Masterbuilt Fried Turkey Thanksgiving Giveaway

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The winner of the Masterbuilt Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer Giveaway is:

#1216 Andrea

Congratulations Andrea! I’ve sent you an email. Enjoy your Masterbuilt Fried Turkey Thanksgiving!

Just in time for Thanksgiving, I’ve got a fun giveaway today from Masterbuilt for everything you need for a Fried Turkey Thanksgiving! Frying a turkey in hot oil definitely calls for caution, but fortunately Masterbuilt developed the Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer to achieve a perfect fried turkey with peace of mind. I had the pleasure of sampling this turkey last May at BlogHer Food in Atlanta, and I still can’t stop thinking about it. It was so rich, incredibly moist, and packed with flavor. So delicious! I knew immediately that I wanted to share this giveaway with you guys!

Check out this Cajun Fried Turkey recipe from John McLemore’s “Dadgum That’s Good” cookbook to see how easy it is to quickly fry up a turkey for Thanksgiving. The winner will receive everything he or she needs to recreate this recipe!

UPDATE: I made this Cajun Fried Turkey for Thanksgiving and it was fantastic! The fryer and recipe were so easy to use and follow. And it cooks so quickly! I love knowing that I could easily whip up another one in less than an hour. This juicy, spicy turkey was definitely the star of our Thanksgiving table this year.


Masterbuilt Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer

One Kevin & Amanda reader will win:

How to Enter

To be entered to win the Masterbuilt Fried Turkey Thanksgiving Giveaway, just answer the following question in the comments section of this post: What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

Contest ends Sunday, November 20, 2011 at 8 pm CST. One entry per person, please. Winner will be chosen by and notified by email.


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Good luck! This should be a fun one, can’t wait to read you guys’ favorite Thanksgiving dishes! Yum!

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1,399 Responses
  1. Mary W.

    Oh man…a favorite? Sweet potatoes that taste like candy? Homemade orange-cranberry sauce? Sour cream apple pie? Is that a good start? :)

  2. heather vitry

    My sister in law makes the best sweet potato casserole. It is like eating dessert with dinner instead of after dinner.

  3. Becky Dawson

    My sister-in-law’s sweet potato casserole! I love it and never make it at home because I am the only one who will eat it.

  4. Dorothy

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish is Sweet Potatoe Casserole.. the one with the marshmallows on top :) Thanks for this opportunity!

  5. Alecia

    I did not grow up in the US, so turkey was so expensive. We would save up for it at Christmas. Turkey is my favorite. When the Thanksgiving Turkeys go on sale, I get 4 or 5 so I can have some other times in the year too!

  6. Cindy

    I love the broccoli cassrole that one of my dear friends taught me to make over 10 years ago. I make it almost every year and have shared the recipes with several other friends along the way too.

  7. Elizabeth

    Cranberry sauce, the kind from the can… my family always laughs at me… but I think I could eat the whole thing!

  8. Melissa

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish has to be my sweet potato/marshmallow casserole. I use sweet potatoes, brown sugar, and marshmallow and a generous dollop of margarine and mix them together and bake it for about 20 minutes or just until the marshmallow browns slightly. Or you can use marshmallow cream. :) It’s my own creation. My family (esp. my grown sons) LOVE it.

    Great giveaway BTW. Love your blog and wouldn’t miss it for the world. A shameless promotion I know :)

  9. Carrie

    My favorite Thanksgiving side dish is southern style cornbread dressing! It’s the perfect compliment to turkey breast and cranberry sauce. My mouth is watering in anticipation!

  10. Alice S.

    My ultimate favorite Turkey Day dish is my mom’s homemade cornbread dressing! OMGosh! I love it with all my being/soul. I’ve tried to make it like she does but mine never comes out as good, tasty and flavorful as hers. :)

  11. Karen

    Stuffing, turkey and apple pie….all tie. I think the stuffing has a slight edge as it’s the only time we have it all year.

  12. Debbie

    Hi Amanda! Happy almost Thanksgiving! Though it’s hard to pick a favorite, if there was just one thing I could eat at Thanksgiving it would have to be the stuffing! Thanks for offering another great giveaway! Blessings, Debbie

  13. Ashlee Frisbey

    I look forward to Thanksgiving Dinner each year. It is hard to pick a favorite dish that I enjoy but If I had to pick one it is my yams with brown sugar topping. Yum!

