4th of July Crisco Grilling Giveaway

Time’s Up! And our randomly chosen winner is… #332, April!

#332 AprilI LOVE 4th of July Bar-b-que’s!!!! <3

Congrats, April! I’ve sent you an email! :)


Good Morning! Fourth of July is coming up quick and Crisco wants to make sure you have all the right tools and products to take full advantage of the grilling season this year!

Crisco would like to offer a Kevin & Amanda reader a giveaway to kick off the grilling season right and celebrate 4th of July with this Crisco Grilling Giveaway.

The winner will receive:

  • Coleman Roadtrip LE Grill ($159.99 value)
  • Crisco Original 100% Canola Oil No-Stick Cooking Spray
  • Crisco 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil No-Stick Cooking Spray
  • Crisco Butter Flavor No-Stick Cooking Spray
  • Crisco re-usable shopping bag (huge!)
  • Crisco grilling tongs
  • Crisco hot pad
  • Crisco basting brush


I am loving the non-stick sprays so far and looking forward to trying out the grill! :)

Here’s How to Enter!

1. To be entered to win this complete grilling giveaway prize package from Crisco, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post! :) What’s “the best thing you ever ate” grilled? :) Tell us all about it! :) This is one of my all time favorite grilled chicken recipes. With fresh fruit and fluffy rice, it’s so light and delicious for summer!

2. Contest ends Wednesday, June 30th 8 pm CST.

Thanks so much for looking, and good luck!!! :)

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823 Responses
  1. Lori

    Wow what a super fun giveaway for the 4th of July! My husband makes killer ribs on our grill with lots of corn on the cob too! Would love to give this to him! Thanks a bunch.

  2. Hannah

    Wish I had won. My dad would’ve been so excited. Oh, well, next time, right? Thanks for hosting this! :-)

  3. Marlo Dunlop

    The best thing ever on the grill is 2inch thick tenderlions cooked medium rare. Nothing better….ever…..

  4. Barbara Noland

    wow what a great prize. My favorite thing to grill is a hamburger bc I add Worcestershire sauce, lemon pepper, seasoned pepper, and montreal steak seasonings to the meat and let the hamburgers “marinade”. and then grill mushrooms on the side. yummmmm….

  5. Heather Michelle

    I went camping the last few days and bought a Lake N Trail bread cooker for the fire. Made grilled cheese sandwiches and hobo pies!! Best things I’ve ever ate.

  6. my life in tune

    It’s a toss-up between ribs and fillet mignon.
    Your giveaways keep getting better and better! Thanks, Amanda!

  7. Anthony

    There’s nothing better than having a cookout with friends. My favorite grilled food is grilled steak.

  8. Shanna

    My favorite grilled treat is grilled hamburgers. Add a little bacon and some American cheese. There’s nothing better!

  9. Kristen Waltz

    My favorite thing ever was grilled zucchini stuffed with feta cheese and fresh mint! Yum! I’m pretty sure I had a wonderful steak on the side – hahaha!

  10. Carmen

    The ol’ reliable is bbq hamburgers with swiss, provolone, and american cheeses! But my most recent delight was a grilled applewood smoked turkey tenderloin!

  11. Julie

    In my book, nothing beats a homemade teriyaki burger with pineapple rings, both from the grill! :)

  12. Melissa P

    I Luuuuv fresh (as in you just caught it a few hours ago out deep sea fishing with your family) salmon grilled. Baste it in some butter, pour a little zesty italian dressing on it, wrap it up in some foil and throw it on. DEElicious!!!!

  13. Cora

    This is my absolute favorite, that I can’t live without! They are so yummy with all the favors mingling together.

    10 large and fresh jalapenos
    5 strips of bacon
    3/4 cup cheddar cheese
    1/2 cup monterey jack cheese
    4-6 oz of cream cheese
    1 small chopped onion
    Black pepper to taste

    Slice jalapenos lengthwise on one side. Remove seeds and membrane.
    Add cheddar, monterey jack, cream cheese, pepper and onion to mixture and mix thoroughly.
    Fill jalapenos and with cheese mixture.
    Cut bacon strips in half.
    Wrap one half piece of bacon around each jalapeno.
    Secure with toothpicks, closing the jalapeno as much as possible.
    Toss on grill for a few minutes on each side.
    They are done when the bacon is cooked and the cheese is melted.
    Can be served with ranch dressing but they are wonderful right off the grill.

  14. Allyson

    I LOVE hot dogs that are cooked on the grill! As simple as those are to make they are my favorite :)

  15. Amanda Smith

    The best grilled item I ever ate was this marinated pork my friend made. I don’t know what was all in it but it was very garlic-y with lemon and some type of cream sauce…oh it was soooo good! I’m not a pork fan and I could have ate that for every meal for the rest of my life! MMMMM!!!

  16. Sarah

    My husband makes these awesome Chicken & Veggie Kabobs! They are incredible–always with a sauce that me makes up out of scratch ingredients and they always, always turn out just great! The kids and I look forward to them every summer! I hope we win this one!

  17. Julie

    I love grilled chicken strips in my secret fajita seasoning. So good. I could eat fajitas every night!!

  18. Lindsey H.

    Oh, I so want this, we just got a house and would love to have a grill. I think the best grilled thing I have ever had were BBQ pork chops cooked by my uncle who raises pigs. That man knows how to cook pork.

  19. Audra

    My absolute favorite is steaks on the grill. And have to have cheesy potatoes and green bean casserole with that! YUM!

  20. Barbara

    I absolutely L*O*V*E grilled fruit! Especially pineapple and peaches/nectarines. Very good served on GRILLED pound cake!
    YUM-I’m hungry now!

  21. Kalicia R. Beasley

    Love this! I love your recipes! Lots of flavor and so easy to make with your instructions!

  22. Lisa H.

    A combination of grilled summer squash, red peppers, green peppers, vidalia onions, and carrot slices on a bed of chopped romaine lettuce, topped with a grilled piece of fresh Atlantic salmon and a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette (and some blue corn tortilla chips on the side)… YUM!!

  23. Stacy Kennedy

    Yippeeeee!!! I would LOVE to win!!! Now that we live in a home that has NO a/c, I grill out on our tiny grill all the time! How wonderful to have another one!!! Thanks Amanda & Crisco!!! YAY!

  24. Becky S

    I love grilled jerk chicken. I don’t like it so much prepared any other way and we’re grill-less at the moment, so this would be perfect!

  25. Amanda S

    Grilled pizza! The summer we built our house, I cooked nearly everything on our grill. Brownies, pizza, asparagus….it was fun – we grill a lot (and I have a dumb grill, so this would be a SWEET prize)!

