My new favorite jeans . . . from a very weird place.

I just got the cutest pair of jeans today. They came in the mail. I bought them online. I love packages at my door.

You know when you try on a really cute pair of jeans? You can tell as soon as you put them on… They’re perfect and you know because suddenly there’s this grin on your face… And you feel giddy & excited, and before you know it, you’re striking embarrassing poses in front of the mirror that you would never, ever be caught dead doing in front of anyone else?


That just happened to me.

Fortunately no one caught me.

I’ve been casually looking for a new pair of jeans for a few weeks now. And when I say casually, I mean every single store in town. Every store I could think of that might possibly sell cute jeans. But I never really found anything I just loved… at a reasonable price. Oh, I definitely found a pair I wanted– for $98. :P

At the urging of one of my well-meaning friends, I even tried altering a pair of my old jeans. She lent me her Be-dazzler. That was a disaster.

See, I like my jeans to have a cute back pocket. Must have a cute back pocket. I have a hard time finding jeans with anything other than plain pockets. What about you? Is there a secret cute back pocket jean store?

Request Denim Jeans Bootcut & Skinny / Straight leg

These are my new jeans. I totally dig this feminine & subtle stitched flap.

Request Denim Jeans Bootcut & Skinny / Straight leg

And the cute little coin pocket… Meep.

Request Denim Jeans Bootcut & Skinny / Straight leg

Distressing is not a requirement…  but a little subtle wear and tear here and there can be fun. :) (Most “distressed” jeans I see these days are completely destroyed and ripped to shreds. :P)

Request Denim Jeans Bootcut & Skinny / Straight leg

The color has to be just right… not too light, not too dark, not too blue.

These jeans are perfect. I love them. They’re so soft & comfy. Oh and they fit great- the length is just right. I can’t stand it when jeans drag. The inseam is 32″ and I’m 5’6. If you ever wondered.

Request Denim Jeans Bootcut & Skinny / Straight leg

I can see why these jeans were originally almost $70 dollars. They would’ve been worth it, too. But, no, I did not pay that much for them. :)

Request Denim Jeans Bootcut & Skinny / Straight leg

I got them from Amazon. Dot com. I know, right? I didn’t even know Amazon sold jeans. I was just browsing for something completely benign, you know, something you’d *normally* buy on Amazon (like books or electronic equipment) and an ad popped up for Amazon’s denim shop. Free shipping and free returns if you don’t like ’em. I clicked.

They were on clearance. Almost half off. And then an additional 20% off all clearance. And I mentioned the free shipping & returns right? I went ahead and bought 2 pair. Just for good measure. Bootcut & straight leg.

Here’s what I got:


Straight Leg

My total, including everything, was less than $60. For 2 pairs of jeans. Less than $28 per pair. And I ♥ them. :D

I’d never heard of Request before, but now I will definitely keep an eye out for them.

Request Denim Jeans Bootcut & Skinny / Straight leg

I keep obsessively checking Amazon every day to see if they’ve gotten more styles in. Not that I need anymore jeans now.

This could be dangerous.


Tell me about your favorite jeans. :) Do you like cute back pocket designs & distressing? Or are you a plain pockets and clean, crisp denim kinda gal? Did you buy them from someplace weird… like me? Or somewhere completely safe and regular.. Like a normal sane person? :) Where’s you’re favorite place to shop for jeans?? :)


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69 Responses
  1. Paige

    Go to, go to their brands and pick- *Miss Me*
    They have the cutesy jeans ever! The pockets are always jeweled up. They are pretty expensive though. Most are $100 dollars, but I think they’re worth every penny!!!

  2. marilyn volle

    Hello, Yes i like your jeans.. and i am also looking for the miss me jeans wholesale.. can you help me please?? Thanks You.. Marilyn

  3. jennifer

    LA Idol Jeans have really cute decorated back pockets and are much cheaper than Buckle Jeans, they were on Buckle’ s website. they come in several different fits & last forever! Also try Rock Revival Jeans, they’re about $60-$80 but very cute with awesome back pockets.

