Why I Love My Vacuum Cleaner (Giveaway!)

Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

This is our new robot helper around the house, whom we’ve affectionately named Mr. MagNeato. He’s the Neato XV-21 Robot Vacuum cleaner, and he sucks up dirt and dust like a magnet! We added the Boston Terrier sticker ourselves, but personally I think they should come standard. Don’t you? ;)

Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

1. Vacuum Lines.

Nothing brightens up a room like vacuum lines! I love the Neato because it doesn’t just bounce around the house haphazardly. It uses a laser to scan the room first and map the best, most efficient route before getting to work. The route changes every time it vacuums, so it’s sure to hit every nook and cranny. The Neato knows where it’s been and where it hasn’t, so it won’t miss a spot. As it vacuums, the sensor continues to scan, enabling the robot to navigate furniture, walls, stairs or Miley and Howie.

Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

2. Powerful

The Neato XV-21 is specially designed for pet owners and allergy sufferers. I am amazed at how powerful the suction is! It doesn’t just push trash on the floor around. It picks it up! I was afraid it wouldn’t work as well as a regular vacuum cleaner, but I am amazed at how clean our carpets look. We did the old vacuum comparison test: We first vacuumed with our regular vacuum cleaner, then set the Neato to work while we put our feet up and relaxed. Look at what all the Neato picked up that our other vacuum left behind! This little compartment needs to be emptied after every use, but it’s so easy to just grab it and dump the dirt in the trash — so much easier than large, fumbly canisters or bags, and you know you’re starting with a clean slate before every single vacuum.

Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

3. Schedule

You can schedule the Neato to vacuum for you whenever you want — when you’re at work, at the grocery store, or even while you sleep. Put your feet up and relax while Neato does the work! :) (He is just as loud as a regular vacuum cleaner though, so we don’t generally run him while we’re watching TV. :)) Last minute company coming over? Let Neato do the floors while you take care of the bathrooms. He works great on my tile floor as well! Neato can easily maneuver small obstacles such as rugs and door frames, so no need to “babysit” him. I have our Neato scheduled to run at night while we sleep, so we wake up to freshly vacuumed carpets in the morning.

My floors actually look like this all the time now, and all I have to do is press a button!

4. Value

The Neato XV-21 retails for $429.99. I kind of balked at the price at first, until I thought about it. There are several other extremely popular vacuum cleaners on the market right now that retail for upwards of $500-$600. And they don’t do the vacuuming for you! With the Neato, you don’t have to haul out a heavy machine. You don’t have to push it around every single room in your house. You don’t have to wind up the cord and put it away.

The only vacuuming work you’ll ever do from now is press a button.

Neato XV-21 on Amazon.


The Giveaway

I love my Neato vacuum cleaner, and I’m so thrilled to be able to share a giveaway with you today!

If you’re on Facebook, come check us out here! :)


  • To be entered to win a Neato XV-21 Robot Vacuum cleaner of your very own, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. What’s the first thing you clean when company is coming over?
  • Contest ends Sunday, August 26 at 8 pm CST. One entry per person, please. Winner must have a US mailing address. Winner will be chosen by and notified by email.
  • The kind folks at Neato sent me one of their machines to review, and I’m so happy to share my personal, honest experience with you guys. Giveaway graciously provided by Neato Robotics.

Time’s Up!

The winner of the Neato XV-21 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Giveaway is:

#615 Denise Lane: Vacumn living room…black chow/mix. After that I head for the bathrooms.

Congrats Denise! I’ve sent you an email! :)


Good luck!!! :)

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2,023 Responses
  1. Andrea T

    Oh my gosh, looks amazing! We could certainly use something like to clean up the dust bunnies & kitty fur that my poor husband is allergic to. Thanks for the amazing giveaway! – Andrea

  2. jeny tyler

    My whole first floor. The hardwoods are ALWAYS covered with grass clipping and leaves that my sweet , but low to the ground pup brings in with her. I always try to sweep (with a broom!) before company comes over. Great giveaway!

  3. Amy

    I clean the living room first followed closely by the bathroom. It seems like company always has to pee! :)

  4. Sarah

    First thing, bathrooms. Last thing, CARPETS!! I HATE to vacuum!! This would be a welcome addition to my household, for sure!!

  5. Holly

    The living room! I pick up the couch pillows that we’ve tossed on the floor and then fold up the blankets we used the night before. Next I spend ten minutes picking up the poly-fill stuffing from the dog toys our girls so lovingly tear apart and finally I throw all those toys into the basket in the back room. Oh, and I pray no one wants to leave that room because I haven’t bothered to tidy any other areas! (:

  6. Kim J.

    It’s a draw…..typically between the kitchen and the living room. This vacuum would be a great addition and our cats would probably freak out!! Tx for the chance.

  7. Guerrina

    After dusting, I do the bathrooms first (easiest) followed by kitchen & floors! That way any airborn dust has time to settle on the floors to be whisked away!

  8. Laura D

    THE BATHROOMS! That is the FIRST thing to get cleaned before company coming over! A dirty bathroom is the worst thing…

  9. Marilyn Gomez

    The first thing I clean when company is coming over is the kitchen..then its the bathroom. I love this Neato thing, what a timesaver this could be for us! Thanks for sharing!

  10. sandyb

    My bathroom is the first thing that I clean when company is coming. I would love one of these cleaners. We jsut got a long haired kitten and this would be wonderful.

    Thank you.

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  11. Brooke

    It’s always floors first because my house is ALWAYS covered in dog hair from my lab babies! Great giveaway!!

  12. Matt

    The first thing is to wash any dishes in the sink and take out the garbage! I would love this vacuum… How convenient!

  13. Kati

    first thing I do is pick up the floors! I was surprised to see hom much more it picked up AFTER you vacuumed, IMPRESSIVE! thanks for the opportunity.