  26. Mari M.

    My very favorite thing is grilled salmon, cooked in foil with bbq sauce, honey and and salt and pepper! Mmm… mouth watering!

  27. Jodi Jenson

    I love grilled Zucchini drizzled with a little olive oil and some Mrs. Dash MMMMM I could eat it all day!

  28. Laura

    This would be a GREAT package to win since I go camping all the time!! My absolute favorite thing grilled, which may seem really simple, is corn with basil pesto smeared on it and then when it comes off the grill smothered in butter….OH YUM! :)

  29. Theresa

    My favorite food on the grill is fresh corn on the cob and grilled chicken with foiled veggies. I love summertime.

  30. Evil Pixie

    Best thing I’ve ever eaten grilled? That’s easy! Mum’s grilled shrimp. I don’t know how she does it or what she puts on it, but it is fantastic! She adds grilled veggies, and anyone standing within reach of it is whining for a taste.

  31. Lindsay

    The best food I have ever grilled is sweet chili chicken packets. You put chicken breasts in tin foil and put one slice of canned pineapple on top. Then generously spread sweet chili sauce all over everything. Close the tin foil packet and put on the grill until chicken is fully cooked through by checking with a meat thermometer. :) Serve with steamed jasmine rice.


  32. Raina

    I just found the most incredible brats, they are gyro brats. I whipped a great cucumber sauce up and then put the sauce, onions, tomatoes with the brat on a grilled pita. YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

  33. Melody Carey

    I love to take diced potatoes, squash, onions, butter, dash of salt,pepper and garlic and wrap it foil and cook it on the grill.

  34. SB

    My favorite grilled food is my husband’s steak! He makes his own marinade and the steaks are always so tender and juicy!

  35. Melinda

    I had a grilled turkey once that was to die for. Just salt and pepper and butter to crisp the skin, but they put drained sauerkraut inside and it was so moist and juicy. Couldn’t taste the kraut at all either.

  36. Joyce Y

    The best thing I have grilled lately is PINEAPPLE. Oh, my…fresh pineapple cut into spears and grilled…so delish!! I also love grilled asparagus :)

  37. Tiffany

    I would LOVE to win this grill! My favorite grilled thing is corn on the cob. YUM. I hope I win! :)

  38. Penny

    What a fantastic giveaway!!

    My favorite thing grilled is bone in chicken breasts with barbeque sauce brushed on them as they cook. Grilled corn along with it makes for one delicious summer meal!!!!

  39. Dawn

    Oh how awesome!!

    My favorite thing that I have ever grilled would be the first time I made Chicken Kabobs! They where DELISH! Nothing better than fresh grilled veggies and chunks of chicken!

    I also prepared a kick booty ribeye steak for my boyfriend on his brithday…complete with sauteed mushrooms & onions…all on the grill! :)

  40. jolynn

    Hmmmmm, I loved grilled food because I don’t do the grilling. My favorite grill recipe is Hoison Chicken. It is so good because you boil the chicken until partially cooked then mix a sauce that has 1 jar hoison sauce, 1/2 cup light soy sauce, 1/2 cup catchup, 1/4 cup sugar, and 1 clove finely chopped and smashed garlic. Add chicken to the sauce and let marinade for a few hours, then grill, brush more sauce on it periodically. –we’d love a new grill. Jolynn

  41. Alisha

    Mmmmm we looove grilling! I think one of my favorite things to grill is what we call “Root Beer Chicken”. We get A&W BBQ sauce (yum already, right?) and just smother the chicken in it and grill away! I sing my hubby’s praises when he grills that, but secretly I know there are only 2 ingredients :). Throw in some mashed / baked potatoes and a salad and OH MY!

  42. Cheryl Shaver

    My niece just told me about your site and I love it! It ranks right up there with Pioneer Woman and Chickens in the Road for me. My favorite grilled food is just a really well-grilled burger. The ones my boss makes are awesome!

  43. Toni

    My favorite grilled meal is a nice, thick filet mignon, with a large russet potato that has been wrapped in foil and grilled alongside. Add a skewer or two of marinated bell peppers that have been grilled and you have a heavenly meal!

  44. Heather L.

    I love grilling corn! Husk it, lightly butter and sprinkle with garlic salt. Wrap in foil and grill it along side your chicken. You can add any variety of your favorite spices too!

  45. Colby

    My grandfather’s grilled ribs are to die for!!!! But I love anything on the grill….burgers, hot dogs, steaks, chicken, and this time of year is great for grilled veggies!

  46. Claudia

    Steak is always a good grilling option with fresh grilled veggies in teh summer time. Grilled hamburgers are really good too!

  47. Elizabeth

    My favorite thing on the grill is my mom’s chicken. She simply marinates the chicken in Italian dressing and Worcheshire sauce. It’s so yummy and juicy!

  48. chelsey adele

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE pork chops on the grill and grilled bananas for dessert! YUM YUM okay now i have to go buy some for dinner now that Im thinking about it… haha :)

  49. Julianne

    Our favorite grilling treat is korean-style short ribs. They are fabulous, but unfortunately the sauce we use comes from Hawaii! Oh well, I guess it just gives me an excuse to go on vacation! We grill every chance we get, this set would be fabulous to take with our little family up the canyon or to the lake. Thanks!

  50. kimberly

    just read the comment before mine and remembered (how could i forget?!) my neighbor’s cedar plank salmon. heavenly!

  51. kimberly

    mmmm grilled anything! all things kabob are great because they can be whatever i’m in the mood for. :)

  52. Jen

    Cedar plank salmon on the grill is my family’s current favorite. :) But pretty much anything tastes better grilled.

  53. Sarah

    I love love love my daddys special BBQ potatoes. Yum baccon, onions and potatoes all wraped in foil and grilled. Delish!

  54. Tina S

    Love the yummy ideas here! Try slicing a banana in half the long way (leave in the peel), add mini marshmallows and chocolate chips and then close up the peel and wrap in foil and grill for a few minutes. The result is gooey goodness!

  55. Resa Moore

    My nephew grilled a couple of fabulous pizzas on my grill last summer and I am still thinking about how great they were. He is the grill king and I know he will be wanting to add this grill to his collection if I win it.

  56. Carla B.

    My husband and I would grill at every meal if it was possible! We love any kind of burger and are always trying new recipes; kabobs; and we just started doing pizzas. Grilling is my favorite way to prepare food! :)

  57. Cheryl K

    My favorite grilled item is a steak from the family farm…marinate for a day or so and it is superb. Or fresh salmon is good also…my husband fishes alot in the summer and we get spoiled on fresh salmon.

  58. Megan

    My Dad is king of the grill so it’s hard to choose the best! My favorite summertime grilled side dish though would probably be grilled peaches drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette! mmm-mmm-good!!

