Current Favorite Things – Earrings, Dog Shampoo & More!

I’ve gotten so many cute pairs of earrings and other awesome items lately! From a lovely face wash to a nice new wallet, check out my current favorite things!Anna & Ava Earrings from Dillards

Spring Inspired Earrings & Accessories

1. Now that it is officially spring, I am seeing such bright and colorful earrings everywhere! I love it! I have such a weakness for dangly earrings. I am still gushing over these fun textured Anna & Ava earrings from Dillards. When I bought these they were $30 each or 2 for $20. Buy one for you and your bestie! :) They have so many springy colors to choose from — pink, orange, yellow. I had a hard time narrowing it down, but finally settled on this pretty turquoise.

Target Earrings

2. Saw these at Target and had to snatch them right up. I think they were less than $7. Love these colors, and the quality looks just as nice as the $30 Dillards earrings.

Target Earrings

3. Another Target earring find! Love these. So lovely and delicate and I love these colors.

Anthropologie Perched Birds Pouch Wallet

4. I picked up this pretty clasped wallet from Anthropologie last weekend. I’ve been looking for a small pouch I can throw in my purse and keep receipts organized in, and I couldn’t resist this colorful bird pattern.

Anthropologie Perched Birds Pouch Wallet

I love the pink detailing here! And it has two separate sections so I can receipts organized and separated if I need to.

Pocket Watch Necklace from Etsy

For the Dogs

5. Loving this vintage-inspired pocket watch necklace from Etsy. It’s very swingy when I walk around though, so that will definitely take some getting used to! I hope it’s not too annoying, because it’s too cute not to wear. :)

Cookie Dough & Cotton Candy Puppy Shampoo!

6. Oh my gosh, you know I could not resist this fun shampoo for Miley and Howie! I found these fun flavors at Petco. Cookie Dough is my favorite for sure, but was there ever any doubt about that? lol

Clarisonic Mia Coral

Self-Care Must-Haves

7. Do you guys have a Clarisonic? Do you love it? Were you less than impressed? I got the coral Mia after Christmas, and while I use it and like it, I wasn’t totally blown away. It’s not life-changing or anything. I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my skin or anything. What about you? Am I doing it wrong?

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Facewash

8. However, I have been using and loving this pure and simple face wash from Philosophy. It’s on the expensive side (I asked for it for Christmas!) but I do feel like I can tell a difference in my skin. We’ll see how I feel when this runs out and I have to plunk down my own change for it! :)

Anthropologie Sculpted Mums Monogrammed Shower Curtain

9. Which shower curtain do you like better?

10. Did you see this on Picky Palate’s Instagram? I literally could not stop laughing for ten minutes.

11. Have you seen the Jimmy Fallon & Selena Gomez Mario Kart Love Song cover?? I am melting at how cute and sweet this song is, lol! Kevin and I played this game for hours when we first got married. If you’ve ever played Mario Kart with the love of your life, and you love all things totally dorky and nerdy and cute, this is sure to put a smile on your face. :)

12. Okay. Let’s talk Google Reader. I am in complete and total denial that Google is just kicking us out, leaving us in the cold. How COULD YOU Google??! I thought we were BFFs!!! FOR LIFE! I’ve been refusing to believe that Google Reader is actually, for real, going away, so I haven’t even wanted to THINK about replacement readers. That’s future Amanda’s problem. But today I finally clicked on a link to Feedly. That’s the one I kept hearing was the most popular Google Reader alternative. Guys, it was so easy to switch. You don’t even have to create an account. All you do is sync your Google Reader account with one click. It even knows which ones you’ve already read and if you’ve organized them into folders. It’s actually EASIER to organize your blogs into folders with Feedly than it was Google. Plus Feedly is very pretty. Very web 2.0. (You know what, I kinda feel like we’re so far past Web 2.0 now. We’re definitely at Web 3.1.7 by now.) Google Reader looks so 1997 after switching to Feedly. Nevermind that they didn’t have RSS in 1997. Anyway. If you’ve been in denial-land like I was, rest assured, switching to Feedly is completely pain-free and as simple as clicking a button.

See you next week!

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59 Responses
  1. Vicky

    I’d like to enter the contest!
    I have always wanted to make shrimp scampi, and this this special butter
    just might do the trick! Can Hardly wait!
    Vicky from Camano Island WA

  2. Kristi

    Thanks for the Feedly tip. I am OBSESSED with Flipboard. (surprised someone hasn’t mentioned it) I wonder if it is similar….hmmm. Never hurts to try!

    Cute earrings!

  3. Susan

    Would you do a tutorial on readers, what they are, what they are used for, how to use them, etc. and then also alternatives (receiving via email, etc.) I’m clueless! Thanks in advance.