  14. Allison R.

    I love the dressing! It must be accompanied by cranberry sauce that I learned how to make myself a couple of years ago. Yum! So much better than that from a can.

  15. meranda

    I don’t think I can pick just one. I love broccoli cheese, squash, and hash-brown casseroles. Plus the yummy spread of desserts!

  16. Lisa

    Well it’s awfully hard to pick just one but it would have to be our family’s generations old recipe for pumpkin pie. It’s dark and spicy and has brandy in it, sooooooo good. Also awesome is our praline sweet potato casserole. I can’t wait until Thursday!!!!

  17. Debbie Pearson

    Our families favorite Thanksgiving dish is our grandmother’s mac-n-cheese. She has gone to be with the Lord now so I am the only one in our family that can make it like hers! LOL! Thanks Grandma for passing the tradition on through me. :)

  18. Jackie

    I can’t choose any one favourite dish. I love turkey, stuffing, cranberries, the vegetable dishes and of course, pumpkin!

  19. sara cavero

    I have three favorites: the stuffing has always been my most favorite, o love it with extra liver. buttery baked squash, and pecan pie. Deeelish!

  20. becky M.

    The rasberry jello layered salad. It was like having dessert early. The crust was made of crushed pretzels and it was fun to see people try to figure out what the crust was made out of . The top layer was a sugar and cream cheese blend so it definatly hit the sweet spot.

  21. Lorrie Helliar

    I would have to say the best thing is…my carrot casserole. Its a favorite for anyone who tries it, layers of carrots in a sauce topped with grated cheese and panko/bread crumbs for a crunch…yummy!

  22. MaryEllen Briseno

    Favorite Thanksgiving dish is STUFFING!!! Just the plain old bread stuffing with bread, onions, celery, butter, chicken broth, sage, eggs, salt and pepper. I make sure I make more so there are plenty of leftovers.

  23. JoeyfromSC

    It’s very hard to narrow it down to just ONE lol, but my fave would have to be the green bean casserole! yummy!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  24. Ashley Larsen

    My favorite dish is my Aunt Debbie’s sweet potatoes. They are sliced in a glass dish with a slice of apple between them- topped with some caramel goodness of sorts. Not to sweet so you can still taste the earthiness of the sweet potatoes.

  25. Julie H.

    Creamed corn is my favorite dish… it reminds me of my Granny. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    julien [@] alumni . clemson . edu

  26. Erin

    Mashed potatoes and gravey. I’m a Nevada girl who’s moved down to southeast Texas where apparently mashed potatoes and gravey aren’t part of the Thanksgiving meal. Um, WHAT?!

  27. April

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish is sauerkraut! I can’t get enough of it. I usually don’t like to mix my food..but sauerkraut seems to go perfectly with EVERYTHING on my plate.

  28. Cyndi Solis

    My favorite Thanksgiving side dish is a wonderful green bean casserole with swiss cheese and a bit of nutmeg and a creamy sauce. It is wonderful!!!

  29. Jeanette @ Travel and Photography Today

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish is bread stuffing with apples, walnuts, and raisins!

  30. Jennifer C

    To pick just one is so hard!!! It would have to be the cornbread andouille crawfish stuffing I make to go with the fried turkey! Perfect combo!!!

  31. Tracy

    My favorite part of any Thanksgiving meal is my mother’s Mashed Potato Rolls. These rolls are light and fluffy and make the BEST after-Thanksgiving sandwiches! I have endless memories making them with her, and now my son is making those same memories.

  32. Sara

    There isn’t a part of the meal that I enjoy more than the stuffing! Especially that bit that was baked inside the turkey (my family makes two dishes, the first baked inside the turkey and the second made on the stove top). Yum!

  33. Emily M

    Oh I have so many!! I always have mashed potatoes and green bean casserole on my plate. So those would be my favorites.

  34. Arlynn

    My first time ever having a deep fried turkey for Thanksgiving was in 2009 in North Carolina. Since then, my favorite is the turkey…but only if it’s fried! My favorite before fried turkey is my dad’s Turkey A La King made from Thanksgiving leftovers. It was better than the (traditional) turkey itself!

