Successful Weekend Before Christmas Shopping!

This weekend Kev and I finally managed to tackle the rest of our Christmas shopping. Whew! Nothing like waiting until the weekend before Christmas to hit Target and Walmart! :) That’s okay though… I absolutely love Christmas shopping. Somehow we ended up going to Best Buy twice in one day.

Christmas Shopping

Check out this Sugar Cookie Eggnog Kevin found at Kroger. Now, before we go any further, let me just put this out there. Normally I am not a fan of eggnog.

That might be putting it mildly.

I can’t stand to be in the same room with eggnog. But I have to admit, Sugar Cookie Eggnog intrigued even me. After we got it home, I gave it a few suspicious sniffs and bravely decided I would live if I took a sip. With a glass of water nearby for backup. Thankfully, I survived the experience, and was totally impressed! It tastes like a milkshake. But not a melted milkshake. Because that would be gross. This eggnog is seriously fun. And Kevin likes it too. I could definitely get on board with this eggnog! :)

Christmas Shopping

Who knew Godiva had chocolate scented candles?? Heaven!

I’m a huge sucker for the candle aisle at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Love it when I find a huge Yankee Candle jar for $5. Yesterday I absent-mindedly walked right past a huge display of candles and Kevin practically gasped on sight. In my defense, I was distracted by another candle display. When I should’ve perhaps been shopping for, you know, other people on my list?

Christmas Shopping

Milk Chocolate Truffle, anyone?

Christmas Shopping

Last weekend we picked up some candy canes for the tree. When I saw these non-traditional candy canes at Walmart in fun, classic candy flavors I just couldn’t resist! Here we have Strawberry Starburst, Hershey’s Mint Chocolate, Spree & Jolly Rancher flavored candy canes.

Christmas Shopping

They’ve been mysteriously disappearing from the tree all week…

Christmas Shopping

Oh my gosh this smells incredible! This one stopped me in my tracks. Like sweet pancakes topped with butter & syrup. Love it! Found this at Ulta when I should’ve been shopping for stocking stuffers…

Christmas Shopping

Ever since I saw Jenny’s fabulous new creation, Hot Chocolate Cupcakes, I’ve been dying to make them. How fun would it be to stuff these Peppermint Oreos (found at Walmart) in the center, à la Jenny’s Fluffer Oreo Cupcakes?

Christmas Shopping

They even have tiny, crushed flecks of peppermint candy canes mixed in the creme filling. Totally delish!

Christmas Shopping

I think I’ll stuff a few of those cupcakes with one of these, too. :)

Christmas Shopping

Oh, what’s that hiding behind the York Peppermint Patties?

Did you guess a new candle? Yes, I need help. Thank you for your concern. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

This buttery, ultra delicious oatmeal cookie candle from Walmart is divine! They even have them in Scentsy-style bars. How fun would those be for stocking stuffers?? :)

Christmas Shopping

Impulse buy time! Do you remember those extremely soft and delicious sugar cookies that Chips Ahoy or Keebler or somebody used to have that were filled with rich, gooey chocolate? Man, those things were so good. Does anyone else remember? They stopped making them years ago. Cookie companies? Can you bring those back? Pretty please? I check every time I’m in the grocery store. Thank you.

These were not as good as my mystery childhood cookies, btw. Drat. Still, it’s a cookie stuffed with chocolate, so it’s not a total loss. But I’m thinking I’m going to have to give these Chocolate Ganache Stuffed Cookies a try next, don’t you?

Christmas Shopping

Target had one of my favorite lotions on sale this weekend, and I couldn’t pass up this new Raspberry Gelato scent! I’m not normally a huge fan of the fruity scents, but I loved this sweet raspberry and sugary vanilla flavor.

Christmas Shopping

I’ve been in serious need of a new pair of shoes! I’ve been looking for an ultra comfy, cozy, and warm pair of winter shoes that I can easily slip on and off. I wasn’t even planning on buying shoes last night, though. I was headed to the Apple store. But when I saw these cute, fur-trimmed Uggs in the window next door, I immediately turned around and went in.

Christmas Shopping
Photo via Kevin. Used with permission. Credit required per photographer’s demands.

Talk about ultra comfy! I bought them on the spot. I was wearing some pretty comfy tennis shoes at the time, but after shopping all day my feet were pretty tired. After trying these on, my feet felt like I was walking on a cloud. I wanted to change into them immediately!

Howie will not leave them alone, though. He thinks they are the most interesting shoes on the entire planet. What’s up with that, little monster??

Christmas Shopping

My final indulgence of the day. I am in love with knee-high boot socks. I wear them all the time in the winter, even if I’m not wearing boots. So warm! Target had them on sale this weekend in tons of cute colors and patterns for $2 a pair. Love them!

Merry Christmas, friends! What are you giving for Christmas this year? What do you hope to get? Less than one week til Christmas!! :)

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56 Responses
  1. angela

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of your legs/Uggs in front of the tree!! What a great picture! Merry Christmas Amanda! I read every one of your posts…though I need to get better at commenting!