  4. Angela

    Cute jeans! I think my favorites are Big Star from Buckle. I love flap pocket jeans, and they need to be decorative! These are adorable – I might have to try them, too.

  5. Shawna&Co.

    I am like you. I LOVE stitching especially on back pockets and love distressing too.. I am a super thrifty person but I’ll splurge on on jeans. I figure I only need a couple pairs, at $75 a piece I buy a few pair..

    The brand I like is BKE from The Buckle in the mall..

  6. Emilie

    My favorite pair of jeans came from American Eagle. I had two pairs and after about 8 years the crotch finally ripped on one of them. They are a thinner jean. I am ordering the ones you got from Amazon right now, I am short with a boy waist (square) and have a hard time finding cute jeans! I love the return policy! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hannah

    OMG!! Ok these jeans are simply adorable! LOVE! I am new to the blogging world and just found you blog..and it’s soo cute! Love it! I am soo tempted to go buy some jeans offline now lol! I LOVE the back pockets :)

  8. Bryann

    I would have to say American Eagle jeans are my absolute fav jeans! I just love the comfy casual way they fit :) They are great beach jeans when the weather is a bit chilly as well. My fav designer jeans would have to be Frankie B’s. although they are pricey the fit is so perfect for me. And they have cute pockets ;)

  9. Dorcas

    I would have to say Express Jeans. I love those and are the only ones that work for my shape. I am a 4 but my tummy has had a rollercoaster ride with 4 babies. So the eva line from Express is the perfect fit for me.

  10. sarah moore

    JEANS!! i am the girl that typically likes plain pockets and the clean style denim! i love jeans from Old Navy, the “flirt” style are the best fit for me! they are bootcut and pretty plain, but i love them! :) they are very affordable and seem to be pretty good quality! i love that they are mid-rise too, i hate low-rise jeans! LOL

  11. Mo

    I like going to Nordstrom (over in the juniors section…BP) and finding jeans there and there are PLENTY to choose from ranging from maybe $38 to a little over $100. If they are regular priced, you can get them hemmed at no additional charge (I’m shirt 4′ 11″ and have to get EVERYTHING hemmed)! I’ve never returned a pair of jeans there!

  12. Erin

    Ohhh, I love those jeans! Never heard of that brand either, but I may have to check that out! I usually shop at a Marshall’s for pants, only because I can get a name brand label for a really good price. And I’m completely infatuated with skinny jeans lately, oh man. I got one pair experimentally and now I’ve got like 8! And cute back pockets are a MUST…gotta accentuate that cute booty!

  13. Hollie

    So I just blogged on the subject of how Amazon depletes me of what would probably amount to years of my mortal life due to the fact that I CANNOT GET OFF THE SITE ONCE I GET ON! I could replace my entire wardrobe with things exclusively purchased there! I am always in utter amazement at all the phenomenally unexpected items on Amazon.They have some gorgeous, incredible things! Read my blog entry on the subject! See what’s turning my head now! Books were just the beginning! ;o)

  14. Amy

    I’m 5’2″ with a big booty so I have problems finding jeans short enough and big enough in the rear :) I love Buckle because they will hem them to fit perfectly. LOVE.

  15. Lisa

    I see you have an ad on your blog for custom fit jeans by indi–have you ever ordered a pair from them? I always have a hard time finding jeans that fit and am curious if those ones come pretty much as you order them. Might be somthing to consider for myself. If you have any feedback I would love to know–thanks.

  16. Laurea

    Hey! I LOVE your blog! Your weight loss story is so inspirational! Anyways, I LOVE jeans! I prefer dark jeans over light any day. And I like skinny jeans the best. Not TOO skinny, like skin-tight, but not TOO baggy and lumpy. I LOVE Forever 21’s jeans. They’re ditressed, and while some of them are totally ripped, some are less, which I like.


