Finally! A new recipe!

In honor of my birthday (which was yesterday :D) I decided it was high time to post a new recipe! And since it’s for my birthday and all, it’s not just any recipe… It’s The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe Ever!! This cake is sooo moist and rich and mouth-watering… Perfect for any occasion. :D

The BEST chocolate cake EVER - moist rich chocolaty - with amazing buttercream frosting
The Best Chocolate Cake Ever! Click. Me. Now.

But since it was *my* birthday… I didn’t have to make a cake. Kevin made one for me! :D Kevin took the day off work and I slept in… I woke up to the smell of fresh birthday cake! And a hubby with frosting all over his face! Hehe

Yes, he iced & decorated it himself! Doesn’t it look awesome? Much better than anything I’ve ever done.. LOL. We spent the rest of the day lounging around the house and eating cake. A very good birthday!! :D

Over Thanksgiving I got the chance to take some family pics… This of Kevin’s cousin is my new favorite:

Now that Thanksgiving and my birthday are over, it’s officially Christmas season!  To celebrate, I made a new Christmas blog theme from Crystal Wilkerson’s digital scrapbook kit, The Vintage Candy Cane Collection. Her kit includes an alpha made from one of my Free Scrapbook Fonts, My Own Topher! :)

vintage candy cane collection crystal wilkerson

Thanks for looking!! Are ya’ll liking the new seasonal themes? Or should I just pick one and stick with it? ;)

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29 Responses
  1. Megan

    How did you make your icing so white? I was going to remake this cake for a work thing next week. But I also thought about making some chocolate icing and do a death by chocolate thing. I can’t decide! :)

  2. Creole Wisdom

    Glad you had a special day : ) I think I love the picture of the cake… totally mouth watering. What lens did you use to shoot that?

  3. Barb

    Happy Belated Birthday Amanda. What a wonderful treat to sleep in….and the cake….yum! Kevin did a great job!! What a special day, for someone so special! I think I’ll make the cake this weekend!

  4. Megan

    He did such a great job! I love the sprinkles!! :) I’ve been wanting to remake this cake for awhile but haven’t had a reason…no birthdays in my family (except my dad, but he wanted pie). Happy belated Birthday!!!

  5. Danielle Combs

    Your new layout is superdooper cute!

    And your cake looked delicious! I am definitely going to try out your recipe for our Christmas celebration when my Dad and his girlfriend come over. :)

    BTW…I think updating your layouts seasonally (or when the mood strikes) helps keep your site fresh!

  6. Debra Lawrence

    Hope you had a great day. We share the same birthday! Mine was a sweet as your beautiful cake … we sold our house and bought our dream house on the 3rd !!!

    ~Keep the super website going… I love it!

  7. Virginia Dare

    I love reading about how Kevin spoils you! The cake has great flair and the sprinkles are an awesome touch! I will try out the recipe! I tried your pasta with creamy red sauce and it was fantastic. Thanks so much!

  8. Sarah

    Awww, Happy Late Birthday! I’m a total sucker for Birthday Cake and everything else you mentioned, like changing your blog theme a million times and free fonts, heheheh! I’m glad that you had a nice birthday and wish that I had an ounce of the talent that you have! :D


  9. Janine Nicholson

    I love your theme pages! The cake looks great and your hubby seems to be good in the kitchen! Happy Belated Birthday..hope it was a good one.

  10. HeatherB

    Amanda, what a wonderful cakeAnd your dh decorates better than me too. My cakes just aren’t that photogenic, but as long as they taste good, I don’t mind. I will have to give your recipe a try!

  11. Gail Evans & Henry

    You know you have a great husband that loves you so much. Not to many Kevins around so take care of him. You two and the puppies are a family.
    Henry & Gail

  12. Elaine (HoovieDoovie)

    Love your birthday cake – Kevin did a wonderful job! What did the bosties get their momo for her birthday???

    I do love the winter seasonal theme.

  13. Jenni k

    happy birthday! and I LOVE this new theme. Seriously it is SO cute… I’m still hoping and dreaming that one day you will teach us all how to do this css stuff!

  14. Natalie

    Happy Birthday Amanda!!! What a beautiful cake Kevin made for you! Wishing you joy and happiness on your birthday (even though it was yesterday) and continued blessings throughout the year!

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