  35. Adrianne Smith

    Although I love all the traditional eats, my favorite is cornbread dressing. BUT my most favorite thing about Thanksgiving is spending time with the family and friends I do not get to see throughout the year. That is better than all the food in the world.

  36. beth stark

    I prefer seconds and thirds of family and friends around the dining room table, giving thanks, laughing, and enjoying those moments that last longer than the food coma we will be in after eating all that turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie.

  37. Catherine

    I love our family classic…cornbread dressing! It’s always been my favorite part of Thanksgiving and I think it should be made more often than just at Thanksgiving. :-)

  38. Style, She Wrote

    I’m an Italian-American, dessert-loving lady so my favorite dish isn’t something found on your average American’s Thanksgiving table. My grandmother — a first generation American — used to make an OUTRAGEOUS Oreo New York-style cheesecake around the holidays, and my mother has continued this tradition every Thanksgiving (and Christmas, if I’m doubly lucky) since she passed away. Not only is it super delicious, but it makes me feel like my grandma is still with us and reminds me of my heritage. Happy Holidays! xo style, she wrote

  39. Steve Lafontaine

    My favorite dish is real mash potatoes with the rich homemade gravey. Build your dish around that and enjoy……:o}

  40. Brianna

    My favorite dish is a secret family recipe that involves fake cheese and ridiculous amounts of butter, I could care less about the turkey and pumpkin pie!

  41. Ter'e Crow Lindsay

    My favorite dish would be whatever my 2 daughters would serve me.
    My husband and I are 800 miles away from our kids……………….
    I would be happy if they served me tomato soup!!!!!
    I miss them, terribly, on the holidays!
    But —- if I am having to cook for myself —– it would be the Sweet Potato Souffle. Can’t make this for just 2 people.

  42. Tammi C

    Without a doubt, my favorite dish is my Mother in Laws amazing cornbread dressing! I can’t hardly wait!! I love the whole dinner, but the dressing is the best!

    Tammi C

  43. Leslie

    It is a tough decision because I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving and everything about it but if I had to choose my favorite side dish is the stuffing!!!!

  44. Elizabeth

    Well since we are talking about Thanksgiving, it has to be the whole ensemble. Turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes all come together like family.

  45. Kimberly M.

    My 89 year old Memaw’s homemade macaroni and cheese…I still haven’t perfected it after all of these years! Mmmm

  46. Sally

    Everyone in my family loves the cornbread dressing – whether it’s my mom’s recipe or my mother-in-law’s recipe. Dressing rules!!! Thanks for a great giveaway.


    My favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner is the Pumpkin pie with a big pile of whipped cream. It’s making my mouth water now just thinking about it.

  48. Danielle Higginbottom-Brown

    my favourite dish is my moms homemade cream cheese.sour cream mashed potaotes!
    thanks for the chance
    daniellehigginbottom at hotmail dot com

  49. Molly

    I love my mom’s 7-layer salad & scalloped corn…unfortunately we’re not having either this Thanksgiving, but planning on making the salad for Christmas! :)

  50. Susan Fennell

    My favorite is sweet potato bake! I love the crust it is almost a dessert it is so yummy! Random selector…select me, I hope I win. I saw this advertised on TV and SO wanted it. Thanks Amanda for sharing this giveaway!

  51. Kate Krueger

    I have to pick just one? ;) I would have to say that my favorite Thanksgiving dish would have to be my mom’s cranberry sauce, but not because I like it! It’s a family tradition that no one likes it – and it is the one dish that never gets consumed!

  52. Twyla

    This is super hard because who doesn’t LOVE EVERY dish at Thanksgiving!! OK, If I have to pick one it’s stuffing. I love stuffing.

  53. Sally G

    Made from scratch cranberry relish, it has fresh cranberries, oranges, &almonds! Yummmmmy! The longer it sits, the better it gets! :)

  54. jan

    The made from scratch mashed potatoes really do it for me! Made with real butter, half and half, salt, and cracked pepper, simple but so luxurious!

