Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

We recently completed our latest remodeling project – transforming our laundry room into a giant pantry! Check out these before and after photos from our pantry makeover!

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

Pantry Makeover

I am so sorry I teased you last week with just the before photos of the pantry makeover! :) If you missed part one, our new pantry was originally a laundry room. Here’s what it looked like then — and why we wanted to rip it out and turn it into a pantry! After we moved the laundry room into another room closer to the garage (we were able to reuse the sink and cabinets as well), we wanted to do something special with this newly opened-up space.

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

We used HomeAdvisor to help us find a company in our area that specialized in designing and installing closet organizers. HomeAdvisor is a free site to find, rate and review home improvement professionals. HomeAdvisor offered to help us with our pantry project in exchange for sharing our experience with them. After a quick search on the site, we were matched with a local company called Wilson Lumber Co. We went to check them out and were so impressed with how friendly, helpful, and energetic their designer Amy was. She said she could come out the very next day and give us an estimate. She came in and took stock of everything on the baker’s rack we were using as a pantry, took dimensions of the room, and got straight to work. Within two days she sent us three different pantry designs, all along with price quotes and 3D illustrations of the plans.

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

Here’s the one we picked… :)

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

It’s got adjustable shelves, drawers, baskets, and a rounded corner storage unit right in the middle.

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

Amy took note of all the old laundry fixtures and hook-ups and made sure everything was perfectly hidden and tucked away, so there would be no sign this was a former laundry room.

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

I love the counter inside the pantry for storing appliances. So nice to just reach in and grab what I need.

Orgizational Structure of Our Pantry

{ Move your mouse on and off the above photo }

Here’s a fun mouseover image if you’re curious about how everything is organized. :) I can reach everything except the top shelf without the footstool, and everything except the bottom shelf without having to bend down. The “eye level” shelves are what I call prime real estate! ;) I keep things here I use the most.

Email and RSS readers: You’ll have to be on the blog for the mouseover to work.

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

Here’s my favorite, favorite feature of the pantry! This is something my dad installed for us. It’s a push button door switch that you can get at Home Depot. It’s installed in the hinge and when the door closes, it pushes a button to turn off the light. When the door opens, the button is released and the light comes on! Love it!! So nice for grabbing things quickly out of the pantry or when your hands are full! :) And if you need to be in the pantry with the door closed, the light switch still works. I wish every room automatically turned the light on when I walked in, lol! :)

You can pick one of these switches up for about $15 at Home Depot, and use HomeAdvisor to find a qualified electrician in your area to install it for you. You can even use HomeAdvisor’s Cost Guide to get an idea of what it costs to hire an electrician to install a switch. I love using HomeAdvisor’s Cost Guide to get a rough idea of what a home repair or remodel might cost without having someone come into my home and give me an estimate!

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

Hello pantry!

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

Here’s a close up of the appliance counter in the pantry. I keep my food processor, Yonanas, Blendtec blender, and electric tea kettle here and just pull them out when I need them.

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

Above that is a shelf for my favorite sweet foodie friends’ cookbooks. :)

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

And up top is our wedding china and crystal.

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

A more reasonable human would keep things like onions and potatoes in these baskets, but I have about a thousands bags of chocolate chips in here instead. #sotypical The baskets are also removable, so you could take it out and bring it into the kitchen with you.

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

Drawers for linens, towels, and aprons — or anything else I want to keep out of sight. :)

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

Deep rounded corner storage — a lazy susan would be perfect in here for even more space, like for spices.

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

Here’s a peek at the shelves… :) Flour, sugar, and baking.

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

Oil & Vinegar.

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

Peanut Butter & Nutella… Yes, I have a shelf completely devoted to peanut butter and Nutella… :) #sendhelp There’s even a little jar of homemade honey roasted peanut butter up there. :) Although it didn’t last much longer after that photo. ;)

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

Pasta shelf! I am a fun pasta shape collector. :)

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

Rice & grains.

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

Canned goods. The shelves are nice and tall, so it’s easy to grab stuff from the back.

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

Cake & cupcake decorating.

Spray paint cheap wicker baskets to match any decor.