  14. Jamie

    What an awesome machine! I need three of these for my SUPER shedding golden retriever – Miss Murphi!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  15. Elizabeth Smith

    The downstairs bathroom! I don’t want anyone to go into a dirty bathroom in my house; it’s gross! I can’t stand “grody” bathrooms. The rest of my house (except the kitchen) can be dusty, but the bathroom HAS to be clean!

  16. Laura V

    I always clean the kitchen and the bathroom first! Now if that little vacuum could do the floors while I did the kitchen and bathroom, I’d be set! :)

  17. AliC

    I always clean the kitchen first because usually it takes the longest and everyone tends to hang out in there when we have company.

  18. Renatta Saunders

    The first thing I clean when I have company on the way is my living room. Got to make sure everything is tidy and in it’s proper place.

  19. Dawn

    The first thing people see when they walk in is the family room, so I start with that first. Then I clean the guest bathroom and kitchen. It would be great to have a Neato running around vacuuming while I clean other areas!

  20. Melony Fielder

    I always straighten up my living room and entry way since that’s the first thing they will see! Would love to win this fabulous vacuum! Sounds like just what I need! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  21. Lisa B

    I clean the handprints left on everything first. It would be great to have the floors cleaned while I work on something else.

  22. Ashley

    Sweet giveaway!!!!! I must have the kitchen and living room looking clean! I save the main floor powder room for last, so if I don’t get to it, I just pretend I need to use the restroom and give it a quick wipedown with cleaning supplies I keep under the sink! Yikes! If only they knew….

  23. DeniseG

    The floor– I’ve got an 8 month old and two high-shed dogs. Between the toys, crumbs, and endless dog hair…it’s always floors first. After that, wipe down the kitchen counters and make sure the sink is empty. For some reason, a clean sink makes my whole house feel cleaner.

  24. Bridgette

    The bathrooms….three teenagers girls with crazy thick long hair is terrible for bathroom floors (and the shower tiles when they leave the hair there to get it off their hands).

  25. Cynthia Lazalde

    I love cooking for people, so when anybody usually comes over, the kitchen is the first thing that gets clean. The next thing is definitely the living room.

  26. Kathron Griffin

    Because our living room is the first room that guests enter, that’s the room that we clean first. With a sweet, shaggy dog and dark carpet, we always need to get rid of dog hair! This little genius of a vacuum would really get lots of use in our home!

  27. Laura

    Entryway & living room are the first to get cleaned & the dog hair is the worst part! Thanks for the giveaway I’m sure it would change my world! :-)

  28. Michelle

    The first thing I clean when company is coming over is the living room! it’s the first room you walk into. Then I hit the kitchen, because food will always be involved :) Thanks for hosting this great giveaway! my vacuum cleaner just died :( and i need one w/ power for the pups hairs.

  29. Juliana Walters

    I always wipe down my kitchen counters first. I figure I will be using them if someone is going to come over.

  30. Bree

    Would LOVE this!! I have 3 busy little girls and would love to spend more time with them and less time vacuuming! :) Thanks!!

  31. Esther

    I always start with the kitchen — nothing gives a better impression than cleared and shiny counters. Then it’s on to the living room to vacuum up all the crumbs from my toddler’s snacking. Setting one of these vacuum cleaners to work would help out so much!

  32. SchuCo Designs

    I always do the dishes first! Then vacuum, this is so cool!! I hope this is the lucky comment of the day! Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. Niki

    I clean the kitchen & bathroom first, the order changes depending on which needs it more. My living room is usually last b/c it 1. only needs tidying up usually and 2. I like to do it last to make sure that I don’t have to clean up the pet hair twice.

  34. Jami J

    I start by vacuuming the tumbleweeds of dog hair throughout the house. It is amazing how much one dog can shed! I then move on to the main bathroom which is primarily used by my nine year old twin daughters. Need I say more? :)

  35. Cindy Butler

    When company is coming I usually start by cleaning the kitchen. My In-laws have a robot vacuum cleaner and love it.

  36. Carolyn

    The hardwood floors and rugs. There is always cat hair floating around that must go before company walks in the front door. :-)

  37. Lindsay J

    The countertops in the kitchen. And get everything off the floor in the family room. And WOW! that vacuum is amazing!!!

  38. Angi D.

    We have to vacuum up all the dog hair and dust that settles into our carpets! There’s dust throughout our entire home all year long due to the gravel that’s ground up over the winter, and it just collects.

  39. Lynne

    I always declutter first, and put the excess in tubs under the bed, and in closets. I have been known to cram things in the oven on occasion!

  40. Janeen

    If it is a short visit, I do the kitchen first since you see it right when you walk in the door. If the stay is longer, I tackle the guest bathroom to make sure it gets done. I hate sweeping so I vacuum every floor in our house, whether it is wood, tile, or carpet. This vacuum sounds amazing! I would love to welcome one into our home :)

  41. Andrea

    First thing I clean is the living room then bathrooms and kitchen! Always looking for a good vacuum with the animal hair.

  42. Aly K

    The first thing I do when company is coming into town is clean the kitchen. It’s in the center of the house so it has to be sparkling since there’s no avoiding it when company is over.

  43. Jennie McLeod

    The first thing I do when company is coming over is vacuum the living room! When the floors look freshly vacuumed people tend to think the whole house is clean!

  44. Tina

    I quickly de-clutter kitchen counters and make sure the bathroom is in good order, then spruce up as time allows. The vacuum looks wonderful…thanks for the chance!

  45. Alice Maisano

    OMG I love the Neato!!! I love vacuum lines on my carpet! I would also LOVE less dog hair. My two dogs leave quite a trail around the house LOL. The first think I clean when company comes is the kitchen! Our kitchen is attached to our family room and I like to get it sparkly before company comes.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  46. Laurie

    Definitely make sure the toilet(s) are clean, then wipe down the bathroom and kitchen counters and, third, pick up the clutter. How great it would be to have the Neato! Thanks for the chance!