    Your photos are amazing btw! I’ve been stalking for years, even when you were into the scrapbooking thing…

  4. Tia

    Although I HATE subscribing to (e)mailing lists, you need to suscribe to Philosophy’s. That way you’ll be the first to know when they have sales (and they do quite often). Just last week they offered a 40% off promo code via email because their website had a small/temporary technical glitch that probably went completely unnoticed by most of us! I immediately delete most of their emails, but occasionally a really good one comes through. It’s then that I stock up on Purity (like many are saying – buy the large bottle) and my beloved Hope in a Jar.

    I’ve noticed a small difference in my skin after using my Clarisonic Mia 4 mornings per week. But I can’t tell if it’s because of my more strenuous face washing techniques or if it’s really because of the Mia. Either way, I would not recommend the Mia to my friends/family.

  5. Shelby

    You can get a much better deal on any philosophy products through the QVC website. They have the gigantic sizes and the largest sizes usually last me at least a year but I don’t wear a ton of make-up, so if you do use it to remove make-up, you may use it more. If you sign up for autodelivery, they have even better deals. During the holiday season, they often have really nice gift packages that combine a lot of the great philosophy options together that aren’t usually options.

    Must check out those shampoos for Rupert and Piper!

  6. tiffany h.

    Love #3 earrings from Target–think I need to make a Target run today. I have the Mia Clarisonic and agree that it’s just okay. I used the delicate or sensitive brush only once a day, at night. Any more than that it roughs up my skin and causes breakouts. I need to try Purity–adding it to my shopping list now. Both shower curtains are nice–depends on the look you’re going for. Ruffles=girly, romantic. Monogram=classy, sophistication. I, too, like many others are in denial about google reader. I think I have the feedly app, you’ve inspired me to get on that project. Thanks for your Friday Things–these are some of my favorite posts!

  7. Hannah

    I love the black and white monogrammed shower curtain! It won’t go out of style and you can change styles around it as you please… Might be worth the investment to have a nice fabric one made… or DIY!


  8. Amye

    Love the post!
    I’ve had my Clarisonic Pro for over two years. And it isn’t life changing but I only used a cleanser and my fingers to massage it in to wash my face before and after using the Clarisonic my face felt crazy clean and soft. I’ve noticed a difference for the better with my combination skin but it wasn’t like I used it and suddenly looked airbrushed. Lol I wish.

  9. Jennifer

    I love my Clarisonic too! I was told to use it under my eyes on the dark circles and bags- and I have noticed a huge difference using it. Try a different brush type like it was suggested by another. Don’t give up… it is wonderful!

  10. Robin D

    Thanks so much for the Feedly tip…I was totally planning on keeping my head in the sand until July hoping Google would have a change of heart.

  11. kimberly/tippytoes

    You were right – I just gave in and tried Feedly. Now I’m feeling better about Google Reader’s demise. Thanks!

  12. Leslie

    I have a Clarisonic Mia 2 and love it! I use it every morning in the shower with First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser. It does such a good job at deep cleaning, much better than my fingers do, and this cleanser does not dry out my skin. In fact I love most of the FAB line. I feel scrubbing with a wash cloth is too harsh for the delicate face skin. I have very oily skin and I use to be prone to breakouts, especially when I wore makeup. Now, before I go to bed I wipe my face with a Ponds Cleansing Towelette (because I’m lazy) to get most of my makeup off and use the Clarisonic in the morning to give my face a good cleaning. I think $149 is worth the investment since it is used everyday. Think about how much you spend on a pair of shoes you wear every once and a while….

    Fun post Amanda!

  13. TidyMom

    I love all those earrings Amanda!! and I need to look for the dog shampoo!! Cullen goes to the groomer 1x month but often could use a bath in between!

  14. Clarissa

    Thanks for the hint about feedly!! I was feeling lost and abandoned at the thought that google reader would be no more!! Also, I like the shower curtain on the left.

  15. Kay

    I love the shower curtain with the flowers, but the monogram is SO your new house’s style! Plus I think the flowers might get a little dusty/wrinkly with all of those little pieces of fabric. :) Your new house is wonderful by the way!

  16. Claire F

    I have a Clarisonic (Mia 2) and IT IS MY BEST FRIEND!!! I can only use it once a day though, and on the lower setting because my skin is so sensitive. It gets all the dirt out and leaves my skin soft and smooth and really helps my night skin stuff absorb. I think it depends a lot on your skin type for how well it works- I have dryish skin and it really makes a difference in how well my moisturizer works. I use bareMinerals purifying face cleanser with my Clarisonic. I refuse to use anything other than that wash on my face. I’ve been using it for 3 years and will never switch. It’s simple, clean, doesn’t have nasty chemicals in it, and makes my skin feel super soft. Try it once you’re out of the philosophy stuff (it’s $20 for a 6 oz bottle and that lasts me about 4 months)!

