Birthday Week Giveaway #2! Keurig Elite Brewing System from Millstone (Winners Announced!)

Keurig Elite Brewing System Giveaway from Millstone

It’s Birthday Week on Kevin & Amanda! Kevin bought me the domain name 10 years ago this week for the one year anniversary of our first date, and our little home on the internet was born.

May 31, 2002

Two months and nine days later, we were walking down the aisle and dancing at our wedding. He had no idea just how much of a meaningful gift this site would become. I absolutely love it here. And you guys are a big part of the reason why.

Every day this week I’ll have a fun new giveaway to share with you guys to celebrate, to make Birthday Week special, and to thank you for sticking with me over the years. Or weeks. Or days. Depending on how long you’ve been here. You guys are the best. This is for you. I hope you like it!

To add to all the festivities of Birthday Week , the fabulous folks at Millstone would like to offer a fun Keurig giveaway package to two (2) Kevin & Amanda readers! I absolutely love my Keurig — I love being to choose from a massive variety of flavors, pop in a K-cup and have a delicious, freshly brewed cup of coffee ready in seconds, without having to brew an entire pot. I love all the flavors Millstone has to offer — Hazelnut Cream is hands down one of my all-time favorites!


The Giveaway (Winners Announced!)

Two (2) Kevin and Amanda readers will win the following items:

  • Three (12-count) boxes of Millstone K-Cups in Breakfast Blend, Foglifter© and Hazelnut Cream
  • Crate and Barrel coffee cup
  • Keurig Elite Brewing System
  • $25 American Express Gift Card


Time’s Up!

The winners of the Keurig Elite Brewing System prize from Millstone are:

#518 Jodi
#1725 Cara

Congrats girls! I’ve sent ya’ll an email. Enjoy your new coffee!! :)


How to Enter

To be entered to win the Millstone giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post.  Which treat would YOU rather have with your coffee — doughnuts or biscotti? I think you guys know which one I’d pick. ;)

Contest ends tomorrow at 8 am CST. One entry per person, please. Winners will be chosen by and notified by email. Giveaway provided by Millstone.


New giveaways every day this week in honor of Birthday Week!

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Good luck!!!

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2,311 Responses
  1. Shea

    I just moved after a breakup and didn’t get to take my Keurig. I’m buying a new one today and would LOVE this :) I’ve never met a doughnut I didn’t like. Ever!

  2. Gina

    I love biscotti ! And I love coffee. Thanks for sharing your story. I enjoy your blog so much, what a cool gift Kevin gave you for your “first date-aversary”
    Best wishes!

  3. queenkatya

    A Keurig coffee machine would be so wonderful!! I know my husband would love it–and our 30th anniversary is coming up!!

  4. Hannah

    A donut! Gotta have my coffee in the morning, but a donut is more of a rare treat.

    Happy Birthday! I actually remember when your site had a countdown to your wedding day :-)

  5. Heather D.

    Without a doubt….doughnuts! FOR SURE! LOL I’m a sweet-tooth kinda girl :-)
    But if I won this, I’d dunk anything in my coffee! LOL


    Oh goodness, I think I’d rather have a hot Krispy Kreme donut {or 20} but this weekend I had a beignet at Cafe du Monde… {swoon} and I’m afraid my donut tastes are now a bit upscale. Call me spoiled. If I win a Keurig… I’ll definitely be spoiled! So… spoil away!!

  7. marywithgarden

    MMmmm coffee especially hazelnut. Brewing in my french press a pot of hazelnut as we speak. Thank you for the giveaway! I would pick almond biscotti to go with my hazelnut coffee…making me hungry for that right now!

  8. toni

    I love coffee and anything. I am a coffee drinker. But, the best thing in the world with coffee is Key Lime Pie. OH MY!!!!!!

  9. Nicole H.

    Even though I’m italian, I would have to go with a doughnut! Something about the deliciousness of a puffy ring of dough and glaze that makes my heart flutter!!

  10. Michelle

    I love biscotti, even the crumbs at the bottom of the coffee cup! Thanks for including us in your birthday celebration!

  11. Theresa D.

    Donuts are my sinful loves!!!!! Thank you for the past few years your blog has been such a bright spot in many of my days :)

  12. Rachel in Sacramento

    Wow, awesome giveaway! Happy Birthday Week, thanks for the chance to win :) I would definitely have some coffee with biscotti if I got this fantastic prize package!
    ~Rachel in Sacramento

  13. Jodi Briggs

    Which would I prefer with my coffee? Well, donuts of course! There’s nothing like it. Great job Kevin and Amanda, I have always wanted one of those Keurig 1 cup coffee makers!

