Free Font Friday!

Top Free Handwriting Fonts

Woohoo! It’s Free Font Friday! Head on over to Fonts for Peas and check out all the new handwriting fonts! :)

There’s 14 in all today.

The Fonts for Peas are all made from your submitted handwriting samples

And doodles too! :)

Top Free Handwriting Fonts


You can now “Tweet” and “Like” your favorite fonts.

Love seeing the fonts you guys like best! :)

Love to scribble and doodle? Send me your handwriting! :) You wanna know a secret? I love it when people send me like 20 different samples… Love opening up my email and finding a zillion new emails!

(Even if they’re all from the same person! :))

Have a great weekend! :)

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29 Responses
  1. Kristen @ All the Proof I Need

    Hi Kevin and Amanda. I was curious about you fonts. Is there any way to make sure the fonts will not stop and get stuck when the mouse rolls over it? I have found that to be the most challenging part of the fonts and did not know if there was a trick that could be done. I love the fonts but hate when they get stuck. If you have found any solutions, please let me know. I would really appreciate it!!!

    Krsiten @

  2. Joli @ ScrapDelicious

    Amanda, thank you SO much for this beautiful collection of new fonts! They are delightful as usual, and I look forward to working with them. Your talent is simply amazing! Truly, THANK YOU! (:

  3. priscila

    i love your fonts and blog. i´m from brasil and I want to ask you if its possible to include some letters like é, á, ã, ç, cause we need in portuguese. like, the word YOU is VOCÊ, with ê…its possible?
    thank you so far

  4. Ms Muffin

    Wow, I so love fonts. And yours especially! ;-)
    I have already a project in mind where I need many many fonts … if I ever get it done I will share it!:-)

  5. Mary Cardini- Anderson

    Thanks Amanda. I love getting new fonts. I would send you my handwriting but I have no idea how to do that and even if I did I’m not too sure that you would want it. :) Have a wonderful weekend.


  6. Southern Gal

    Love the new fonts as always. I only wish I could print like that! There is one sample I saw recently that I would love to see as a font. I’ll have to ask the blogger if she’d be interested in sending it in.

  7. Beth

    Love all of your fonts…just made my sons yearbook ad with one of them…well I changed them about a thousand times before I settled on just one of them! It truly is addictive!!


    Amanda, is there anyway you can help me? I want to change the font on hy header to one of your really cute ones but I don’t know how?
    Please with sugar on top! :)

  9. Sara B.

    I LOVE Free Font Fridays! Been trying to send you a sample for months, I will get to it one day soon =)

    Thanks for putting these together!!!

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