  2. Sugar Mama

    I got a pair of those Ugg slippers for my b’day in the dark chocolate. I’m wearing them as I type and I don’t take them off unless I’m sleeping. They ARE amazing!

  3. Sarah Kala

    I’ve read a couple of your posts. I swear half of them are all about the treats you ate ;) And the other half mention a cupcake at least twice.

  4. shortie

    We have a Thymes chocolate/lemon candle, and although it isn’t really smelly when lit, when unlit, it smells DIVINE. So, we keep it in a closet for a nice whiff of delicious whenever we open the door!

  5. Amanda

    Thanks for all the inspriation this year! Because of your blog, I have fallen in love with cupcakes again. I even decided to have cupcakes as my wedding favors in June (thanks to your blog on the disney cupcakes in individual cases). Thanks again

  6. Angela L.

    I am giving one of the Wal-Mart BH&G wax warmers with the scentsy-type bars to absolutely every woman on my list! And the oatmeal cookie was paired with a good number of them, but I also love the warm gingerbread one…and for Christmas the pine scented bar. Two little cubes of wax fill my whole house with yum!

  7. elizabeth

    i just have to say that you crack me up!!! those cupcakes, cookies and candy just about did me in…then to see that you like the same UGG slippers i do…but you got them first…boo hoo.

    i am afraid i would eat all the york peppermint patties before they were used in the recipe. i have a package of mint oreos in my kitchen drawer. actually i had two packages, but one mysteriously disappeared.

    p.s. i have a b. t. also she’s 13 going on 2!!!

  8. Kimberly

    OMG! I cracked up when I saw this post…I discovered those Candy Cane Twist Tops like a month ago and am in love! Oh yes, in love. My intention was to get the mint Oreos but these were cheaper by like a dollar so I said “what the heck, let’s try them”. What a surprise! I’ve never seen or heard of them and have asked a few people and they hadn’t either so maybe they are new? Needless to say, another package of them is now stashed in our freezer for after the holidays. =) Delish!

  9. Tammy

    hmmmmmmm, I wonder if the stores here in Canada have that, Sugar Cookie Eggnog, probably not. I cannot stand the taste of eggnog either, but wouldl definately try this.
    And those shoes are very cute!

  10. Sylvia

    Ok, I used to “like” candles but because of your posts I’m now in “love” with them. After your post a few weeks ago I decided to check out the hazelnut cream flavor at Walmart. Divine!! Walmart seriously rocks in the candle department. I just picked up the scensy style bars thingy in Candy Cane. Yum!! My house smells like the North Pole toy shop right now. I just know Santa’s pad smell just like this!! I’m gonna have to check out TJ Maxx and Marshalls to feed my new addiction. ;) I didn’t realize that had good candle sections. Keep the shopping trip post coming…they are my favorite!

  11. Kelly

    I bought those same chocolate-filled cookies at Target! For the same reason!!! I miss Magic Middles SOOOOO much. And now I am bummed that they aren’t as good… I had high hopes…

  12. Angela

    We hang Hershey’s mint chocolate candy canes on our tree every year – they’re my son’s favorites! I’m thinking I might have to put those Ugg slippers on my Christmas list!! I have classic shorts and I LOVE them, but I think I’d love the slippers even more for around the house.

    I, too, am a candle fanatic. You should try the 1803 candles. Perfect morning scent is my favorite!!

  13. Becky

    Amanda, Awesome products. I would love to have all your purchased goodies in a big basket with a big bow on top. That would make a great gift. I bought some Celestial gingerbread spice tea at Walmart today and it’s divine with sugar and half and half added after steeping. YUM. I would love to have a healthy body for Christmas. I will be having surgery after the holidays so if Santa could bring me a healthy body I wouldn’t have to have surgery. That would be awesome. Merry Christmas !!!

  14. Jeanelle

    Long time reader, first time commenter – I just bought the Uggs. Too bad you don’t get a cut of the sale. ;) I’m on my 2nd pair of Coquette slippers and wanted to try something new. Hope I love them. Love your fun blog — Merry Christmas!

  15. krysta

    love those UGGS, amanda, and I know exactly the socks you’re talking about…I found a couple adorable argyle pairs and turned them into sock monkeys for my 2 little boys! :)

  16. Chere

    Amanda my sweet Darling,

    Take those socks off and enjoy your UGGs. It is a sin to wear socks with them. No they will not smell bad and the fur forms to your foot. They are so, so cute. I may have to google a pair. The socks are cute though.

    Merry Christmas to you, Kevin and those two cute little Bostons.

  17. Mary J Atkinson

    Amanda – I know the EXACT cookies you are talking about that Keebler used to make, and I have been wishing for them to return to the shelves for years, too! They were “Magic Middles” and “Mini Middles,” and I remember our family used to take them to the beach every time, and I would stuff myself full of grapes and those amazing cookies! I, too, have been in search of a recipe that might get me something similar, and recently came across this one: I haven’t had a chance to try it yet (two kiddos keeping me busy), but I thought I’d share in case you have time to try it for me! :)

    Loved your post, as usual!