  59. Lacy

    The best thing I have ever eaten grilled is bacon(and on occasion use duck) wrapped jalenpos peppers stuffed with cream cheese.

  60. Megan C.

    I have two favorite things we’ve grilled. Oriental Salmon and sweet potatoes. I love the way sweet potatoes taste when you slice them in half and grill them. And you can’t beat grilled fish.

  61. Jamie

    Nothing better than a really good grilled burger =) My son is headed to college and is living in a rent house…he and his roommates would love this grill for some quick night meals.

  62. Brittaney Petersen

    My favorite is grilled peppers and pineapple slices placed atop a spicy sauced Hamburger! YUM!

  63. Christy

    My favorite thing in the whole world is grilled asparagus wrapped in grilled bacon…..mmm, yummy. Although, I haven’t had it in so long, we just moved and had to sell our grill. Would love to have one to grill with!! :D

  64. Nicole

    My family grills tritip beef and my dad has a special way of seasoning it, which he taught my husband. I’m salivating just thinking about it. Yum!

  65. Ali

    My favorite is my hubby’s grilled kielbasa basted with Ah So sauce. Sooo yummmy! I can’t wait for some this weekend!

  66. Lexie

    It is a toss-up between amazing sweet grilled pineapple and grilled corn-on-the-cob smothered in Mexican cheeses and topped with cayenne pepper. Yum! Now I am hungry. I wonder if we have any pineapple in the fridge…

  67. Katharine

    My favorite grilled food is tied between grilled corn on the cob with fresh lime juice and my step-dad’s chicken! Both are soooo good! Thanks!

  68. Sue Braithwaite

    I could not say what my favorite thing to grill is. I just love to grill I will grill just about anything. Food in general just taste so much better on the grill. When you work in side all day and to come home and fix dinner outside is just great. I would love to win the grill.

  69. Laura

    I love grilled Salmon!!! It reminds me of grillin out with my Uncle during the Summer in Washington State.

  70. Laura

    I love grill Salmon!!! It reminds me of grillin out with my Uncle during the Summer in Washington State.

  71. Danielle R.

    I have to say Grilled Corn on the Cob for me. Yummo!! :) It takes on a slight roasted flavor. I love it

  72. Lisa Nowak

    My annual (as it is far too expensive) New York Strip steak and teriyaki shrimp kebabs! Oh what a treat it is. Anything grilled is tastier, even pineapple, bell peppers, Vidalia onions and peaches.

  73. Mary

    corn on the cobb and bbq pork chops are my favorite foods that can be grilled!! so yummy!!! i so love summer!

  74. ashley perrigin

    grilled bread I know its sounds weird that I would choose that over a steak, but it is so good. Of course I am pregnant so anything sounds good to me :)

  75. Candy M

    The “best thing I ever ate” off the grill is grilled shrimp kabobs. We made them with a homemade marinade and they were DELICIOUS.

    papercandy (at) gmail (dot) com

  76. Rachael

    My husband is such a great cook! We call him the GRILL MASTER! I love when he makes grilled salmon with a tomato & butter dip! Mmmm! We would love a new grill set!

  77. Carla Hornsby

    The best thing ever is grilled fresh pineapple, dipped in coconut milk and sprinkled with either sugar and cinnamon or just brown sugar. OMG!!! Make ya eyes roll back in your head, especially if you have good old fashioned homemade ice cream from an old family recipe!!!

  78. Jeana O.

    I love grilled shrimp kabobs with peppers and pineapples. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and all the great fonts.

  79. Wanda Riddell

    My favorit grilled food is ribeye steaks that have been marinated and served with potatoes,onions,and sweet green peppers in a foil pouch. Yummm Great give away. I love your site.

  80. Deidre

    I love all things grilled! But I will say that one of my faves is grilled fruits: pineapple, limes, mangoes, plantains.

    Another fantastic grilled item is jalapenos! I like to use a little bit of the Harry & David charred pineapple salsa mixed with some FF cream cheese. *Party in the Mouth!*

  81. Kelly G in ATX

    It’s so simple, but my all time favorite thing off the grill is corn. Especially, super sweet corn, home grown in your own backyard or from a neighbor. You cook in the husk for about 20 minutes, then pull off the husk to put grill marks on the kernels for a minute or so and then slide a butter stick across and top it with some Tony Chachere’s creole seasoning…THAT, my friend, is grilling perfection!

  82. Carmen Barreto

    I love home-made grilled pizza! With figs and sweet onion with chutney sauce on whole wheat crust!!! So delicious, and so easy to make…plus, on a hot summer day you can enjoy pizza without having your oven at 425! It is win/win :)

  83. Jody

    My husband is responsible for Friday Night dinner. He usually grills something. It doesn’t matter what it is. I just know it’s better just because he fixed it and I didn’t have to. But my favorite is his Key Lime Chicken wings!

  84. Sarah Rowe

    I love fajitas. You have to grill flank steak right on the hickory in the grill. The meat is marinated in a beer mixture. You also marinate veggies, grill them, then use in the fajitas. Tender and good!

  85. Linda

    My favorite grilled food is pineapple, onion, green pepper, mushrooms and chicken on a skewer. I brush them lightly with EVOO and add a little seasoning mmmmm.
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  86. Maura

    My new favorite grilled item is…pizza! We have a great, simple dough recipe that holds up great on the grill and it’s awesome.

  87. Cat

    WOW! what a cool grill! honestly, Crisco has been a staple in my cabinet for many years.

    recently, my BIL grilled florida lobster tail we’d caught last year in the keys. YUM!

  88. Silvia

    Oh! I’m Argentine, so think about what I really like to grill? Yeah, ASADO (gaucho meat) with vegetables.
    Thank’s Amanda for share this with us!

  89. beepdave

    Grilled hamburgers can’t be beat, whether it be bleu cheese burgers or burgers topped with bacon and guacamole….YUM! Can’t wait for our festivities for the 4th. Is it bad that I want to grill NOW at 3:30 am??

  90. Judi V

    I would have to say my fave is the steaks my hubby grills which are fantastic, Alaska Salmon (yummo!!!) and the good ole fashioned burger – both my hubby and my 15 year old son make the best!! Thanks for the chance to win –

  91. Mandy

    My favorite grilled item is my Dad’s ribs! I’m not sure how he makes them but I can eat a whole plate of them (as in all the ones he made- ha)!:) Thanks Crisco and Kevin and Amanda for the giveaway!

  92. Cheri

    Love the grill – my favorite is chicken wings grilled to perfection – Your italian chicken sounds really good! I’m going to have to give it a try.

