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snow tree branches bird's nest collage

snow boston terrier puppy howie


It’s snowing here today- actual snow! And it’s sticking! Which it almost never does. I *love* the snow. I wish I lived somewhere where it snowed all the time. But then again, I don’t live where it snows all the time. If you live where it snows all the time, do you hate the snow?

Maybe it’s better to live here and just visit the snow.


kevin & amanda

I feel like I am just now catching up from all the holidays and traveling we’ve been doing recently… And now I need another week of vacation just to recuperate. Kevin was off for 14 days straight- and it was wonderful. It felt like the longest weekend ever. Maybe we’ll get snowed in this weekend… (it’s very likely with the 2 inches they’re predicting, don’t you know.) I am in one of those moods where I just want to stay in my pajamas, build a fire, turn off the phones, and put in a good movie.

Or maybe a Gilmore Girls marathon. Kevin would *love* that. :P


It’s been a good Christmas. Kevin got this jacket and shirt. He practically lives in red now, but wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing it when we lived in Auburn. Love this scarf from my mom- and my Boston Terrier earrings from Christine Monroe. Can you see them? They’re just darling.


Kevin’s finally home now. It took him an hour and a half because of the snow! It’s usually about 30 minutes. Did I say I wanted to live somewhere that it snows all the time?


I still love snow.

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73 Responses
  1. Tara

    Let me just say that I wondered onto your blog from who knows where and after looking at everything I want to hate you. :) You are amazingly talented (and apparently I have a petty streak!) But I keep thinking, this is the type of girl I’d probably be friends with and aspire to be more like!

    Curious as to where you guys are. We are in Alabama too and know some folks in Auburn. I would be shocked if we didn’t know some of the same people. But anyway, you are very gifted and precious. Thanks for sharing. I’m gonna link your site with mine…even though it won’t do anything to make me look better-ha!

    A sister who really does want to be more like Christ-I just take a lot of grace!

  2. Hannah

    I love your pictures–the first two are so beautiful, and the one with Kevin is awesome. :)

    I was wondering, where do you get your image packs and so on?

    Love & Blessings,


  3. Kate

    I just stumbled upon your site and I absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful talent. I know I’ll be back!

    PS I adore your dog.

  4. Bobbi

    Thanks for the fonts. Your site is awesome. Your scrapbook room is to be admired. I have never seen one so organized and so full. I am a bit tired of the snow and the cold..

  5. Sabrina

    I MUST say I love your blog… I check in now and again to see whats new…. I think I will use your tutorial on “changing fonts in your blog” TY! But I really wanted to say “Snow” is great if you can stay home in your jammies with a fire and movie! But if you have to leave for any reason….:( Be happy just to visit the snow! Yes it is beautiful, but annoying, cold, messy, wet, etc… at the same time! *giggle*

  6. Ashley Welling

    I have lived in Utah my whole life. We usually have snow from Thanksgiving to beginning of March. I actually would love to live some place where it is not cold and doesn’t snow….like Phoenix…

  7. Nicole@Farmgirl Chaos

    I love snow! But after this year, realized I like it in smaller amounts instead of it dumping for days. In addition, snow is much more fun when the temps are above 0 degrees, with little to no wind chill factor. With all that said, there’s just something about seeing a fresh layer of snow across the countryside and the beauty I see in it.

  8. Cheri

    I don’t even like to visit the snow. lol! This California girl can do without it…but it sure is beautiful to look at pictures of it.

    btw….CONGRATS!!! I see your Christmas Bokeh picture took a prize on Pioneer Woman!!!

  9. Rita

    Ok, I read most of the comments & as far as snow…I HATE IT!!! Lived in NE Washington for 5 yrs (35 mi So of Canada & 35 E of Idaho) & tho we would get on avg 18 in – 2ft of snow it took forever to melt because the temps always stayed below freezing (one yr we had snow for 6 mos on the ground), so I hated shoveling the sidewalk for the mailman, the driveway for our cars & the pathway to our front door & having 4 little children, they couldnt help much & my hubby, he worked all the time so I did most all of it. OH did i mention that I also hit black ice & did a 360 on the highway even w/snow tires, VERY SCARY!! Then we (mainly I) wanted to move further south…my husband relocated his work into Northern California, Mt Shasta to be exact (a dormant volcano of 14,162 feet) living at its base at around 3300 ft, for the last 2 yrs we averaged 8-10 FEET of snow, well hated shoveling that, but being that the temperatures would go above freezing we could still find blacktop on the roads & still lots of sunshine, but as of yet still no snow in the city but the mtn has tons & this time IM HIRING SOMEONE TO PLOW OUR DRIVEWAY!!! So thats my opinion of snow!!!