  55. Laura McNeal

    Mine absolute favorite is sweet potato casserole. It is like dessert though, lots of butter, pecans and coconut (and of course sweet potato’s). It was my grandmas recipe and man is it delish!!!
    Laura McNeal

  56. Amanda C.

    Picking a favorite Thanksgiving dish might be the hardest question…..I love it all! If I had to pick….probably Pumpkin Pie because this is the only time of year I get to enjoy it!

  57. robyn

    I absolutely love the cranberry relish that my mom made – it’s wonderful straight out of the fridge, or on top of just about anything!

    Thank you for a great giveaway!

  58. Niki

    GRAVY!!!! Okay, I know gravy isn’t really a dish, but its my favorite thing on the table. I pour it on just about everything – turkey, potatoes, stuffing…. I drag my green beans through it. All are good on their own, but adding gravy to them makes them even better.

  59. dette

    my grandmothers stuffing – I think she got from her mom, so that would be my great grandmother??? Anyhow, its the best stuffing I have ever had

  60. Andrea

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish is my cornbread dressing!! yum! Of course all the desserts as well. But this year I think I will enjoy all the Thanksgiving day dishes, spending the holiday with my in laws, so that means I don’t have to cook and I get to enjoy everything!

  61. Andi Missroon

    My favorite Thanksgiving Day dish is Savannah Red Rice. This recipe comes from Mrs. Wilkes of Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House in Savannah, GA, another great southern chef. It’s got lots of chopped veggies so it doesn’t get prepared all that often, but definitely a family favorite for Turkey Day :)

  62. Tasha B

    Can rolls count as a dish? My Mom makes the most perfect parker house potato rolls that I would rather eat over pie anyday!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  63. Dorene

    It’s impossible to chose just one, especially since I like to mix some of the items together. So I’ll say Turkey with mash potatoes and corn all mix together. Yummy!! Happy Thanksgiving Kevin, Amanda Miley and Howie.

  64. Laurie

    Stuffing, Stuffing, Stuffing–but my own homemade stuffing with all the bread leftovers in the freezer. No Pepperidge Farm! 2nd is the infamous green bean casserole. Was ready to drop it from Thanksgiving dinner this year, but my niece said she would make it because she loves to snack on the French Fried Onions! A girl after my own heart!!

  65. Ana

    My FaVoRiTe Thanksgiving dish is the fried turkey. The funny part about all of it is that I used to tolerate the turkey as a part of the requirements for Thanksgiving until my husband introduced me to the amazing, moist, flavorful fried turkey. It has become a staple in our house, and it has to make an appearance at one of the parents’ holidays.

  66. Cissy

    My favorite is my mother-in-law’s cornbread dressing. She has Alzheimers now and never had a written recipe but I managed to get pretty darn close to it last year. I’m anxious to have another go at it! A very, very close second is pecan pie. Honestly, just give me the southern cornbread dressing and a pecan pie loaded with pecans and my Thanksgiving would be complete! Unfortunately, there are several other dishes I have to prepare to make everyone in this house happy. Happy Thanksgiving!

  67. Sally S.

    My favorite thing at Thanksgiving is pickled peaches. As a child my grandmother would can pickled peaches and we would have them for a side dish at Thanksgiving. You can use the juice to spice up collards and anything else that needs a little zing of spices and sweetness. I’ve even figured out how to make them the day before and store them in the refrigerator. Of course everything else served at Thanksgiving is special too but the pickled peaches is what makes it Thanksgiving.

  68. Beth

    MY favorite Thanksgiving dish is always the dressing. My father passed away 15 years ago and I have been striving to make HIS dressing. Sometimes with turkey chunked up inside or even chicken. But the PERFECT dressing, HIS dressing…..moist on the inside, uneven on top with just the right amount of crispness! Sage? Yes….not too much but enough to know it is there! Eggs to bind while it cooks but chopped eggs in the stuffing. Not cornbread. Not white bread. But a combo saved over the months before Thanksgiving and frozen waiting for the day. Cornbread, white bread, busicuts…..even some french bread and focatta bread mixed in. It is a labor of love to make it just right, sit down to eat and the memories of Thanksgiving past to flood all my senses. Want to ask me about my green beans now?

  69. netty

    Cranberry sauce!! No one in my family likes it- but I love it and look forward to enjoying it all by myself this one time a year.

