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Kevin & Amanda's Foyer

So, I am a bad, bad home decor blogger. I never take “Before” pictures! I promise I’ll try and get better about that as I show you more rooms in the new house. But for now, I thought I’d show you guys what I’ve done with the foyer so far! :) If you’re wondering about where we got anything in these photos, I will put everything I know in a Source List down at the bottom of this post. :)

Kevin & Amanda's Foyer

When Kevin and I moved into our new house, I didn’t want to bring any of our old furniture with us. All of it was at least 10 years old and most of it was hand-me-downs from when we were newlyweds and just starting out. It was time for a change. We kept a few pieces (like our bedroom suite and of course my scrapbook desk! :)) but mostly we are starting from scratch again. So it might be a long, slow process making over each room in the new house, but you can be sure I will keep you updated with each new room! :)

Kevin & Amanda's Foyer

And we are slowly making progress! I’ve got one room down, after all. :) Of course I started with the smallest room in the house, lol! Here’s what our old foyer looked like by the way. It totally cracks me up that this post was SO OBVIOUSLY written before Pinterest, lol! :)

Kevin & Amanda's Foyer

I really couldn’t tell you why I have a random set of antique keys hanging on my door, lol. There was already a hook in the door when we moved in, and I had picked up these antique keys one day and loved them, so I just hung them on the door until I could figure out what I wanted to do with them, and they just kind of stuck. :) I might change it out for a wooden monogram like this one day, or do something like that on the outside of my front door. :)

Kevin & Amanda's Foyer

We didn’t do too much to change the foyer from it’s original state when we moved in. We swapped out the chandelier from a really boring boob light — Sorry I said boob — But that’s really what they look like! And one thing we did have to do was move the light switch. The light switches in the house are in the oddest places. I don’t know what our builder was thinking, lol! I predict this will not be the only light switch we have to move. This one was centered on the middle of the wall, and kind of right at eye level (okay, maybe a little lower) so there was really no way you could hang anything on this wall without moving it. Especially not a full length mirror. But even if we were to go with a smaller mirror, hanging anything above the light switch would’ve been too high — it would’ve looked odd, and I wouldn’t have been able to see myself in the mirror! So anyway, we moved it, and we also added a fourth switch that controls the lamp. And it’s much easier to reach now. I love it!

By the way, do you think I need to center this rug in the space, or in front of the door? It’s centered in front of the door now. But this angle is making me second guess myself, lol!

Kevin & Amanda's Foyer

And I just have to give a huge shoutout to my sweet Dad. He comes up on the weekends and helps us out with all our home makeover projects. (Like moving the light switch, hanging the mirror, and hanging the chandelier) This room (okay, every room in our new house, lol!) would not be possible without him! :)

Thanks so much for looking! If you’re wondering about anything in these photos, I’ll put everything I know in the source list below. Let me know if I left something out! :)

{ Source List }

Mirror — Diamante Leaner Mirror from Ballard Designs
Table — Stanley Furniture Gaiola Fortuna Table
Lamp — Home Goods
Vintage suitcases (bottom 4) — Hunt and Found on Etsy. She gets new ones in all the time!
Small box on top of suitcases — Hobby Lobby
Arrow clock — Pier One
Rug — Scroll Tile Rug in Mocha from Pottery Barn
Chandelier — Bellora Chandelier from Pottery Barn
Antique Keys — TJ Maxx
Paint Color — Sherwin Williams Virtual Taupe

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92 Responses
  1. Nicolette

    Hi Amanda, your wall color is beautiful. Warm, cozy and inviting. Did you use this color throughout your house to keep the flow or did you use lighter shades? I am also painting our house and I chose the Taupe Tone 7633. It’s wonderful in the bright rooms, but I am unsure about it in the darker rooms. I would like to keep the flow of the house. I just wondered if you had the same problem.

  2. Melissa

    I am loving the tour of your new home!!! I saw where you mentioned about the possibility of getting a wooden monogram. One of my good friends has a company that makes them. Hers are a little different from what you see floating around on Pinterest (although hers are on there too). Most of the ones you see are all cut out of one piece of wood, hers have a more 3D look to them. Each letter is cut out and sanded separately and then glued together. You should check out her on Etsy – TrendyTrimmings.