  47. Traci

    First I throw all of the toys from my 4 year, 2 year, & 6 month old that I am constantly stepping over in the living room into one of the kids bedrooms…close the door & DONE! Then if I have time, I clean toilets & bathroom countertops. OH & plug in my Scentsy to mask the smell of dog & poopy diapers. LOL!

    Hope I win…this could make my life a lot easier!

  48. Caitlin

    I always scrub the toilet. Always. It’s the one thing that can always be cleaned again, and it’s the most likely to gross someone out!

  49. Joan Pratt

    The sun room. It gets the most traffic & has a slider to the deck so dirt is always coming in and out!

  50. Jeanne

    Hmm.. It probably should be the living room or kitchen, but clearing the dining room table motivates me to for all the rest. Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. Amy Dawson

    Always make sure to clean the KITCHEN first !!!! Aka, the hubb of our house… oh yeah baby, keepin’ it real here… no one wants to see dishes stacked or crumbs all over the counter…

  52. Shannon Pitton

    We have two black labs and tile floors- so I vacuum! Then I tidy up the main living area and bathrooms. I have considered getting one of these nifty vacuums but they are quite pricy. I have also heard they are worth every penny though!

  53. Shelby

    We have the Roomba, but I really don’t like it. It doesn’t work very well on carpets and our evil cats like to block the sensors to keep in the rooms that aren’t carpeted so it gets into other rooms and usually we have to conduct a Roomba hunt. I would be very curious about the differences with this robot. It would be so nice to have one that did well on carpet! They just need to invent one that travels down stairs and I would be so happy!

  54. Laurie York

    Oh! We need one of these SO badly! My poor dog suffers from horrible allergies and I’ll bet this would help him immensely! When I clean for guests, I usually clear all the tables first, and then vacuum. :)

  55. AlanH

    The floors! It makes the rest of the house look much cleaner when the floors are clean. Especially with the pups tracking in loose dirt.

  56. Kathy

    I would love to have one of these—-First thing I clean before company is the bathroom—always seems to be hair all over the place–then the living room–dog takes care of the crumbs in the kitchen

  57. Beverly

    I always clean the bathroom first! Doors to other rooms can always be closed and personally, I think most kitchens look like they’ve been “used” so people expect some type of mess and my living room never gets cluttered or dirty. I know I hate using someone’s dirty bathroom so I wouldn’t want to subject anyone to mine! :D

  58. kimberly/tippytoes

    The floors! I read somewhere that seeing lines on carpets makes people think a house is clean, even if tables are dusty and rooms aren’t totally straightened up, so I always try to make sure carpets look like we just vacuumed.

  59. Cassie Sue

    With two kids and two dogs this things looks amazing, I feel like vacuuming is a neverending task around here.

  60. Cassandra

    The first thing I clean when company is coming over is the bathroom or the living room. This is such an awesome giveaway!

  61. Brittaney

    What a great giveaway! The first thing I clean before company comes over is the kitchen. The last thing I clean is the carpet because I, too, love vacuum lines!

  62. Nancy S

    What an awesome creation ! The first thing I clean is my kitchen since its the very first thing my guest will see when they come over.

  63. Julie

    I always do a quick pick up and vacuum the family and living rooms. However the kitchen is the heart beat of our home so that gets a quick clean over.

  64. Jodi

    Thanks so much for the giveaway. The first thing I clean is the floors. With two dogs and two cats and a 3 year old, they are by far the easiest way to make the house look fresh. I would love to have one of these. Thanks.

  65. Ana Burrows

    The bathroom!! For some reason, I think I have to have a sparkling bathroom for company because they’ll judge me based on that!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. Bailee K

    Having a short-notice get-together happens often at our house, so an empty sink and running dishwasher is always good! Who wants to see someone else’s crusty dishes? But I must say vacuum lines make my heart go pitter-patter! And boy, does that Neato look tough or what?

  67. Jill Free

    NEATO!!! Move over honey this little hero is super! It’s logical, methodical and doesn’t complain!!! Thanks for the opportunity Amanda!

  68. April Southers

    Counters first… then bathrooms… then floor. Clutter gone, potty clean, and vacuum lines always make the house feel cleaner!!! :)

  69. Jessica

    I always clean the kitchen first, as that’s where everyone hangs out. To win this would be a serious blessing, as our vacuum just died, and I now have 3 children…and my husband is heading back to work tomorrow! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  70. Sharon R

    Definitely the floors! With two very active poodles, it’s a must.
    Then the bathrooms, where luckily I’m a little obsessive with, so all I ever need there is a quick touch up:-)

  71. Kristy

    The living room and dining room floors. I have 3 dogs and a cat, and too often there are tumbleweeds of animal hair floating around. Not cool for guests to see!

  72. Katrina

    The first thing I clean when company is coming over is always the bathroom! Then I work on the living room since it’s the first room you walk into in our home.

  73. Heather Michelle

    I clean the living room first, since that’s where company will be hanging out! And then the kitchen, so we have dishes.

  74. Kelly

    Making sure there are no ‘nasties’ in the bathroom and dishes piled up in the sink are the first chores. Just keeping the house ‘junk pile’ free helps make the other stuff easier. love the doggie sticker. I will put one on mine too. (if i win)

  75. Rochelle

    It’s usually the kitchen island because there’s always so much piled on there! The thought of letting the Neato do the vacuuming while I get the other things done sounds awesome – and what a luxury to wake up every morning with vacuumed carperts – that would be the best!

  76. Aggie

    I always feel the need to vacuum first when people come over. It’s my favorite chore – instant satisfaction :)
    What a great product! Thanks for the giveaway!