  17. MSJ

    Thanks for the Feedly tip. I had been putting off the decision of which reader to try out as a replacement for Google Reader. You finally inspired me to try Feedly today!

  18. Amanda G.

    Cute picks!

    I agree with you about Feedly, I switched over when I heard the shocking Google Reader news and love it! I added the Feedly tool for Chrome and it makes it so easy to access. I am definitely loving the better layout and ease of organization!

  19. YvonneC

    I love, love, love the earring! I think a Target run is happening today!
    I also like the monogram shower curtain. More of a clean look. The other one is cute and shabby chic. I like both.
    I have heard not-so-great things too about the Clarisonic, so I haven’t gotten one. A friend told me to buy the cheaper Olay version (that you can also get at Target!)
    Thanks for sharing such a fun post!

  20. Kim G.

    I feel like I’m going against the grain here, lol, but I like the shower curtain on the right better! I think it depends on the “feel” you want in your bathroom. The one on the left is more feminine, so I feel like the rest of the bathroom would have to be more feminine too, and the one on the right is a little more…I can’t think of the word I want, but that if you chose that one, the rest of the bathroom should reflect that, too. Does that make sense? lol! They are both gorgeous though, good choices!

  21. Lori Allberry

    Hi Amanda! I LOVE the post! Love it!
    Ok, I feel like I totally threw away 200 Bucks on my Clarisonic. I could not tell anything different with my skin other than it broke out horribly! OMG, I had boils!! I can’t use it again for fear the same thing will happen!!!
    I love the shower curtain on the left!!!!
    And the swim suit photo? LOVE it!

    Lori ♥

  22. brittany mcgowan

    I thought my Mia wasn’t impressive either when I first got it… I was using it wice a day at morning and at night. It was getting my skin too irritated and prone to breaking out. I called clarisonic and they suggested that I use a “delicate” brush head for my face and to only use it once a day. I now have been using the delicate brushhead the past 2 years and using it only at night and I swear by my Clarisonic! I wouldn’t know what to do without it! Myy skin has never been better!

  23. Barb

    Just wanted to let you know I have “Blogshelf” reader on my IPAD, kinda like ibooks where all your blogs sit on a shelf and you pick which one you want to read, you can also tap on the heading and it goes directly to their main blog.

  24. Barbara @ Barbara Bakes

    I made the switch to Feedly yesterday. It really was painless. Now I just need to figure out how I feel about the Feedly mini at the bottom of all my browser windows.

  25. Bridget =)

    OK, weird question – if we link our google over to Feedly and then google shuts off… so will Feedly just pick up? or was it based on our Google subscriptions? I am so annoyed about this!

  26. Cydne

    The shower curtains are different styles. do you want a formal look (monogram), or a more relaxed feel?
    I love the ruffly flowers, but that fits my home whereas the monogram doesn’t. However, my sister could totally pull off the monogram, but the ruffles would look out of place with the rest of her home.

    I don’t love my Clarisonic. I think if I didn’t exfoliate already in multiple ways I might see more of a difference, but many products now have built-in exfoliants (beads, chemicals, etc), and my wash cloth does a pretty good job. My daughter, however, doesn’t use a wash cloth, but will use the cool new technology :-) & so it makes more of a difference on her skin.

  27. Sharie

    I purchased the Oil of Olay facial spin brush. Just thrilled with it, at only $29. (Target)
    I also purchased Bare Minerals facial cleanser and creams….can not tell if it’s doing anything. However, my face is super soft if you touch it. lol
    Happy Friday!!

  28. Becky

    I love the earrings. Target has such great stuff. I have used purity for about 5 years and love it. My husband also uses it to shave his face. I purchase it from QVC in the 32oz pump bottle and it lasts us about 6 months. It is the only face wash my 23 and 12 year old daughters have ever used. I also love Hope in a Jar and buy it in the 8 oz tub that last me a year.

  29. Jenny Flake

    Ok, totally going to Target to get those earrings! Darling!! Oh, and I am still cracking up at that silly e-card, lol! xoxo

  30. Chrissy

    I’m with you on the Clarisonic. Meh. And I think when I use it daily it makes my face break-out. I haven’t used it in a bit and my face is back to normal. And the shower curtain…I like the one on the left. Happy Spring!

  31. Marcie

    I love Target earrings! They always have cute stuff! I would go with the first shower curtain, although both are gorgeous!

  32. MaysaAndSunshine

    Super pretty earrings, must swing by Target this weekend. Like you, i am not totally blown away by Clarisonic either.