  3. Robin

    I almost bought some vintage suitcases at a thrift store a while back, but they smelled musty and I wasn’t sure I could get the smell out. Does anybody have any ideas on how to get rid of that old, musty smell?

  4. Angie R.

    Your foyer looks beautiful. My suggestion on the rug is that you need to turn it so that it’s perpendicular to the door. I think this way it will look more centered with the door as well as the cases/table and other doorway.

  5. nancy

    Just my opinion, but you need to center it in the room. Also, if the rug was larger you might not feel like it is just out there floating like the picture indicates. You have done a fabulous job. Love the paint color as well.

  6. Jennie Toepfer

    Love everything about your foyer especially the color. I would definitely center the rug with the door as you have done. Great job and look forward to see more!

  7. merr

    love it …slow but sure wins the race guys. you have great taste in decor and accessories.
    cant wait to see all the updates

  8. Julie

    Kevin and Amanda!!!

    WOWZA! I have been gone on vacation to Jamaica and when I got back I was checking out my stats and I had your blog on there sooo OF COURSE I visited your blog right away!! Your foyer looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Every element compliments each other so wonderfully!!! Thank you guys again for the purchase and for the blog resource list!! : )

  9. Jaclyn

    So pretty! You did a great job! I love it all, but I really love that mirror and I really love ballard =). I wish I could buy everything from them!

  10. Bridget from Refined Vintage

    Amanda you have done a beautiful job in the foyer, the colors all compliment one another perfectly. I really love the statement that gorgeous mirror makes too. Of course I can’t forget to mention how great those vintage suitcases look all stacked there. I look forward to seeing the rest of the house. I have saved the foyer to my Pinterest!

  11. Casey

    The rug. The rug. The rug. It’s a personal choice really. I would move it to be centered in the space and leave it for a few days. If you like it, leave it. If you don’t, move it. That’s how I always decide. It drives my husband nuts, especially when I do it with furniture :)

  12. Sara Palacios

    Hi Amanda!
    This is gorgeous! I am in love with the paint color … do you by any change know what color it is?


  13. Jeni {}

    Hi Amanda! This is absolutely gorgeous. The colors are very warm and inviting. I love the idea of the suitcases. I have an interior decorator friend who loves to use suitcases and chests to decorate with and they always looks so beautiful and clever. I LOVE the lighting in your home–your chandelier and the french doors! Wow! And the mirror you placed really plays those features off. BTW, I met you at the 6 Sisters blogging conference. You did an amazing job on the panel. You’re very endearing. Have a great day.

  14. Carolin

    This must be the most beautiful foyer I’ve ever seen!! But there are some practical questions that make me wonder if that door is where you usually enter the House. 1. How do you handle dirty shoes coming in? I can’t see any doormat or similar to wipe your shoes off. 2. Where do you keep all your coats/ jackets/ shoes??? Can’t see any coatrack… 3. When I come home I usually have my purse, keys, and letters from the mailbox. Where do you put that stuff?
    PS: Love, Love, Love the suitcases :-)

    1. Amanda

      Thanks Carolin! :) This is the front door, and we have a garage, so this is not where Kevin and I normally enter the house. :) Only guests will really be coming through this entryway. There is a big doormat under a covered porch right outside the front door for guests to wipe their shoes before entering, and we have a coat closet just off the foyer for their coats / purses, etc. We do for sure have a coat rack / drop zone for keys and mail by the garage entryway that Kevin and I use! :)

  15. Gayle M.

    It looks fabulous! The rug should remain centered in front of the door, because that’s where it is going to be used. If you have it the other way, when people come in with wet shoes they will have to jump to the side to get to the rug. You don’t want guests to have to do that (unless you are doing an episode for punked or Ellen). I am only 4’11” and it would really be uncomfortable for me to have to jump to a rug to keep from getting water on someone’s floor. That’s my opinion.

  16. DebraK

    Very beautiful. Just enough and not too much. Have one suggestion, scale of rug is wrong. It needs to be bigger at least as long as the items in front of the mirror. Turning it lengthwise will help, but it needs to be wider also.

    You are off to a fabulous start!!!!

  17. tiffany h.