  10. Mikayla

    Hi Amanda,
    When I read what you said about living somewhere where it snows all the time and if I like it, I just had to post a comment. I did see all of the previous Utah comments and that is so true the car accidents, the dirty yuck, always white christmases yep!
    But I also live in Utah, and boy do I wish it was like living in a desert all year long. It’s around 12-20 degrees outside with 5 or 6inches of snow in my yard that is now hard enough to walk on without hearing it crunch under your feet (frozen solid). I am not trying to complain, It’s BEAUTIFUL but freeaaazzzzing.
    Most everyone I know snowboards or skis and thats the main reason they love the snow. I however, have never done either. So the cold snow outside doesn’t have the same appeal to me probably because I have lived here my whole life.
    just within the past month we have had at least 4 overnight snowstorms tons and tons of snow and no snow days schools or work. :(
    as weird as it sounds I wish we could have a snow day, just to experience it!
    Sorry for boring you with my long woe is me comment. I love Utah just not snow from end of November to the middle of march!
    Love your blog!
    Faithful reader,

  11. Staci

    No! You don’t want to live where it snows all the time!! .lol. I’m in ND and we just got 25.7 inches of it over Christmas and were snowed in from Christmas Eve until the 27th! The other night it was -31* F here with a wind chill of -51*. Yuck!

    Now that that’s outta the way, I just wanna say I love your site and all your tips & tricks! I’m adding your button to my blog! Thanks so much!

  12. Jennie Larsen

    How you doing Amanda? I love to see the snow fall, I wouldn’t mind a semi sticky snow.. But non of that 5-11 inch stuff. Darling pics. Love your scarf too. Your doggies are super darling. Hope all is well! You and your hubs look so happy, that is great. My hubs is Kevin also. Stop by my blog and say hi sometime. Jenn

  13. Becky

    Great pictures. You and Kevin look so slim and trim. I hope I can be a “loser” this year. :) We have snow in the winter and it’s beautiful if you don’t have to drive in it or if the heavy ice storms that knock your electric out for days doesn’t show up. The ice storms are no fun at all and even dangerous. For 2 years in a row we have had bad ice storms so I’m hoping this year will be different. I’d rather live where you can drive into the mountains for snow then come back down into normal weather. I’m a summer person myself but love to paint artwork of winter scenes.

  14. alyssa

    I love, love, love the snow! I live in NJ and we get our fair share, it slows down life in general which everyone can use once in a while. You guys look great and you’ve motivated me to lose those stubborn last 20lbs by counting calories! Your puppy is precious, keep those pics coming! thanks for sharing!

  15. Amy

    In NW Ohio, we got about 3-4 inches overnight on top of the couple already on the ground. The kids still had school and I have to go to work:( Pajamas, a fire, and a movie sound so much better.

  16. Gretchen

    I live in Alaska – recently transplanted from Florida and learning to embrace the snow and cold!! Your North Face jacket is very nice by the way – love your other outfit too! One definitely needs a new wardrobe with the cold factor.
    Hope you get a vaction from your vacation!!

  17. andria

    i searched for christine monroe’s dog jewelry, but couldn’t find it. do you know how i could shop/purchase her jewelry?

  18. Judy

    Here in northern Indiana we get alot of lake effect snow.
    When you get up in the morning, it is so pretty to look out at all the glistening white fluff hanging from the tree branches and covering the ground. Then the snowplow comes barreling by throwing mud and rocks in your pretty used-to-be white yard. That’s when reality hits! “What you thinkin about girl? It’s cold out there. When is Spring!!!!”

  19. Peggy Whisenhunt

    You have got the most wonderful scrapbook room and so organized. Mine is in a guest bedroom and I have reorganized it now to the point I have better access to my stuff. has taken alot of buying containers and such to get it this way, but its not as neat as yours it. You have a lovely home. enjoy your blog so much. its cold here but we did not get any snow in Texarkana.

  20. edy B

    Hope you got a little bit of snow ~ a little bit is okay. That’s usually what we have in this part of NM. It’s only 18 degrees here this AM but the sun is shining and the Land of Enchantment sky is beautiful. We even have robins eating the little dried crabapples and my fish are swimming happily in their pond. What could be better on a January day.
    Love the photos … you guys look great!
    BTW ~ I grew up in Northern AL ~ ROLL TIDE!!!!

    Have a good one….