Remember these baskets from my old laundry room? They were originally a light honey color, but I spray painted them a dark espresso color to match the laundry room in the old house. For the new pantry, I wanted a lighter color again, so I spray painted them this beautiful Nutmeg color from Rust-oleum. Perfect color for a pantry. :)

Dress up a cheap kids footstool with spray paint for a beautiful solution to hard-to-reach kitchen or pantry shelves.

This was originally a bright (read: tacky), multicolored kids footstool I found on clearance at Old Time Pottery. A single coat of black glossy spray paint dressed it right up for the pantry and is the perfect height for reaching items on the top shelf. It will also slide under the bottom shelf for convenient storage.

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

Here are a few final before and afters for you :)

It only took the Wilson Lumber guys about 2.5 hours to install these shelves, from start to clean up. When they were gone I would’ve never known they were here — they left no mess, not even dust — except I had gorgeous new shelves! I thought it would take them most of the day, but before I knew it they were knocking on the office door (where I was totally working and so not just playing on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest) saying they were done!

Pantry Makeover Before & After Photos

Here’s one more look at the makeover process, from beginning to end.

If you’re thinking about doing any home repairs, upgrades, or remodels, check out HomeAdvisor to find a trusted professional in your area.

If you’re curious about where anything came from, I’ll add everything I can think of to the source list below. If I missed something you were wondering about, please let me know in the comments and I’ll update the source list! :)

Click Here for our PANTRY DIMENSIONS.


Source List

Kitchen Paint Color — Sherwin Williams Virtual Taupe
Pantry Paint Color — Sherwin Williams Basket Beige
Rug — Surya Frontier Gray,
Wooden chalkboard boxes — Hobby Lobby
Wicker baskets — Target (2009)
Footstool — Old Time Pottery
China — Bernardaud Galerie Royale
Crystal Stemware — Noritake Vendome Platinum
Plastic storage bins — Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Push Button Door Switch — Home Depot
Pantry Design & Installation — Wilson Lumber Co.


P.S. I’ll tell you all about that fun stainless steel thing soon!! :)

P.P.S. I will definitely share pictures of the new laundry room too. You might want to subscribe to get all the posts by email so you don’t miss it, just in case! :)

Thanks so much for looking!! xoxo

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156 Responses
  1. Wendy Carmichael

    Dear Kevin and Amanda,
    I see your post of your custom pantry was made 5 years ago, so I’m not sure you’ll be able to receive/answer my question, but I hope so.
    I am currently designing my new pantry and yours has every element I need from Linen storage to crock pot shelf to a place for cookbooks. 
    I’m wondering the width and length of your pantry, from wall to wall and from wall to door. I sure hope you’ll be able to get back to me. Your pantry is beautiful as well as obviously functional. Although, to me function is beauty!
    One last thing, is that a mini fridge or a pellet ice maker I see just inside the door?
    Thank you for your time.
    Wendy C.

  2. Gail New

    Yaaa you! You have given me so many great ideas.
    I’m going to replicate your pantry into my kitchen.
    Thanks heaps for the ideas

  3. Kathy W.

    Love your pantry. One question though – was horribly expensive? We are at end of new construction and the pantry is about the last thing to be done.

  4. Carol

    I LOVE your pantry remake! That is what I call a pantry, not simply a door with shelves hidden behind it!! The ability to store everything so nicely and have them so easily at your fingertips. I am looking to build a house and whenever I mention a pantry I am shown a “cabinet that is simply larger than the others”. My most recent floor plans has a walk in pantry and I can’t wait to show your design pics because this is exactly what I have in mind. I am thinking of increasing mine a little and putting my upright freezer and extra fridge in it. We will have to wait on that, but I hope to make that happen!!!!

  5. Gretchen

    I love your pantry and recently had someone come out to design one for our space and he proposed something very similar to what you have. My pantry is also very similar in size to your pantry. Do you mind sharing the cost of the project? Just trying to gauge the pricing that they are proposing.

  6. Ann


    Loved the pantry. Thank you for a wonderful idea, you have made my kitchen planning so much easier!!!

    Please could you give me the dimensions of the old laundry room/new pantry

    All good Wishes,

  7. carolyn

    I have a huge laundry room and think I might do this at my home. Would there be any problem with combining the 2 in one big room ?