  17. Kelsey S

    I am a jean-a-holic, and those look fabulous! I’m a plus size, so jeans is a battle for me anyways, but my faves lately have come straight off the rack from JCPenney’s, and that is a miracle in itself! They’re a super dark wash that lightens with wash and wear, but the length, cut, and stitching is nothing short of amazing!

  18. Kayla

    Cute jeans! I always have a hard time finding good jeans. In fact I only have 1 pair right now because I’m a picky jean buyer! Anyway, those look like great jeans and I bet you look great in them, too!

  19. Ashlee

    Love the 1969 jeans I bought from the Gap a month ago. They are so comfy and dare I say…sexy?
    There is the cutest little boutique in my town that sales DARLING cute butt pocket jeans. I love those but they can be pricy. But isn’t it worth it when you find “the right one!?”

  20. Robyn

    I LOVE your new jeans! I agree that jeans are so hard to find! I LOVE Ann Taylor Loft’s jeans, but you have me thinking that I need to check out Amazon!! Thanks!

  21. Sydni

    I absolutely love it when you post. Your pictures are to die for. I love your free fonts! You have such great taste – these jeans are yet another example. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Key Lime

    I LOVE new jeans! I LOVE LOVE new jeans that fit perfectly and I LOVE LOVE LOVE new jeans that fit perfectly AND are on sale!

  23. Julie

    My favorite pair of jeans would be any in a smaller size! sure wish I had the success that Amanda has….being a size 2 is somewhat of a quest!

  24. Crystal Evans

    Hi Amanda.
    Stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and love everything…especially the craft room pics!!!!!
    I have been trying to download your free fonts but without success and I was just wondering what program you use? I would be really grateful if you could let me know.

    Kind Regards from the UK,


  25. Christy

    OMG….I love cute back pockets! especially since I need some extra something something in the back section! :)
    now I gotta have me a pair like yours… hubby isn’t gonna be happy!! LOL!! :)

  26. Carol

    I LOVE your new jeans! And I think you’re so lucky that they fit! I have to try on a gazillion pairs before I find ones that I like and that fit good! But with free returns like the deal you got, what’d ya got to lose! :0)

  27. Alison

    Those are such cute jeans!!! How are they around the waist? I do not own a pair of jeans because they never fit in the waist. I really want a pair badly but even the very expensive ones do not fit….. any ideas?

  28. Silvia

    I have lost 15 lbs in about 7 weeks. Have over 30 lbs left to lose. So I will wait to buy jeans until i’m at my ideal weight.

    1. Laura

      I’ve lost about 30 lbs so far and plan to loose more, but I had to buy jeans this weekend because my pants were about to fall off. I also love American Eagle jeans. They fit nicely in the rear, don’t gap at the waist, and they have styles that aren’t distressed. I really like the super dark denim in the Artist style, which they have apparently discontinued. Any suggestions for a similarly styled/cut jean?

  29. _meganORSI__

    I’m in love with American Eagle! All their jeans fit me like a DREAM! But, even with a “cheaper” $39.99 price tag, it’s still a little pricey for me – I’ve got a very strict budget! But anytime I feel like a splurge, I go straight for American Eagle!

    I have tried them on in the store and purchased on Ebay before. However, the pair that I got on Ebay were the ONLY pair of AE Jeans that tore. :-( Knock-off maybe, I don’t know.

    Anyway, yep, American Eagle, all the way for me!

  30. Stacey

    I was laughing when I read you post because I have been shopping for jeans and when I say shopping it has been looking at them at every store I go to in order to find a pair with cute butt pockets! I have been wearing 4 year old jeans from Target that I got on clearance for $5.00. Can’t beat it but after one day of wear they are all baggy and stretched out.

    I keep telling myself I will buy a new nice pair when I lose weight. Every year goes by and I don’t lose any weight. This time I am down 15lbs thanks to your tips and now just looking for the perfect pair (under $100) to buy once I reach my goal. I figure I can justify it now seeing that the ones I bought from target were $5, lasted me over 3 years and many wears. If I can spend $50 on a night out to dinner why can’t I buy some jeans that last me 3 years……

    Can’t wait to check out some of the brands people have commented about.