  14. Shannon Fralish

    Oh, hands down, a big, fluffy raised glazed donut from Savoy Donuts in Escondido, CA! Coffee & donuts…mmmmmmmmm. Happy anniversary/birthday — love your blog!

  15. Rosa

    Doughnuts and coffee go together like bacon and eggs and peanut butter and jelly! :-) Happy birthday! I’ve enjoyed your website for the past year now and I can’t get enough of it. Thank you for all the helpful photography tips, delicious recipe ideas and fun crafts!

  16. Kate

    Definately biscotti. I’m not a donut fan and biscotti certainly is more satisfying than a soft donut – they disappear too fast compared to biscotti.

  17. Betsy

    I love this brewing system! I wanted to buy this, but my husband got to chose the system we have now, a basic coffee maker. :(
    Maybe I’ll figure out a way to win one! Wish me luck!

  18. Melissa

    Thats a no brainer for me… A cake donut with vanilla icing and sprinkles. :) Congrats on the 10 year mark, I found you probably 4 years ago and have followed you since. Thanks for blogging such fun stuff!!

  19. Karen Dwyer

    Biscotti! There is something that makes me feel extra special about having biscotti with coffee…like I’m vacation or being treated to a fancy brunch. :) Yummy!

  20. Maura

    I love your story about how Kevin gave you the website as a gift, what a sweetie! My husband was actually the biggest encouragement to me about starting a blog.

    I’m definitely a doughnut girl – very traditional, glazed doughnuts are my favorite :)

  21. Julie Cobb

    Happy Anniverary !!! I am fairly new to your page and have to say I LOVE all things you post! Can’t wait to read more and more ! I do’t know what you would prefer yet, but I have to be honest and take the doughnuts! A simple blueberry cake doughnut! Yummy !!

  22. cassie l.

    can’t i have both??? LOL!?! well, if push comes to shove, I’d pick the biscotti – I like my coffee more creamy than sweet so a donut would throw the balance off.
    Thanks for the fun giveaway! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  23. Haley G.

    Doughnuts for sure! A cute doughnut place opened in my college town a year ago. They have s’mores doughnuts that are my absolute favorite! But, I love anything based on s’mores. :)

  24. Ashley Shelton

    I enjoy my coffee with a great hot glazed Shipley’s doughnut from the great state of Texas! They are heaven on earth I just can’t eat one!

  25. Clarissa

    Happy Anniversary! Gosh this is a hard question. I think I’d want biscotti, but it’d have to be my favorite ones from Dilettantes in Seattle

  26. Carol

    A donut for sure since I am not supposed to have all those carbohydrates and sugar (diabetic). You always want what you can’t have! But I love Hazelnut coffee.

  27. Miranda @ A ThankFULL Heart

    Doughnuts! I don’t even know if I’m eligible to win since I’m in Canada but I just wanted to say congrats on 10 years! I found your site a while ago while browsing for free fonts and now I finally subscribed via email :).

  28. Joni

    First congrats on the first 10 years. May there be many more. Second Doughnuts. I love Keurig coffee makers. Have one at home but would love to have one at the office. This would be perfect.

  29. Nicolette

    I’ve actually never had biscotti with coffee before, but I imagine it’d be amazing, kind of like a warmer, classier version of Oreos and cold milk! Hehe! So since I’ve never officially had biscotti with coffee, I’d have to say doughnuts are my choice, especially doughnut holes!

  30. Darcie

    Donuts, for sure. That’s easy – and I agree with another commenter… white frosting with sprinkles (the line sprinkles, not dots.) :-)

  31. Holly

    I never win anything, but here goes! I have a really old Senseo and it’s getting hard to find pods for it but when I see all the Keurig pods and the beautiful machines, I swoon. I have to say I’m more of a biscotti girl, but give me a Krispy Kreme and I’m happy.

  32. Robin Welch

    As much as I would love the doughnuts… I am picking biscotti to be different from my usual self. Happy Bloggerversary.

  33. Makeup Morsels

    ohh I think I’m going to have to go with biscotti here. It just pairs so nicely with coffee! Thanks for holding this giveaway :)

  34. Alma Barron

    I love lemon biscotti with my coffee!
    Congratulations! Wishing you many more beautiful moments and memories with your husband.