  8. Mary

    Love your pantry..nice work! Must feel so good to be so organized! As my husband and I get ready to do some renovating of our own, I’m wondering what the rough dimensions of your pantry are…to give us a reference. Thanks!

  9. Brandi

    LOVE the pantry design. Looks beautiful. Wondering if you know where the pull out wire shelves came from? I’m about to build a house and really would love to have them in my pantry, but can’t seem to find them anywhere. Thanks!

  10. Meg

    Love, love, love your pantry!! I’m remodeling a kitchen and going to be having a walk-in pantry that I’ve been wanting all of my adult life. Would love to know the dimensions of yours, as well as the shelving depth. Thank you!

  11. Chris

    I have been wanting to do this for a long time. My laundry room is nearly identical to yours and is perfectly located for a pantry like this. My only hurdle has been from my wife who does not want the laundry room moved from the first floor. In your build are you moving the laundry room to another floor, and if so, do you have any suggestions to help convince my wife that a laundry room in the finished basement is just as convenient?

  12. Colleen

    I came across your blog while looking for pantry redesign ideas on Pinterest. My biggest struggle is finding a way to organize all those little jars of spices. It doesn’t appear that you used a shelf for yours, so I was wondering if you keep them in one of the drawers or have a space in your kitchen. Many thanks for the inspirations!

  13. Cecilia

    wow! I agree – that room was better for a pantry than the laundry. Fantastic redo – I love how everything is organized. The corner shelves are perfect! I am a new follower and I can’t wait to see the laundry room. :)

  14. Angel

    Hi, your pantry turned out great! I would have wanted to switch it out too. Isn’t it amazing how quick a pantry fills up? My hubby is always telling me I need to get rid of stuff before I buy new because my pantry, that I posted on my blog today, is full. I especially like the storage space you have for all of your cook books!

  15. **Nicole**

    So beautiful! I love it!!! And Rustolem is quickly becoming my best friend–right now I have a bunch of cheap picture frames drying in the driveway with a metal hammered finish that’s going to make them look oh so chic and high end!

  16. Gladys

    I love what you did to make this pantry! Talk about thinking about of the box. I would never have thought to do that and my laundry room is right off the kitchen. Sure makes me think! :-)

  17. Ande B.

    A M A Z I N G! I think my eyes glazed over when I was looking at all the pictures. How did you do the fabulous mouse over image thingy?

    Happy Weekend!

  18. Beth

    The pantry looks great! Love that you have handy storage for your crockpot etc.! Love that everything has a “place”! I think I focused on the World Market Banana Chocolate shelf a little too long! That looks SOO good!

  19. Amy Hardy

    Wow! Thank you Amanda and Kevin for allowing Wilson Lumber and myself into your home. I am so pleased to be able to help you create a new and fun space. Your a talented baker and for me to help you in organizing your items was a pleasure. I can’t wait to see your Laundry room when it’s done.

  20. Lori

    Random question (although I do LOVE the pantry!)…what did you think about the “Flat Belly Diet” book? Please feel free to email me if you don’t want to post your opinion on the blog. I’m considering purchasing the book (and I don’t actually think I will have a flat belly like I did in my 20’s), but anything is better than this!

  21. Lara

    Hey Amanda … What do i have start the bidding at to get you to come out and help me with my pantry?! Name your price, and bring one of the baskets full of chocolate, and let’s get started! :)

  22. Sew Create It - Jane

    What a transformation! I love the use of space and that curved corner unit is perfect! What a great idea!!

  23. Roxana | Roxana's Home Baking

    I have a serious pantry envy right now! It’s GORGEOUS Amanda! Everything I need a want in a pantry yours has and even more!
    Thanks for sharing the before and after photos and thank you for the lovely comment left on my guest post on Sommer’s blog

  24. Simple Works

    This is so amazing and inspiring. The entire makeover looks great! I love the text on the image to label where the different pantry items belong.

  25. Angela

    I need a mop for my puddle of drool! BEAUTIFUL. I love how the bottom shelves are off the floor-so easy to sweep and mop under there. I absolutely HATE when I have to get something off the bottom shelf at the grocery store and I feel like everyone’s feet have been kicking up dust on everything. So gross. Love reading your decorating posts. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Cookin Canuck

    Whoa! What a fantastic pantry, Amanda. You put such great thought into how to place the all of your food and appliances. I think I could spend all day in there!