    Happy Holidays!

  18. Jynelle

    Just bought those peppermint oreo-style cookies at Walmart last week & was saving them for Christmas day but I may just have to open them early now!!!

    Merry Christmas!

  19. PatriciaD

    OK, already, I’m gonna have to try a pair of Uggs. And those socks (for $2 pair) my teenage nieces will LOVE them in their stockings on Christmas morning. They’re always wearing some funky ones (or even mismatched pairs – and it’s ok to wear them in public that way…go figure). Thanks for the tips.

  20. Monica

    Wow, Amanda, those are some pretty good purchases! :) Those candy cane oreos look delicious!! :) I have a pair of Uggs myself, and my first impression was EXACTLY like yours: “It feels like I’m walking on a cloud!”

  21. Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic

    I am resisting the desire to hit up every. single. store you just mentioned and purchasing all these items for myself! Those shoes look SO comfy! And I am sort of dreaming that they might have those socks on sale still at Target this week – I am in need of socks bad and I LOVE high socks in the winter! Thank you for sharing all your great finds!!! I love egg nog so I think that sugar cookie stuff will be right up my alley! Merry Christmas!

  22. Heather @ Sweet Sins 2 Share

    I literally LOVE everything you bought! I am horrible about finding things for me when I should be shopping for others! Yet the times I go looking for me I never can find anything! ohh well!!

  23. Sarah

    I LOVE the Spree candy canes. We have SweetTart, Spree, Lifesaver, “regular”, and JellyBelly :O YUMZ!

    Next time I’m at Target, I have to look for those boot socks. I LOVE long socks too!

  24. SJ

    I love the $2 knee-high socks at Target, too! And the $1 low-cut socks are great, too. I wear them with flats for a little peek of pattern.

  25. Jennifer

    ok now I’ve got my parents looking for that egg nog at their Kroger since I don’t have one, the hersey mint chocolate candy canes are my absolute fave and I buy at least 10 boxes around this time (to stock up), you always have me craving candles and sweet scented things, I remember the cookies you’re thinking about but can’t remember what they were called, I need some more boot socks so thanks for the tip and lastly, my walmart’s suck because I cannot find any of the wax cubes anymore and they don’t offer them online. What would it take for you to buy me about $20 worth and send them to me and I’ll pay you back with interest?! (serious offer)
    Thanks for brightening up my Monday morning and Merry Christmas!

  26. Jenny Flake

    Such fun goodies!! I have had my eye on those ugg slippers for a long time now, I think it’s time I treat myself to them this year :)

    I just saw that perfume at Ulta this weekend too! I came so close to getting some, now I think I must have it!

    Fun post, can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!

    Have a wonderful Christmas :)

  27. Debbie

    Oh, Amanda, you never fail to make me smile and feel warm and fuzzy after reading your posts! You find the best stuff! Makes me want to run right out and pick them all up. Seriously, you should get kick-backs for selling their stuff for them! Or they should hire you as their photographer – you make even the simple things look amazing. The shoes are great, and I immediately noticed the cute striped socks–might have to run to Target today. Did you leave any for me??! What I love about it is that most of the time, you get these goodies at places we can all go to, so thanks for that. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and a blessed new year. You’ve brought me much happiness this year with your yummy photos.
    Debbie in S. Florida

  28. Kerry

    You sold me on the Uggs… I am not even an Uggs fan, but our new apartment although having gorgeous floors, are still a bit cold for my normally WARM feet! I have been looking for the perfect pair of “house shoes” and let me tell you, how CUTE were you in your jeans and those strippy socks! Oh yes… I immediately checked our German ebay to see if that style was even HERE!!!! Sadly no… but online shopping is SO much easier than running around from store to store to find them. I should go look some more right now! Hehahahhaa… thanks for the post!

  29. Brandi

    Those shoes are just beyond yummy! I’m wanting some of those peppermint cookies too. :) I recently tried peppermint cream ice cream at the ice cream shop, yum!

  30. Estela @ Weekly Bite

    I love all of your finds! I just got some peppermint Jo Jo’s from Trader Joe’s (peppermint oreo’s) They are amazing :)

    Love you uggs :) So cute!

  31. Leslie

    Love the Godiva candles! They sell them at Belk- full price is around $19.50! I picked one up on sale for 50% off after Thanksgiving for a Christmas gift- mint chocolate truffle…nom nom nom

  32. Mia

    On top of my list is definitely a trip to the US so I can FINALLY try out some of all the awesome stuff you’re always getting me jealous about! And I’m going to stuff my suitcase with scented candles. We don’t have anything like that over here :(

    And applause to Kevin over that fabulous picture!! ;)

  33. Stephanie

    I always enjoy reading your posts!!! But I do have a question for you. How on earth do you stay thin when you have a sweet tooth like me??? LOL


    Love the Uggs. They look so cute. Totally agree about the Oatmeal Cookie Candle. Bought the jar and the bars & have been burning those a lot throughout the season. I’m thinking I need to buy more while they are available. Thanks for sharing and have a very Merry Christmas.

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