A Wednesday List

Here’s a fun little list of everything I’ve been thinking and loving lately. From a football game to a jar of banana chocolate spread that barely made it home!auburn-ole-miss-halloween-2011-web

1. A few weekends ago, Kevin and I were in Auburn for the football game. I curled my hair.

word market banana chocolate spead

2. While we were in Auburn, I stopped by World Market. We don’t have one up here. Snarl. Gnash. Weep. On an impulse, bought this Banana Chocolate spread. It’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. I love it. We went through half the jar mere minutes after bringing it home.

boston terrier slug

3. I think I might be living with a slug.

target tahitian vanilla reed diffuser

4. I’ve professed my love for Tahitian vanilla on more than one occasion. So when I saw the Tahitian vanilla line of fragrances at Target, I had to pick up this reed diffuser. All I can say is wow. I’ve got it in the guest bath, and it makes me happy every time I go near it. If you even remotely like the scent of vanilla, you need this in your life. Pronto.


5. I just put this camera strap on my wishlist. Have you guys seen this? It’s a strap that allows you to comfortably carry your camera cross-body, while the camera sits at the hip. It’s got a clip attached to the camera that easily slides up and down the strap for quick access to the camera. Seems like it’d be great for walking around and snapping photos on the fly, while the camera stays out of the way. Have you had any experience with a strap like this?

UPDATE: I think I’m going to go with a Black Rapid strap. See my notes in comments #32 & 33. Thanks JoAnne, Cathy and Bethany!

UPDATE #2: Changed my mind again! :) Here’s the camera strap I went with.

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66 Responses
  1. Elizabeth Garrett

    Posted last night for the Epiphanies Bag giveaway and hit submit before I could say War Eagle!! Didn’t want to say it there as it might disqualify me.

    Also, I don’t really have a website…It is on the way…frustratingly so.

  2. Amber

    So I just found your blog and I had to post! Love that you guys are AUBURN fans! WAR EAGLE! and that you have Bostons! We have a 4 yr old Boston named Cookie! Love seeing all your fantastic pics and yummy recipes! :)

  3. Mary

    Love to see that my goofy Boston is in good company. Your pics of Miley and Howie always make me hug my girlie for some reason.

    BTW–love this strap. I go through camera bag after camera bag never falling in love with any but this strap was love from the first try. I carried a 7D with 70-200 for hours on a trip without even really knowing it was there. So much more comfortable than a neck strap though it makes it hard to wear a travel messenger bag across the same shoulder.

  4. Sarah

    Hey Amanda! I just saw this post today! I don’t have one of the straps that you wrote about, but I do have this little handy thing!
    It allows you to wear your camera across the body with any strap you want! I liked it because I have a bright turqoise seatbelt camera strap & still wanted to be able to use it! This little gadget allows you to turn any strap you want & it’s on;y $15! I’ve had it for about 3 months & LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  5. Paula Clifford

    You’ll LOVE the Black Rapid. It holds your camera securely, and the strap doesn’t get in the way. I didn’t purchase the women’s model, but the model I bought works just fine with my body type and I don’t have any problems with it at all.

    It’s pricier, but after reading the reviews on the other model you mentioned, you won’t have any of those issues with the Black Rapid. I highly recommend it.

  6. Lorie

    I love your site and I read often, but hardly ever comment.:) Would you consider doing a tutorial about how to add a Pinterest button on each post? I have noticed that yours is different from the ones available on Pinterest and for the life of me, I can’t figure it out. Yours pops open all the pictures on the page, not just one. I need help and I just bet you could make it easy!:)

  7. tiffany h.