  27. Beja

    Can I give you a BIGGGGG thank you because finally we have a pantry with REAL stuff in it. I stage homes for sellers, but I also am a blogger, and my biggest peeve is when I see a pantry makeover with all of the cans and boxes removed. I mean really, do you honestly remove your pasta and put it in a sweet little jar every time? NO! Not in a real home. Model homes do that because they’re staging. Thank you for showing beauty that is REAL and sustainable!

    1. Amanda

      Lol! I love your comment, Beja!! :) I honestly thought the same thing before publishing this post. With all the fantasy Pinterest homes and pantries I was a little intimidated to post pictures of my very real, functioning pantry, lol! :) Thank you!

  28. Melissa

    This is the most beautiful pantry i have ever seen! It’s a dream!!! I am seriously about to pin it on my pinterest…hopefully pinterest will still be around when i get my own pantry! HAHA!

  29. Norma in NC

    Absolutely gorgeous! On the PB and Nutella shelf…I noticed the Pampered Chef glass. I love those and use them for everything.

  30. rebecca

    Your pantry looks fantastic and I confess I’m just a little bit envious. :) I sorta wish I had built on a pantry when we added a kitchen.

    I spied all the spreads that you have- I want to recommend to you the crunchy Biscoff, if you haven’t already tried it. They have crunchy cookie bits in it and it’s absolutely wonderful! Of course, you might be a creamy kinda gal, so it might not be your thing. I love the textural contrasts.

  31. Maggie

    Such a beautiful pantry!! you have a gift for organization :) I love the idea of the painting old baskets and the stepstool…! All those bags of chocolate chips kill me lol…I hoard chips of all kinds too, never know which one I’ll need when I feel like baking something !

  32. Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

    Can I move in with you? I kind of want to live in there, I promise I won’t take up much space.;-)

  33. Tammy

    Your pantry is AMAZING……let me just say it one more time AMAZING!!!! I love everything about it. Thank you for opening your new home to us and taking us on this wonderful new decorating adventure. I am so excited to see more of your new home!! Many congrats!!!

    Love and hugs from Charleston, SC :-)

  34. Sara

    That is one amazing space! We don’t have a pantry here at my home! I would love one…I guess I’ll have to wait until I get to buy my own place!;)
    I noticed your peanut butter and Nutella shelf! D you have Trader Joes Cookie Butter on there? I love that stuff! What other PB jars of love do you have? I would love to try some new ones!
    Can’t wait to see the rest of your rooms!

  35. M.C.@ ThousandStoryKitchen

    I’m SO stinkin’ jealous!!! Holy cow- I’m also drooling a tid bit over you china collection. wow. just wow. I definitely NEED the automatic light switch in mine! I leave the light on all the time because I’m always leaving with my hands full.

  36. Mommypage

    Wow, your house looks so perfectly organized! I bet you are even more excited to cook now that everything is laid out so well.

  37. Susan H.

    I love it and am so jealous. Wish I had somewhere to have a space like this. If only I could figure out how to do away with the need for a laundry room.

  38. Kristen

    So j-e-a-l-o-u-s! Totally green with envy! LOL It’s awesome! What an fantastic pantry – it’s such a great use of space! I have been reading your blog since your earlier days and I am just thrilled at all the wonderful things that have happened in your life because of it! Enjoy it, and keep posting recipes! I’m going to make the sausage and tortellini tonight for dinner! :)

    Long Island, NY :)

  39. Polly

    I’ve never seen a warm and cozy pantry until yours. Love it and I think it is perfect. I have one question though. What do have in your kitchen cabinets now with all the stuff in your pantry? You are my favorite blogger. Thank you.

    1. Amanda

      Thank you Polly! :) We’ve got plates, bowls, cups, mugs, glasses, tupperware, pyrex, pots & pans, pitchers, way too much stuff :)

  40. Vivian

    Congratulations on creating such a beautiful, functional, space efficient and stylish pantry! You really did a lovely job. I installed some similar shelving last year (just a few shelves not a lovely makeover like you did!) but being messier than you, I put some clear shelf liner on the shelf with the oil. That way I can easily swipe with a sponge and if there’s a spill it doesn’t damage the white covering of the shelf. Thank you for sharing your tips, successes and resources!