  70. Rachel

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish is hands down the Stuffing drenched in gravy. My mother-in-law makes the best!!!!!!!! YUMMM!

  71. Nancy

    That’s one handsome machine! My favorite dish is the Angel Pie that is my family’s traditional dessert! Thanks so much for this chance!

  72. Shelly Stevenson

    I love my mom’s recipe for Holiday Yams. They are wonderful. Slices of cinnamony apples, chunks of yams and a delicious buttery cinnomon glaze. YUM!

  73. Nancy Smith

    Its way too hard to just pick one thing! The whole meal is so amazing I look forward to it all year! But I absolutely love the Turkey! I roast turkeys throughout the year just to make sandwiches and other dishes! YUM!

  74. Clair Jordan

    The turkey of course!!!! That fried turkey in that picture looks scrumptious!!!
    I’ve always been scared to try frying a turkey, but that looks really safe and easy!

  75. anita

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish is turkey, of course! ;) Pumpkin pie is a very close second though. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  76. Jessica

    You always have the best giveaways!! I spent my first Thanksgiving away from home 8 years ago with my then fiance, now hubby. My MIL was so sweet and asked me what I missed most from my family’s Thanksgiving table. My answer then and my answer to your question today are the same, 7 layer jell-o! It takes my mom all day to prepare the jell-o because it’s 7 different varieties, with one half of each variety mixed with sour cream. So it’s really 15 layers once the whipped cream is on top. That jell-o is a symbol of my mother’s love for us on a very special day.

  77. Althea

    I love everything about our Thanksgiving meal, but my favorite dish is the Sausage Cornbread Stuffing!!! YUM YUM!!

  78. Judi Vrieling

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish is my grandfather (no longer with us) oyster stuffing – it is absolutely not a day to give thanks without it!! I also had a friend Art Pilot, who a number of years ago shared the deep fried turkey with a group of his co-workers (in Alaska) and haven’t even forgotten how absolutely wonderful and tasty it was!!!

  79. shara bachman

    how do you pick a favorite dish? that’s like picking a favorite finger. hmmm… sweet potatoes. or stuffing. or mashed potatoes. no… sweet potatoes.

  80. Mandy

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish to prepare is persimmon pudding made with Indiana persimmons. This can be tricky because I now live in South Carolina and have to have my aunt Cathy send me frozen pulp from her own supply. I use an old family recipe that I have had my entire life. It is SO good and you do not find it at most Thanksgiving dinners. I like how unique it is and love putting a mound of whipped cream on top. This dish makes me think of home which is important because I live 11-12 hours away from my entire family. Happy Thanksgiving!

  81. Patti

    The dishes I love most are the ones my grandchildren help me make. Whether it be deviled eggs, squash soup, or the pie, I love how their faces light up when they see the finished product and how much everyone enjoys it!

  82. Tricia

    My favorite dish would have to be my mother’s French Meat Stuffing. Mashed potatoes mixed with beef and pork, what more could I ask for?!? Tastes great left over on a turkey sandwich. :)

  83. Cheryl Ann

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish would be my grandmothers homemade egg noodles with turkey gravy! Since she passed away, I was the only one left to make them. It has always been the first dish to disappear…. The absolute best!

  84. LaWanda

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish is stuffin’, stuffin’, and more stuffin’! Did I say stuffin’? Here’s wishing you and yours a safe and happy turkey day!

  85. Amanda

    Pretty much the only thing I eat at Thanksgiving dinner is pumpkin pie. And mashed potatoes, but lets be serious- it’s all about the dessert!!

  86. becky wuerfele

    My favorite dish is a scalloped corn dish that I have made for years, that my Mom used to make and love. This is our first Thanksgiving without her this year, and I will so remember all the times she made this for our holiday meals.

  87. Michelle

    This looks like an amazing gift to win! My favorite is the next day making little turkey sandwiches on the homemade rolls with cranberry sauce added.

  88. janae

    I love stuffing… it is amazing how great it taste with a drizzle of gravy .. and of course some turkey and cranberry as well!

  89. AndriaK

    My favorite is frozen fruit salad. (usually got forgotten in the freezer so it was served as a dessert instead of a side!)