    Miss these kind of posts from you. Your hair looks fabulous and your dog is hilarious! I can’t wait to read a review on the strap you buy. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Lorraine Robinson

    Have you seen BlackRapid instead. It’s on my wishlist. Looking at the op/tech it uses a connector attached to one of the camera strap attach points. The BlackRapid attaches to a fitting which screws into the tripod socket. (Which is much stronger than a side strap clip.) (For big lenses you’d attach the tripod mount to the tripod screw on the lens.) This allows the camera to hang upside down in a very natural position which works really well. When you swing the camera up the strap is completely out of the way. Also the fittings on the BlackRapid are all metal. The op/tech are plastic which concerns people in the Amazon reviews. The BlackRapid is more money but hangs the camera in a balanced way that’s perfect to grab and swings up really to use. Plus I have full trust in the strength of both the fittings and the attachment to the camera.

  9. Aimee

    When I ordered my very first DSLR earlier this year, I ordered the body, a nifty fifty, and the Black Rapid cross-body women’s strap! I saw it profiled on DPS once, and I decided it was more important to my sanity than a second lens. I was right. I’ll be getting another lens one of these days, but I can carry my camera around for hours, no problem! (And, for the record, mine stays on TIGHT. I just make sure to moisten the connection before putting it on, like it says in the instructions.)

  10. Carrie

    I have the Black Rapid and L-O-V-E it. Love, love, love it. I bought it prior to our Alaskan cruise. It was amazing. I bought one that has a small pocket in the strap. My id, a credit card, and room key fit in it perfectly for a quick trips when I didn’t need to change lenses, meaning I didn’t have anything else to carry (leaving my hands free to shop). For longer trips when I was carrying a small bag with extra lenses the camera and strap didn’t get in the way, and I wasn’t worried about dropping the camera.
    I use it all the time – even at things like birthday parties and small get togethers when I am not taking tons of pictures. I sometimes forget it’s there. :)

    With all the traveling and walking you seem to do on your trips I think you will quickly fall in love with this strap.

    OK – I guess I don’t need to keep providing free endorsements for the Black Rapid but I’m in love with it.

    Enjoy Amanda!

  11. Christine @ Oatmeal in my Bowl

    Love the Tahitian Vanilla! Reminds me I need to go pick some up for all the holiday guest coming. And a cross body strap? Sweet!

    BTW, love your slug. That is too cute.

  12. becky

    What a great picture of you & Kevin…..u 2 r adorable. How do you both stay sooo slim & trim eating all those goodies you photograph ?

    Cutest slug I’ve ever seen. :)

    Now I think maybe your chocolate, banana swirl spread would be a tad better with a little peanut butter swirl swirled in….lol. I love peanut butter on bananas and apples. YUM. Great list. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hugs, Becky

  13. pam @ pamwares

    oh – just bought the Balck Rapid Women’s strap! It arrives today. At a recent photo walk a few ladies had them and loved them. And I also realized I needed one to take the weight off my neck. I think you will love it. pam

  14. Crystal

    I have that camera strap but by black rapid. I love it so much better than the regular camera strap. The one thing that you have to be careful on is that the thing is still connected to your camera. I was out shooting and when I went to put my camera down the strap was no longer connected but lucikly I still had hold of my camera.

  15. Andie

    I have this strap and love it. A friend of mine has the “girly” version and hates it. She says it makes her boob look lopsided and rubs (makes her bra uncomfortable). She bought this one and tells me “Thank You” daily. To each is own, really, but I really enjoy the strap I have. Being a photographer, it definitely comes in handy! I recommend this one, hands down.

  16. Claudia

    I’m going to have to check out the Tahitian Vanilla stuff and the camera strap. Hey, what lip gloss/lipstick are you wearing in the pic?

  17. Jenesse

    Yay! You’ll love the women’s black rapid. People ask me about it all the time. Walking around it can comfortably rest near my hip with my hand steadying it if I’m in a crowd or on the move. Now I never have to worry about its strain on my neck! It’s also such a nice step above the typical tourist “look”. :)

  18. Brandi @ His Shabby Her Chic

    Howie is the cutest slug I’ve ever seen!