  21. meghan

    i super love the snow. we’ve had snow on the ground in CO since the first week of october. i never get tired of it….well except when the bulbs start blooming and then it’s time to say goodbye! xoxo

  22. Jeannette Chirinos Gold

    Beautiful pics Amanda, love your processing too :)
    My oldest son has always wanted to know the snow, he is 4 year and he keeps me asking every winter (because of the tv) when I’m going to take him to somewhere whit snow to make a snowman and an angel in the snow…
    here in Venezuela we do not have winter only summer and rain lol

  23. Kristen

    Hey Amanda! I’ve been reading your blog (found you on a fellow blogger’s site) and have been meaning to comment for awhile since I think we both live in the same area. WDE! :) Anyway, definitely have been enjoying the “maybe” 2 inches we got up here yesterday. I agree, it’s fun to have it while we can, but I doubt I would want to have to deal with it day in and day out. What would us southerners do with ourselves? ;)

  24. Jenny

    Yes – MUCH better to just visit the snow! I live in Minnesota. Believe me – it gets old after 4 or 5 months… ;-)

    Stay warm!

  25. Alisha

    I didn’t know you loved Gilmore Girls! *meep*! You made me *meep*! :-D

    Also, I’m in TEXAS and we had 13 inches of snow on Christmas Eve, people were stuck, stranded and freezing and we ended up having 6 random extra people at our house for Christmas Eve/Christmas because they were stranded from the blizzard and yet I still LOVE snow. It was actually a blessing! Christmas means charity, right!? :) Happy New Year!

  26. CCT

    Love the pics of the both of you! Keep ‘downsizing’ yourselves! You guys are looking great!!
    I find it amusing to read your posts on 2 inches of snow! I’ve never lived where it does not snow. I live in Wisconsin where every few days it snows. We were just getting cleared out from a 17 in. snowfall a few days ago and now we just got another 6. We just plow out and go on. Our schools do not even close until it is 6 or more forecasted or icy conditions. I don’t mind the snow but sometimes the bitter cold (o and below) come with it. Not so nice.
    I bet your poochies love the snow! Enjoy the snow while you can. I vote for the Gilmore Girls marathon, hot chocolate, and a nice warm fire! :)

  27. Sarah.Elizabeth

    i love the pictures! and i think a little bit of snow is okay. i used to want to live in utah.. but then we went up over the break… i quickly changed my mind. i’m happy here in sunny arizona where the average coldest temp for the winter is about 42. haha.

    cute post. and seriously cute clothes! :]

  28. Tina

    As another Candadian, let me say while that I love to *look* at clean, fluffy white snow from a distance, I hate to drive in it, I hate to shovel it, and I hate having it melt all over my foyer floor. Tobogganing is pretty fun, though! Especially when you’re tobogganing down the snowbanks at the side of your driveway that you just shovelled, and they are taller than your garage. Snow…overall, I say bah! I’ll take falling leaves any day. Or better yet, sand, and surf, and sun!

  29. Natali

    Trust me! You just want to visit the snow! I live in Utah and the snow gets SO OLD as well as the cold that comes along with it! Oh..AND did I mention that it makes you late to EVERYTHING? I’m ready to move away somewhere nice and warm where it never snows!

  30. Lisette aka Liszha

    Oh, that doggie! How cute!
    Uphere in Holland and in Amsterdam (where I work) it snows a lot. I don’t like the cold. Snow is only fun when you are not working and can play but getting to and from work is terror!
    I loved your pictures!

  31. katie

    Hi Amanda,

    Cute pics! I just spent the week between Christmas & New Year’s at a beautiful cabin in the mountains with my family. It snowed 14″ while we were there yes 14 inches…gotta love Idaho!! The snow was beautiful and we built the coolest snowman, my 3 yr. old loved it and is addicted to sledding now. I love to look at the snow, but hate driving in it. I prefer to have my cocoa and curl up on the couch while it snows.

  32. Cathy

    Great pics. We got snow too. It was to be a quick storm.. 16 hours later still snowing… Awwww to be a weather man.. Stay warm and watch that movie..

  33. catherine s.

    I like the snow for the first week only. However, I really like the change of seasons and can’t imagine living elsewhere where I don’t experience that. The snow isn’t fun when others don’t know how to drive in it or it’s so blustery cold you can’t get out and do anything! It’s always nice to have a white Christmas – enjoy the snow you do have :) Thanks for posting the great pics! Love that white jacket you have on – FAB!

  34. Emmy

    As someone who grew up with snow, but now never has it… well it is overrated. It is wonderful and magical the first few times… but then it is just cold, and slippery and miserable.