  77. Chrissy

    I dust! Especially the dining room table and living room coffee tables. Sure there is cat hair on the couch and dog hair on the floor but at least no one will write their name in the dust :) Plus with this handy little Neato, it could vacuum WHILE I dust!

  78. Stacey

    I always, always, always clean the kitchen first! It’s where everyone gathers and if there’s a clean kitchen, I can enjoy my company.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win an incredible vacuum! With 2 kids, a dog and cat (husband too!), I am forever cleaning the floors!!!

  79. Quinn

    I always dust first and this usually only consists of the downstairs- our bedrooms are upstairs so I just bank on no one going up there :). Then I tackle the floors. This vacuum looks amazing!

  80. Brandy

    I always clean the kitchen first thing. It seems to be the messiest. I would love to use this vacuum on my hardwood floors that are always dusty. Thanks!

  81. Cody

    First thing I clean is my bathroom. I am really OCD when it comes to that room. I guess cause when I was little my mother never cleaned our bathroom so it was icky.

  82. Kristi Kirk

    I would say it is the floors. I have three cats and they all shed! Thanks for the chance to win one of these. I have always wondered how well they worked.

  83. Cathy Putman

    I always clean the living room first, it’s what everyone sees when they walk through the front door!

  84. Sonya Zagoraki

    Cool vacumn! Just what we need!! I do a quick pick , straighten up run through of living, dining and kitxhen. Then vacumn/swiffer, windex bathroom, then dust.

  85. April O.

    I always vacuum all the floors first. I hate having dirty floors for company! I would love love love this for our house since we have pets and a lot of carpet.

  86. Melanie

    I always start with the living room but since it’s one big room with the kitchen, I can’t stop there.

  87. Dawn

    I always vacuum the downstairs first (I have a handsome sheltie boy, Brody so I vacuum frequently), wipe down the kitchen, and clean the guest bathroom!

  88. Susan fennell

    I usually clean the kitchen first and vacuum last..this machine sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  89. Shannon

    My kitchen, the rest of my house is usually pretty clean, but there is always a dish or three in the sink!

  90. Aimee B.

    The first thing I clean is the living room since it’s the first room you walk into. My little cavalier NEEDS a Mr. Neato!!!!

  91. Jennifer Fredericks

    The first thing I clean is the bathroom for sure! With three kids, you just never know what you might find in there…. :/ LOL! The Neato sounds AMAZING- thanks so much for the chance to win!

  92. Deb K

    We have 4 teenagers , a golden retriever, chihuahua/jack russel mix, a cat and we foster kittens from our local shelter to socialize them. I usually clean from the top down so the vacuum (central vac which I hate) will pick up all the dust etc that falls from cleaning everything else. Bathrooms and kitchen then vacuuming last. I would love to have one those vacuums to cut down on the dirt and pet hair. I just can’t vacuum as often as necessary but with this vac it can work while I’m at work!

  93. Omi

    Thanks for the give-away!! This would be wonderful at my house since there are 6 of us, plus 1 Great Dane and a Lab mix!! The first thing I rush to clean is the bathroom, since they are generally left in a mess by the two little ones – ages 4 and 6. Then off to the kitchen since everyone tends to gather there.

  94. KimberlyAnn H.

    I start dusting everything, everywhere. Then head to the kitchen and rest of the house and end with vacuuming. But if I won this I could start the Neato up FIRST and save myself a half hour or more at the end.

  95. Laurie Ann Phinney

    It’s a toss up around our house Amanda – The vacuum always comes out right away though – Big, Clunky, Unyeilding and it tips over a lot…Smiles… I would LOVE to win this compact dirt and hair buster – With 2 cats and a small dog, we have our share, and, Neato would fit under most of our furniture so it could capture the hideaway dust and hair bunnies.
    Thank You For the Opportunity to Win!
    Scritches to Miley and Howie!
    Hugs From Laurie

  96. michelle

    ohhh def. the bathroom, then living room. I have long hair and I feel like i’m always shedding! lol Come on ladies, I know i’m not the only one with this issue lol.

  97. Janalyne

    The floors always get vacuumed for company coming…my doggie sheds a ton and it can always use more vacuuming!

  98. Carolyn

    Thanks for the review! I have wondered how well these work and now I know! I always start with the kitchen first. Thanks for a chance to win!

  99. Denise

    Living room first, that’s the first thing they’ll see, and often the only place they’ll be. Then bathrooms. That vacuum truly IS neato!

  100. CourtneyG

    The kitchen is the first room I will clean if someone is coming over. But I would love for my vaccumn to be doing the work while I clean the kitchen. Thanks for the chance!!

  101. Elizabeth

    Awesome giveaway! The first thing my husband and I clean when company is coming over is the kitchen! There’s always some sprucing up that needs to be done in there :)

  102. Susan

    Dog hair fuzz balls that have accumulated on our wooden floors are the first things to go when company is coming!

  103. shanna g

    I clean the stove, then sweep and m,op the downstairs. I throw any clutter in the e laundry and then hit the bathrooms. And call it a wrap and enjoy my guests

  104. Sarah

    Well I have three boys in my house, so the bathrooms are definitely first, but shortly after that, I’m all about cleaning the floors! And the only time we ever make beds is if company comes over, so that usually gets done somewhere down the line! :) Would love to win!

  105. Briana Fisher

    The first thing I clean when company is coming over is my kitchen – particularly the sink! Vacuuming is a close second! I’d love one of these! I have two cats, two kids and a dog! :)

  106. Karen

    The first thing I do is clear all surfaces like tables, kitchen counters, etc…so that at least our house doesn’t look too messy.

