May your days be merry and bright!

Christmas Morning Tree

Merry Christmas!


With love,
Kevin, Amanda, Miley and Howie

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47 Responses
  1. kristi

    thank you for all your fab tutorials & free loot :) i love your site the most.
    hApPy*NeW*yEaR! ps: you look AwEsOmE in your card!

  2. Jen

    Hey Amanda & Kevin!!!!

    Hope you had a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year… Love your pics! I’m on facebook now… might look for ya! Changed my blog name… hope you come visit me! {{{{Hugs}}}} ~Jenni

  3. cj'alhafiz

    Hey Kev…ola amanda..
    i’m cj…nice to know u both.
    i’ll be coming here regularly…
    hope we can be friends…thanks…

  4. Kenzie

    The Christmas Card looks great! So does your house! They’re both so cute! Did you guys get that TV for Christmas too? Hope you guys had a great holiday!

  5. Kerry

    Happy New Year Amanda! I was wondering what you got for Christmas? Kevin is always an amazing and thoughtful gift giver. I’ve been checking daily but no dice so far. Hope you have a safe and blessed New Year.

  6. Monika Wright

    Couldn’t find out where to e-mail you, so…..

    I saw your cute bokeh photo with your pupperoni on PW’s webstite…how fun! Congrats!

  7. Tammy

    I love your sight. I ran across it awhile back but came back to take a longer look at it. I will be back in the next couple of days to experiment with the fonts. I just started my blog and I feel like it looks very much like a “newbie”. I do have to give myself credit, I have figured out how to do all of this on my own. My neighbor paid for her layout and I can proudly say I did mine on my own…but I am always looking for ways to improve it. Thanks for your sight!

  8. Anne

    Thanks for the iphone font link. But, I’m not able to extract the font file after I download it. Have any advice? Their instructions are a little vague. LOVE your site!!!

  9. Rebekah @ It Only Gets Better

    Merry Christmas!

    And, now for the real reason for a comment:
    You’re Mrs. Techie Technological Good at Explaining Things sooo…
    Do you know how to make a cute little icon that shows up in front of your name instead of the goofy orange Blogger icon? Like the ones that Chatting at the Sky and The Nester have? Thought I’d ask you ’cause I can’t find a tutorial anywhere else.

    If you can tell me this then I’m definitely adding your button to my blog. …. What’s that you say? You don’t appreciate bribery? Alright, I’m actually adding your button even without the explanation ’cause I think more people definitely need to check you out!

  10. Sharon

    Hello. I found your blog this morning reading another blog…LOVE your Bostons! We have 2 Bostons…Jake and Sadie.

    Your blog is lovely….will beback for more visits.

    Thank you for sharing your fonts.

    Cheers, Sharon

  11. Stephanie

    I just came about your blog today and cant quit looking at it! I love everything about it ! Im adding you to my favorites and putting you on my blog!
    Congrats on the weight loss, Im on a weight loss challenge too, Im doing weight watchers. I have lost 50 pounds 2 years ago and now trying to lose the last 30! Ugh!!
    Happy Holidays, I will be back for more visits!

  12. Ixbick

    i LOVE all your designs! Are the most beautiful!
    And your card design are the Best! I love your fonts!
    Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!

    Ramiro from Argentina

  13. Becky

    I just LOVE your Christmas card and have been looking everywhere for somewhere that will print double-sided cardstock. Will you please tell me where you got yours printed?? Love your blog!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  14. Diana

    Look forward to all the new posts I receive in my email. The tutorial on making your own blog background is my favorite and I keep your Weight Loss Story handy to read through for inspiration and they information you share is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Love your Spring and Fall digital kits. My only request is more tutorials on how to make some myself. I love my new PS, PSE and PSP software. Love your blog!

  15. Fairus


    i’ve been a silent reader of your blog for quite sometime now. i love your tips on everything!! Thank you for all the tips, been trying some of it and it works! Anyway, congratulations on your weight loss, i’ve been doing the same and been seeing results even it’s a bit slow as i am breastfeeding. anyway, wish you a very merry christmas and happy new year.

    Dubai, UAE.

  16. Monica

    Merry Christmas, Amanda! I used to some into the scrapbook store all the time! I’m practicing your Christmas tutorial, but I have a question for you! Do you use your speedlite for those pictures?

  17. Becky

    Merry Christmas to all…..Love your tree. You and Kevin look amazing. You both are my inspiration to get healthy in 2010 and take off a few unwanted pounds. Happy New Year too. ^..<

  18. Jessica

    Merry Christmas Amanda,Kevin and pups. I just have to ask what colour is your livingroom walls as I love them! I am in the middle of painting (taking a break for Christmas) and have just the wall for that colour. Thanks
    Take care and Im making your pulled pork for Newyears too.

  19. tami

    merry christmas, you look great motivation for me once we have baby #5 in May :))). Also got a new digi camera, nothing like waht you have but it works for me!! :))) Happy New Year!

  20. Elaine

    Hey Amanda! I tried the tutorial you posted earlier with the paper over the lens with star punched out. I have Canon Rebel XTI with the 50 mm 1.8 lens and it would never take the photo. It would do the focusing but never would take the photo. What setting did you have it on – automatic, manual, depth??? I really want to try it!

    Love your Christmas Tree and all the presents!

    Elaine – hooviedoovie on woof!

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