Help Me Pick Out Pool Furniture

We’re adding a bunch of fun stuff to our pool area to make it an even better place to hang out! Help us pick out which furniture to buy!

Help Me Renovate Our Pool

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I hope you are all having a wonderful, relaxing holiday. Now onto a pressing matter we need to discuss. I need your help!! As you can see, this is urgent. The pool is officially open and Miley and Howie are having the greatest time basically acting like little lunatic sharks. They dive in with reckless abandon and swim like maniacs. We can hardly keep them out of the water. Howie is the king of belly flops! Look for some fun photos later this week. Anyway, it has come to my attention that we are in desperate need of some pool furniture, and in typical Amanda-fashion, I am agonizing over every detail. That’s where you guys come in. I can’t decide. I cannot choose. It’s impossible. I need your help. I need your opinion. I need you to make a decision. Thank you.

Here are the facts

We already bought this fire pit:

And this sofa (no ottoman) for seating around the fire pit. Yes. In blue.

We also need lounge chairs, cushions, and an umbrella.


What I’m looking for

I want it to look inviting and relaxing. And fun. A relaxing place where you could just lay out all day, have a fun party with friends at night, and never want to leave. Is that too much to ask??!

So without further ado, here are some *ahem* very skillfully Photoshopped renditions of what our backyard could look like. Don’t laugh. These are the options:

Pool Deck Patio Furniture Ideas

Option 1: Blue, Green & Orange

Pros: Colorful and fun. Looks like a party. Happy and energizing.

Cons: Maybe a bit too much? Too colorful? Does it really go with the rest of my house? Does it need to?


Pool Deck Patio Furniture Ideas

Option 2: Blue & White

Pros: Ahhh… Quiet, calm, serene. Spa.

Cons: Too boring? I’m also really worried about the cream cushions. Will they look dingy? Blend in too much with the concrete? Get dirty really easily and show every single spot??


Pool Deck Patio Furniture Ideas

Option 3: Blue with Green Umbrella

Pros: Matchy-matchy. (Wait, is this a pro?) I really do love the look of the blue chairs with the green pillows though.

Cons: Too much blue and green?


Pool Deck Patio Furniture Ideas

Option 4: Blue & Green with White Umbrella

Pros: A pop of color without being too overwhelming. Clean.

Cons: Is the white umbrella too blah?


Pool Deck Patio Furniture Ideas

Option 5: Blue & Green with Green Umbrella

Pros: Same as above, but with green umbrella.

Cons: Now is it too much green??


Pool Deck Patio Furniture Ideas

Option 6: Blue & White with Green Umbrella

Pros: Love the clean, classic look of these chairs with the black and white striped pillows. This definitely matches the interior of my house.

Cons: But… Same worries about the cream cushions: Too boring, blends in with the concrete, hard to stay clean, might look dingy. But maybe the blending in thing wouldn’t be so bad, maybe it would actually give the pool deck a more open feel?


Now it’s time to cast your vote!

Which one do you like best?? Which one looks most relaxing and inviting? Cast your vote using the poll below (you might have to click over to the post to see it) or leave me a note in the comments.


[poll id=”3″]


If you can think of another combination that I left out that you think would look better, please let me know in the comments.

THANKS SO MUCH guys!! I really appreciate your help. I’ll make a decision and place an order by Monday night. For sure. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you for voting!! :) xoxo

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136 Responses
  1. Jessica Hannold

    Hey Amanda, I love the pop of the orange color with the first option and I REALLY love the blue with green. I was wondering though, if you like the color scheme of browns with blues, as I do, maybe do brown cushions with green and blue striped pillows on the lounge chairs? I think the brown will look very classic, and also won’t show any dirt or look dingy and it would be a contrast to the light concrete and the colored couch and umbrella. Just a thought.

    On another note, I love your home, and your decorations, and your blog, and your puppies. So, I guess that I love you. In a fan-girl sort of way. Thanks for being a great blogger :)

  2. docsheila

    Oh, I voted for the blue with green umbrella, but don’t really want a green umbrella — go with a beige color one! A perfect spot for those summer days and balmy nights!

  3. Angie

    #4. then the umbrella won’t fade, and the black white pillows seem to dress it up a little. Although I know nothing, a year in our house, and our back porch and pool area only has sparse furniture. I think we’ve decided on adding a hot tub, and then decorating around it. The sectional I wanted at cosco, I waited a week, and now they don’t have it.