    I need that camera strap stat!

    Your hair looks super cute curly too!!

  19. Pat

    I’ve had 2 similar straps. The first one was comfortable and I enjoyed it but the connector tended to loosen with use, and my camera actually disconnected and fell to the ground! I replaced that strap with the Women’s R-strap and have been very happy with it. However, my niece had the original R-strap and she experienced a similar problem with the connector loosening on it’s own. A sling-style strap is no doubt a huge improvement over hanging you camera around your neck. I would suggest that you make a point to check the connector frequently, on whichever strap you choose, just to keep your camera safe.

  20. Christina

    That camera strap looks cool- just worried that me being the klutz that I am would forget and bump things with it as I walked. Lens caps are great but… I don’t know. If you get it- please report on it here because it DOES look a lot more comfortable!!

    Secondly- that banana chocolate spread IS to die for. I was out in Denver this summer, saw the World Market (we don’t have one where I live either), and had to stop in. I bought it on a whim too–for my 4 year old niece whose only request was “Chocolate” when I asked her what she wanted me to bring her back from my trip (I don’t know why I ask- it’s always the same answer. This kid has already eaten South African chocolate at 4 years old. My chocolate of choice at 4 was probably M&M’s, but I digress.). They also have strawberry chocolate but I didn’t pick that one up. Did you pick up that one too or just the banana like me?

  21. Cathy

    Oh, my parents are flying out here from Auburn today! If you’d posted this yesterday I could’ve had them pick up a jar of that yumminess to bring to me. Dang. Next time.

  22. JoAnne

    Forgot to mention….you can buy “joeys” for the black rapid. They are little pouches that slip on. You can carry your cell phone, keys, etc. if you’re on a hike.

  23. JoAnne

    Amanda, Check out the Black Rapid strap. If your camera is heavy, this may work better. I don’t think I’d trust my Nikon to that neoprene strap! It’s really heavy.

    1. Amanda

      Hi JoAnne and #20 Cathy! Thank you so much for your reviews. I originally had the Black Rapid strap in my cart, but then I saw it connects to the camera via the tripod mount. This one connects where the original camera strap connects, where the weight of the camera is meant to be held. My concerns with the tripod mounted strap was that it would not “sit level” on a surface because of the connector, or if I did want to use the tripod, I would constantly be taking it off, putting the tripod mount on, taking the tripod mount off, putting the strap back on, etc. I liked how I could just do both with this strap. The quality of the strap is definitely a huge factor though!

    2. Amanda

      Okay girls, I think I found a solution! My tripod quick-release plate stays on my camera pretty much all the time. With this FastenR from BlackRapid, I could connect the strap to my plate via a C-clip to easily take on and off when I needed to. I think I will be going with a BlackRapid strap and I am just in love with the Women’s curvy strap!! :) Thanks JoAnne, Bethany and Cathy!!

  24. Julie @ Table for Two

    1. you’re so pretty — love the hair & the colors!
    2. i WANT that strap! my current one is the stock one and it’s too short and silly looking sitting in the middle of my chest LOL!

    thanks for the share!

  25. Keeley @ My Life on a Plate

    I have a similar camera strap for my Rebel T2i and I love it! I also keep the camera safe and secure in a tight, camera-shaped neoprene case (purchased on Amazon for like $12) when it’s on my hip. It keeps your camera out of the way and it looks really looks great with a cool camera strap.

  26. SharieT

    Oh my gosh, this is exactly what I have been looking for…it’s on my Amazon wish list now :) and inexpensive!! Thanks.

    Cute curly hair, but I must say…..GO Ducks!!

  27. Heather Mayberry

    great picture of the two of you! your hair is really cute that way too! the “slug” picture is hilarious! have the diffuser and love it! banana chocolate spread? i’m intrigued.

