Want a piece of my scraproom?? Plus! 7 New Fonts

Amanda's Scrapbook Room
^^^You wanna piece of this??! :D

That’s right! I’m auctioning off a few well-loved supplies from my scrapbook collection. :) There are tons of idea books and magazines, some stamps, and OF COURSE organizing supplies! :D Check out my Ebay page to see what all I have for sale. Right now, all of the auctions are only 1 cent!

One of the stamp sets I’m selling is from Rubber Stamp Tapestry. Have you heard of this company? You may have seen their stamps in my scraproom:

rubber stamp tapestry stamps organization

They sell the cutest little peg stamps (those things in the pencil cups :D) that make the EASIEST and QUICKEST cards ever!! :) And they’re super-easy and fun to do at a crop. I somehow ended up with a duplicate set or else there’s no way I’d be lettin’ this baby go! :D Check out some cards I made using Rubber Stamp Tapestry Stamps:

rubber stamp tapestry cards rubber stamp tapestry cards rubber stamp tapestry cards rubber stamp tapestry cards rubber stamp tapestry cards

Click images for larger versions

The best part about the cards is that they *look* like you spent hours slaving over them when really you can whip one up in less than 5 mins! :) Your friends will be wowed and impressed. ;) All right, that’s enough about my ebay auctions. Oops, did I just slip in a link for my ebay auctions again? ;)

ANYWAY! On to the FREE stuff!! :D I added 7 new, FREE handwriting fonts to the Fonts for Peas section of my webpage. There are some SUPER-CUTIES in this set so go download away! :D Click the image below to see all the new free fonts:

cute free handwriting fonts

Thanks for looking! :)

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9 Responses
  1. Katie

    Your scrapbook room is amazing!!! I’m in the process of designing and building my very own room! So, your dad built the table? That’s great!

  2. Jamie

    That explains it… You found an extra set. I kept reading and wondering why is she getting rid of those great stamps. I thought she loved those things?

    Purging is always a good feeling, right?

    Headed to check out your Ebay stuff…

  3. EmilyPie

    Just wanted you to know I’ve sent several people to your XTi tutorial. (was much easier than me trying to explain it to them! ha.) Thanks a bunch!

  4. Gail Evans

    Everytime we look you have added more and more you are a work in action. My, my you sure have a great flair for fixing nice things. We love to look at the pics you have and all you have done. You are great.
    Thank you,
    Gail & Henry

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