Our New House

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement and nerves. We bought a house! Please enjoy this exciting new house tour and check out the new and improved Kevin & Amanda headquarters!New House Photos from

Our New Home!

I am over the moon about our new place. It all happened so quickly. We’d been casually looking for almost a year now, but nothing too serious.  When Kevin and I first moved here ten years ago we were newlyweds, just married a week earlier. We lived in a cute apartment within walking distance to everything. Kevin could walk to work, and he came home every day for lunch. Target was in my backyard. I loved it. A year later when we bought our first house, it was 20 miles from everything. I loved our house, but I wasn’t thrilled with being so far out! I grew up in a town that was five minutes from everything, so I was used to having everything close. In our house, you could drive for five minutes and still not be near anything. But I loved our house, and we had a big backyard for the doggies, so we were definitely staying put for awhile.

*Oh my GOSH if you click those links PLEASE for the LOVE of all that is holy IGNORE the super embarrassing photos of me. No one should be forced to look at ten year old photos of themselves!! Shield your eyes! By the way, those super low-tech pages are what used to look like.

At the end of last year a big contract was renewed at Kevin’s work, and it was definitely decided that we would be here for a few more years. We were still very happy with our old house, but sometimes we’d talk about how it’d be nice to be a little closer to town, have a little more closet space, and hopefully find a home with a pool, because Miley and Howie love to swim. And for some reason, none of the community pools were really thrilled with the idea of us toting our two life-jacket-wearing dogs along for a swim. I mean, I know, right?? How dare they! This is what poor little Howie was reduced to using as a pool.

So after that, I’d sometimes browse our local MLS site for homes online. But we weren’t in any hurry.

Deciding to Move

Then I saw this house. And we fell in love. And we went to see it in person. And we fell even more in love. And basically, the next thing I knew, we were making an offer, scrambling to throw everything we owned into boxes, and with the help of our parents, spending one very long weekend moving in.

New House Photos from

It even has a pool for the doggies.

New House Photos from

And they still have plenty of room to play!

New House Photos from

A Sneak Peek at Our New House

Here’s a look at the inside. This is what you see when you open the front door.  PLEASE NOTE, these are the staged realtor photos! This is not my furniture, lol! I wish it was! I would’ve bought this house furnished in a heartbeat. This house is now empty, except it’s completely covered from head to toe in boxes. :) Realtor photos via Cynthia Walker Photography.

New House Photos from

And here’s the living room. Does anyone have any tips for taking care of hardwood floors? I know nothing!

Paint Color Update! The previous owners left some paint behind, and it looks like the color in the kitchen and living room is Sherwin Williams Virtual Taupe.

New House Photos from

We are having way too much fun standing in the living room and throwing one of Miley and Howie’s toys up to the balcony. They have no idea where it disappears to, lol! They look all over downstairs. :)

New House Photos from

The office, which will be the new blogging headquarters. :)

New House Photos from

The kitchen gets gorgeous afternoon light, so I can actually make and photograph recipes at a normal time. :)

New House Photos from

Another view of the kitchen.

New House Photos from

The master bath.

New House Photos from

I am in love with this tub. That is all.

New House Photos from

I’ve had breakfast out here on the porch every morning this week.

But this is probably my favorite thing of all. I can’t wait until next summer.

Thanks so much for reading, guys. Ya’ll are the best! xoxo.

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247 Responses
  1. buffie D

    Hi, I found your info on Pinterest. It wont let me post a pick , but we have your twin house.Love looking at what you have done with the house! I am in the process of trying to remodel our Kitchen and was searching corner ovens and there it was our house (some differences). PS We turned the laundry room into a pantry too!

  2. Karijn

    Hi K&A, I’ve found a pic of your house on Google search and I’ve decided to use it for watercolour practice (it’s the first picture in this post, the front view). I’ve also recorded a video of it for a speedpaint to upload it on youtube, please let me know if it’s something you don’t want me to do, it simply didn’t come to my mind to ask before painting it.

