Apples are another fruit I like to keep around the house to snack on.


Someone else in the house really likes them too.


This little stinker.


Judging by the looks of those pudgy neck rolls, I think Howie could stand a few more fruits and veggies in his diet.


Maybe a little more exercise.


You may not know this, but Howie’s pretty aloof most of the time.


Yep. He pretty much does his own thing.


But I love this little stinker.




And he loves apples.


Yep. That’s my Howie.


Always the model of class and decorum.


The poster child of gentility.


And always and forevermore…


A big stinker.

(With a much, much too early graying muzzle. Sniff.)

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67 Responses
  1. Megs

    My westie Evie loves apples too! She knows the sound of me slicing into an apple and comes running, she loves anything crunchy – carrots, capsicums (peppers), broccoli stalks… Those photos are pure bliss,

  2. Françoise-Louise

    Your dogs are so funny … I love them !
    And I love your blog too … awesome pictures, awesome recipes, awesome fonts … perfect for me !

  3. Kelli @ Lolly Jane

    awww…my 3 yr old boston, lola, is greying too :( she’s too young for that junk!!

    so cute…i’ll have to see if lo likes apples?! ;)

  4. Amy

    I’ve told you this before but Howie is the most beautiful BT I’ve ever seen. And I have two beautiful BT’s myself, Maggie & Mia. Love seeing his pictures. I bet apples are good for their teeth/breatg, huh? All BT owner’s know how bad their breath can be. My Mia ate edamame last night, couldn’t get enough! But she eats rabbit poop so I can’t say she has good taste in food, ha!

  5. Danielle R.

    OMG – he is the cutest ever! :) Love the way he is chomping with his eyes closed. He is enjoying that apple. *meep*

  6. catherine

    love it when someone makes eye contact and smiles (2nd picture). although he may be lacking in table manners, he certainly makes up for it in the social graces.

  7. Emily L.

    My dogs LOVE apples! When Molly hear’s the cutting board and see’s a knife coming out she is in the kitchen in no time. Even if it’s not for an apple ha. I swear she can hear one being cut from a mile away!

  8. Shelby

    Aww…he is too cute! His distant cousin Rupert says Hello!! Howie can have the apples, but Rupert must have his clementines! :)

  9. May

    I’m tottaly in love for your blog! Can you do a tutorial teaching how do change de titles on the sidebar? Like: “My blog”, “Categories”, “Archives”, and others? I’ll be very happy! Thanks!

    Congrats for the blog and the beautiful family!


  10. Mistuk

    Precious! Precious! Precious! Boston make my heart melt!!! My Jack has a string that pulls at my heart each time he looks at me with is googly eyes and is also to early greying muzzle. LOVE!

  11. HeatherB

    I really enjoyed today’s post. Your photos are amazing! Our furbabies have always enjoyed apples and veggies (the non-leafy variety). We have to pick up the fallen apples whenever we visit a house with an apple tree, or our current lab will just eat and eat. She always gets the apple cores (sans seeds of course) at home. And she loves getting the stem end of the broccoli, the end bits of carrots, even the core of a strawberry. She’ll eat the heart of a lettuce, but not the leaves. Gotta love our furbabies!

  12. Dianne

    So adorable. Reminds me of our beloved BT, MacGyver (aka Gyver). Greying muzzle and all! (Sniff here too). Great shots. I think my guy would be licking the camera though . . . !

  13. Geneva

    Love it, I will have to try apples with our 3 Bostons. I know the puppy Cody will eat them, he eats everything! Continue with the pictures of Howie & Miley they really make a long day sweet!

  14. Lauren @ 31 diy

    The dog I grew up with, Sadie, who I adored loved apples too. :) She would dig the apple cores out of the trash and eat the whole thing. That was probably bad for her, but she loved them! My two little furry babies that I have now go crazy over bananas. I always share the last piece with them.

    Your Howie is oh so precious. I know what you mean about the gray around the snout – my Heidi is only 7 but it’s showing around her snout, and it serves as a reminder of how short their lives are…sniff.

