About Us & Frequently Asked Questions

It’s finally done! :D Everything you ever wanted to know about us and *much, much* more. lol. Who are we? What do we do? What do we fight about?? It’s all revealed in our FAQ: ;) Click below to read! :)

About Us / Frequently Asked Questions
About Us & Frequently Asked Questions

In other news, this weekend we were down in Auburn to visit my parents and go to the football game. Auburn’s a great place to update our family pictures because my dad can take the pictures, my mom can get the dogs to look at the camera, and the woods around their new house make a very nice background! :)

fall family photos Auburn, AL

fall family photos Auburn, AL

fall family photos Auburn, AL

Thanks for looking! Hope you like the FAQ! :D

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14 Responses
  1. Maria Spell

    Just a quick note to send thanks and “WOWs” your way. You have an awesome site and I totally appreciate your openness. I have been working on setting up a craft room and your total organization is inspiring. Thanks also for the info about the products you use and how to get them. Sharing your life with us is fantastic!! Hope you’re blessed this holiday season.


  2. Shayna

    Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t get as far as the FAQ because I was reading the first page and scrolled down to see the pic. You have Bostons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So do I. Mine are called Jack and Jill. My husband and I have had Bostons for so many years. jack and Jill are the newest addition to our family…..they are almost 2 years old. They adopted us when our other Bostons went to the Rainbow Bridge. Aren’t they the most wonderful dogs?????????? I love Bostons.

    Ok…now I’m going to go and explore your site :)

  3. Jennifer

    Hi Amanda,

    I just love the FAQ’s section, you are so talented with web designing and are inspiring me to do an awesome job on our soon to be site…have the domain just need to host.

  4. sohobutterfly

    Mandy, I *loved* the FAQ!

    I didn’t know you’re a SAHW. I am SO SO SO jealous of you. Seriously. Like majorly. Like overwhelmingly. (Okay, I’ll stop now.)

    You’ve got some mad skills when it comes to coding and designing websites. And your house, as you know I have gushed before, is perfection. So are Miley and Howie!!!

  5. creole wisdom

    Amanda! Thanks for doing this. It was a blast to read, but you know, I think you should do an ENTIRE page about your and Kevin’s love story. Details! Haha.

    This is such a great site, and clearly you’ve worked very hard on it.

    Thanks for sharing : )

  6. jacqui gliick

    thanks for answering all the questions!! i also LOVE photography and recently purchased the canon 40d, it’s a beautiful camera and your going to love it:)
    you house looks really pretty and i love looking at all your photos of the doggies, there sooo cute.

  7. HeatherB

    Hi Amanda! I just loved reading your FAQ, especially about how you two met, that’s so sweet! :)

    I have a question for you: what program do you use to create the fonts? What would you recommend?


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