    Thank you, you have a beautiful house

  3. Muriel

    Coucou Amanda !
    Je suis française…et je viens de découvrir votre blog…grâce à une épingle sur Pinterest !!!
    Félicitations pour votre maison…jardin et piscine…
    Si newletter…je m’abonne…

    A bientöt…


  4. Donalyn Crowley

    I really do like the look of your new home. I was wondering do you know and would you share the name of the the house plan and or company the plan comes from. We are wanting to build and this looks like such a family friendly house plan.
    Thank you so much,

  5. Claudia

    Your house is awesome, I envy you ;-)
    I’d like to have swimming pool but in Rome is it impossible, unless my name was not Onassis ^_^.
    I love your blog

  6. Angela

    I don’t know how I’m just now seeing this…your home is gorgeous! Congratulations!! (although it’s a little late)

  7. jeanette duurvoort

    A little late to the game here-but the Texas gold bars lead to burritos than ….snooping- I saw an AU t-shirt and an excursion to ABQ. (all things I can relate to) Dedicated fan now. House is incredible-may there be many years of joy and good eats. THNX

  8. Yolanda

    :-D Couldn’t help but think, cor I would love all that space, and that house and garden lol, its just dreamy! I live in a cramped rented house in England with five of my seven children and hardly have a penny but whenever I need something I know angels watch over and give just what is required ie food for that day, and some miracle or other to get by….. and reading your blog has been a blessing, it is so kind of you to share of yourself with others. Thankyou for that. You are a wonderful person and you obviously have an amazing husband also! I kind of wished I lived round the corner so we could be friends :-D I just love talented creative people! Way to go!

    From Sussex, England :-D

  9. Jussara

    Everything is so perfect. Congratulations!
    I have followed you for sooo many years and am very proud of you! You have almost fans? I am not surprised!
    Btw, would love to see your craft room.
    Thanks you

  10. Christine

    Oh wow. Between the photographer and a comment someone made, I just realized we live in the same city! Welcome! And the house is beautiful. Congrats.

  11. Brooke

    Congrats on your beautiful new home! My husband and I are looking for open floor plans to build on our land. I am in love with the pictures of your home and the open floor plan its exactly what we are looking for in our home. Would you happen to have any information on the blueprints/floor plan I would love to build a home like yours! Thanks!

  12. Kathleen @Home Wasn't Built In A Day

    Wow, that is such a beautiful house! I bet you will have so much fun decorating it. And the kitchen is my favorite part! Absolutely beautiful!

  13. jennifer

    Wow! What a lucky girl! You have a gorgeous home.

    As for taking care of your hardwood floors…We have hardwood throughout our whole house (except bathrooms) and I use a microfiber type mop head i bought at a hardwood floor store( i tried one from walmart and did not like how it cleaned)…go ahead and buy at least 2 if not 3:) I usually ALWAYS keep one on my mop at all times- we have 2 little girls and now we have an adopted Boston Terrier. Heart a flutter. So, it comes in handy to spot clean everyday.I would not trade hardwood for carpet again.LOVE.MY.HARDWOOD.FLOORS!

    I also spray Bona wood floor cleaner on it. Just do a little section at a time. You can also buy that at your hardwood floor specialty store, while there, buy your spray bottle to put the cleaner in. when I buy it from the specialty store, its generally made to delute with water. When i buy it from Walmart, its ready to use. I do not recommend using a steam cleaner, If you planks were not sealed to make it one solid floor… its like this……..if you can see cracks between each wood plank, do NOT use a steam cleaner- you will ruin them.
    And for what its worth, mopping is great exercise!
    I hope I have helped you as you have helped me. I love your blog, I love your photography tutorials(i use them often as they have helped me learn my camera and take some great shots). I love looking at your cute 4-legged babies!
    Best Regards-

  14. Darcy Reagan

    Gorgeous home! Who is the builder? I am looking to build a home within the next few months, and I love the curb appeal of this home, the kitchen, the ath, and everything I saw. Thanks!

  15. Mz Jan

    Love the new house! Can’t wait to see your pictures! You will love the hardwood floors, just remember with hardwood ‘less is more’…..less water, less work and more beautiful! I use my steam mop on the “dust” setting, works wonders! And, even dirty hardwood looks better than clean carpet! Enjoy!

  16. Ger

    Amanda your home is lovely. I really love the kitchen. It is hard to believe they did not put a pantry in this gorgeous home. It seems to have everything else. I wish you a long happy life in your new home.

  17. Brenda

    Congrats on your new home. I’m sorry to say I’m still catching up on your blog as I’ve been away for a little while.

    The home looks beautiful! My kind of colors and style. Funny thing is my husband and I are thinking of moving out of NY as the taxes here are crazy high. We’ve been considering Texas but your part of Alabama looks lovely.

