Digital Scrapbooking Blog Giveaway Grand Prize

I know you guys are excited to find out the winners of the weekend giveaway challenge… Here they are!! :)

October Blog Giveaway Winners

blog giveaway winner

blog giveaway winner
Congratulations Natalie and Katie! :)


November blog giveaway winners

blog giveaway winner

blog giveaway winner
Congratulations Irene and Meghan! :)


Grand Prize Winner

There were a *TON* of refers from all your blog posts and tweets!! Thanks so much for getting the word out there!! :) The winner of the grand prize of *both* kits for the most refers is…

grand prize blog giveaway winner

Congratulations Debbie!!! :)


Blog Giveaway Winner

We didn’t get 800 comments but we got very close!! And almost 600 comments is *definitely* a new record so… As a “thank you for making this giveaway SO fun” … We decided to draw one more winner! :) This lucky winner will receive a copy of BOTH the October and the November kits! :)

And the winner is…

grand prize blog giveaway winner

Congratulations Jenny!!! :)

Thanks so much to everyone for making this such a fun giveaway! :) We’ll get that 800 next time! ;)

Congratulations again to all the winners! You should be getting an email from Crystal soon… Keep an eye on that inbox!! ;)

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8 Responses
  1. Ashley A

    Awww man. I wish I’d have seen this! I could have been at least one more comment closer to your goal! I just subscribed to your Twitter. Next time you go for lots of comments I’ll be more in the know and able to add my comment and tweet you! Heck. I can go tweet you just to tweet you right now anyways! You give away enough free fonts for it to be a prize enough for me! :) Thanks for all you do Amanda! I love reading your blogs and I love all of your fonts. I don’t know anyone who DOESN’T love your fonts!

  2. Jenny

    Thank you thank you thank you!! I can’t believe I won both kits!! I’m so excited. I love Crystal’s kits, they are my favorite =)

  3. debbie wyler

    i’m so excited! thank you! and can i just tell you how jealous i am of your scrapbook room. that is truly amazing!

  4. Diane

    Amanda, Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! Which camera did you use? It is awesome that you have a park that gorgeous near your home…Miley and Howie sure love being outdoors too! I wanted to jump right in the water it looked so inviting! Diane

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