  41. Sonya

    Just beautiful and so creative! I love “the switch!” I think it’s so amazing to see a room as one thing and then re-purposed as something else. Great job! I’m going to Lowe’s!

  42. Carol Busse

    It looks amazing! May I ask what it costs? I went over to HomeAdvisor to look into a plan for landscaping our home. Thanks for sharing that information. :)

  43. Rachel @ Baked by Rachel

    What a stunning makeover! I love absolutely everything about it and am now dreaming of a room to do that with myself! I think my favorite feature is the lights – wow! Totally genius.

  44. Elizabeth

    Wow, well done! You have fantastic taste and a great sense of “what you need” as far as storage goes. Sometimes just figuring that out is the hardest part.

  45. Sandy

    Your pantry is fantastic! I love that you can see everything and that it’s also so attractive! The storage container for your cans is brilliant – do you mind sharing where you got it? Good job!

  46. Lora

    Oh man, I am having some serious pantry envy right now! I love it!! I keep looking at every shelf and thinking “Yep, that’s me. Yep, that’s me.”
    I am glad you got your pantry set up and appreciate the tips on Home Advisor!

  47. Melissa

    I love your pantry, especially the rounded corners. What a fabulous use of space!
    My husband and I are in the process of building our dream house and this is exactly the pantry I envision! I will definitely be showing these pictures to our builder.
    What size is your pantry? We are working with an 8’x8′ space.

  48. Cat Yates

    Wow! I am slightly envious of your new room. I think I might just come and live in there. It’s gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and giving me some new, fresh ideas for my embarrassment of a pantry.

  49. Becky

    Wow…..this is amazing. I love the way you used all your vertical space. This is going to inspire me to re-do my pantry area. Right now I am only using half the space so this could make life so much easier and look good at the same time. Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to see more of your ideas put into action. You rock. Hugs, Becky

  50. Christy Z

    I love your new pantry! So beautiful. I love how you decorated it & love the rug. For some reason, I’ve never thought to put a rug down in our pantry – but I think that’s going to change soon! I also LOVE the baking section. I’ve always struggled how to store cupcake liners. LOVE your idea with the glass jar. Thanks for posting pictures. :) You’ve done an awesome job & I can’t wait to see the laundry room now! :)

    1. Cathy Pollak ~ Noble Pig

      One more thing, what are those clear container drawers your sprinkles are in…are those custom? I love them

  51. Rachel G.

    It looks amazing! I am neurotic when it comes to cleaning, list-making, organization.. basically just being 100% Type A. Soo this is pretty much a dream scenario to me! I’m not even a homeowner yet and I’m still so jealous of your pantry remodel. Love it!

  52. Caroline @ chocolate & carrots

    I’m seriously drooling Amanda. You have my DREAM pantry. Holy Moly. Can I move in? I’ll keep the pantry nice and tidy! :D It looks great!

    1. Caroline @ chocolate & carrots

      We’ll definitely have to come visit next time we’re in your neck of the woods. :D That’d be so fun!

  53. Heather || Heather's Dish

    I am IN LOVE with this makeover! Some women dream of huge closets filled with clothes, but this pantry is that for me. LOVE IT!

  54. Becca Dutill

    Just love your pantry!
    I’m green with envy!
    And I need to go bake something sweet and cook a pasta dish!!!
    florida hugs,
    Becca ;)

  55. Roberta Breuer

    Congrats on your new pantry! Your design looks like it utilizes everything perfectly! We recently got a vacation home (soon to be a permanent home) in North Scottsdale, AZ and it has a walk-in pantry that I LOVE!!! My corners are straight shelves and I like your curved corner shelves a lot more – great idea! Your automatic light is a great feature you’ll love (you already know that!). Have you considered using some of your electric appliances in your pantry? You have electricity (so you should have an outlet) in there. It’s just something I do but not many pantrys do not have electricity in them -maybe something for you to consider? I have baskets on my floor under the bottom shelves too! I keep chips and other lightweight items. Enjoy!!!