  35. Tara

    I love your blog Amanda! You inspired me to take the plunge and get a DSLR :) I’m in NE OH in what is called a “snow belt” with lake effect snow and I swear that it hasn’t stopped since New Year’s and it is going to continue until Sunday and not one day of school has even been canceled. It is so deep outside that my dogs can just walk over the top of the fence. I don’t like snow one bit….I love Florida :)

  36. Melissa

    I’m curious where you live now, but maybe you’ve said? I live in Louisiana, so yeah, we aren’t used to it either! But we got snow this year & last! Last year’s was better – we actually could get out in it. This year’s was at night time & was gone by morning. I used to think i hated snow because i went to Illinois one year & it was their record cold. It was AWFUL. i was completely numb in the first 30 seconds after i got out of the car. I always said i hated it after that until it came last year & i decided i loved it! Yeah- i think it’s better to visit or at least to get it the way it is here! Anyway, tonight there’s a “hard freeze warning” & schools are closed & hopefully work too (we don’t know yet). I know it’s funny to the northerners that things are closed just for a little frost! LOL. I jsut came home & told hubby i want us to stay home tomorrow & watch tv/movies all day & sip hot cocoa. :)

    love the pics, too!!!!

  37. Rae Rae Patterson

    The picture of Kevin not looking at the camera makes me think of my husband. Both of us have great looking guys!

  38. Mary-Kate

    I love the snow too!! I live in Atlanta, Georgia and we *never ever* get snow :(. Your scarf and boston terrier earrings are so adorable Finally, we got a little snow today! YAY! :) :) :)

  39. Molly

    Ohhh you are too cute! You wouldn’t like the snow after awhile…I’m in NW Minnesota (close to the ND border by Fargo). It’s about -40 with the windchill today and we have about 3.5 ft of snow on the ground!

  40. Tammy

    I love snow too. We live in the Pacific NW where it rarely snows. We did get a bunch of snow last year and we were with it for an unusual 3 weeks. We have had one day of snow this year…hoping for a few more.

    Still wanting to download your fonts. Been a little crazy with the holidays. My life is just getting caught back up. Will set aside time next week for sure.

    Enjoy the snow you are getting!

  41. Anne

    I live in Colorado and we get tons of snow! I don’t really hate it. I hate driving in it. Too many transplants living here that don’t know how to drive in it! Yikes! But it is very pretty to watch falling and we did have a white Christmas! I don’t know that I could live anywhere else.l It is very pretty here and we get more days of sunshine then most places! Stay warm & enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

  42. Jackie Briere

    Hi Amanda, you and Kevin look adorable in your coats ! I live in Canada where there is snow and I love the snow. At night it makes everything white and bright. We had a blizzard back in December , dumping 20 cm of snow . Temperatures are fairly cold since christmas but not as cold as the East . Anyway ha ! I should be the weatherwoman.

  43. Maureen

    Hi Amanda and Kevin ..

    Happy New Year! Just found your site and love it. Thanks for sharing sooo much. Am from Chicago, and it has been snowing since 3:00 a.m. this morning and it is scheduled to snow until Friday at noon. Snow, snow, go away. We have been in a deep freeze for about 10 days. Am counting the days ’til spring and gorgeous flowers! ;-)

  44. Robin

    My vote is for Gilmore Girls marathon!! My mom and I discovered that we both love GG so we started from season one and we JUST finished season four! Thank you so much for all of the fonts, recipes, etc. That you put on your blog! I always find myself perusing your blog and have to pry myself away after an hour or so! Anyways, thanks again!!

  45. Carrie Gamber

    Hey Amanda
    I’ve was born and raised in Pgh, Pennsylvania. I LOVE the snow! Especially in my NEW car, it goes great in the snow! It’s awesome watching the seasons around here! Playing in the snow with my daughter gives us all new memories! We’ve got about 3 or 4 inches here and that’s supposed to double by morning!

  46. Clara

    Hi Amanda!
    I guess if you aren’t used to snow, it might be exciting at first. I do like the first snowfall here. We are 30 miles north of Boston. It snowed here, off & on, all weekend. About 10″ in all, but it’s already going away. How do your dogs like it? My daughter has two Pomeranians & they both love it! She said they don’t want to come in!!
    I, for one, am ready for spring to come & flowers to pop up. I’ve got a long wait, though. =[
    You both look great in your Christmas goodies.
    Enjoy the white stuff!