  90. Jenni H.

    Wow! Cool giveaway! I love all the Thanksgiving food… my fav is either mine or my twin brother’s mac n cheese though. We both make it every year on the holidays…. none of my family will tell us which one of us has the best. LOL :)

    Thank you & Happy Thanksgiving!!

  91. miriam

    my cranberry relish … or would it be the pumpkin pie … the turkey??? I think I love every part of our traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

  92. Corie Kaz

    The best dish on Thanksgiving is the stuffing. It is homemade, moist and the only thing I remember that my 95 yr old grandma ever made from scratch.

  93. Lisa @ Extraordinary Life

    I just can’t pick one. I love turkey WITH gravy with the mashed potatoes with the stuffing.
    Lmwhitaker at Mac dot com

  94. Andie

    We have a pot luck Thanksgiving every year and I absolutely love my Sister’s mashed potatoes and gravy. Yum! It’s all yummy, though. ;)

  95. Jennifer Loe

    My favorite dish is my Grandmother’s homemade mac n’ cheese! It rarely makes it to the table with everyone sneaking a bite!

  96. kiki

    always love have stuffing and cranberries, but there is a new sweet potato casserole that I’m really looking forward to…happy thanksgiving, having eating!

  97. Sajonalu78

    I Love Love Love bread and sausage stuffing with apples and cranberries AND gravy, glorious gravy!!!!! Yummy!

  98. Delicia Jenkins

    Hi Amanda, I must say that my favorite Thanksgiving dish is my Dad’s cornbread dressing he’s given me the recipe and I’ve been cooking it for our family for a few year’s now. Yum :-)

  99. Theresa Janke

    My absolutely favorite dish is my dad’s stuffing. It soooo good. All of our siblings fight for leftovers.

  100. Aidan

    My father would love this! Growing up as an only child, my mom always loved oven roasting the turkey, until dad met the turkey frier! His is an older model, and ever since he took over making the turkey, I think it is time for an upgrade. This would make a great gift for good ole’ dad! My favorite dish, well the moist turkey of course!

  101. Teri Suzuki

    My favorite dish would have to be the Tangy Honey Glazed Ham cooked in my slow cooker and my homemade pumpkin pie! Happy Thanksgiving!

  102. Geri C

    My favorite dish is actually the dessert. I loves me some Pumkin Pie with lots ‘o whipped cream!!! Yummy! Awesome giveaway!

  103. Kay

    Pumpkin pie, of course! And oh my gosh it would be sooooo amazing to win one of these instead of having to buy it for Thanksgiving!

  104. Destiny

    My favorite dish at Thanksgiving is homemade cranberry sauce … with a side of turkey with a side of potatoes, with a side of squash. Oh shoot … I love it all!!!

    But I could make a meal out of that wonderful cranberry sauce!

  105. Kristin Laponis

    My favorite Thanksgiving ‘dish’ is my dinner plate: piled high with turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans, (yum!) surrounded by my scattered family, in a room full of laughter and stories. <3

  106. Larissa

    It’s a toss up between my grandmas delicious pumpkin pie and that cranberry sauce that comes out of a can! Don’t tell my grandma though :)

  107. Liz

    Sweet potatoes is my favorite with toasted marshmallows on top. Just this year i
    discovered hey i can can them anytime i don’t have to wait for thanksgiving.

  108. Rhonda

    Hands down would be my Ma-ma’s cornbread dressing….it’s a family tradition and I’m honored to be the one tasked to make since she’s no longer with us!!!

  109. Carolsue

    I love turkey! I tasted a piece of fried turkey one year and it was SOOOO good. I’d love to be able to make it myself!

  110. kel m

    I am allll about the turkey and pumpkin pie….I could have that as my meal…and nothing else….this is my fav holiday!

  111. Nancy

    My favorite dish at Thanksgiving is the Turkey with cranberry sauce and the stuffing all mixed together. Soooo Good! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  112. Kimm W.

    I would have to say my favorite dish is the pumpkin pie. My mom always makes one pie with no side crust, because I don’t really like crust. She loves me. A close second is cranberry sauce that my grandma makes, it is so simple and delicious.

  113. Narita

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish is turkey! You can cook it other times of the year but it never seems to taste as good as when it’s shared with family on Thanksgiving day!