  4. Maria Jose

    Have you thought about turquoise and raspberry? Makes a lovely combination, colorful and sleek and having two dogs is preferable not to light colors.
    Of those who have put, I prefer the turquoise and orange.


  5. julie b.

    I like option 3…but….I would change the chaise cushions to the green of the umbrella & accent with blue and white rolled pillows instead of square pillows. I would also look for two small round side tables to put between the chaises…then you can add another pop of color with flower pots as well as have a place for your umbrella drinks while lounging by the pool. ;) What a fun project to have!

  6. annie

    What about option 5 but with a black umbrealla to tie into the black and white cushions? That would be my fave! Either combo- FABULOUS back yard! I’d lay out back there no matter what color the cushions were!

  7. AmyJ

    Totally random, but I was very impressed by your photoshop skills. I have recently purchased Photoshop Elements 11 and a tutorial book. But, still having issues clipping out of pics and putting them in other photos as you did above. Would you do a blog post tutorial on how you did it in these pictures?

  8. Michelle

    I vote option’s 2 or 5…2 being my favorite! I’m a purist and like simple…but the green in 5 is good too! :) Enjoy it…your home and pool are beautiful! :)

  9. Holly H.

    I was hesitant about reading your blog post when I saw the title. In all honesty there is really nothing HAPPY about Memorial Day. I am an avid reader of your blog and love it however, Memorial Day is a day to remember those who have lost their lives and sacrificed for the freedom of our country. We should all be GRATEFUL for this day and honor those for that purpose.

    I love #1 I don’t think it is too much color at all.

  10. Mary

    Darn, I think I’m a day late! Anyway, I went back and scrolled through the comments, and was so surprised when I came across comments 67/68! Someone else suggested the same thing I did and you photoshopped it up! It’s the perfect look!

  11. Mary

    I vote for option 4 with blue and white pillows! I LOVE your new furniture! If you need guests for a pool party, I’m available! Lol.

  12. Lori

    I chose #3, but I agree some orange or coral would be nice in the pillows.

    I would be concerned about having to drag ALL those cushions in when it was going to rain! Where will you store them? That is a huge couch system…

  13. Bev @ Bev Cooks

    This craaaaaaaacked me up. I say less is more – blue and white. But you could also throw in some vintage burnt orange pillows here and there.

    Good luck!

  14. Ashley

    Love the combo that you posted in comment #68 but with the green umbrella! Love, love, LOVE your back yard by the way! = )

  15. Teena

    Heya, We have pool and of course, patio furnitures. They do fade in a few years. You will probably need to replace the cushions/umbrella. So you will have something new every few years. And sometime, youd get strong gust of wind and they will blow the umbrella right into the pool or across the back yard thus putting hole or the chorine fading it out faster. No way you can avoid those, even if you secure them well. It does happens. :0/

    You would need to observe where the sun goes in the afternoon/evening. You might want to consider planing some tall plants like bushes or tropical plants to help with the shade. Either in ground or in large pots where you can pull them around before deciding to plant them permanently.

    Table with chairs are a MUST at opposite end of your furnitures. In fact, we have several and we changes them around yearly.

    Best of luck with your fun decisions to pick out those colours youre debating with. :0)

    1. Alex

      After 20+ years of living in Southern California, where everything is outdoors all year, I’ve gotten way past coordination and buy what is on sale when I see it. Umbrellas fade and decay and blow away. Fabrics get weak, fade, decay (even if it is ‘guaranteed’ not to; save those warrantees). Plastic cracks and gets brittle. Friends have spent $4000+ on coordinating outdoor furniture and accessories and still have to replace it in less than ten years.

  16. Lisa~

    I didn’t read all of the above comments, so this has probably been said. But you NEED that pop of orange. The other colors are gorgeous but they match what’s already out there (sky, grass, water). So add the orange and I’d add a bit of the black too, in a few accents.

    Then some plants, of course. I’m sure you have great big plans for that space. It’s amazing! Lisa~

  17. Pamela L.

    I think the pick in the lead, option 3, is just too much blue… You’ve already got the pool blue and the sofa blue, you need some other color to balance it all. I voted for option 5, but really, anything but # 3. So envious of your huge yard!