  31. Sarah D

    wow!!! That is awesome!!! Also, no tax on top of the free shipping, free returns and great prices.

    I’m only 5’1″ and need to buy “short” jeans. I found some there for a seriously awesome price! i will be going there from now on before I hit the stores.

  32. Heather

    So jeans are my one splurge! I used to buy cheap jeans and found that I kept buying more and more pairs hoping to get that “perfect” pair. Then I decided to splurge and went with Big Stars (at the Buckle or Dillards). I love them!!!!! I also love Miss Me jeans….they have the cool stitching on them. I have found that if you spend more money on a pair that you will buy less pairs. (At least that is what I tell myself! :) Love me some Big Stars!

  33. Joyelle

    Pic in you new jeans please!! have you ever thought of doing an “outfit of the day?” picture or video? check them out on youtube, they’re so fun and you have a great style! :)

  34. Jess


    Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve been on the hunt for new jeans *casually* for some time now. A while back I found a *perfect* pair of jeans at PacSun. They were Tilt brand, which I think is (or was) their store brand. I got them for $15. I was stoked! They fit perfect, just the right color, just the right length (which is really hard to find for me because I’m a whopping 5 ft tall), not too much detail but they are still my favorite pair of jeans. So I went back to get more… Well, evidently PacSun switched from Tilt to Bullhead. The name alone was an immediate turnoff. Who names a line of girl’s jeans Bullhead? Well they’re almost all skinny jeans now, which I loathe, and the colors are awful, the material feels cheap, and a lot of them are ripped to shreds to the point that I don’t know how they stay in one piece and when I stick my foot in it gets stuck in the rips. Ugh. I used to shop almost exclusively at Express, and they had GREAT jeans. But then they got really full of themselves and started charging close to $100 a pair. Ridiculous. I love Ann Taylor and Loft, but their jeans are a little to soccer mom for me (even though I am a mom, I don’t feel like I have to wear ugly jeans). So thanks for the awesome tip. I’m definitely going to check this out!

  35. Heather Morgan


    I’m new to your blog over the last month or two and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It’s so fun. I have one word for you.


    Okay, call me crazy, but I taught English to kindergarteners in China for 4 months 2 years in a row and we’d always vaca to Beijing. The “silk market” titled Silk Street (or 秀水街 XiùshuǐjiÄ“) in Beijing is truly the most AMAZING place to shop for jeans. They have Rock and Republic, Sevens, Armani, etc. etc. etc. (Probably all knock-offs) but SO CUTE! Adorable back pockets (JUST FOR YOU) and incredible price. They may start out asking for $200 or maybe even more, but if you’re good at bartering, I almost always paid $10-$12 a pair. Hundreds of thousands of pairs of jeans, all for your pleasure. I’m addicted to jeans and probably bought 10-15 pairs over the 8 months I was there…maybe more. AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING! I know it’s a bit far, but if you love jeans, you HAVE TO GO TO CHINA!

    It is also THE PLACE for purses, watches, jewelry, shoes, and much much more!

    Love China, love traveling, LOVE JEANS!

  36. Mary Cardini- Anderson

    Love your new jeans! The pockets are really cute. All I want when I buy a pair of jeans is that they fit right. I wear a size 4 jeans and it is tough getting a size that it snot too big, too small to long or too short.


  37. Bec

    I used to always buy Express Jeans because they fit perfect and held up really well. Then they went and changed all their styles and I hated them. So I found a couple pairs at Old Navy that I liked in the iterim. Then, I recently found a pair at a Banana Republic outlet for $35 and I am growing to love them! I wrote about them here:

  38. Keely

    Okay, so I am VERY particular…about most things, but jeans especially! I learned a long time ago that I’m just not happy if I try to cut corners. So, I get the jeans I love, but I never pay full price. I’ve done Bluefly before, but my new favorite place, is RueLaLa. If you haven’t heard of it, it will change your life! Check it out!

