New Crate Covers for Miley and Howie

I’m so excited about these crate covers and bumper pads I made for Miley and Howie! I’ve been working on them for awhile now, and I have been so anxious to get them finished so I could take pictures and share them. :) The crates are now in the Green Room and look so stylish. :) Click the images below to see all the pics! You may have to scroll past some other pictures of the Green Room first.

dog crate covers dog crate covers

See all 16 pictures by clicking the images above.

Thanks for looking! :)

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12 Responses
  1. Kendra

    I know I am commenting on an antique post, but I LOVE, <3 the dog crates. But have to say I am bummed out. Simplicity no longer makes 4713. I did find a pattern on ebay, but the seller is asking $24.95!

    I also enjoy your decorating style. I am so afraid of color, you make all your colors look so nice.

  2. Jamie

    Very cute! You did a great job with those covers.

    Did you do all of it (monogramming too) with your machine?

    Baby Elmore is still not here. Due Date was yesterday. We are expecting him/her at any minute now. Let me know if you still want to come over for a photo shoot.

  3. Gail Evans

    You should have your own decorating show and how to make room for your Bostons everyone would enjoy that and I love how you pull thing togather that room is great with all the added items it just looks so roomy. I know Miley and Howey are enjoying it and the sunshine…
    Thank you for sharing.
    Gail & Henry

  4. Colby

    You are so talented!!! And I am jealous of your doggie crates–my little Molly princess needs one of those! I am totally inspired, but have no talent for creating something like that, so I’ll settle for admiring yours. Too cute!

  5. Barb in Florida

    Wow! Very creative! I love the colors!! They blend in so well, who’d know that they were dog crates? The pillows add “pop” to the couch! Excellent job!!! :-)

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