  18. Sheila Cahill MacLeod

    I’m really digging option #3. Looks like you need some potted tropical plants that can be brought in during freezing weather and a few trees to fill out that awesome big backyard….you’re a lucky Girl~

  19. Anna

    Hi Amanda,
    Love all the space you have in the back yard…beautiful! I like option #4 the best and would add some really interesting large pots of plants to bring in a multitude of beautiful colors to mingle in with the surroundings. It would cozy it up a bit without cluttering the pool deck. Whatever you decide, I know it will look great…good luck and have fun!

  20. Carrie

    You my friend have mad Photoshopping skills – I am envious! So helpful when looking through the options. #3 popped out at me the first time and then also the second time. I think tan would get dingy, but then in the sun, anything can fade, even fabrics that say they don’t fade. But ultimately, get what you enjoy and love and have a ball with those goofballs in the pool.

  21. Carla @ Carlas Confections

    Haha, love this Amanda! So cute, and I cant wait to see the outcome! I love the furniture you already bought!! Xoxo

  22. Andrea

    OMG. I love your pool and the furniture options. I think it will look good once your finished! Happy Memorial Day from Dainty Little Birds:)

  23. Meg Hobbs

    I like option 1 with the happy colors. Maybe some striped lumbar pillows for the sofa/lounge chairs with lively colors. You said you wanted it inviting and a fun party place…to me, too matchy-matchy or too coordinated and ‘safe’ in color makes me feel like I’m messing with someone’s aesthetic if my towel doesn’t match or I leave my flip flops in the wrong place. A pleasing palate of many colors says easy-going…someone who doesn’t take things too seriously and really welcomes my company. Enjoy your beautiful back yard no matter what you choose!

  24. JennStar

    Option 5 is my fav- the green umbrella ties in the chairs, and it gives a beautifully sophisticated island/carib feel! It’s not white (which I feel will show signs of wear much quicker than even a light color like the green), and while living in FL might be slightly different than in AL, I always look for darker or patterened items for purposes of wear. I have 3 kids, but you have 2 dogs, so that might be a wash and thus, something to consider.
    Super cute though- and can I just say, love your photoshopping! You are a girl after my own heart and I can admit here in good company that I have done this a time or two, (or 12, ??).

  25. Michelle Ramsay

    option #1 – Blue, green and orange, but would include a couple of orange cushions on the furniture under the umbrella as well.

  26. amanda kay tea

    Love these….I liked options #3 and #5. Super cute! Good luck and I’m sure that now matter what you pick, it will suit your family :)

  27. Kim G.

    Love, love, LOVE all of these, Amanda! You have such a good eye for this stuff! Thanks for providing links, too! I voted for option 3- as soon as I saw it, I knew instantly it was my favorite. I would definitely avoid white or cream cushions- I think they would look dingy after awhile, like you said. Good luck! It will look awesome no matter what. :)

  28. PatriciaD

    Regardless of what everyone may or may not vote for you have to live with it…I personally like Option 2 but that’s just me…have fun!

  29. Becky

    Blue, green and orange is my vote. Love your fire pit. Your place is going to look amazing with a capital A. Hugs, Becky

  30. Joan P

    Option 2 because the chairs are neutral and you could totally change the color/look with new pillows. Colored lawn chairs would limit your options.

  31. Chere Mortensen

    Love, love, love option number 3 Check Pier I for fun pillows for the lounge chairs. Pillows are so easy to change out and not a huge expense. Have fun and enjoy. Be careful your puppies know how to get out of the pool. Make sure they learn not to get in if your guys are not out side. Dogs can not get around the pool coping.

  32. Lisa List

    Option 2 or 4 but I think the one major thing you’re in need of is some landscaping and hardscaping too.
    Best of luck. When can I come over to do belly flops with Miley?

  33. Dawn

    We have lived with our pool and patio furniture for 16 years. Let me know say this (and maybe you already thought of this) – sun fades everything, even plastic. Cushions should be easy to clean but fading doesn’t wash off! Good luck – love the sofa/table/fire pit!

  34. Peggy Whisenhunt

    Blue and white, I think plants and flowers areound the pool can add more needed color without making it over powering with too many colors. I think softness and simple makes for a relaxing atmostpher. when you use other colors in drink glasses and tableware, you can almost do themes around the year with the simple blue and white pool furniture. It is really beautiful .Saw your scrapbook room and I am so jealous. What I would give to have one room just for that hobby. Mine is in a guest bedroom, along with all my jewelry making supplies. Cannot wait to see what you pick.