    1. Amanda

      We considered it (I love the idea!), but in the end, I decided I’m just going to have to bring it into the kitchen to wash it, so might as well just use it in the kitchen, lol! :) I have a little baking station in the kitchen with canisters for flour & sugar right next to the KitchenAid mixer with measuring cups and spoons in a drawer right underneath, so I just bring the appliances in there to use. :)

  56. Jenny Flake

    Oh girl you have no idea how bad you are making me want to move!! Your posts are so much fun! What you’ve done here is just perfect! It’s gorgeous, I wanna come play in your house!! Xoxo

  57. Chere Mortensen

    Unless you are a cabinet designer it really helps to hire someone to do the design work for you. They are aware of all the latest and greatest on the market. Your pantry is beautiful. Everything is in site and easy to reach. My big Kitchen Aid mixer is in a bottom cabinet that I have to get on the floor to get it out. Enjoy you new pantry it is beautiful.

  58. Michelle W

    What a fantastic makeover!! It will sure make grocery shopping easier. I love how each of your small appliances has a spot of its own – no emptying out a cabinet to get to them! Now we all have pantry envy!

  59. Carla

    I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I’m soooo jealous!!! I don’t even have a pantry and my laundry room is upstairs!! I want something like this so much!!!! It would make my life so much organized!!

  60. Boo in MN

    Only in my dreams! Hand me a Kleenex, so I can wipe away the drool!
    I have to know what’s in the brown bags though? Will you share?

    1. Amanda

      It’s dried herbs and spices from the garden at my old house — bay leaves, rosemary, thyme, etc. I was so sad to leave my herb garden, so I brought a few things with me to hold me over during the winter until I can get one planted here! :)

  61. Traci

    So exciting for you! I love how your pantry turned out. I wish I had room in my house for a big pantry, but I’ve only got a closet pantry. Not so great of storage for my chocolate collection. Which, by the way I am TOTALLY glad to hear that someone else has as much chocolate in their food storage as I do. Now I can tell my husband it’s normal.

  62. Debi

    Oh My…… I just LOVE that…. I am going to do a little bit of remodeling in my pantry now… what an awesome job you did…

  63. Anele @ Success Along the Weigh

    Don’t think me weird but can I move in to your pantry? I’ll hand you stuff as you need it.

    1. Amanda

      Lol, I know what you mean, I kind of want to curl up in there with a book next to all that chocolate! :)

  64. Sally

    OH my – what I wouldn’t give to have that kind of space!!! There’s no room in my kitchen, but I have shelf space in the basement, right at the bottom of the stairs. I do like the idea of the bins to hold canned goods! That would be a great space-saver for me. I’ll have to look for those at BB&B. Thanks for the tip!

  65. Southern Gal

    Beautiful! The light switch in the door frame is something I would love. That shelf with nutella and peanut butter? I would have to put a lock on it and give the key to someone more responsible around that stuff. ;)

  66. Jan N

    LOVE! You are so organized! And I like that you use clothespins to securely close an opened bag of noodles! I do too!

  67. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    IT’S GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Amanda, Congrats! Truly, stunningly beautiful, functional, and just everything I personally would ever want in a pantry. My storage space is so cramped I keep chocolate chips in every place I can (I can relate to having tons!) and my stand mixer in my coat closet. It’s such a hodgepodge and your space is going on my dream list. I am sending this post to my husband. I can dream :) Congrats, it’s just so classy, perfect, and amazing!

  68. Rebekah

    I would KILL for this pantry!!! we are about to close on our first home and I will definitely be using the site you recommended to choose a professional to design my dream pantry:)

    1. Michelle C.

      Hi Rebekah, we work closely with Home Advisor. We are a National, Full Service Custom Closet Company. Our full service experience provides Measurement and Design services, as well as timely Delivery and Installation of our high grade products. We will create a custom design to fit your needs. Our work includes home office spaces, garages, pantries, mudd rooms, laundry rooms, and walk-in/reach-in closets. Please check us online at to learn more about our company, products and how we work. Hope we can be of service to you or someone you know :)

  69. Erin @ Texanerin Baking

    Oh my gosh. You have the best pantry ever. You should see mine. I just throw things in there… all on top of each other and with no organization. It drives my husband crazy. I guess if I had something like this, I’d be forced to be organized because there’s no door and everyone can see. Hmm. I don’t know if I’d like that. ;)

    Oh and that switch thing is neat! Thanks for the tip.

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