  93. Chris

    The best thing I’ve eaten grilled is my mom’s chicken skewers. It’s her secret recipe and she won’t let anyone know what’s in it(no matter how much they beg).

  94. Vi

    We had some BBQ chicken this past weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever thought to have bbq sauce on grilled chicken before. Simply amazing.

  95. Sharie Thompson

    This will be perfect to start our grilling season…our Oregon weather just hasn’t got things going yet. I would take this camping!
    My favorite thing on the grill has to be cheeseburgers with season salt, pepper & two cheeses (cheddar & provolone! YUM :) Oh, and the bun has to be grilled too! Have you tried corn on the cob…it’s good if the cook does it up right.
    Thanks again for sharing!

  96. Stacey

    We love grilled vegetables….all kinds but we love squash, brussel sprouts, mushrooms and asparagus.

  97. Debra

    My favorite item grilled is well……..anything on the grill! LOL I especially like steak and baked potatoes……………YUM

  98. Carolyn

    My favorite grilled food is my sister’s steak kabobs with onion and green pepper and of course my Dad’s pork steaks! I would love to win this grill to take on the road in our RV!!!

  99. Coretta Henderson

    My favorite grilled item is my dad’s BBQ chicken. He is deceased now but my siblings and I often have competitons to see whose chicken is most like daddy’s.

  100. Ingrid Rojas

    my favorite is grilled chicken marinated with mustard, simply delicious, and something is also grilled but it is strange are the delicious “mulitas” is tortilla grilled and crispy when we put cheese, guacamole, and pico de gallo, Mexican recipe! I hope to win this grill, mine is damaged thanks.


  101. Sharon

    I think the best thing I’ve eaten grilled is salmon brushed with butter, lightly seasoned, cooked very slow.

  102. Gail Bolander

    Oh my favorite grilled food? Yum!!!! Hamburger with mixed in blue cheese chunks grillin’ next to pineapple rounds and buns! All counts for one nice juicy, flavorful burger :)

  103. Tera

    Yum! My favorite food grilled is pizza! I love how it makes the crust perfectly crunchy on the bottom, but still soft and warm…what a great give-away!

  104. Brooke Ragsdale

    One of my family’s favorite things to grill is Zucchini and Squash. We drizzle olive oil and sprinkle with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. YUM! OK now I want some…

  105. Monica Betaque

    My step-dad is an excellent griller and I think my favorite are his cornish hens! I have great childhood memories of eating dinner outside during the summer.

  106. Lisa MacG

    Hello Amanda!! Well one of my husbands and I’s favorite summer meal is bbq’d chicken breasts with foiled peppers (all different colors, cooked in olive oil and spices),and foiled new potatoes (cooked in olive oil, lemon juice, chicken oxo cube and dill). This meal is not only delicious but really colorful–perfect summer meal. And the best part is……………hardley any mess–just gotta throw the foil packs in the garbage. Voila! Happy summer and 4th of July!! ~Lisa~

  107. Rebecca Smith

    I LOVE my husband’s grilled chicken topped with mozzarella and bacon. I could eat it every day :)

  108. Molly in MN

    I’ve never been able to duplicate it, but the local VFW’s around here have the BEST grilled porkchops (on a stick)….mmm, makes my mouth water thinking about it!

  109. Nicole White

    (Oops…forgot to leave my favorite meal!)

    My favorite grilled meal is DEFINETLY ANY KIND OF CHICKEN!! I dont eat beef so grilled chicken is a treat!! BBQ chicken is the BEST!!!

    YUMMMMM! I would LOVE to have a new grill! We have a BBQ outside that a stray kitty has made a home out of! So now we cant use it because we dont want kittay (DMAN) to be scared away!! This would be an awesome replacement!! Good luck to everyone and congrats to whom ever wins!! :)

  110. Nicole White

    YUMMMMM! I would LOVE to have a new grill! We have a BBQ outside that a stray kitty has made a home out of! So now we cant use it because we dont want kittay (DMAN) to be scared away!! This would be an awesome replacement!! Good luck to everyone and congrats to whom ever wins!! :)

  111. Tonya Holsey

    My favorite thing to grill is kabobs! My husband grills the best food… But his kabobs are to die for!

  112. Linda P

    My favorite is jumbo shrimp marinated in lime juice, minced garlic, salt and pepper for 10-15 minutes. Then you put them on the grill and a few minutes later you have a very happy mouth!

  113. Tina

    My husband grills the best burgers and brats around. Nobody can beat him at his steaks, either.

    Fun giveaway,

  114. Cyndi J

    The best thing I ever ate grilled was a turkey that my brother did on the charcoal grill….was absolutely delish and so moist!! Yumm

  115. Leslie

    My husband is a great griller. He grills me up zucchini, asparagus and any other veggie that I’m craving. He doesn’t like veggies but will still cook them for me! He makes a killer spicey BBQ burger, too. (We both eat those!)

  116. Katy Stone

    I LOVE grilled veggies- my fave is probably squash/zucchini with lemon juice, garlic pepper, and salt. simple, but oh, so yummy!

    also, asparagus and avocados- yummm.

  117. Jennie P

    I love grilling! My newest favorite thing to grill is pizza! The crust is so crunchy! I love it! I have learned that the limits are endless when it comes to grilling!

  118. Amy Hargrove

    The best thing ever is my mom’s ribs!! She makes them everytime we go home to visit. She is coming here for 4th of July so I know we will get to have some!!! Delish!!

  119. Katie Parrington

    What an amazing set! My favorite grilled item is fresh alaskan halibut. Mmm wrapped if foil melted in butter & the perfect seasoning. Makes my mouth water thinking about it.

  120. Kim

    The best thing I ever ate grilled (and it was cooked by someone else, not my usual fare) was fresh caught trout. It was amazing. Still think about it.

  121. Jan B

    What a great give-a-way! My favourite grilled item has to be my homemade veggie burgers, with grilled asparagus/peppers and pineapple! So yummy!

  122. Lisa Howell

    Best thing I’ve ever grilled…definitely filet mignon, can’t really mess that up though!! I just season with salt and pepper, the cut of beef does the rest! Oh Yea, has to be medium rare!!

  123. Candy

    My husband made the best burgers last week… onions, bacon, cheese… mmmm! :) We don’t eat burgers often but when we do , they are from the grill… I love them! :)

  124. Katie&Wags

    Ooo, ooo – I know the answer! Beef short ribs!

    There’s no correct answer? Oh. Well, if there was this recipe would have to be it. Surely…

    2lbs short beef ribs
    1/3 cup teriyaki sauce
    1 large clove garlic, crushed
    1 tsp sugar
    Hot pepper sauce to tadste (I like 2 tsp!)