    You mentioned you wanted some help with the wood floors? Well, at my home in upstate NY, which has a LOT of wood floors, I love love love using Method Wood Floor Cleaner. It has a lovely almond scent. You can get it at your favorite store…Target. Or the grocery store probably has it to, as mine does. It just squirts on the floor and you mop it off with one of those microfiber (cleanable in the washer) mops. No water, no rinsing, no nothing. Just squirt and mop. It dries real quick to so make sure you do small areas at a time so it doesn’t dry on you before you can mop it up.

    I’ve tried a few different cleaners but the Method cleaner is the only one I found that does not leave any streaking. And an added bonus is it’s all environmentally friendly and green! So when our kitties decide to run across the freshly mopped floor, it won’t hurt them. And it dries so quick I usually don’t see any paw prints.

    If you have tile, like I do in our bathrooms, Method makes a wonderful tile cleaner too. Nice lemon scent that is totally not over-powering.

    Good Luck and sorry about the long comment. Have fun in your new house!

  18. Jennifer @ Licious Food

    Congrats on the new home! It looks spectacular and that pool is oh so inviting. I could move into that pool seriously. I can’t wait to see how you decorate this house.

  19. Anonymous

    I promise I’m not a stalker, but we LOOKED at that house!! We ended up staying where we are (not far from you, BTW!), but I did love the pool at that one.

    I have read your blog on and off for years, but never realized you were so close. Love your pics!

  20. Melissa R

    Congrats, it’s a beautiful home! Can’t wait to see photos after you get all moved in. I’m sure you’ll have fun decorating the new space for the holidays too. Enjoy!

  21. Jill

    Awesome new house!! For the wood floors . . . use the Bona system and hardwood flooring cleaner :). I am an interior designer and sell wood floors. And have wood floors. You can get the spray bottles at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Or go to a local flooring store to hopefully be able to buy the large, gallon re-fill.

  22. Rachael P

    I hardly ever leave comments here (unless it’s to comment on Howie, Miley or Louie) but I really do need to congratulate you. Your new home is absolutely beautiful! And the doglets will think they died and went to heaven with that back yard. I wish years and years of happiness to you and Kevin – you are often in my thoughts, as you seem like such genuinely good people. I enjoy your blog immensely!

  23. Stayc

    Congratulations! This is a beautiful home! I am coveting big time- over every detail in the house! For hardwood floors we use the irobot roomba (easily transitions from our tile/wood floor/ rugs). When they need to be cleaned up I just use warm water and a little bit of vinegar- in a spray bottle and then mop it up with a microfiber cloth. They always look brand new! :)

  24. Debi

    Oh, my goodness, Amanda! You and Kevin are so blessed! I’m sure you will make many happy memories in that house for years to come. I can’t wait to see what you do with your scrapbook room/home office!

  25. Jennifer Horgan

    I love the new house. Miley and Howie are going to love the pool and backyard. I can’t wait to see pictures of that.

  26. Shelley Courington

    Do not ever, ever, EVER use Mop and Glo Orange cleaner or anything like it on your floors! It will put a build-up on it that will take more elbow grease than you want to expend! Bellawood has a cleaner sold at Lumber Liquidators, online or in the stores that is excellent and no build up, ever. Will totally help remove the build-up too if you use the wrong product.
    Great house, congratulations!

  27. Michele

    Congrats on the new beautiful house!!! How perfect it is for the dogs too :) As for the wood flooring, the best product to use is Bona and mop. . I used this in my house and what I did would spray a 4×4 area then mop that area over til the mop was sliding smoothly on the floor and move onto the next area. The nice thing about hard wood flooring is that you don’t always have to clean the entire floors, just the area that needs it most, traffic area, spills etc.

  28. Rhonda

    That is gorgeous! …. I thought your other house was, too! ;) Congratulations! I’ve been married 19 years and I have never had anything even close to being this nice.

  29. Vivian C.

    Congrats and this is just a gorgeous house!!! Although it’s staged, everything so looks so nice but I’m sure you’ll make it your own.

  30. Melody

    Your Home is Beautiful!!! An idea on your wood floors – we were told to have them professionally looked at every two years to see if they would need a reconditioning/resealing. We found out after living in our new home for 10 years (oops), and had the floors redone 2 years ago by having the floors re-sanded and resealed (particulate was everywhere). I would check with your local flooring representative to see what they recommend for your area. Enjoy your new Home – Congratulations to You, Kevin and the Doggies!!