    So funny to see your blog post today because just the other day I was wondering if we’d see any home decor projects from you. ;-) Love love love your foyer! You have exquisite taste! I think the rug is fine where it is but I’m not the one living in the house. Maybe you need a larger one? The stacked luggage is great. The keys on the back of the door are cool, you just might want a different hook. Can’t wait to see what else you’ve done with the house.

  18. Elizabeth

    Your foyer looks classy and beautiful – great job!!!

    Your rug is in the right spot (centered in front of the door) but you could always add a tall pretty plant or basket in the right corner to balance out the space. :)

  19. TidyMom

    BEAUTIFUL space Amanda! I have 2 old suitcases I’ve had for a few years, I need to get 2 more, so stack like you did!! Love this!

  20. Ashley green

    Amanda, I just love how you changed the look and the feel of your foyer…it’s really inviting.
    Every element is just perfect. Job well done !!

  21. Rachael P

    I think you have really beautiful taste in furnishings! Love the mirror, love the chandelier, love the rug… but most of all, I love the suitcases. And the hardwood floors. And the paint color. Okay, I love it all. :)

  22. Barbara @ Barbara Bakes

    I had fun exploring the new house posts today. It’s fantastic! The foyer’s looks great. I’m thinking you should host a pool party for all your blogging friends ;)

  23. Carla @ Carla's Confections

    So gorgeous! IN LOVE with those suitcases! You definitely need to come decorate for me! So fabulous :D

  24. Terry

    Love the new look! I went back and looked at the October 2012 pics of the new house and it really is lovely! A tad late but welcome to the new house!! Enjoyed the mention of the Toomer’s lemonade candle too!! War Eagle!!

    1. Amanda

      You can get a sneak peek, it’s right there through the french doors, lol! :) I guess I’ll have to keep my room extra neat now! :)

  25. Anita

    Oh I LOVE it! It looks very warm and inviting.

    That’s so funny that you say that about the rug– as I was looking through the pictures, I was like, “There’s something funny about the position of the rug.” And then you wrote the same thing! :) I would maybe try turning it vertically, so that it lengthens that space a little?

    Either way, it looks beautiful!

  26. Allison Troyer

    Love the antique keys with the antique suitcases. Leave the keys! I say leave the rug where it’s at, centered in front of the door, but if you’re still iffy try turning it vertically. If you have room that is. I’m with everyone else and completely in love with the mirror! Y’all did a gorgeous job!

  27. Shella

    Great job with the vintage suitcases! Just how I would decorate the suitcases I’ve been thrifting and finding at flea markets, now if only I have my own house!


  28. Mandi

    I love it, Amanda! Great job! Here’s my two cents on the rug. It looks good where it is, but I’d love to see what it looks like turned so that it touches the door, mostly for functionality sake. Also, I wonder what a round rug would look like there if you ever decided to put this rug in a different space… Can I come visit soon? :-)

  29. Lois

    Hmmmm I seem to be in the minority but I’d say to center the rug with the room. Give it a try and see if you like it or not! BTW your foyer looks very warm and welcoming! Soothing and inviting. I LIKE it!!

  30. Brianna

    I think the rug looks just fine where it is at! What a pretty foyer. Thanks for sharing. P.S. What is the color of the paint on the wall?…I love it!

  31. Donna @ The Slow Roasted Italian

    What a lovely home you have! The foyer is such a beautiful, inviting space. I can’t wait to see the rest. BTW, I like the rug centered in front of the door, but I am more function over fashion {{eek}}.

  32. Joanie @ Zagleft

    That’s beautiful! I love the mirror and I’m so glad you listed the paint color! I’m repainting a few rooms in our house and I really like the color.

  33. Beth

    You did a really nice job – warm colors creates an inviting space. What is great about rugs is you can move them around. I get bored with my decor and move things from one room to another about every couple of years. Change the rug placement by the front door and live with it for a week and see what you think. You’ll know where it should be placed after looking at it. The only suggestion I might have is to add something on the right side (looking from your stairs) of your foyer. It seems heavy on the left. Maybe an tall, thin urn with curly willow in the corner by the french doors…you could do a fun color urn for variety, too.