  35. tiffany h.

    Love all your color combinations–especially the blue and green. I’m so practical I’d go with neutral base lounge cushions and buy decorative color pillows and beach towels. That way you can change the look from season to season if you’d like without it costing a fortune.

    1. tiffany h.

      I forgot to ask about option 2–is the color white or cream? I would stay away from white, maybe a dark cream/light tan type of color. Then you can add bright colorful pillows and change them every year or two when your taste and the trend changes.

  36. Terry

    First of all, I can’t believe your yard is that big – so jelly!!!! We did a full backyard re-model last year and have a pool as well. I kept everything neutral with pops of color here and there which is why I voted for the clean blue/white combo. The eye is distracted by too much (just my opinion). I love a clean look which provides an amazing backyard for your landscaping and flowers, the natural environmental beauty of where you live and the spectacular food and drinks you will be serving to your friends all summer long!!!

    Check out links to some of my dream destinations and their pool areas. Good luck!

  37. *christine*

    I really do love the orange, but agree that the white umbrella might be better.

    I think I should come over and see the pool and sofa/firepit in person to truly help you though. And cupcakes and dinner would totally help me to help you decide! :)

    Seriously though – is the sofa and fire pit going out there near the pool? and then the lounge chairs where you have them photoshopped? It really does look very spa-ish. Orange with a white umbrella is my first choice and option 3 with all blue and green is my second choice.

  38. Liz

    Option #2 Blue and White! It is an expensive purchase so keep it neutral and then add some green or blue towels on the lounge chairs, a coloured side table etc. That way you can change the accessories next year if you want and it will feel like a brand new set!

  39. Lori

    I voted for #2. My eye is drawn to the simple, clean, classy look. But as I look further, I wonder if there is a blue/cream stripe option for the chaise lounges? Like the pillows, but all over. I too think the pillows will end up on the ground. Striped lounges would add interest without introducing another bold color that can be discordant to the eye. And another vote for the pergola instead of the umbrella. Shade is a premium here in SoCal.

    1. Amanda

      I would LOVE striped lounges!! I haven’t seen any yet that would work with the chairs we ordered, but I will definitely keep looking. It may be easier once they actually get here too, then I will know exactly what kind of cushions I need to get. I’m afraid I’ll order the wrong size, kind, etc. I’m very new to this! :) Lori, see my comment just above to Lisa on the pergola / umbrella debate. Would love to hear your opinion on this!! :)

  40. Tracy

    I am not a print person, but I have a green leaf print on the cushions of my deck furniture and I’m glad I chose that. Really hides stains. Love the green and blue combos, but not the black and white cushions. However, I know nothing about decorating. I sat in a furniture store last week amazed at the ability of people to search through hundreds of fabrics and pick something. I only pick furniture already made that I can see in the store. :) Good luck!

  41. Patti

    I picked the blue/white bc I love a spa feel. But for something more fun, I would have picked the blue/green with the green chairs and umbrella, but I don’t like the black/white cushions. The black just seems out of place and disjoins the chairs from the sofa/firepit in my opinion. No matter which way you go though, it’s going to look really good!

  42. Lisa

    Comment 40 and 43 are spot on with the advice of pergola and shrubbery. When people sit on on a couch they typically want to take a break from the son and converse in the shade (consider pergola). The lounger chairs will provide enough seating for sun lovers and maybe a 2 chair set next the loungers as well. You have a very big space so balance is needed so everything doesn’t look crowded. I lived in AZ up until 2 yrs ago and had an oasis like yours (I now live in CO)….I found when entertaining you do need multiple seating areas…2 with shade and 2 or 3 with sun should work for your space.

    As for my choice —I did have colored cushions and they faded (but I don’t think I had ones that had faded resistant material-so if you choose a color make sure it has some protection). For the cream palette you will have multiple options with beach towels and little cute side tables. I ended up with the cream palette but also purchased chair covers for our monsoons. (but i would prefer color).

    Option 1/4 are my favs cuz I love color. Your backyard doesn’t have any shade trees so I would choose the green umbrella for feel of green in the sky. (cream will get dingy) I also like the multicolor because your backyard is HUGE with no flowers so the many colors will help the feel be more paradise like.