  31. Lynn

    This is my first visit to your blog…and that backyard is unbelievably HUGE!! May I ask what state you live in?? I didn’t know lots that size even existed anymore! Thanks. You can email me the answer if you’d rather not say in here. :-)

  32. Natalie

    Congratulations Amanda!!! When I got this email and saw your BEAUTIFUL new home, I actually clapped my hands and shrieked while sitting in front of my computer all by myself. Kind of embarrassing. But in my defense I’ve been reading your blog for many years now, and can’t help but feel like I’ve watched you on this amazing journey. So happy for you my dear! You deserve it! =)

  33. Lynn

    BTW….the Bona stuff for hardwoods can be bought at Walmart or Lowes. Lowes even has a kit to get started with then you can buy refills at Walmart. A cordless Swiffer will be a must….outside stuff shows up all over hardwoods for some reason!!

  34. Lynn

    Amanda!!! OMG!!! It is gorgeous. I can’t figure out where you are….are you closer to me & Glenda now??? I bet your puppies looovveee that yard!! You know we will want to come check out the new digs! So excited for you….you live a whirlwind life girl!! Also….mouth now watering wanting to go popcorn place!

  35. Janna Campbell

    Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for all that you do to share your fonts and your world with us! It’s always fun to see what you’re up to….wishing you the best in your new house. It is beautiful! :)

  36. Amanda

    Beautiful home, congrats!! I recommend the Haan floor steamer for your hardwoods. I used to use the wet Swiffers and have tried many bottled hardwood cleaners but they all leave residue on the hardwoods. Eventually they start to look very dull and less shiny. I switched to the Haan steamer and love it! You just use water and no harsh chemicals. It maintains the finish and easily releases anything dried on. If you have really hard water, you can use distilled to avoid water marks. Don’t get a Shark steamer though, I had that one first and it only lasted less than a year before it broke. I bought my Haan on QVC.

  37. terri

    awwww, what a gorgeous home! congrats on moving in. i love love love the openness (is that a word?) and the pool/patio. i love dining al fresco and how nice to be able to do this every morning for breakfast!!! good luck getting everything organized! it is beautiful!!!

  38. Daphne

    Good Morning Amanda and Kevin, What can I say, you have the most beautiful new home, I have ever seen and such a huge garden. I live in England where our houses and gardens are much smaller, so to see a house with so much space is fabulous. I hope you have many years of happiness in your beautiful new home…..Enjoy. Best Wishes Daphne

  39. Liz

    omg, i LOVE your house!!! am sooo in love with it!!! this is now my new dream home! =) if you don’t mind me asking, what city/state is this in? i want to do some house hunting in that area! gorgeous home!!!

  40. Maggie

    Congratulations!! Your house is beyond gorgeous!!! I know it’s not in southern CA because they don’t give more than a few feet of yard on each side of houses here lol.

  41. Debbie

    quite an impressive and beautiful home! No wonder you fell in love with it! May your home be filled with much laughter and wonderful aromas!

    there is something about Southern Architecture that I just adore and wish I could get here. I’m in PA and always been interested in real estate. I have canvassed the local builders’ models- but it lacks that something/ charm that southern homes exude….

    hope Kevin has a riding mower…

  42. Katherine

    Been lurking for a while…we used to live in the HSV area, just off of Old Railroad Bed Rd. I hear there is a new Target practically in my old backyard now! We moved to TX a little over two years ago. I didn’t find your blog until recently, but I think it’s funny that we used to be “neighbors.” I couldn’t help from commenting on your hardwood question. Our house now has almost all hardwood floors. My builder recommended Bona hardwood floor cleaner, and I have been very pleased. Just spray it on the floor and wipe/rub it around with a mop. I have a GIANT dust mop-type cover that can be removed from the handle and washed. The bigger the mop, the better, because you have more surface area and cleaning goes faster. The Bona is a bit expensive, but a little goes a long way. I’ve been in my house about 18 months, and I’m still using the first bottle. A cordless stick vacuum is also very helpful. I have an Electrolux, and it is one of my favorite household appliances (along with my steam mop for the tile bathrooms).

    Congratulations on the beautiful house! I’m challenging myself to figure out from the pictures what area/subdivision you are in, but I’ve probably been gone too long to figure it out ;).

  43. Rachel

    That is a beautiful house! That garden! Oh my – i wish i had something like that. Here, they would fit about 6 houses on a block that size….!