  47. Lydia

    I live in Utah where it snows ALL winter. The first snow is pretty, but after that…forget it! When you have 150+ accidents on the freeways in about 4 hours, that’s bad! Every year when the snow comes along I think, why oh why did I move to Utah?! Every once in a while I do love it, it’s nice to have a white Christmas though and everything looks pretty most of the time (except when it’s just dirty, yuck). Glad you’re enjoying your weather though! Missed your blogging, welcome back! :)

  48. Kim Rose

    You crack me up! I live in Idaho. Trust me.. we understand snow here.
    I love the beauty of snow. I love it on the trees. Love it when it covers the ground with a blanket of white.
    BUT… hate it being cold. Hate having to clean it from cars, walks and driveways. Hate driving in it.
    So I guess I would say I am about 50/50. I just wish it would stick where I want it too and everything else could be heated!

  49. Southern Gal

    I know what you mean. I’d love to have snow a little longer, but I wouldn’t want to live where it snowed all the time. Our state comes to a stand still.

    I’ll watch Gilmore Girls with you!

  50. Julie

    :) I’m newer to the blog, so glad you’re back! :) I live where it doesn’t snow, although we’re supposed to get some flurries tonight,so we’ll see what happens. I like to see snow, but I don’t think I could ever live somewhere that it does snow. I’m not good with weather that’s too too cold, I wouldn’t know what to do. LOL I’ve lived in the south too long I guess.

  51. Nicole

    Well, we live in Manitoba, Canada and we’re having a deep freeze the last few days. Right now, at 7:22p.m. our time it is -29C but with the windchill it feels more like -41C. At -45C the buses are usually cancelled because it’s just too cold for the kdis to be outside. If you use Farenheit, our temps are -20.2000F and with the windchill it feels more like -41.8F.
    And we have snow… a lot of it…
    Enjoy your snow while it lasts and thanks for the updates! I love reading them!

  52. Lea Culp

    Glad you are back! Missed you while you were away. Loved the pictures and I am not a snow person either. We down south in La. and are having record cold temps and I don’t like those either. Happy week-end!

  53. Amy

    I’m in Western NC. We usually get 1 or 2 good snows per year that last a day or two and then it’s gone. Well, we got 9″ a week before Christmas and it’s been so cold here that it’s STILL on the ground. I am so sick of it! It’s hard and nasty now. Ugh :)

  54. Connie

    I also live in OH. The snow is pretty-ONCE. And only for a short time. When it gets all dirty and you have to drive/walk in it, it becomes nothing but a pain. I like the ‘falling leaves’ season much better. Just my opinion.

    Love your pictures!

  55. C h i r l e e n

    Your photos are beautiful!

    I love the snow, too. I live in Coastal NC and it rarely snows here, they are calling for some tonight; we’re under a winter weather advisory! I actually grew up in Alaska (military brat) and I still love the snow!!! I miss it so much, there’s something really peaceful about it. Except around here, when it even threatens to snow, the entire region shuts down like we’re under a nuclear bomb threat. It’s pretty funny.

  56. courtney bowlden

    you are so funny! i think if you lived where it snowed you MIGHT hate the snow after a while. by the way your hair looks way dark. did you dye it? it looks great!

  57. Suzy

    I think the saying “You always want what you don’t have…” might fit here! Trust me on this, it is better to visit snow than to live with it! Snow maintainence is not fun for months at a time. But, I do agree the best way to enjoy it is pj’s, popcorn, hot cocoa, movie and family :)

  58. Lori

    Hi Amanda!
    I am a snow lover also. We are in New Jersey and we have two snows already and we are expecting 1-3 inches in the a.m.! Snow for me means -looking at the snow laying in the tree branches, making cookies, and playing with my kids outside-Good stuff!! As long as you have nowhere to go -snow is just fine : ). Glad you enjoyed your holiday. Great pics!!

  59. Jeanie

    Hi Amanda!
    I LOVE your pics, your camera is awesome!! You two look so nice together and I love your little dog’s pic!! I live in OH and let me tell ya, just enjoy the little snow that you get because it’s not that fun to have to deal with it for a long period of time! LOL! But just wanted to say that I love your blog and so enjoy your pictures of your house, you decorate so nice!! They are very inspiring to me to start this new year off with some re-decorating of my house! Hope you have a great new year and looking forward to reading your blog!

    Take care!

  60. Ann

    Last winter I was almost 9 months pregnant with my second; I got stuck in the snow numerous times on the same day!! I was terrified I’d get into an accident! Managed to get home safely and never ventured out for two weeks after that as the snow just kept coming and coming!! I usually LOVE the snow, but after two weeks stuck in the house I began to resent the snow!! lol!!

    We’ve only had one snowfall this winter, but am secretly hoping for more! I love the snow if I don’t need to drive in it!

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