    Score the ribs all over (cross ways and length ways) so that the marinade can really do it’s thang. Put ribs in large zip lock bag and tip in all other ingredients then shake, shake, shake (and remember all this exhaustive shaking and use it as justification for that extra short rib). Refridgerate for 4 hrs or more. Discard marinade and grill for 15 minutes or until brown and crispy with spatterings of delicious char-grilled blackened bits.

    I love eating this with grilled corn and these salty grilled potato slices my hubby makes. Yummo.

  125. Debra

    Yum! Visions of grilled entrees I could make on that giveaway are running throujgh my head. Fave grilling option, teriyaki chicken. Yum to the 10th power!!!!!

  126. Zindra Nelson

    The best thing I ever ate grilled – salmon at the annual Mens Garden Club Salmon BBQ (that my dad, and now my husband and kids are involved in). Each year the men grill salmon. We’ve tried to duplicate it and haven’t done it justice… and every August – I seriously look forward to it!!!!!

  127. Mercedes

    I love grilled sweet potato slices and also grilled pineapple! Really, any grilled veggie is good in my book :)

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  128. Sana Ali - California

    I LOvve Chicken Tikka and Beef Kabab , grillled to perfection…. :-) one can never get bored of grill… !!!

  129. Kimberly Morwitzer

    My dad recently made a new friend who happens to be from Thailand. He came over and cooked us dinner one night- I don’t know what it was called, but it was the best Asian chicken I have ever tasted!! And it was made so simply, all on a grill!

  130. mary elizabeth

    i made kabobs – mushrooms,pappers,tomoatoes and steak cubes – they were so good!! I also cooked corn in foil – what a greta dinner that was!!

    the other thing is what we call on our street “joe’s chicken” – pyrex dish on the grill with chicken breasts and kc masterpiece brown sugar sauce – cook 25 minutes and then slice breasts into chunks and cook 10 more minutes! DELICIOS!!!

  131. Amy

    Best thing I have ever eaten grilled…my Dad’s bbq chicken. Best thing that I have ever made for the grill and a close 2nd to the best thing eaten grilled…sweet & spicy garlic pineapple chicken kabobs. Yum!

  132. Gayle Broome

    Chicken marinated in “Cornell Sauce”, something my mother always made. The recipe was developed at Cornell University some years ago, she said. It is oil, lemom, garlic, accent, poultry seasoning, and salt and pepper…common ingredients, but delicious,

  133. Whitney Ward

    Hey Amanda! Well, I LOVE grilled pineapple, and recently tried grilling avocado prior to making guacamole, it was DELICIOUS!!!


  134. Barb

    I love anything grilled but my favorite thing is steak! Happy Fourth of July and thanks for the chance to win!

  135. Marcia Regina Tay

    I love the all time grilled chicken wings and sausages as well as the grilled fish (malaysian style)…

  136. Dana

    Oooh!!! I would LOVE this! My husband would freak out! He loves to grill and I think the best thing I have ever had grilled isn’t very original, but it is my favorite. Grilled corn on the cob with mayo and parmesan cheese. It’s crazy delicious. :)

  137. Donna Baker

    wow – what a giveaway! I think grilled veggies are the best thing I’ve ever grilled – large onions, zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant! yum

  138. lorina

    i love to eat grilled veggies – eggplant, zucchini, corn, tomatoes… just a little olive oil, salt & pepper – YUM!

  139. Stacey

    I loved grilled corn, but then you top it with mayo and parmesean cheese. I know…not healthy but delish!

  140. Cheryl Newton

    I’d have to go with the traditional burger, only because it always reminds me of the annual 4th of July party & BBQ I used to attend every year in San Diego, until moving to Utah. That used to be the only time I ate a grilled burger.

  141. martina Fegan

    I marinate either chicken or steak in any of the tastefully Simple barbeque sauces or their Honey Teriyaki sauce overnight and then grill. Yummy!

  142. Torri

    I love barbecue ribs on the grill! Rub ribs with a pork rub of your choice, start to grill, baste with your favorite barbecue sauce while grilling. Yum!

  143. Krystal

    Thank you for this awesome give-a-way Kevin and Amanda! I love TRI-TIP with a local seasoning! YUMMM <3

  144. Lisa

    I don’t really know how to grill anything!!! That’s why I need one. I did put some potatoes and onion in foil and on the grill one time!

  145. Bridget

    My favorite grilled recipe is japanese rice balls- sushi rice shaped in flower cut-outs, brushed w/ seasame oil and soy sauce over the grill.

  146. Destiny D.

    I am the mother of a seventeen year old boy, so my current favorite grilled food is a perfectly grilled all American hot dog. It would never be my choice, if given one, but when you want to get a teenager to open up, you have to meet them where they are. Suffice to say, I have also acquired a deep love for mall pizza!Hehe…

  147. Susie

    Our very favorite grilled item is PIZZA! We use 6-inch quarry tiles dusted with cornmeal on the grill. When you roll out the pizza dough roll it on the BACK side of a cookie sheet also dusted with quite a bit of cornmeal. Roll it just a hair smaller and in the shape of the tiles. Then transfer completed pizza to the HOT tiles using spatula’s. (takes two people!) Cover and grill away. YUM!

  148. Jaime

    I love grilled red potatoes. Cut them up and put them in tin foil with a little butter and garlic. Yum!

  149. Amanda

    the best thing that I have ever had on the grill is my husbands cheeseburgers that he makes special. He adds an egg to the hamburger! It makes the best, most juiciest hamburgers you’ve ever eaten. Definitely my fave!

  150. Stephanie

    I love grilled vegetables! We love making garlic toast and having it with bruschetta and veggies on top!!!

    Happy 4th of July :)

  151. Suzanne

    Ooo, pick me, pick me! My all-time favorite grilled items is chicken wings and legs, seasoned with garlic salt and lemon pepper. It’s slightly crispy on the outside, moist and juicy on the inside. Super side for it is grilled corn — just throw the whole unhusked ear on the grill, and it’s steams. The result is a smoky, tender ear of corn that is easier to shuck. Mmmm…

  152. Cortnie

    Well…I think I have to say that salmon is my most favorite thing to eat grilled. MMMMM. I hope I win!

  153. Diane M

    I love everything grilled. One of my favs is my dad’s slow roasted brisket and grilled peaches!

    Diane M

  154. Melissa Sands

    We grill out almost every day during the summer (helps to keep the house cooler). I love most anything grilled, but my favorite is anything I don’t have to cook! LOL! That would mean my hubby would be cooking for the night!

  155. Karen Seltrecht

    Sliced potatoes, zuccini and onion with butter (of course) My mouth is watering just thinking about it!!