  44. Suzanne

    Wowie wow! What a gorgeous house, Amanda! Love the bay window in the office. Can’t wait to see how you set up your scrapbook/office space. Love the granite – it’s just like mine. : )

    Wood floors are not that hard to care for. When we lived in Michigan we had beautiful ash flooring in our living/dining room. I think the most important thing is to keep the dirt, dust, sand off to avoid scratches. And someone said something about the puppies nails….that is a good tip, too. We didn’t let our Aussie in those rooms too much for that very reason. I wiped up any spills or muddy messes as they happened and never made a big deal out of frequent damp mopping. They were the most lovely and easy care floors we ever had.

    Well, that was long….. Anyway, enjoy your new home! I know you will make the most of every minute and every sunset. We’ll be excited to see more pix!

  45. Barb

    What a beautiful home! I am anxious to see how you decorate it! Wondering…are you going to be able to have a scrapbook room like you had? The best to you!

  46. Vickie

    I’m jealous :):) but so happy for you and Kevin and of course Howie and Miley :):) What a lovely home. Wishing you lots and lots of happy hours there. Congrats.

  47. Lorel Robinson

    You and yours are blessed to have this house. I can already see you guys entertaining your friends and family inside and outside this amazing house.
    In Australia, some people name their houses, they even have celebrants (of which I’m one) do a reading and celebrate you and your house. A house warming! ENJOY!

  48. Heather Mayberry

    aww! it’s perfect! congrats! i have hardwood floors, i sweep them daily (it’s amazing how much mess gets on hardwood!) and i use a swiffer wet jet to mop with the hardwood solution. when i wax the floors i use holloway house quick shine floor finish, it is incredibly easy to use and dries super glossy very quickly.

  49. tiffany h.

    How very exciting for you & Kevin! I can’t even begin to imagine a yard so big. I live in Southern California and our lot is postage stamp size; meaning very very small. I hope you will show us pics along the way while decorating and getting settled. Congratulations!

  50. steff

    Beautiful house, enjoy making it in your home! Also – wood floors I use vinegar and water with a good clean once in a while with the Bona cleaner. And a Roomba is great if your cuties shed.

  51. Jessica

    Congratulations! B E A U T I F U L home. So jealous. I cannot believe the size of your yard! Hope you enjoy many, many wonderful years. Cheers!

  52. Letty Sandoval

    CONGRATULATIONS!! That is a BEAUTIFUL house!! I hope you enjoy it very much! later show us how it looks with your furniture! =) I love the kitchen and the master bathroom!! wow is like a dream come true!! Enjoy the sunsets and have fun! Blessings!

  53. Susan

    Congratulations to both of you, what a beautiful house. Need pictures of Howie swimming, my dogs think water is evil, even baths are horrid.

  54. Sally

    I’m reading your blog as I sit here eating my Popcorn Haven popcorn I had shipped to me after reading your last blog. (Love it, too!!) Your house is stunning! Congratulations. I can’t wait to see all the new recipes you post, or simply reading another of your entertaining blogs. :)

  55. Karla

    Wonderful house! What state are you in again? I think we may need to move there….I love the natural light and the high ceilings. Congratulations!

  56. Mandi

    Oh my gosh, Amanda! I love love love it! It is already so beautiful and I know you are going to make it even more amazing. I’m looking forward to all of the pictures with your own belongings. :-)

  57. Sara

    Seriously, your new home is AMAZING! I love it! I would not like to clean it, but it is trully gorgeous! I can’t wait to see how you guys decorate it! And if you get ideas on how to take care of your wood floors, I would love to learn as well!
    I hope you are all getting adjusted and I bet it will look AMAZING at Christmas time!
    Good luck getting all your stuff unpacked!

  58. Leslie Lambert

    I am in LOVE with this house! It is just beautiful. Congratulations – I know you are so excited to get in there and start decorating!

  59. Beth

    Beautiful! Beautiful!! Beautiful!!! Dreams can come true! Enjoy your new home! My husband and I have been casually looking at houses for a while now too. Can’t wait until we find “the one”! Your doggies have to be in love with it too!! Life is good! :)

  60. Sandy_in_MD

    Congratulations on your new home – it is beautiful, and I can’t wait to see how you decorate it, once you get all those boxes unpacked. Thanks for sharing your happy news!

  61. edyB

    Congrats on your new home! It’s a beauty!
    Great yard and pool for all of you!

