When Howie Attacks

So, this is pretty much how Howie spends his weekend afternoons.

Towards the end, he gets tired and just can’t keep his balance.


Happy Tuesday!

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45 Responses
  1. Sandra Henderson

    Loved to see your Boston’s. Wonder how old are they. with all that energy, they must be young. I have two Boston’s also and believe you should always have two for companionship etc. My two are named Jack and Daniel (brothers) after their Dad who was somewhat fond of Jack Daniel !!! I have had Boston’s for years, they are wonderful and full time intertainment. (Bonnie & Clyde, brother/sister and Ben & Jerry, brothers)
    Keep the camera handy. I’d love to see more.

  2. Suzanne Shepherd

    Your doggies are such characters. They are like little wind-up toys with springs in their legs, LOL. This video and todays’ post are just great! I like the swamp monster post, too. I need to get something on my blog about my Aussies playing. Neighbors come to the park where my hubby exercises them just to see Calder jump for the Frisbie. It’s a great thing to have such fun (and funny) pets.

  3. Lauren W

    ok, I know I’m late to the party, but I’m just seeing this as I have discovered your fabulous blog recently and I loved this video!! I have never had a dog in my life and just got my own boston terrier recently, a girl I named Roux (being from new orleans I couldn’t help it with the name LOL)- so fun to see the grown up versions being just as funny and sweet as she is!

  4. Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride

    So cute!!!

    I just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful fonts!! I used one of them on the re-design of my website, and love it!!! :)

  5. Carolyn L.

    I love Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs. I can’t wait to get out my apartment and get a house so we can have a yard for puppies! Yours are adorable.

  6. Tricia Richner

    Oh gosh. That’s funny, but towards the end I started feeling a little sorry for the poor guy. . .can’t even stand up.

  7. Kristyn

    My goodness, he’s so cute!! I love how he just gave up at the end and let the water run on him (and how Miley was just innocently trying to get a drink while he was attacking the water faucet). My baby would never do it, shih-tzu’s are pretty particular little critters. Thanks for sharing, I love your Howie & Miley photos and videos!

  8. bec

    hahaha! this is great. one more reason to love dogs (and animals.) i once heard someone tell me a story about a person who wanted to get a dog. the person, looking for a suggestion asked their friend what kind of dog she should get; the friend answered, “well, what kind of dog do you want to entertain?”

    thanks for the video!

  9. Ron Watson

    I wish everyone’s life was as fun and perfect as yours seems to be.I know in reality it’s not but you make it look easy.Thank you for that, and I really enjoy your photos and recipes.Especially the dogs.And the recipes.

  10. Dalis

    oh, so that is how you bathe them… LOL!!! btw. the funny thing is that the still frame pic that comes in the RSS looks like miley is giving howie a lift… LOL!!!

    — dalis

  11. Mari

    hehehe! omg that is way too cute! we have a puppy but he’s still scared to jump :/ but one day i’m sure he’ll pretend to be a jumping bean too! :)

  12. Jennifer Camplin

    Poor dog tried to keep it up.. sweet at end tired out.

    other dog nah, stick to stay on ground do easy way.

    thank for sharing the video.

  13. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    LOL…I love how he gives up at the end and does the “lazy dog” stance where the legs are sticking out on the ground!

  14. Carolyn

    I need to know how you keep them clean in the house. I love the swamp monsters post, but I would NEVER let my dogs do that because I know the horrendous mess my house would be! Please share your dog cleaning tricks ASAP so my doggies can enjoy the puddles without a neurotic mommy melt down :)

  15. Southern Gal

    That’s cute. I’ve never had dogs that like water. They would always run the other direction when they hear it running!

  16. Chere Mortensen

    What fun! My sweet Lab used to carry the sprinkler around the back yard. She’s is a little elderly now and watches the water go by. Howie and Miley always bring a smile to my heart.

  17. Jenny in Wellington, NZ

    Daft wee dog.. he’s hilarious :) Such a star as well !

    How’d you manage to keep so quiet filming that? :)

  18. Marilyn C.

    Too cute! My Samson (Jack Russell/Rat Terrier) lives to to play with the waterhose. We go thru a baby swimming pool every year. Thanks for the sweet video.

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