  156. Angela

    My husband is an AWESOME griller. I love his steaks more than any restaurant. One of our most favorite things to grill besides steak is fresh veggies on the skewers. We also love to grill green peppers and onion for our burgers. Yummy!

  157. Teri S.

    What a great company to team up with…CRISCO! Amanda, you always offer the greaaatest giveaways! Is there anything, that isn’t better when it’s grilled??? I live in Utah where it can be 31 degrees or 101. We grill year round.

  158. Dionne Jewell

    The best thing I ever had on the grill was a special recipe for a marinade that my co-workers father made and basted it over chicken. It was the best grilled chicken I have ever had, still to this day, and that was over 10 years ago!

  159. MoniqueAnne

    My husband is a grillmaster, and anything he makes is delicious — my favorite is steak with our favorite bottle of wine.
    He would cry tears of joy if I won him this grill… thank you for the chance to win!

  160. Deanna Dean

    Pacific salmon….marinated in buddah (aka butter), brown shugah (aka sugar), a dash of liquid smoke and red pepper flakes. It is the BEST dish EVER!!!!!!!!

  161. Amy D.

    I would have to say grilled boudain. It is wrapped in foil sprayed with butter flavored non-stick cooking spray and sprinkled with Tony Chachere’s seasoning. This would be great to win!!!!

  162. Lisa H.

    A good steak and grilled orb zuchinni slices! It was all wonderful and a good way to end the day :-)

  163. Stephanie W

    My husband makes a wonderful grilled steak and also does a really good grilled chicken. It’s a toss up between those two.

  164. beulahmom

    Anything that comes off the grill is my favorite!!! :o) Whether it is meat or vegetables, grilling gives it such great flavor.

  165. Melissa

    My very most favorite thing to grill are skishkebabs with tons of fresh bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, pineapple, and chicken. Drizzled with a little garlic butter afterward, ahhhh…. I look forward to it every summer!

  166. Tracy

    Probably one of my hubby’s good hamburgers! He adds hickory chips to the fire & it gives them a great flavor!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!!

  167. Diana

    Beautiful grill! I love the classic burger on the grill. The taste of a grilled cheeseburger can’t be beat!

  168. Kelli

    Mmmm…Sanpete BBQ Turkey…the best thing ever! What an awesome giveaway, it would be nice to win!

  169. Leslie L.

    The best thing I have ever had grilled was my husband’s baby back ribs! It is my best everything!!

  170. Susan

    Grilled chicken marinated with italian dressing! YUM!! Corn on the cob is awesome grilled too! =)

  171. Mary

    Wow this would be so nice to win! My mom has been asking for a grill forever and her birthday is in a few weeks. I have been planning to buy her one but getting one for free is even better. By the way I LOVE cooking with Crisco olive oil spray! Its just like butter but better! By the way I absolutley love your website! -Mary

  172. Meredith

    Oh gosh, I think just about everything tastes better grilled: burgers, brats, pizza, veggies, meat for fajitas, etc. But if I had to pick a fave I might choose kebabs. I like the combo of meat/veggies!

  173. Stacey

    My favorite thing to grill during the summer are my husband’s hamburgers. The sauce he uses to marinate them is incredible and they are so juicy and flavorful! I love summer :)

  174. Joni

    I love my SIL grilled chicken and this looks like a prefect grill for them. His chicken is so full of favor and juicy. He refuses to tell anyone what if marinates it in but whatever it is it is the best.

  175. Valerie

    I just love steaks grilled, nothing fancy. I just love the juicyness of the steak that comes off a grill.


  176. Martha

    My favorite meal on the outdoor grill is Chicken breasts marinated in Italian dressing, then grilled to perfection along with fresh veggies that have been cooked/streamed in foil packets on the grill. Yum!

  177. peamissy

    The best grilled thing I am blessed to eat is my hubby’s chicken … it’s SO GOOD. His grill is showing some wear so I would love to win this! Good luck to all and thank you so much for the giveaway chance!

  178. Sara Y

    Mmm – I love anything grilled – because it is my hubby that does the grill cooking!
    My favorite is “screw dogs” They are a hot dog wrapped in a meatloaf mixture, then wrapped in bacon, then sweet BBQ sauce spread over them while grilling. YUM!

  179. Becky

    Grilled Pork,onion,& cherry tomato kabobs. Such a tasty combo for grilling out. (I cheat and buy mine already made at Krogers).

  180. JESSE

    We love grilling fresh mozzerella, procuitto, and basil pizzas on the grill for my two daughters. Our dogs Fozzie and Sweet Pete love them too and stake out by the grill just waiting for my husband to ‘accidently’ drop them some dinner too!:)

  181. Jessie Gray

    I love the Hamburgers my dad makes on the grill. He uses his “Secret Sauce” that he’ll only prepare when noone is watching. He says that whichever one of his darling children decides to take him in when he gets old and gray is the one that’ll get the recipe. We’re all fighting over who gets him ;)

  182. kate b

    My favorite thing to eat grilled is hotdogs grilled until they are a little charred. Weird huh.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  183. Lisa

    I love this marinated chicken recipe I found–it has orange juice, garlic, etc. in it. Fabulous! I also LOVE grilled pineapple! Thanks!

  184. Stephanie

    I had grilled lobster in Mazatlan, Mexico one time, and it was AMAZING! I also liked grilled bananas

  185. Jay & Rhonda

    Jay & I experimented with our shrimp scampi recipe and came up with the BEST ever for the grill! :) There’s something about the mixture of the grill, seasonings, olive oil & real butter … Totally the best ever of anything on the grill!!

    What a GREAT giveaway package! It would work wonderfully with our new camper!! (fingers & toes crossed)

  186. Heather H.

    My all-time favorite grilled item is grilled kabobs. I like the big chunks of marinated chicken or steak on a skewer with green and red bell peppers, onions and pineapples. The meat is so juicy and has that smoky flavor that I love! My mouth is watering as I type, so I think that will be my 4th of July specialty this year, lol!

  187. Ann

    Hi Amanda!

    I love to throw one of my cast iron pans on the grill beside the chicken and throw in some oil, a layer of onion, tomato with crushed garlic and fresh basil, lots of grated parmesan then a drizzle of olive oil. YUM!

    This is good on anything or just by itself.

  188. Amy W

    Oh there are too many things that I love grilled. My hubby and I don’t own a grill and this would be perfect timing! I LOVE grilled pineapple, grilled corn on the cob and grilled fish. Oh yummy!

  189. Nicole

    My favorite thing to grill is swordfish. Barefoot Contessa does a great recipe and you need a hot, hot grill to perfectly cook the swordfish.

  190. Holly P

    My favorite things to grill are corn on the cob sprinkled with chili powder or other seasonings, stuffed jalepeno peppers wrapped with bacon and all time favorite sliced seasoned potatoes with bacon and onions.