    Wood floors care:
    TRY to have everyone remove their shoes!!! That is a good rule for any type of floor.
    I only use Bona products on my wood floors. I dry mop dust/vac ~ you’ll want to keep grit dusted up to prevent scratches!

  62. Tina

    Amanda, I love your wooden floors! I’ve just replaced our carpets with the same. It’s gorgeous. Have fun unpacking the boxes and finding homes for everything ;)

    Thank you for the awesome fonts too ;)

    xo from South Africa

  63. Jeannette Mulligan

    I have a cleaning business and most of the homes around here have hardwood floors. For new hardwood floors, I used a Bona product that a lot of my customers got with their floor installation. But for the older floors, I use Murphy’s Oil Soap. Just make sure to dry the floor afterwards (I just put a big towel on the floor and dry it with my feet :-) ) … that way you don’t have water sitting on the floor, making white marks. The towel helps to buff it a little, too. :-) Congrats on the new home. :-)

    1. Amanda

      Hi Leslie! The previous owners left some paint behind, and it looks like the color in the kitchen and living room is Sherwin Williams Virtual Taupe. Hope this helps! :)

  64. Kel

    Congrats!! The sunsets will be so pretty from your deck.

    Hardwood — I vacuum them and then go back over with a dust mop (dry Swiffer). Only occasionally do I actually damp mop. I love wood floors!!!

  65. Jessica

    CONGRATULATIONS, Amanda!! :-) I am so happy for you all and what an absolutely gorgeous house!! You are a sweetheart and I am thrilled for your family. Enjoy the decorating!

  66. Becky

    Congrats to you and family. Your new house is gorgeous. I know you will enjoy it to it’s fullest esp. in the summer time. Hugs, Becky

  67. Thais

    OMG How gorgeous. And look at that kitchen for all your baking. And the long, long, long yard. Miley and Howie won’t even be able to see the ball when you throw it!!! And sunset; even in winter sitting in a lounge chair outside, wrapped in an electric blanket to pretend you are in LA, is breathtaking. Congrats!!!

  68. Dalis

    What a gorgeous house and backyard and pool!!!! wow! Kuddos to the wonderful staging of that house to the realtor… darn it… I want to live there w/ all that too! LOL!!!

    For our wood floors I usually do vinager and water mix.

    — dalis

  69. Angela Harden

    Oh Amanda, I’m SO happy for you! Your new home is just beautiful and I know you’ll
    love every new project and joy of turning this house into your home. Blessings to you
    and Kevin! Angela

  70. Kristin S

    What a stunning home!

    Wood floors. My mom made me by a Bona system from Bed Bath and Beyond when I moved in to my home with hardwoods. I’m so thankful! Easy peasy and works great.

  71. ryane

    Congratulations! Beautiful home. Now to make it yours with your personal touch , Look forward to seeing your photos. Many many happy Years in your new place.

  72. Rosemary S.

    Squeeeeel!!!!!!! :) I’m so happy for you and Kevin! (and Miley and Howie!). What a beautiful home you have………..Congratulations!

    You’re gonna love your hardwood floors. I have them in my (tiny, tiny, tiny!) condo – and I just love them. They’re so easy to keep clean – it’s easy to keep dust down – it doesn’t get trapped into carpets. You just dry mop them…………..As for cleaning – just plain warm water (don’t use tons of water, either) – with a small amount of vinegar, if you like……….and then, I go over them with a dry Swiffer mop, when the floors dry…..for a little buff – if I’m feeling industrious. :)

    Congratulations again – I know you’re going to spend many happy years in your beautiful home.

  73. Muriel

    Awesome, Amanda. I would love to see some pics at Christmas, all decorated up. It definitely has a bigger living room. It looks like your new office is smaller though. I would love to enclose that pool in tinted glass and make it year round, it would also do that planters edge justice, maybe even a matching gazebo with a wet bar and fireplace, oh the fun I could have with your backyard, LOL

  74. Mary Anne

    Amanda – congratulations on your beautiful new home! I know you and Kevin will have many happy years in this beautiful place. To answer your question re: caring for hardwood floors, my best advice is a Swiffer and water. Nothing else. Then after your floor dries, go over it again with a dry Swiffer. We put in new hardwood floors in 1999 and when we sold our house seven years later, the buyers thought we had just installed brand new floors (including the kitchen)! All we ever cleaned them with was a damp Swiffer, then buffed with a dry Swiffer. I’m sure there are plenty of “products” out there for wood flooring, but think about it, you are going to have a “build up” eventually on your beautiful floors. Trust me on this one, ok? Hint: Keep your dogs’ nails clipped because they can cause some little nicks in the flooring.