  35. Erin D

    I would absolutely prefer biscotti…but if it wasn’t available, a doughnut would definitely suffice! Anything sweet with coffee and I’m set. :)

  36. LeVar

    I would have to say biscotti! When I moved back home to help take care of my mom after her kidney transplant, I brought home my bachelor tradition of a great cup of coffee with some really good locally made biscotti. She had never tried it…but now!!! She actually gets upset when I run out lol. She says it’s her way fo enjoying the good life…new kidney and biscotti!

  37. Lisa

    Doughnuts, especially if they’re from Voodoo doughnuts in Portland (which you’ve featured this establishment on your site last year). Happy Anniversary!

  38. Kasandra Wright

    I would definetely pick a donut. I will always remember sitting with my grandpa watching him drink his coffee and sharing donuts that he went to get for us right when the bakery opened. I would give anything to sit and have a cup of coffee and a donut with my grandpa again.

  39. Anne

    Love hearing that this domain site was a gift! Major points for Kevin! Would likely go for biscotti, unless it’s a chocolate donut with chocolate icing!

  40. Tracey C

    I guess I am a odd ball. I rather have a Panera Bread bagel with my coffee. They have a cinnamon/sugar bagel that is great toasted.

  41. Meredith

    DONUTS!!!!! I am five months pregnant with my fourth baby boy and this pregnancy seems to be different from the other three. I crave donuts!!! All day every day. With coffe or milk, the way to my heart is with donuts.

  42. Jenny Johns

    I would definitely choose biscotti…but I would really rather pair chocolate with my coffee! LOL I would love to win this coffee maker, thanks for the chance!

  43. Patti

    Hmm.. decisions, decisions! Do I HAVE to choose? I guess I would pick doughnuts first! But I would NOT turn down a well made biscotti!!

  44. Melody

    oh my all time favorite would be Biscotti – almond biscotti with one side dipped in white chocolate – my mouth waters just mentioning it!!!

  45. Amy L.

    Love the wedding pictures! And thanks for the great giveaways. I prefer donuts. I always seem to choose the most fattening thing to eat, lol.

  46. Tami Gifford

    What a terrific prize…I love coffee and usually have a donut with mine…but, cherry or peach cobbler goes well, also! :)

  47. Living The Sweet Life

    without a doubt – – I’m a biscotti girl :) There’s nothing like a piping hot cup of coffee and a delicious crunchy biscotti.

  48. DeAnna

    Biscotti.. with a dark chocolate layer on the bottom so it melts nicely in my coffee! Congrats on 10 years of your domain! I love following and look forward to your posts. It makes my day! Thank You!

  49. Sabrina

    Definitely biscotti! But warm cookies also go nicely… actually now that I think about it, anything goes with coffee for me!!

  50. Mrs. Bridges @ Crossing Bridges

    As much as I love biscotti, nothing goes better with a donut than a good cup of coffee! A nice warm, glazed donut with a good cup of hot coffee…unbeatable combination!

  51. Heather

    I don’t drink coffee but I’ve been informed by my husband that he has been wanting one of these to make hot chocolate and apple cider and tea. I love me some hot chocolate so agree!

  52. Kayla Scott

    Mmm I think I would prefer a donut right now! Definitely depends on the day for me though:) Happy 10th Birthday!!!

  53. Elana Elliott

    I have to say doughnuts I have such a love affair with this pastry/cake/yummy moist oh sorry I am already wanting one right now. So my answer is doughnuts

  54. Beverly R.

    Doughnuts – is there anything else that is as wonderful as a fresh, warm doughnut? That is the treat I definitely want with my coffee (which is my other love!). Congratulations on your ten year anniversary, I absolutely LOVE your blog and all the fun things you blog about!!!

  55. Malory H

    Yay! Congrats!!! Most definitely donuts if I could eat them (lifestyle change)!!! P.S. I reeeeaaallllly LOVE coffee and would LOVE to win ;)

  56. Shannon

    So personally, I have to just say that I love doughnuts!! I love the kind with the maple flavored glaze on top but I have to say that I am totally attached to the whole idea of sitting down with a nice cup of coffee and a delicious biscotti for dunking into said delightful coffee, so I have to go biscotti!

    1. Whitney

      And I have the same anniversary as you, but 2003, AND my husband amnd I started dating on March 19, 1999. Crazy!

  57. Erica Kiani

    I love biscotti and I love doughnuts….but if you make me choose I would go with a doughnuts….and I love the Keurig….Hazelnut and America Express! Happy 10th! I love the recipes…you have helped me get creative with my 4 babies…..they always ask….” Is this from Kevin and Amanda?” Thanks and Love, Erica