    Lush greenery will help absorb some heat and make your guest feel like it’s lush and calm. I’m not familiar with the native plants/trees to your area but I would def do some that LOVE sun and are low maintenance and won’t bud….cuz then you will have a messy pool (my first mistake – no bougainvillaeas!) :)

    Good luck on your very hard decision as your followers have such great advice. I am looking forward to seeing the results. :D

    1. Amanda

      GREAT advice Lisa!! Great point about the green umbrella adding green in the sky! Love that :)

      So, I am completely new to the whole pool / outdoor furniture thing, so forgive me if this sounds dumb :) but how will the umbrella not provide shade as well as the pergola? I really like the one that Brooke K linked since it has an open top and we could use it with the fire pit. And when the sun is at an angle, you use the curtains to block out the sun, right? BUT then what do you do when the sun is directly over you? With the umbrella, it tilts and rotates to block out the sun at any angle, and can even swing over to cover the lounge chairs if someone wanted to lay out in the shade, or to get out of the way when we wanted to use the fire pit.

      Do you think this would be a problem? Really look forward to hearing from you, because I really love the look of the pergola and then we could add a separate umbrella by the chairs! :)

    2. lisa

      Gosh I don’t know if this is the correct way to reply or leave another comment at the end — here goes: Yes I totally get the shade thing… thoughts were that your back yard is enormous—could you use the pergola for the couch (living room feel) and then the umbrella can be for the chair set (if you get one) and/or the loungers. Also you can use the umbrella and the pergola together if you needed to…I have found that at some points in the day the umbrella isn’t enough (neither will the pergola) if I want shade in certain spots or if there are a lot of people gathering around, so you could always scoot it close the the couches if you needed more shade. I definitely would go with the doubt about it….but since you have the space in that beautiful yard I would separate the couch and pair with pergola and you would get that outside/indoor feel. Honestly anything you choose will be amazing…it always is! :D

  43. Robin Rakes

    BTW- I have to ask- how do people keep the cushions clean & dry with them being exposed to the elements? Leave them off all the time? Mine are under covered decks & I still have issues. :)

  44. Robin Rakes

    I vote for #2- due to fading from being in the sun. At least with this neutral color you wont notice it as much. As for color pop- yes!! You need that, pillows, accessories, etc. Pull in the green from the lounge, maybe some Bama Red- not orange. To Auburn looking. LOL Sorry- I couldn’t resist. How about a bright yellow & the green? Have fun!!

  45. Nancy

    I think there’s enough green with the grass and think the sand is too blah. Since I don’t like the orange, I vote for the blue with green umbrella!

  46. Phyllis McKenna

    Tough decision! I picked #3 all blue – love the contrast from the concrete and yard. I think I may actually like #2 better but, like you, I would be worried about the cream cushions getting dirty and the lack of contrast from the concrete. I do like the white umbrella the best of all the umbrella colors though. As I’m typing this I am starting to think I would choose #2 now. Or how about the green chairs with the blue and white pillows? to pull in some of the blue. I can feel your pain now. Good luck with the decision; I’m sure it will look wonderful when you are finished. You certainly have a beautiful palette to begin with.

  47. Denise

    Amanda, I like options 3 & 5. Once you get all your pool furniture in place, I would add some large round fiberglass containers at the corners of your concrete pad for a lush, organic component to soften your poolscape. Consider large palms and perhaps a red leaf banana tree that will take the sun and underplant the trees with ferns, other plants and flowering vines. You can use plants and flowers to introduce endless color choices (even orange). Large round fiberglass containers can also be planted out in the fall and winter for seasonal color. Fiberglass planters will not crack in the winter and are light weight compared to wood or concrete. Can’t wait to see your final choice.

  48. Katie Muck

    I like option 5 but I would replace the black and white striped pillows with coral. Maybe even the umbrella. And rather than plant around the edges of the pool area I would have huge pots with ornamental grasses and trailing vines. Love your home!

    1. Amanda

      I love that pergola! And it would work with the fire pit because the top is open for ventilation. But then the lack of shade when the sun is directly above would be an issue, right?

  49. Maureen

    Love #5. Think you have selected some wonderful furniture. One thing I will add, will you want your pool towels to blend in with your color pattern too? Not sure if you care what the towels look like, but just a thought.

    LOVE the entire look. Option 4 is gorgeous too – just liked the green against the sky view!

    Whatever you chose, you won’t go wrong. You have elegant/classy taste!

    Look forward to seeing what you select.