    1. Amanda

      Thanks Angela! The previous owners left some paint behind, and it looks like the color in the kitchen and living room is Sherwin Williams Virtual Taupe. Hope this helps! :)

  75. Bev @ Bev Cooks

    WOOOOOOOOW. I can’t wait to creep in in the middle of the night without you knowing and set up camp somewhere hidden. Love it!

  76. ElleBee

    Beautiful home, congratulations! As far as the floors, my husband used to sell them and installed most of the hardwood floors in our home. He stands by Bona products. They have separate products for hardwood and laminate, and he recommends the hardwood starter kit. You can buy directly from their website or from most Home Depots.

  77. Shaina

    I can’t wait to come jump in that pool! I’m so excited for both of you (and those precious pups, too!). Congratulations on a gorgeous upgrade!

  78. creole wisdom

    Oh my goodness that house is lovely.

    How exciting to be getting a pool, a bigger home and also getting to be closer to town! It’s a win-win.

    I have to say I love how they do finishes in the south. I think white woodwork and all the wains coating and molding is much prettier than what is built in Minnesota.

    Can’t wait to see how you decorate :)

  79. Jodi

    Congratulations on you new home, it is beautiful.
    You will enjoy it I am sure.

    Your wood floors should be so much easier then carpet, especially with your doggies, only thing keep their nails clipped so you don’t scratch the floors, but mostly keep the floors (dry) dust mopped and if you need to use something to clean them with, using a damp mop with just water is good. Using cleaners can leave a film on them. There are plenty of websites with tips on keeping wood floors beautiful.

    Again Congratulations on you new home, Enjoy.

  80. soffy

    Dear Amanda… I am so HAPPY FOR BOTH!!!! WOW LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Enjoy that and
    is the kind of the things you deserve for being so sharing and kind woman!!!… Your dogs will be
    so happy in that big yard!!! many hugs from Colombia!!!!


  81. Chere Mortensen

    How fun and exciting to have a new house to make your own. Okay the Howie in the bucket is still one of my favorite. Had to rematch and LOL. You have this place all yours in no time. How close to town are you? Have fun.

  82. Mindy Grant

    Congratulations!! What a beautiful home!! And I totally busted out laughing at that video of Howie in the bucket!! Too funny!

  83. Dora Panariti

    CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so happy for you, even though I don’t know you in person, I feel very close to all that’s going on!
    I wish you lots of happy and fun moments in this house and most of all home!!!

    Big hugs,

  84. Debi

    AWESOME…..Congratulations to you and Kevin….it is just beautiful. Can’t wait to see more when you have your furniture in it…

  85. Claudia

    I would be over the moon too! …Lucky (said in the voice of Napoleon Dynomite). LOL
    Seriously, your new home is gorgeous! Congratulations.

  86. Jules

    WOW!! That is amazing. It is beautiful. All that room- you have a mile in the back yard! That pool is so awesome. Everything about it is amazing. Congrates!

  87. Anele @ Success Along the Weigh

    Holy cow that is a HUUUUUGE house! Will your families be moving in with you? LOL I hope you’ll be doing some house related posts as you go from befores to afters!

  88. Carrie

    Congratulations on your Beautiful new home! The pool and yard is amazing! It looks like a great home for entertaining and family gatherings. I know your fur babies are loving it. Thanks for sharing your blogs. They are awesome!

  89. Kelly

    Congratulations! What a beautiful home… I’d split my time between the pool and the bathtub! ha ha, I’m just like Howie… I love water.

    Wood Floor Care – we have tons of wood floors – the best way I’ve found to care for them is to simply dry dust mop them frequently (I like a dry dust mop that has lots of strings on it, because they really catch the dust particles) … most wood floor organizations would recommend you never damp mop a wood floor, but I have used Murphy’s Oil Soap occasionally to pick up a spill. Consult or for professional recommendations. You’ll want to think about how you’re going to maintain them with the pups’ toenails walking all over them every day.

    May your new home be filled with many blessing!

  90. Tina Hicks

    OOOH! Your home is beautiful Kevin and Amanda! Do you think I come over for a swim sometime? lol I bet the dogs are lovin it!