  34. Lori @ RecipeGirl

    Your house is so pretty! Our house is for sale and we are looking for another. Can’t wait to make the change and do some new decorating myself.

  35. Jenny Flake

    Amanda!!! You could get a second job as an interior designer! That’s it, when we get a new house I am flying you out to help me decorate!! It’s perfect!

  36. Elizabeth

    I love it!!! Very cozy. I think the rug needs to be exactly where it is. Centered in front of the front door. Please share when you do more with your home.

  37. Sara

    I should be getting things planned for school and working on assessments but when I saw your email I just couldn’t resist! I have been waiting for a while to see how you have decorated your new home that all else fell by the way side for a minute or two! I don’t have a place to call my own so I am living vicariously through others as they decorate their homes!
    First off I LOVE the color of the foyer! It is so warm and inviting!
    Next, I think the rug is placed perfectly! I allows for things to be placed on the other side and the french doors to be open! It looks great!
    And finally I adore the decor you have put in the foyer! It is very cymetrical (is that how you spell it?!) and the mirror? Oh my golly gosh! It is so cool! You have done a great job!
    You have an amazing dad! I wish mine was a handyman! He just uses duct tape and dental floss! And those things don’t necessarily last very long! So HIGH 5 to your Dad!
    Can’t wait to see what the other rooms look like!

  38. Chere Mortensen

    Love, love, love it! So exciting to have a new house and a new project. I would move the rug over just a little. Maybe a little more floor on the left. Have fun and thanks for sharing.

  39. Julie

    Stunningly beautiful!! You have a knack for creating a beautiful space that says welcome as soon as someone walks in! Decorating is a love of mine too!! Oh, and try turning your rug long ways in front of your door and check it from your angle on the steps. See what you think! Happy decorating!! :)

  40. Andrea Steed

    Amanda – Your new foyer is beautiful! I love that chandelier and the stack of suitcases, and that mirror is awesome! Makes me want to come visit. ;) PS. Don’t move the antique keys. Love them there! Hope you guys are doing well!

  41. Angie @ Big Bear's Wife

    Beautiful! Just beautiful! We just moved into a new house too and while it doesn’t look half as beautiful as yours, I am enjoying the redecorating process :)

  42. Susie

    Looks great! I think the rug needs to be functional, centered in front of the door, but it might not bother you so much if it is perpendicular to the door instead of parallel? I am the same about balance, too. Plus, this will give you a little bit more rug beyond the door if anyone has stuff on their shoes. Or, get a little bit bigger one (so easy to spend other people’s $$) that will cover more space and won’t seem to “float?”

  43. Anele @ Success Along the Weigh

    Oh what I would give to be able to move to a new house and buy all new (to me) furniture! I love it. I have stacked luggage in our bedroom and this reminds me I need to go through it and pitch stuff. LOL I can’t wait to see more pics of other areas of the house! I’m nosey. :)

  44. Debi

    I love, love, love it! I agree with the others–keep the rug where it is. The chandelier is GORGEOUS and absolutely PERFECT for that spot! And I love the paint color! Keep the keys on the door–they’re perfect there! If you want to move them, my only suggestion would to be having them “casually” laying on the table with the lamp… like you’d just dropped off your keys upon entry. Congrats on a job well done! I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the house! :)

  45. Becca Dutill

    Love…the antique keys on the door.
    Your family (loves) is safe under lock & key.
    Beautiful house…great sense of fashion.
    Will you do an omage to sweets…lol..??
    Florida hugs,

  46. Lori

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to see it in person someday. I will admit that I am giggling because that’s the way Bill and I jokingly describe that type of light fixture too!

  47. liactk

    Amanda, I like it the way u put ur rug now..
    And I love those Vintage suitcases. Wonder where i can find it here in my hometown…

  48. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    Amanda it’s just stunning! So light and bright, classy and classic, vintage and modern, chic and beautiful. The suitcases are fabulous! As are the chandelier and mirror. Gorgeous!

  49. Sandra

    I love the mirror, the paint color is so warm and welcoming, but most of all I love the wood flooring. I like the rug where it is, but I’m thinking more on the functional side than decor. I hope you have before pictures for the next time. I love makeover projects. The last foyer was pretty as well, looked very functional and organized.

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