  28. Leila

    Got that strap as a requested Christmas present last year andbi love it. Highly recommend.
    Amanda I keep meaning to ask this but that jar of banana chocolate goodness holds me back no longer. HOW HOW HOW do you eat all of these wonderful looking tasty things that must have a zillion calories each and still look the way you do? It boggles my mind how you can test eat all of these wonderful recipes and food stores you visit and still maintain your weight. What is your secret?

  29. Cathy

    I tried the cheap-o strap like that from Amazon and didn’t like it so I splurged and got the Black Rapid women’s strap like some other people and can’t believe I ever had another camera strap – it doesn’t compare! The Black Rapid is sooo comfortable and at least once each time I’m out shooting photos someone asks me about it. I am always sad to see people with their cameras tugging at their necks!

  30. Bethany

    I have that strap, actually the “girl” version ( that curves around your boob. lol It’s the only one I’ve ever had, so I can’t really compare it to anything; however, every blog I read says it’s the best.

  31. Southern Gal

    Your hair is super cute curled. I love World Market and try to avoid it at all costs unless I have oodles of money and time to spend. You’re the second blogger I’ve run across who is talking about this strap. Looks like something I need.

  32. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    Your hair is soooo cute like that! Do you know how many times I’ve looked at that spread and wondered if I should pick it up or not? Looks like a World Market trip is in my future! :-) I’m so adding that strap to my wishlist! That would be so convenient. By the way, I picked up some of those cookie dough bites from Target and am waiting to regain my full sense of smell before trying them. It’s been like torture watching them stare at me! But so glad there are only a few per box, they could get dangerous!

  33. Tiffany Sanders

    A friend of mine has that strap and I just put it on my list also! I got to test it out with her camera and it’s awesome. Even makes the camera feel lighter. She has a Canon T3. I’m drooling over that spread, don’t have a World Market near me up here in MD. Used to when I lived in El Paso, never shopped there, now I wish I had! My Mom’s a big fan of difusers, I’ve never tried them AND you haven’t been wrong on any reviews so far so I might pick one up next time I go to Target. TFS! Happy Wednesday!

  34. Natalie V2

    …ah… hahaha…
    When my children grabbed that jar from WM, I was doubtful. I might have tried some too, but they inhaled it, and declared it: awesome. Maybe Santa will pick up another jar. Makes me rather certain your other suggestions are legit :)

  35. Tina Hicks

    Oh Wow Amanda! I have been looking for something like this ( the camera strap) I will definately be getting this! Thanks for sharing!I was at the World Market over the weekend. The spread looks yummy! Ill have to try it! Great pic of you and Hubby too!
    Have a blessed day!

  36. Paula Clifford

    I bought this strap earlier this year and it’s WONDERFUL! I can easily carry my camera around all day and no neck ache! I also made my own pouches to attach to it, and they work great for carrying my cell phone, extra battery and memory cards. I don’t think you’ll be disappointd if you purchase this strap!

  37. maddie cote

    i bought that strap in feb of this year. and i love it! i carry a heavy camera and was a bit scared at first if the clips would hold it. i go on a photo shoot about once every week to two weeks and it holding on fine. one thing i really did notice no more neck ache. i love this strap.

  38. Marie A

    I got that strap a few weeks ago and love it! It makes it a ton easier for me to take pics without worrying about the camera dropping or the strap getting cut (which has happened to me)

  39. Leiah

    I put that very strap on my wish list for Christmas – actually it’s on my Pinterest board “Things I Didn’t Know I Needed Until I Pinned Them”. I like the fact that your stomach is no longer a bounce house for your camera as you walk about. The price I saw was great too.

    Hope you had fun at the game. I was supposed to go to the Auburn game for my birthday but it would have been here in LA. Geaux Tigers! ;- )

  40. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    Yes I have seen that strap, I have looked at it, I have pondered it…wondering if it really would work and be comfy and functional. Lmk if you get it and your thoughts!

    The Banana Chocolate spread would rank right up there for me too :)

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