  91. Sherrie

    Amazingly gorgeous, breathtaking no doubt, and I love the peaks on your roofs! I fell in love with the pics, can’t imagine it in person! Is it ok for me to be a little bit jealous? Have fun! :)

  92. Belinda

    Love your house-it is beautiful! But you didn’t let me down…you ended with a sunset picture! I loved the tour, but loved that you ended with the sunset! Happiness always to you both and your puppies too in your new home!

  93. Cindy

    The house is beautiful. Gorgeous—I am so excited for you.
    My sister and her family live in Madison. I think Alabama is an awesome place to live.
    God bless and many wonderful years in your new home!

  94. Sara pendarvis

    I absolutely LOVE your new home!! Congrats and I can’t wait to see all the pictures to come! Btw your yard is ridiculously Large! :)

  95. Cristy

    What a great house and yard! Congratulations to you, Kevin, and your furry children! My kitchen cabinets are the same style and color, but I’d never thought to use that putty-colored paint on the walls. It looks really great–may just have to copy it! Enjoy your new home. What an exciting time for you!

  96. Kerry

    This is Fall Break in Germany and my 7 about to turn 8 year old daughter is ooooohing and ahhhhhhing over your GORGEOUS new house! As soon as we scrolled to the pool pictures, she decided that maybe she might be living in the wrong country ;) Hehahahha… LOVE it, we LOVE it. So ummmm, did I tell you were are coming to visit?!?! Hehahaha… Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to keep seeing pictures of all the GREAT things you will do to it!!!!! No doubt you will have FUN!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  97. Nicole | Baking it on My Own

    When Kevin said you were moving a few weeks ago – I was hoping he meant to Boston ;) When he said no – I’ll admit, I was a little sad!

    Until I saw these pictures! and now I want to move to Huntsville! Amanda – geeze. I. AM. IN. LOVE. this house is absolutely perfect for you guys and I know you will all create many happy memories together in it. Carl and I are so happy for you both. Congrats you lucky ducks!

  98. kyleeg

    Congratulations! What a gorgeous house. I’m sure you’ll enjoying every second of decorating – and I hope we’re along for the ride (in pictures, that is!). Thanks for sharing your news with us.

  99. Barbara

    What a gorgeous new home! Here’s wishing you much happiness in your new ‘cottage’. :D
    What a nice yard for your two puppies. They’ll love it.


  100. Mary P

    Congrats on your new beautiful home! So many great aspects, including that great wall color in most of the house. Do you know the brand and color name? I love it!

    1. Amanda

      Thanks Mary! The previous owners left some paint behind, and it looks like the color in the kitchen and living room is Sherwin Williams Virtual Taupe. Hope this helps! :)

  101. Paulette

    The house is gorgeous. I love the pool as I sit here waiting for Hurricane Sandy to bring nothing but buckets of rain to Ohio. Wish I was there LOL. Good luck and may this house bring happiness and lots of goodies coming out of that beautiful kitchen. Paulette

  102. Erin @ Texanerin Baking

    I can’t believe the size of that yard! Do you have any plans for it? That’s my dream yard right there. I’d fill it up with fruit trees, berry bushes and then build a high fence so that nobody would be tempted to take my fruit. :)

    Congratulations on the new house! It’s beautiful and you must be thrilled to live closer to town. And being able to take pictures at a normal time… yay! I’m so happy for you. :)

  103. Mindy

    OMG! Amanda, the house is beautiful, but that backyard is to die for! Having a pool AND a large plot of land is just so perfect! Got to plant some trees for privacy some day! Love Love everything! It’s so great that you live in the south! I am hoping that you got a great deal on it! Enjoy the un-boxing :-/

  104. Engela

    I’m very happy for you four. I was drawn to your blog originally because of your decorating, and I’m looking forward to you making this house your own and seeing the results of your creativity.

  105. Mary

    It is so beautiful! You used the talents God gave you and look how He has blessed you. Thank you for sharing …… looking forward to more awesome photos.

  106. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    Your house is stunning, Amanda! Wow, I am speechless. It’s gorgeous, radiant, beautiful, and huge :) And I am so happy for you. You deserve it!!!

  107. Joy

    Oh my gosh you guys… congratulations!!!! Your home is fabulous.. I love every inch of it. You will have many years of fun and love in that home I am sure… and wow.. the back yard. I would never want to leave it. The pups will really enjoy it.

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