    Happy weekend!

  50. Jamie (Mama.Mommy.Mom.)

    You have such a great backyard… so much potential! I love all the blue. I don’t think it’s too much at all. It keeps everything bright and fresh looking. Good luck on your decision!

  51. Nicole

    On second thought…. If I had to go for a second choice I would choose option three. You can’t go wrong with option two or option three. Great work… everything looks awesome!!!!!

  52. Nicole

    Option two by far!!!!! It’s clean it’s simple it’s classic and it’s not too busy. Don’t forget you can always add splashes of color with the things that you plant in the ground!!! ;)

  53. Suzanne Shepherd

    Hi, Amanda! Great fun looking at all these choices this morning. I really liked the first option and thought, why is she looking for something different?? Then when I got to option 4, I just had this “Ahhhh….” feeling. Blue/green combo is soothing, blends with nature while also providing color. White umbrella balances parallel surface colors (concrete, clouds), which to me makes things look balanced or stable or grounded or something? Can’t wait to see your pick!

  54. Jan Taunton

    Love the orange & blue…..should remind you a bit of home! The pop of orange gives a splash of color since the green and blue are so much like the grass, sky and your pool liner! Love, love, love the fire pit and furniture, I can see you now curled up with a book or an iPad! Have fun decorating!

    1. Amanda

      Thank you Miss Jan! Great point about the green and blue being similar to the grass, sky, and liner. And I do love the orange! ;)

  55. Susan

    I voted for option 1. I LOVE Orange and Blue together. I’m not crazy about the green umbrella, though. JMO, but I would do a patterned cushion because at my house the solid cushions fade so much faster, plus I LOVE all the colors. In addition, plants really help, too.
    Where, oh where, did you find the sofa and fire pit??
    Whatever you choose, it will be yours and you’ll love it out by your wonderful pool!

  56. Kirsti Fleming

    I enjoy the splash or orange so it’s not all blue-green matchy. I do enjoy the black and white striped pillows though. I also wonder if an add of plum/black cherry/raspberry color might be nice with the orange and aqua.

  57. Casie Schlueter

    I would do option 3 but with a bright Magenta umbrella! I think that would give a fun pop of color! Love that fire pit!!!

  58. Jennifer

    I like option 3… However you need a third color. I’m thinking like a navy blue or another color that would POP. If you go with option 3, buy some yellow canary towels or something simple just to have that 2nd accent color.

    Have fun matching colors together!!!

  59. Brenda

    Amanda, love the pool and back yard its amazing! I love the color of the blue you picked is been one of my favorites lately. I wouldn’t worry too much about the back yard furniture matching the interior of your house because you want the backyard to have a POP outside and the orange would do that. If you think about it color makes people happy and fun if you have the other colors you choose its too much blend and in my opinion too borring for an out door party or even just to relax. Orange does complement the blue very well. So just take that leap and impress your friends!

  60. JoAnne

    No, it doesn’t have to match the house! It shouldn’t, it’s an entirely separate oasis. I wouldn’t put throw pillows on the lounge chairs at all. What do you need them for? They will end up on the ground. I think the coordinating beach towel is enough of a functional and decorative item. I’m just practical! As for an umbrella…..if you want practical and beautiful, I would go with a green umbrella since the color will help absorb some heat and leave you in a cooler shade. So in that sense, the orange will give you a nice pop of color without being too distracting! It’s going to be beautiful!

  61. Barb S

    I like the all blue cushions with a WHITE umbrella and colorful accent pillows! (but I voted 3 because it was the closest). I’m envious of your pool. It’s 40s and rainy in Boston today. :(

  62. Kathleen D

    Option #3 looks colorful and yet cohesive. Love it! The others just don’t seem to flow as well. My eye doesn’t move through the scene evenly.

  63. Leslie Kiley

    They have this combo ( Number 3) at a resort I went to in Las Vegas and I thought it was so calming and beautiful!

  64. Susan P

    I like option 5. All blue on the seating and chaise lounges is too boring. Bringing in the green makes a nice pop of color. Any of the options will be beautiful once you bring in landscaping and flowers.

  65. Amanda L.

    I liked 4 as it gave a “I’m at a fancy beach resort” feel. I would also add a couple of those small ‘drink’ tables to set your book or snack or drink down while laying on the lounger.