  107. Jeannette Jones

    What an awesome opportunity. I always want to dust and vaccum before the guests come. Fortunately, since I have to work full time, my dear husband is good to keep our bathrooms (especially the guest one) ready for company. If I won the Neato (and what a cool name!) I could vacuum while I was at work! Yea!
    Love your website/blog. Great photos of your pooches. I love pets too. We have a kittie we rescued from the cold several years ago. She’s our furry kid. :) The cat hair is sometimes a bit much, and the Neato would be neat to catch it! (like a mouse trying to hide!!) haha!
    Thanks for a wonderful opportunity!

  108. Lindsay

    I clean the living room first! A quick toy pickup and then vacuum lines it is! I totally feel like vacuum lines give off the impression that our house is much cleaner than it is! Shhhh! Don’t tell our guests! ;)

  109. Paige

    Oh this looks awesome! I would start that puppy up in my dining room where my dog comes in the back door with leaves, dirt etc. attached to him. Oh it would be so nice to not have to lug out the huge vacuum just to clean a small area that gets dirty constantly.

  110. Andrea

    I usually do a rush to pick up all of my kids toys off of the floor when someone is coming over! Then it’s on to the hubby’s piles of paper :).

  111. Jenn@eatcakefordinner

    The first thing I clean depends on what company is coming over. If it is my in-laws and they are coming over with the two babies, then I vacuum first, because I know we will be down on the carpet playing with them. If it is anyone else, I make sure the dishes are done since my kitchen is open to my front room.

  112. Anne Catherine Robbins

    The first thing I HAVE to clean is the hallway floors…dog hair tumbles down the hall like tumbleweed…there is NO HIDING it!!!

  113. Kristy Ellingburg

    We have small group meetings at our house on Sunday nights. So, I really focus more on the living room and bathroom when I’m in a complete hurry. I could really use this vacuum! Between my 3 kids (10, 7, and 6 months) it’s hard to get everything done!

  114. Claudette Schlieman

    I LOVE this amazing little robot!! I’m looking forward to watching the little thing zip around my house.

  115. Morgan B.

    I usually clean the living room first since it’s usually where we spend the most time with guests. Bathrooms are a close second! This vacuum would be fanastic in our home! Thanks for a great giveaway! :)

  116. Sarah

    I clean the counters and dust before hauling out the vaccuum to suck up the dog hair from our always-shedding beagle.

  117. Amy

    I have always wanted a robotic vacuum. Thanks for the info on how well it works.

    When company is coming, I always head to my boy’s bathroom to wipe down the toilet. I hope I don’t need to do a deep clean, but wiping down that darn toilet used by three boys is a must. I then move to the bar in the kitchen where we usually congregate and clean off any clutter and wipe it down. Then on to the living room…..

    Love your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  118. cathy

    The first thing i would clean would be the bathroom. I would love to come home from work after a 12 hour day and find the floors clean, especially with a large dog and two kids. What a great idea.

  119. donna t

    I clean whatever is in front of me when company is coming. It’s a mad dash around each room to pick up and then VACUUM because I have a Shiba Inu and she constantly sheds!

  120. Jody Rollins

    The first thing I clean when company comes over is general pick up of toys or other things lying around the house, followed by the bathroom. Vacuuming is always the last thing I do as a finishing touch. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway :-)

  121. Tricia

    This vacuum looks amazing! The first thing that I clean is the living room. I too love the look of straight lines on the carpet, and it gives such a nice first impression when people walk through my front door.

  122. Sara

    I always make sure the living room and kitchen are clean. I could so use this vacuum with 2 cats and a dog! My floor is always furry!

  123. Carrie Butler

    I always clean the kitchen first, because it really is the heart of the home. Gets me motivated to clean the rest!

  124. Junji Miyazawa

    We have two dogs as well, and I always start by getting the vacuum out and cleaning the bedroom. It’s the cleanest room and I work up to the dirtiest, the kitchen. Thanks for the awesome post, crossing my fingers!

  125. Shae

    I always clean the family room first. Even though it’s at the back of the house it’s where the company always ends up. This vacuum would definitely simplify my life!

  126. Lisa Stanton

    I clean the kitchen and living room area first!
    This giveaway is awesome! I didn’t think I could get excited about a vacuum, but with four dogs, I could sure give this one a workout.

  127. Sherrie

    Absolutely the first thing I do when we have company coming over is to clean up dog hair. We seem to have an abundance of furballs, being we have a St Bernard. No kidding. Texas tumbleweeds!

  128. Amanda

    All the shoes by the front door have to be cleaned up so guest can get in the door. Kitchen is cleaned too! Vacuuming always makes the house look like it is cleaner.

  129. Kim

    I am a vacuum addict! I have 3 Dysons. I have never heard of this vacuum but it looks amazing. I have four animals, and it sounds like this does a great job. Thanks for a great blog. Vacuuming is always what I make sure and do if I have company coming over.

  130. Maria

    I make sure there are no dishes in the sink, then a quick pick up of all the toys scattered around! Thanks for sponsoring such a great giveaway!

  131. Kelly Buck

    The first spot is definitely the area rug in our front room. I love the color but it shows every bit of dog hair/cat hair/two boy crumbs!

  132. Carlie

    I ALWAYS clean the kitchen and the bathrooms first. We have two corgis, so fur is EVERYWHERE all the time. I’ve heard great things about these vacuums.

  133. Bridget Haig

    Picking up all the things that don’t belong in the living room. I have my daughter clean the bathroom, it’s hers anyway. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  134. Cherie

    The first thing I clean when company is coming over is my living room. Kids toys are always all over it.

  135. Michelle H

    The bathroom! Having 1 man and 1 boy in the house does not make for a pleasant bathroom so it is definitely the first to be cleaned!

  136. doreen

    toss up between vacuum and clean the bathroom. W/ 2 dogs and 1 cat, I neeeeeeed this!! My boys will be your new best friend if we win ;)

  137. Cara

    The first things I clean when people are coming over are the clutter and the toys!! Then I have a clear space to work with!