  33. Wilma Couch

    I absolutely LOVE my Clarisonic. I use it to wash my face in the shower and I leave it in there. I only use it once a day and just use a clean washcloth in the evening to wash my face. I think using the Clarisonic makes the other products that I use on my face work better.

    I have never been a huge Purity fan. It’s not because it’s not a good product, but rather because there is another product that I use that I love. However, I buy a lot of Purity because my two college aged girls use it. One of my daughters has very sensitive skin. She washes her face with this and feels like it is the BEST makeup remover and since it also cleanses her skin, its a two in one product for her. I usually purchase the very large bottle once per year. It last a long time and the larger the bottle, the less expensive per ounce it is. It never goes to waste.

  34. Cathy Barrows

    I have had the clarisonic since Oprah announced it as one of her fav things. So I have the original and not sure it was worth the $200 and major search my hubby made for it that Christmas. The only changes in my skin is that it is now 5 years older…lol

  35. Amy

    I love the Philosophy Purity Made Simple wash! The 32oz bottle can last me a little over a year. I use it only at night, and it’s so concentrated I don’t need much. I have a small sample size bottle I got from Sephora to try it first, and I kept it and refill that so I don’t have a huge bottle at the sink, and I see just the little bottle so I’m inclined to use less.

    I’ve wanted to get a Clarisonic, but not sure. Everyone says it’s ok, but not life changing.

  36. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven!

    All of these things are amazing – I have to say I love the ruffle topped shower curtain. And that 2nd pair of earrings, LOVE!!!

    I had NO clue google reader had been taken down until I started to see bloggers discuss it. I was always overwhelmed by mine. I was a serial “FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW” person with the Google Friend connect badge on blogs. I would click with the intention of going back later and reading more and never did. So my Google reader became unmanageable. Once I started adding blogs to my email, and using Bloglovin’ I was much happier. I will have to look over Feedly and give it a go. Put it all in ONE place so to speak. Thanks for the heads up on that!

  37. Stewart

    Glad you gave feedly a shot! After our discussion I’ve used it more and it’s not so bad. You’re right, definitely very web 3.1.7! Still not over the moon about their website, but the iPhone app is pretty sweet!

  38. Anele @ Success Along the Weigh

    Such pretty earrings! The watch is cute but I’d feel like I was going to hit it on everything. I’d almost be tempted to find a way to make it into a brooch by swagging the chain somehow.

    I bought a Clarisonic just after Christmas when a friend raved about hers. I’m about the same as you, I’m not blown away. I only got it because I could get some money back on Ebates and had a $50 Amex gift card from my MIL so I figured it wouldn’t be as much out of pocket if it was a dud. It’s better than just washing your face with your hands or a washcloth but dang man, I was expecting to not still be getting as many breakouts as I am for no apparent reason. Sigh.

    Oh and I like both curtains but the one on the left looks more “you!” :D

  39. Lisa List

    Hi Amanda!
    I love Purity from Philosophy too! Great for your skin and I’m totally addicted to the way it smells too. Another fabulous product from Philosophy.

    I do have a Clarisonic too and I love mine. I like using the Purity wash with it. I think it does an amazing job.

    Love your photos :) Keep up the great work!


  40. Gretchen

    That locket is beautiful. I heard about google reader and wondered what an earth I should do. Lots of people mentioned blog lovin so I am triailing that but I think I may try feedly as well, see which one i like better. Thanks for the info. I enjoy reading your posts but rarely comment. I think I like the monogrammed shower curtain better.

  41. Kelly

    I switched to feedly the day they announced the closure and I love it! It’s way more fancy looking and also easy to use.

  42. Sharon B.

    Good to know about Feedly! I’ve been in denial about Google Reader too! I’ll have to check out Feedly then.

    I’m with you on the Clarisonic! I got mine about 3 years ago and it’s fine, but there are times I just don’t use it and don’t really notice a difference in my skin either way. I had used it diligently for awhile but after not seeing any difference, I only use it once a week if that anymore. Same as someone else commented, I feel like I get better results with a facecloth and cleanser.

  43. Gina Nathan

    I’ve also just discovered Feedly and now can’t believe I stuck with Google Reader for so long.

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about the Clarisonic Mia. I’m not thrilled with it, it’s just ok. I was doing just as well with my facecloth!!!

  44. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    I actually switched to Mac’s $4.99 app called Reeder. Best.move.Ive ever made! I tried Feedly for a day and was like well, okay. But then, I tried Reeder. Best 4.99 I’ve ever spent. So much more streamlined and quick to navigate for me than Reader ever was! I love it. Glad you’re loving Feedly!

    And that Anthro clutch. So cute. I have some of their dinner plates with a similar pattern on them!

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