  15. Angela C.

    I love the pictures of your pups — they are super adorable. If only my two labs would sit still, I’d have better pics of them! My pups love all things fruit and veggies too. If I’m cutting up apples or making a salad, they are both in the kitchen with me waiting for something to drop onto the floor! It’s funny. :)

  16. Nicole H.

    I just can’t get enough of Howie. I mean seriously, it doesn’t get my cuter than that! I also have a boston terrier, Henry and I just can’t squeeze him enough times during the day. Aren’t they the best? But MAN, I agree they are VERY stinky at times. Peeeeewwwwee.

    Thanks for sharing – this put an instant smile on my face.

  17. Jessica

    I really love pictures of your dogs. It brought tears to my eyes because i love my pups just as much. Our oldest, Hailey (who is a big apple fan) has that graying muzzel but she still has boughts of puppy that come out. She is 10! I love the puppy adventures so keep them coming!!!!

  18. Claus

    my late Tootsie (a Scottie Terrier) LOVED apples! I always had to pick one for me, and one for her. I miss her so much.
    That Howie is a cutie! :o)

  19. Kaitlin

    These pictures make my heart melt. Yum apples and puppies = love. Our puggie loves apples with a little peanut butter, and carrots. Thanks for sharing the adorable pictures!

  20. Lois Hartwell

    Our little Boston, Olive, loves all fruits & veggies, too. They are her “treats”. No doggie biscuits for her. She loves the dried banana or sweet potato chips. Howie looks so content and happy – out there in the sunshine munching on his apple (with no threat of Miley stealing it away!)

  21. Alice, Grandma

    How sweet is that, love it. Yep, more veggies and fruits. lol
    Thank you so much for sending it to me, love it
    Ivory had surgery on her leg yesterday. Big incision, we were up with her most of the night. Waiting on the lab results. Daddy is out getting her some special food.
    Of course she is not spoiled. lol
    Love ya all bunches

  22. Stefany

    I love your puppy poses! I love that you get down on the ground, right in their faces. I wish my cocker spaniel would hold still long enough to get shots like these!!

  23. Wendy Magee

    I’m getting a 7D today :D Woo-Hoo! I was wondering what lens you typically use for shooting. . . . I’m looking at getting both the 50 and 100 mm fixed lenses. I shoot portraits mostly but like to shoot landscapes and nature as well.

    LOVE looking at your adorable Howie!!! One day I’ll have a dog, and I think yours is just super adorable!

  24. Jessica

    Definitely a cutie how I love the doggy blogs- my Zeus used to love pears… and Scruffy he loves everything except olives. Ginger is much more fickle… give her meat and only meat.. unless Scruffy will eat it, then she gobbles it up before him.

  25. Lynette

    Hi. I am new to your site. My daughter is away at college and found your site. She email me the oreo cookie/brownie recipe and asked me to send it to her. I did! I started looking around at stuff and am wicked impressed by the quality of the pictures that you post. What kind of camera do you use? Can you email me at the above address, not the site? Thanx tons,

  26. Becky

    My Boston, Sophie, LOVES apples too! And she loves carrots! She can go through a bag of mini carrots in a week! But it’s a healthy snack! I love your posts on your Bostons. I had my Holly for 12 wonderful years and now I have Miss Sophie Annabella! They are the perfect pet!

  27. Bron

    I have a beagle named Daisy and she loves apples too!! She also loves carrots – she likes them peeled into thin ribbons. Strange??!! I love seeing posts about Miley & Howie. We are getting a second beagle pup soon and I was curious about the age gap between Miley & Howie and how you handled the introduction.

  28. Lori

    I love that little stinker, too! Leave his neck rolls outta this! ;) Kipper and Kaycee love apples too. Just the other day we enjoyed some lovely honeycrisp, but our favorite it Pink Lady. Well, my favorite is. They don’t care, as long as they get their share!

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