  191. Angela

    I la-la-LOVE our Rio Grill restaurant. They grill up every kind of delicious meat and veggies imaginable. Bacon wrapped seasoned steak? YES PLEASE. But I think I love a fresh pepper, onion, zucchini shishkabob best. Mmmm.

  192. Laurel A

    AHHHH! My husband and I registered for this grill when we got married and didn’t end up getting it. This would be so awesome!

  193. Dan Beverly

    I love kabobs and the best thing I ever ate was some chicken kabobs that I marinaded all day. Great giveaway!

  194. Angela H

    Hey I think this is a great giveaway! The best thing I ever ate grilled has to be 1″ thick Rib Eye Steaks with baked Potato and a crispy Ceasar’s salad!!! Fabulous!!

  195. Tara

    I love the simple stuff – grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and steak! I don’t need anything fancy because they are good all alone!!

  196. Sarah Kelly

    Fun Fun Summer giveaway!!! I love beer can chicken (well I use diet coke) but a whole chicken with the right seasoning and a can of cola up his hinny is really to die for!! ; )

  197. Joy Page Manuel

    My favorite grilled food is pork belly! In Filipino we call it ‘liempo’ (lee-yem-po). We normally season the pork belly slices in salt, pepper, minced garlic, a little bit of vinegar and soy sauce. After marination, it hits the grill and it’s perfect either by itself or eaten with rice!

  198. Allison F

    My husband grills 1 inch think pork chops for me and I love them. most people over cook them but he does a great job on the grill!

  199. Ginger

    My DH is the best bbq’er in the world (my humble opinion) and my most favorite thing is when he grills fish. My mouth is watering now just thinking of the halibut he is grilling for dinner tonight.

  200. Tammi

    The best thing I have ever ate grilled – Smoked Chicken marinated in a mustard sauce. Unfortunately, I was never able to get the recipe, but I have never forgotten it. It was beyond awesome! Thanks! This reminds me to try to find a similar recipe to try this summer.

  201. Tabitha

    AAAAGGGGHHH! I need this. Best thing I ever ate off the grill…corn! So yummy. I am not sure what spices they used but it was the best thing I’ve ever eaten!!!!

  202. Nancy Stoltenberg

    We LOVE our son-in-law’s barbecued ribs. He makes them every time we visit, and we can’t get enough of them!

  203. Sarah

    I can remember growing up eating the grilled chicken recipe that you mentioned in your posts! I used to request it on my birthday when I was a little girl! :) We love the grill in the summer! We enjoy anything from steaks, to chicken, but we are especially partial to shrimp lately!

  204. Katie B

    veggies, chicken, steak, homemade hamburgers…ANYTHING on a grill tastes better in my opinion and we are in dire need of one around here so i hope i win!!

  205. SchuCo Designs

    I would only be so lucky to win this wonderful grill! I love it best when my Man grills for me..then I get to stay out of the kitchen and patio! My all time favorite is his carne asada! Yum!

  206. Christy

    So cool of Crisco to offer this giveaway to all of us. I think my favorite grilled item is a big, fat juicy ribeye steak with asparagus on the side. I’m such a carnivore. :) Thanks Amanda!

  207. Jami Hardy

    I would have to say lemon pepper pork chops sprayed with a mixture of vinegar and honey. Every time you turn it over you slather the mixture on top of it and continue to grill. Done correctly, it is so moist and sweet and perfect. Mmmm……

  208. debe

    I wish I could say it was something exotic, but by far my favorite thing from the grill is one of my husband’s yummo steaks. He is the king of the grill. We generally add some grilled onions ans mushrooms for a topper!

  209. Marie/Mer

    I would love to win this grill. I haven’t had one for a few years now. The favorite thing I’ve had grilled was lobster tail…very easy and this makes them much more affordable that a restaurant.

  210. Erica & Pinot Grigio

    Ahh! Grilling is my most favorite thing EVER. Seriously. And we live in a condo so we can’t have a full blown grill so I’ve been missing out. But this would be PERFECT for us!

    I love everything grilled, seriously. Pineapple, chicken, hot dogs, ribs, burgers, anything. My husband knows how to make a mean, juicy bbq chicken breast! SO GOOD!

    I need to go find a grill now…mmm!

  211. Denise

    I have to be honest I never grill because it scares me a little. My husband does great hamburgers, but I want to branch out and start grilling chicken and veggies especially during the hot summer months.

  212. carol amie

    my current favorite is simple chicken breasts marinaded in Wegman’s Mojo flavoring and served up with some grilled fruit and veggies on the side. Easy (you can buy pre-marinaded chx in the meat aisle) and my kids (5, 3 and 2) will all eat it, too. Score! :P

  213. Elaine

    Grilled corn on the cob!

    We just threw out old portable grill out that we use when traveling in the motor home. This one would a perfect replacement!!!!!!!!!

  214. Beatriz G.

    My absolute fave grilled food is my sister in law’s salmon and veggies. Aluminum foil and butter never worked so great on the grill! SO so delish!

  215. Ciara

    My hubby makes a mean meal on the grill, consisting of steak, corn on the cob, and foil potatoes. YUM!

  216. Jenny H.

    My favorite all time thing to grill is chicken kabobs. You marinate the chicken over night in a mixture of ranch, olive oil, garlic and other spices. It is amazing. Then you thread it onto skewers w/ zucchini, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, red onions..whatever you want. Delicious!!!! :)

  217. Jessica G.

    I Live For My Crisco Nonstick Spray! When It Comes To Grilling, My Father-In-Law Makes THE BEST Grilled Salmon You’ll Ever Taste. It’s Tangy But Sweet At The Same Time, Nobody’s Salmon Even Compares!

  218. Mary Anne

    It’s a toss up between bacon wrapped scallops, or fresh Florida lobster or ribeyes with a dry coffee rub! Who could possibly choose from those three?!

  219. Jan N.

    I’m a simple girl – my favorite food to grill out is hamburgers and hot dogs! The All-American favorites!

  220. Karla

    Is there anything that isn’t good grilled? My favorite is probably grilled chicken…or burgers…or corn on the cob..or pineapple…yumm..If I have to keep it to one thing–it’s chicken.

  221. stephanie

    The best thing I’ve ever eaten grilled…hands down…Big Island of Hawaii — Fresh caugh Mahi Tuna with a Papaya Mango bbq glaze. It was DELISH!!! I’ve never tasted anything like it since.

  222. Jenn P.

    I love putting a little brown sugar and butter on peach halves and grilling them. Serve with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream, and you’ve got a fabulous grilled dessert!