  66. Rose

    Option 3 (blue w/green umbrella) is inviting, soothing, looks ‘beachy’, and is not too much blue and green. If you desire additional or different colors/patterns to the setting, throw on wildly colorful beach towels, change out the smaller lounge pillows to please your mood (or weather). Add colorful plants-flowers in large eye-catching planters, grouped in spots where they will have best visual impact and will survive in the hot sun. Use pool-side accessories in accent colors of your choice. Amanda, I can’t believe you are asking your readers to decide for you! Your design eye is perfect IMO. Go for it!

  67. Lois

    I think you’d be happiest keeping your umbrella white and your loungers neutral. Why not thrown your pop of orange in with some patterned throw pillows on the loungers – even throw a few on your patio couch to tie it in? With neutrals, you can always change throw pillows as you want – after you grown tired of them, or if they get stained/faded. I like the pop of orange, or red, or yellow…..Have fun!

  68. Angie | Big Bear's Wife

    I don’t know, Amanda. I think anything would look perfect beside that pool! haha. Love the choices!

  69. Keeron

    Hi Amanda :)
    I love the first one! I think the only change I would make would be a white umbrella and mix up the pillows a bit between the lounge chairs and the cushy comfy seating :)

  70. Karen

    Love blue and green….but, I would use a pattern on the cushions since any color that is plain will show every spot, lotion spot, etc and a pattern will hide that some. I really think grey, muted mustard yellow and your blue color would look awsome outside. Such a hot color combo right now.

  71. Louise John

    If you don’t mind if I ask, where ever did you get your beautiful blue cushioned fire pit seating set? I love the blue and white combination together. Good Luck from a fan! Louise John

  72. Southern Gal

    I went with #1. Love the color pop of orange. I think I would go with a white umbrella with any of the choices just because of the cool factor. We live where the summers are super hot and humid. White attracts less heat than any other option and it blends in well. Have fun!

  73. Elizabeth

    I love #4. It’s so clean and the pop from the pillows really makes it fun. I like the more neutral color scheme, as opposed to #1. This would be classic for years and years! Now, invite me over! :)

  74. Lina

    Hello Amanda I love all the options but I voted for 4 although 3 was my first choice!!!! I love the combination of green and blue as here in Greece these colours are the most predominant due to our climate and geography!!!!! I believe 3 is great but 4 is more classy and breaks the monotony of these two colours!!! Also the white umbrella definitely is better since it will be more long lasting and will certainly keep the sun better away!! Believe me I know sun can be really annoying esp where I live!!!!And definitely it is not boring as it just breaks the monotony of the basic colours!!!!Anyway, whatever combo you choose I believe it will be amazing and I am really jealous of your pool yard lol!!!!!

  75. Becca

    Hi Amanda,
    I love the patio sioa you have chosen and the blue.
    There is something to be said too for a BIG POP OF BRIGHT, BRIGHT ORANGE.
    Turqoise…Neon green and white are my favorite colors this summer.
    I am sure your choice will look fantastic whatever it is! Have fun and enjoy the moment!
    Florida hugs,

  76. Mindy

    Amanda.. I would say the tan lounge chairs and the blue & white striped accent pillows (to match furniture) and tan umbrella.
    Got to remember that it’s going to be outside and no matter how much a company claims no fade, color all day in summer, will get faded. I think your lovely green grass and the sofa and fire pit are the main focal points.
    Maybe adding some trees (crape myrtle) or pretty plant stands with lush color annuals.
    Probably too much with adding anymore color to the lounge chairs. That is just IMO =)

  77. Sandra

    You have the house of my dreams! Unbelieveable backyard! Orange will bring a pop of color and will work well with that fence!

  78. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    That is so cool that you’re able to Photoshop things like this – wish I had those skills! And congrats on your pool! It looks so inviting! I voted and I think you’d be wise to avoid the white/cream chairs. I once had cream outdoor furniture and it does show so much dirt, dust, debris – so quickly. And with dogs, yeah, you will be happier I think with colored chairs rather than cream. It’s going to be beautiful regardless!

  79. Tracey

    Hi! Nice photoshop work! :-) I would actually like Option 1 but with a white umbrella. I love the blue and orange together, you wouldn’t have to worry about cream cushion getting dirty, and you get to keep the pop of color (and super cool striped pillows) of the orange chair cushions. I just think the green umbrella doesn’t quite go…

    Just a thought! Happy shopping and good luck!

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