  114. Jennifer

    I love dressing and only my dad’s mashed potatoes. I don’t know how his are so much better but YUM – I can’t wait!

  115. Karmen

    There are soooo many great turkey day dishes! But I look forward to the turkey with mashed potatoes, gravy and rhodes rolls!!! So good:)

  116. Tina W.

    Yummm…it has to be Sweet Potato Souffle….no, Pan Dressing with Giblet Gravy….no, Grilled Turkey….no, Pecan Pie….no, Hot Buttered Yeast Rolls…no, Asparagus with Hollandaise…no, Whipped Russet Potatoes……I just can’t pick one, I love it all!!!!

  117. Holly

    That’s a hard one, but I’m going to have to say the cornbread andouille sausage stuffing that my husband makes every year. It’s SO good!

  118. Katie

    i live 3000 miles from my family so i don’t get to spend Thanksgiving with them – but it REALLY makes you miss what you had as a kid! I LOVE my mom’s stuffing! it is amazing – she makes it with sausage which i think really adds the best flavor!

  119. Dalinda

    I LOVE everything about the Thanksgiving meal, but if I had to choose just one thing, I love the fresh, specially cooked green beans! YUM- 6 more days ’till I taste them again!

  120. Karen

    Favorite Thanksgiving food would be oyster stuffing. Its been a family tradition since before my dads family came north to Michigan from Virginia in the 1860’s. Love it!!

  121. Beverly R.

    I don’t know if I could pick a favorite – we fry turkey every year and I love it! I just make sure I stand way back, but this fryer could really make a difference in the safety of such a wonderful treat! But, I also love, love, love anything made with pumpkin, especially pie! But we have the standards also and always have a Fresh Apple Cake made from my husband’s grandmother’s handwritten recipe! Our family’s Thanksgiving would not be complete without the cake!!!

  122. Gretta

    My sweet potato casserole ~ it is a recipe not like most others and it is always requested that I bring it at all holiday gatherings. Best of all, it’s something our entire family will eat too..even the 3 kids!

    bamagv at aol dot com

  123. Stephanie

    I love the breaded cauliflower my family makes. It’s a tradition and every night before Thanksgiving all the women in the family would get together and drink…and bread enough cauliflower for a small country. It was a blast, and another special day we got to spend together. Although we may not get Thanksgivings together anymore, we still have our memories and we still make it ourselves every year to carry the tradition on. I cannot wait for it this Thanksgiving!

  124. *kristi*

    Mashed potatoes and gravy topped with peas :) I cannot wait until next week’s Thanksgiving dinner!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  125. Stephanie

    My dad loves to do fried turkey! This is such cool giveaway. My favorite dish is hands down my moms cheesecake. It’s all about the dessert!

  126. MomoJet

    Oh my gosh….deep fried turkey is the best!
    My favorite side dish for Thanksgiving is the Sweet Potatoe Bake my daughter makes! Sweet potatoes mashed with brown sugar and other ingredients, then topped with pecans, and topped again with marshmellos! Yum!

  127. Brandi S

    Wow! I can’t believe such a simple question is so hard to answer LOL!! I really love turkey (when cooked properly ;)), but the buttery mashed potatoes are a close second! Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize!!!

  128. Jason

    Turkey and southern style chicken and dressin’! My wife is from the north and left stuffin for this dressing!!!! This fryer is awesome, I love fried turkey, it would be nice to fry inside with the family this year!!!!

  129. Val Lewis

    My fav Thanksgiving dish is the Dressing. My mom always made hers with chestnuts (yes, she cut an x in them and boiled and peeled them) and one year there was a shortage for some reason so she substituted slivered almonds. That’s how I make mine now. Love that little surprise crunch in my dressing!

  130. Bonnie

    My hubby makes his family’s stuffing recipe with a very delicious turkey. I also love the Jiffy corn muffin casserole!

  131. Brittany

    My absolute favorite Thanksgiving dish is baked mac’n’cheese. My dad used to make it with Vermont Cheddar and I have such a hard time finding it here in Texas. I love it. I can’t wait to stay up all night with some coffee tending to the turkey cause I know the next day I’ll be able to tear into some baked cheesy goodness.