  223. Dana S

    Awesome giveaway! My favorite grilled item is veggie and beef kabobs! yummy! or tons of veggies grilled for stuffed pitas with a little cheese and ranch sauce!

  224. Jehn

    The best thing I ever ate grilled were foil dinners, I know it isn’t very fancy but I love how you can cook it all at one time and the vegetables come out so delicious!!

  225. Denelle

    I’m not sure I could pick a favorite grilled item….salmon, filet, shrimp, fresh pineapple, peaches, asparagus. I could go on and on.

  226. From the Heart

    Oh how exciting! What a great giveaway!
    I love, love grilled mushrooms wrapped in baccon!!

  227. Cindy E.

    I actually love to grill zucchini slices and use them in place of lasagna noodles when I make lasagna. Yummy!

  228. Kelsey S

    Wow! There is so much that we grill. I guess I’m a big fan of most things that come off the grill, but I would say I used to really love eggs & bacon hobo-style in a bag. At a camp I worked at we grilled every week over open flame these crazy things that ended up soooooo good. Runner up would definitely be grilled corn-on-the-cob. So tasty!

  229. amanda b

    Sounds funny, but grilled bananas. And I’m not a huge banana fan, but grilled & drizzled with a bit of honey and fresh whipped cream, WOW! : ) PS What a slick looking grill! I’d love to win this!

  230. Kathy Esquerra

    Gotta love a grilled steak!
    Firewalker T-bone! Excellent…but you can ALMOST grill anything and it would be delicious :)

  231. Kristal Flynn

    What a great giveaway! My favorite grilling dish is my husbands Honey Chicken! It is so good and juicy! Yum!

  232. Kim L.

    Grilled chicken is my all-time fave! Grilled boneless, skinless can be cooked ahead and then used in salads and pastas later in the week. I also like to grill half chickens for company. Lots of good eatin!

  233. Elaine Kirby

    We love to grill salmon and put on some olive oil, then some artichoke hearts and some roasted red peppers=yummy!! Serve with rice and it’s super delish!

  234. Erin J.

    ANYTHING my grandfather grills! It could be just a piece of chicken or a steak. It is all delicious.

  235. Tana Eggleston

    It really doesn’t get much better than a thick, grilled steak. But I also love chicken, shishkabobs, hamburgers…pretty much anything. I use my grill year round…rain,sun,snow, it really doesn’t matter! The food is great, the clean up is easy!

  236. Katie Julius

    My husband and I recently discovered how delicious grilled corn-on-the-cob is! We leave a some of the husk on so it’s not blackened, but it still gets that smokey flavor. It’s SOOOO much better than when cooked in a bot on the stove!

  237. Heather

    What a great giveaway! My favorite grilled recipes is Marinated Grilled Tilapia! Sooo yummy! Even my 8 year old son says it’s his favorite food!

  238. Andrea

    That sounds exciting! our old grill just broke so it would be great to get a nice new one. I hope I win! My favorite thing grilled is chicken or steaks! yummy!

  239. paula.thequilter

    O the taste of a freshly caught trout grilled to perfection! Yum. It’s a combination of trout, cornmeal and heat.

  240. Lexi

    Oh so hard to pick just one! We always do our turkey for Thanksgiving on the grill basted with a mixture of Kalua and apricot jam. Mmmmm makes my mouth water. Sooo tasty and juicy.

  241. Laura Bye

    Seriously there is nOthIng that is not scrumptious coming from a grill! My son makes the yummiest blue cheese burgers (no wonder he got married so young-right)One of my new favorites is peaches on the grill it may sound a little wacko but it is delicious!! I don’t have a grill anymore so I wold soooo like to win :)

    1. Laura Bye

      oh and wold is also spelled “would” oops:/ and thanks spell check you always come through for me

  242. Tara

    My favorite grilled meal is shrimp and asparagus! Love the summer when we can break out the grill and use it for almost every meal. A nice thick juicy steak is always a winner too! Wait a second…I don’t think there’s anything cooked on the grill that I don’t love! What an awesome prize package!!

  243. Joni H

    Grilled Teri Burgers! YUM! Thanks, Crisco for your giveaway! And thank you, Amanda for a great blog!

  244. Candice

    It’s really hard to pick just ONE favorite thing to grill! I love grilled hamburgers, chicken, and veggies, though!

  245. Jenny

    The best thing I have ever eaten that was grilled was my husbands foil pack potatoes that he cooks on the grill!

  246. Demetria

    My all time favorite grilled food is HAMBURGERS… they are awesome especially with onion soup mix and real onions in them… YUMMY!!!!

    Thank you for the chance!
    createlms_dw2003 at yahoo dot com

  247. Tori Close

    Our favorite thing to grill in the summer is lean chicken breasts, slathered in my homemade bbq sauce, then sliced into 1″ chunks to put over a nice big salad. Throw on some grilled pineapple, and you have a wonderful summer meal! :)

    Thanks for the chance to enter this fun giveaway!

  248. heidi

    it’s hard to narrow down the yummy grilled food’s i’ve had but one is grilled pineapple with brown sugar on top. my hubby does it, and I don’t know all that he puts on it, but it’s so good!

  249. Sabrina Berry

    I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Grilled sirloin burgers topped with Tillamook cheddar cheese, accompanied with grilled corn on the cob, and grilled summer squash seasoned with fresh chopped herbs and olive oil. Always a crowd pleaser!

  250. Rachelle

    I grill a lot, but the one grilled dinner I remember being SO good was some shrimp we did. That was over 14 years ago!

  251. DK Brittain

    EVERYTHING tastes better hot off the grill…Besides Turkey Burgers, BBQ Chicken, Potatoes, Asparagus, Hot Dogs and Shishkebabs…..Grilled Pizza of course…….oh yay!!!!!

  252. deborah

    I prepare Buffalo Shrimp like Buffalo Chicken Wings, but instead of deep-frying, I place the shrimp on the grill, then serve with celery and blue cheese dressing! Everyone luvs Buffalo Shrimp, on the grill!

  253. Patty D.

    I LOVE grilled veggies. Potatoes, onions, squash, anything! Whatever we get from our CSA that week, I love grilling them all up with a bunch of delicious spices.

  254. Chelsea A

    I just tried grilled peaches and they were DIVINE! My favorite new thing to grill is fish. I’m not a huge fish fan (well, I WASN’T) but due to some recent dietary changes, I find myself actually enjoying it! Grilled tilapia and halibut are on the menu for this week, topped with a light fruity salsa and a savory homemade salsa.

  255. kellie

    I think everything tastes better on the grill! I love grilling pineapple slices and putting brown sugar on top! I love packets of veggies with chicken in aluminum foil too. Man suddenly I am starving!