  138. Sharon Jezewski

    I always start at the back of the house, and work towards the front. This looks really cool! I love your website. Hope I win.

  139. Leslie

    With four growing kids who seem to eat 24/7, the kitchen gets it first! This little cleaner would run non-stop in my kitchen.

  140. Tabatha

    I am so in love with that vacuum! Crossing my fingers right now! I always clean my entryway, dining room and living room before company. We have the same color carpet that you have in all of those rooms, as well as 2 long haired black shedding cats and a 3 year old daughter with asthma and allergies (the cats are very old, so they are keepers!) Vacuuming happens almost every other day, and I’m the only one who does it…this would be a dream come true! :)

  141. Natalie

    I usually start with the tabletops and hb hits the kitchen. Since we both work a lot of hours and we have a teenage boy at home plus 4 cats, the house usually looks like a tornado hit. We excel at crisis cleaning. I’ve been dreaming about a robotic vacuum for a couple of years and this is just the model I was looking at recently. So cool to see a great recommendation for it.

  142. Erica

    This would be great for my house since I have such a varied schedule ! I definitely come home sometimes and know I NEED to vacuum but the energy it takes to do it sometimes at 11pm I just don’t have it!

  143. Nancy S

    I want this !!!! Wow what a great invention I must say… I have 2 young children and I have to vacuum every day Uughh thi would be a lifesaver. I always clean the living room since thy is where the biggest mess of toys is at!!

  144. Tara Reid

    When company is coming over, I quickly throw everything in the bedroom. Seriously. Then vacuum really quick. It’s true, there is nothing better than fresh vacuum lines to make a room look clean. Having a Neato would be divine!

  145. Kimberly

    I always make sure there is no hair on the bathroom sink! And then I vacuum the living room, since that is where we usually hang out. :)

  146. Jesus

    My wife always makes me clean and air freshen the bathroom- drives me nuts more then often no1 goes to the bathroom!!

  147. Nicole

    Oh my goodness! I move the fastest when company is coming over~ and I head straight to the bathroom first!!! Thank you for sharing your love for this vacuum and for the giveaway!!! Happy cleaning!!!

  148. Nancy

    The very first thing I clean is my living room because that is where we will be spending most of the time- you are so right all you woul have to do it push a button while I clean other stuff

  149. Lauren B

    The first thing I clean when company is coming is the dining room table, it’s the first thing you see when you walk in our house, and we are usually feeding our guests, so it is essential for company. Then of course I do a quick pick up all over and wipe down the bathrooms.
    I would love to win the neato! Our house is constantly in need a good vaccuming, and this would make life so much easier!

  150. Meghan

    i actually just moved into my very first apartment today! i haven’t had any company yet so i’m not sure how to answer.. but now i’m running around like a mad woman trying to get everything unpacked and organized! of course, i had to take a break to check out some of my favorite blogs!

  151. Stephanie A.

    Can I just say the downstairs? I have 9 kids and downstairs always has stray shoes and socks or crumbs that need to be taken care of.

  152. sharleen

    The first thing I would do is to run over to my daughter’s home. She and her husband really wanted one of these. They have a baby and two cats.

  153. JoBe T.

    The living room. I have five cats ( I know, I know!) They tend to leave enough hair to make up another cat if I don’t vacuum everyday. Don’t want my friends leaving with unexpected fur coats!

  154. Kristy

    The first thing I clean when having company is the living room carpet and hardwood floor. Tho dog hair shows easily here on the dark rug and floor. The whole room glows when the floors are clean.

  155. Sheila

    The first thing I clean is that papertrap of a dining room table! Great giveaway (crosses fingers to win!)

  156. Tamra

    I clean the living room first which always includes vacuuming. I love the way carpet feels when it has been freshly vacuumed!

  157. Megan O.

    I clean the living room first by stashing away any old newspapers, advertisements, etc. that have collected on our coffee table. Then I just give the room a quick vacuum!

  158. Olga

    When company is in the way the first thing I vac is my living room & dining room. We have 3 dogs so always something to clean. Especially since my dining room rug is mostly black & every lilttle speck of dust shows instantly. This type of vac would definitely be a huge HELP!

  159. Chris

    I do greyhound rescue so with 3 dogs the first thing I must do is vacuum the floors because of all the dog hair. I love my dogs and don’t mind their hair on the floor. Just wish I had more time.

  160. Jessica Brown

    The first thing I clean is my living room because it’s the first area company sees when I open my front door.

  161. robyn

    Dusting is always the 1st thing, and sometimes the last too…life in the desert!

    Thank you for a wonderful giveaway –


  162. Vickie

    Definitely the bathroom. People like to freshen up a bit first before they actually visit……i find. Would love to win.

  163. Melissa B

    MY FLOORS! It is the only chore I really enjoy! Once my floors are clean it feels like my whole house is clean. With running my 10 yr old twins to activities and working full-time it doesn’t leave as much time for cleaning my floors as often so I would LOVE LOVE to win!

  164. Kim

    The first thing I clean when company is coming over is the entryway. There is a small desk and chair there, as well as coat closet. If we keep it tidy, it is a welcoming spot (ie. holding area) for our guests. This vacuum looks pretty awesome!

  165. Majdah

    Yikes! Guest coming over? Starts from the door they walk in and all the way to the living room. With one dog that sheds like crazy, it’s a must to make sure the house smells clean and looks clean!

  166. Jennifer

    First thing I do when company is coming over is the kitchen.. mainly dishes! I hate dirty dishes in the sink if people are coming over. :-)

  167. Shasta

    Wow this is amazing. I would love to have a vacuum cleaner that does all the work! I would start with the family room, since it gets the most use.

  168. Carla

    The kitchen. It is the first room most people come in and the room the gets dirty the fastest – seldom is there not a dirty dish or a pile of mail on the counters.

