use the opportunity to get a ton of digital photos printed. I have been meaning to do that!

  83. Amanda

    Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome camera. I would love to win it. I’m starting a photography business and it would be so helpful.

  84. Kim Beaulieu

    I am still using my old easyshare camera so this would be a life changer for me. Would love to be able to take good quality shots. Happy 10th, what an inspiration you two are!

  85. Yvette Torres

    Whoa Baby!
    First of all, I would be super excited and do a happy dance then I would look for an external flash….


  86. Ellie A.