  39. Tracy Eau Claire

    Love those jeans. They’re so cute! After I found my beloved Levi’s – 550’s maybe? Slighly below the waist and in size 8 long, I was so in love, I never looked back. :)

  40. Aline

    I LOVE jeans and everything you described about how you like your jeans is exactly how I like mine. It HAS to be the perfect color, perfect fit, I also hate when it drags, etc. I was recently shopping for some at the gap and I asked the woman if she had any petit sizes because I’m 5’3. She said the only pair she had had been returned and it was on sale for $9.99. I tried them on and they fit like a glove. What are the odds???? I thought they’d be too small but they were perfect. Now they’re my favorite jeans and I’m pretty sure it will be hard work to find ones that I like as much.

  41. Emmy

    If they fit in the back, so you don’t get the butt gap and they don’t drag on the ground I am happy :) I like Levi’s 504 Short I think it is?? I suddenly can’t remember, all I know is I bought a pair of these once and love love how they fit.

  42. Maria

    How ironic, I was just telling my hubby tonight I need some new jeans but I don’t want to buy the size that I should! Weight issues are no fun! I have casualy looked but have not made a commitment but I think I need to soon. These are so cute! Thanks for sharing. You share such fun and good stuff!

  43. Heather

    Amanda, how do these fit in the butt? Some jeans mash my butt down to nothing, and nope, that doesn’t fly. >:(

    I’m interested in buying the ones you bought – quite stylish!!!

  44. Lori H.

    Very cute Mandy! Check out Hydraulic jeans, too. I get them at Maurices, but I’m sure you can find them online if you don’t have a Maurices there. Super cute back pocket jeans. I bought some the other day that you would love.

  45. Andrea S.

    You’re making me have denim envy. I love me some good-fitting jeans. Come shopping at Maurices in Hoover this weekend! :) I’m working Saturday night. You can try on some Silvers. :)

  46. Megan

    Buckle jeans usually have cute back pockets but are definitely WAY too expensive!! Cute jeans… love the details. :) I wish I was your size…. ;P

  47. Southern Gal

    Kohl’s. Regular old Levi’s in the tall size, please.

    I’ve been told I should try designer jeans (I’m almost 5’11”), but I just can’t justify spending that much on JEANS. Yours are cute.

  48. Jessica

    I know what your feeling right now,as I just found 2 pairs of levis that fit perfect about a month ago. What a great feeling. I think request is a bay name (We have stores here in canada that are called Zellers that are owned by the bay. They carry request jeans. There is nothing in this world that compare to a good fit pair of jeans. take care and enjoy.
    PS I can’t wait to try out that jean store online as well.

  49. Elizabeth

    Your post is always interesting. I’m old and do not wear your style of jeans but love to see what is being worn. I wear Wranglers, straight leg and probably a little too long. Love them and my husband likes my butt. (never too old for that).
    Keep up the good shopping.

  50. Jill

    I LOVE THEM! I usually go “safe”, but i will have to check these out. My absolute favorite pair of jeans came from Target believe it or not! I have looked high and low for the same pair (even on ebay) with no such luck. Love your site!!!

  51. Megan

    I am SO picky about jeans… I dont buy them any places specific and I try them on EVERYWHERE. They cant have too much flare, but cant be narrow. and they cant be too low or too high. A little distressing, but not rips. and because I have skinny legs- they can be too big in the thighs. and they have to make my butt look good. Picky, no? Lately its just good ‘ol Levis I have been really liking. Of course- the $98 ones call to me, but they wont be living at my house any time soon!

    Great find you made! And Im so happy you love them- I truly sympathize with the monumental task of finding new jeans!

  52. Abbie

    Hi Amanda,
    Oh, I am in love with jeans from JCrew right now. The only ones I buy are the ones in the clearance section at our local outlet store. Last time I went in there I picked up four pairs for $8 a piece.. retail on the website they are $98!! A piece!! Gacckk!! Love the ones you grabbed.. I’ll have to check them out..
    Thanks for the heads up about Amazon!

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