  169. Meghan F

    I usually do the bathrooms first so I can get the worst job out of the way! This would be amazing to clean my dog hair covered floors! I love my dogs but they shed like crazy! Thanks for the giveaway!

  170. Taryn

    I clean the dining room first. 1)It’s the easiest to hit. 2)More than likely, company is coming over to eat. 3)It’s the central room in my house. My cleaning can branch outward from there.

    As a working mom, this vacuum would be SO handy in my life!

  171. Stacy

    I’ll clear the clutter from the table tops and straighten the couch pillows and blankets. Even if I can’t vacuum, it still looks a whole lot better. We have 4 cats, and always have at least 2 foster cats, so the vacuuming gets to be a lot. We have to run it everyday to keep up with it, but it takes too much energy after a long day at work! Although, instead of keeping it for myself, I would donate it to the group that we foster with and have it be used as an item at our auction for next year.

  172. Renee

    Hi Amanda!! I also have two BTs so I “try” to vacuum every day! When we have company I start with the bathroom and kitchen first, then the living room! The rest of our living space is upstairs, so I let those rooms slide unless our guests are staying overnight!! Thank you for sharing!!

  173. Jeannette

    I always keep our bathroom clean, so I have to say that the kitchen is my number one thing to make sure is clean when company is coming. Cuz that’s the first thing you see when you walk in the door and usually where most company hangs out. :) The robot is so very cool! I used to have a Roomba years ago, and it gave out on me. I would love more than anything to have another one, does it do wood? Off to check facebook and read up about it! :)

  174. Kristina

    The kitchen and family room. It’s one big room so both have to be picked up and tidied before company.

  175. Heather Mayberry

    i always go to the bathrooms first. kitchen is last since i’m usually cooking. i saw two boston terriers to day while i was running and thought of you :)

  176. TaraObrien

    when company’s coming, I clear off and wipe down our countertops to a shiny finish. super cool vacuum!

  177. brittany wilkinson

    with 4 small kids and a puppy……….I’m always tidying up the toys……could sure use a little machine to help me out!

  178. Courtney Carlson

    My main floor is very open, so pretty much – the whole are needs a quick tidy. Hope I win this awesome appliance!

  179. Stephanie Brocious

    The first thing that I clean when company comes over is the front room and the bathroom. Heaven forbid that someone see a dirty toilet! Eww!

  180. Kristi

    the living room…or the kitchen kinda depends on the day. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t get much company

  181. Angela H

    I clean the living room first, and take out the trash in the house. So gross to have a full trash can.

  182. Juridy

    The first thing I clean is the guest bathroom! Then, I pay attention to the rest of the house, especially the living room.

  183. MaryEllen Briseno

    First thing is the kitchen….and since the floor is carpeted the vacuum would really come in handy. Love your site and thanks for the give-away.

  184. Melissa

    I clean the living room first – must be dusted & vaccuumed & everything put in its place! The bathroom is next! :)

  185. Katie

    I clean the counters in the kitchen because it’s the first thing people see and since we have a small kitchen, it can get overwhelming quickly! (Then I clean the equally small and easy to look like a bomb exploded living room.)

  186. Wini Bell

    I clean the bathrooms first. I leave the floors for last sothey look fresh for company.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  187. Anne

    I start with the entry-way and living room as that is where people first enter.
    My sister-in-law has a vacuum similar to yours and she loves hers as well. She is often telling me I should get one. I would love it for the kitchen floor which seems to be in constant need of vacuuming due to the dog and children. Thank you so much for the give-away!

  188. Sally

    I always clean the living room first. It’s where company spends most of their time. I pick up in the kitchen too, but then I just shut doors. lol

  189. Mary

    Oh man, this would be SO handy in my new apartment. My roommate and I have 3 cats! I’d say the first thing I clean would be countertops, or any sort of clutter. I’m generally a clean person, so maybe just a general tidying up. Laundry perhaps? Haha I tend to clean a lot!

  190. Julie

    The 1st thing I clean when company is coming is the kitchen counter tops. Next I pull out my (very heavy) Dyson vacuum and sweep up the floors downstairs. I could so use one of these nifty little vacuum cleaners!

  191. Amy

    I always clean the baseboards first! Not sure why. I think it’s because I feel I neglect them otherwise and it’s my motivation to clean them thoroughly!

  192. Chio T

    I always clean the living room first because that’s the room the guests spend a majority of their time in!

  193. Maria Leticia

    I always clean the living room but with Neato XV-21 Robot Vacuum cleaner I would be able to clean the entire downstairs before the visits arrive!

  194. Heidi

    I usually touch up the bathroom and then vacuum the hardwood floors first because the cat and dog fur ball up and roll around like tumbleweed!

  195. Kristin

    That vacuum looks great! I am putting it on my wish list! Whenever I have company, I always clean the living room first, as that is where a lot of our clutter tends to accumulate with a toddler around.

  196. Heidi

    I usually touch up the bathroom and then vacuum the hardwood floors because the cat and dog fur seem to roll around like tumbleweed!

  197. PJ the Great

    I usually cleam up the living room, and then get one of my siblings to do the vaccuming, since it’s one of my least favorite jobs. A pre-programed vacuum would be soooooo nice!

  198. Marci Johnson

    When company is coming over the first things I do is- ahem- vacuum and then straighten pillows amd check the bathrooms for fresh towels.

  199. Jill B.

    I clean the entry and living room first because that’s what the guests will see. With five kids and a dog, it sure can get messy fast!

  200. susan

    What an awesome giveaway! Does anyone REALLY Like to vacuum? I’d love to have it for my bathroom – how can I lose so much hair and not be bald? THanks!

  201. Starla

    I came to your site looking for some letter font and am going away with info about a terrific vacuum! I always tackle bathrooms first b/c I hate cleaning the bathroom. But there’s always vacuuming and dusting to be done too! To be perfectly honest, I’m not a big fan of cleaning the house! This “Neato” is exactly that……….neato!!!! P.S. Love your Bostons. I live with a 12 year old Boston named Oscar who is kind enough to share “his” house with me and my family! Love your site. Will definately return! Thanks.

  202. Babette Shedd

    I have been wanting a robot type of vaccum for years. I have two dogs one of which is my corgi Scarlett who shedds all the time. I can brush a hairball as big as my mini dashund Fudge everyday off of Scarlett. I never seem to have clean floors except for the day I clean because we are so busy and on the go. This vaccum would be a god send.


    Thinking with my two greyhounds and my two Boston Terriers, this vacuum could probably find some dog hair in my house- that and the fuzz balls that always lurk in the corners! Loved the pics of the pups playing with the ball in the backyard. Thanks for the giveaway!

  204. deveney jensen

    I hope this is the lucky post! I would love this vacuum! I always do the floors first, then a quick general pick up/wipe down(I have a 4 yr old and 3 month old-so little fingers get “stuff” everywhere!). I totally feel like my house looks pretty clean if my floors are clean, thanks for the giveaway!

  205. Rita D

    I usually do what my mother always dubbed “the flight of the bumblebee” when I know company is coming. The bathrooms and kitchen are the first to be cleaned followed closely by vacuuming the entire house….two white dogs + burgundy carpet (don’t judge it was in the hose when we bought it and I’m suffering through it at the moment) = my carpets look dirty all the time.

  206. Nicky H

    It’s a toss up between vacuuming up the dog hair and the kitchen counters. ;)
    If it works as well as you say it works, then I’m in!! ;)

  207. Annie

    At our house we have to first pick up all the toys and then do a quick scrub of the bathroom. Everything else is just a bonus at that point. This vacuum would help a lot!

  208. jill

    I try to speed-clean before anyone comes over – kitchen, toilets, living room, wash windows, then vaccuum. luckily i have a small house, so i can get this all done in about an hour!! this sure would save time on the vaccuuming side!

  209. Nancy Clark

    The first thing I clean is the entryway and living room. With a Golden Retriever and a long haired white cat, those little tumbleweeds of hair are constantly rolling around!

  210. Patty

    Always start with bathrooms..everything above floor gets done first. Before mopping I sweep all debris onto hall carpet. Here’s where Neato would really come in handy. Plus, we have 3 dogs…always lots of fur!

  211. Jessica Haefele

    Hair, hair, hair! With two long haired cats and a golden retriever, we have to de-hair everything! That vacuum would do wonders for our animal filled house! :)

  212. Tammy

    The bathrooms must be clean! Clutter especially on the kitchen counters gets picked up next.
    This vacuum would be so appreciated!

  213. Jen Klosterman

    When company is coming I always start in the kitchen first and then start in the living room. We tend to let mail pile up and other odds and ends. Then of course we tackle cleaning the floors!

  214. Ada in Coastal Cali

    Well-obviously like most the bathroom. And I like to leave a soft scented candle lit in there too…just because. And oddly enough I scour my kitchen sink, I like a bright clean sink to wash hands or stack dishes for,after, since guest are over, dishes wait!

    Too fun, totally need this!!

  215. jules p

    the first thing I clean or make sure is clean, is the bathroom. Even if someone is dropping my kid off, they might want to use the bathroom (or they always want to use the bathroom-I should say).

  216. Margaret

    I clean the kitchen first, because most people come in the back into the kitchen, then the Living Room and finally the bathroom.

  217. Jessica R

    The first thing I clean is my bathroom because it seems to get neglected because it’s my least favorite to clean. Thanks for the opp! ;)

  218. Crystal

    We have 2 labs, so cleaning the floor is a must! Also, I would hate to have dirty dishes in the sink. Thanks for the giveaway!

  219. Trisha

    The vacuum would be so perfect for my home. With a dog and a cat, I feel like I ALWAYS need to vacuum with a newborn baby. BUT with a newborn, there isn’t much time to do stuff around the house. This vacuum would be a LifeSaver is checking one of the “TO DO” items off of my list.

    The first thing that I clean when company is coming over is living room/dining room. Our home has a very open floor plan and with this being the 1st rooms when walking into the house, it tends to be the catcher for mail, keys, gym clothes, etc. Then its definitely the bathrooms.

    Now…back to cleaning as my inlaws will be visiting to see the baby :) Thank you Neato and Amanda for a great giveaway!!

  220. Rachelle Goldhammer

    The floors are always first with tile and wood floors – it’s hard to stay on top of them all the time!

  221. Caitlyn

    The first thing I clean when company is coming over is my kitchen! My priority is the countertops. They need to be wiped down and the dishes need to be out of the sink and dish rack.

  222. Amanda

    We have two inside dogs also, but they are BIG and I sure would love this! Oh, not to mention the dirt from my four kids.

  223. Emmy

    The first thing I clean in my little one-bedroom apartment is, naturally, the living area. It’s what everyone will see first! There’s so much carpet, though. It would be great to have one of those little guys.

  224. emily miller

    Ahh that vacuum looks amazing!! I always pick up clothes and clean the kitchen and then get the vacuum out. Hope I get picked :)

  225. rosalind

    dust :) our house opens up into our living room/ dining room/ kitchen (it’s all open) so hurry around with the swiffers clearing up all the dust :)

  226. Kim Eisenhard

    Bathrooms, then floors. And I absolutely hate to vacuum. This would be awesome. My husband would thank you too as I normally pawn off the vacuuming to him.

  227. BridgetSoup

    The first thing I clean is the kitchen! No matter the occasion or where I have things set up…. everyone always ends up in the kitchen! :)

  228. John

    My wife would go nuts over this. She constantly vacuums, especially when she knows people are coming over.

  229. Darcy