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So, I have some fun news! :) But first things first… :) if you’re reading this from the email or a feed reader, go ahead and click right here so you can see the new February / Valentine’s Day blog theme!! :) I loved this funky digi kit from Megan Turnidge so much that I’ve had this theme made since *before* the Christmas and Winter themes. See? :)

valentine's day scrapbook blog theme

Ok, everybody over here now? Good. :) Onto the news! :)

The Fonts for Peas handwriting fonts were just featured in the latest issue of Brides Local Magazines! :) It’s the spring/summer 2009 issue and it appears in these markets: Maryland/DC, New York, New Jersey, Boston, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Florida, Northern California, Southern California, Colorado, and Michigan. Here are just a few examples of the covers:

brides local magazines covers spring summer 2009 issue

In case you’re out of those areas, I’ll post the good stuff here. :) The page:

fonts for peas featured in brides local magazine

And an up close and personal view of the little blurb itself:

fonts for peas handwriting fonts in brides local magazine

{ Fonts: Pea Jenny Roman, Pea Saraloo, and Pea Stacy’s Doodle Script }

To celebrate the occasion I have added 8 new fonts to the Fonts for Peas page! Just for you, my loyal readers! ;) And here’s where I need your help: I have so, so many more cute fonts just waiting to be made in my inbox! The challenge: I am going to try to make at *least* one font every day for the month of February… Hopefully by the end I’ll have a bunch of new fonts for you! Hold me to it, will you? :)

But for now, go check out all the new, super-cute fonts! :)

fonts for peas - cute free handwriting fonts for your scrapbook

45 Responses
  1. Kate

    I love this blog. My very first fonts {before I even really knew what I was doing- like I do now?!} was Pea Lovey Dovey, and I still use it on notes from Santa.

  2. angela

    Hello!… I am loving your stuff, particularly your fonts and now your kit… I have a question about the fonts – is there an easy way you would recommend where you can display them all – its so hard to remember what they all look like on a page, and its tedious to be printing them all out? thanks, angela

  3. Berta

    I like your pag. aloooooot!

    It’s fantastic , :D
    Well, I’m going to download your new fonts, :)

    Your best fann.*:]

  4. Colby

    LOVE the new blog look…SUPER FABULOUS! And congrats on being in the Brides Magazine. I couldn’t keep my hands off those mags during my engagement days!

    OK…off now to check out the cool fonts. You’re MOST creative!

  5. donna

    Congratulations on being published in such a great magazine. You deserve all the accolades sent to you! Thanks so much for all the effort, generosity and creativity you are sharing.

  6. EmilyA

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! that was so neat! I really love your fonts and I’m so excited about these new ones! Congrats on all your success! You Deserve It!

  7. Danna aka vivrantsunrise

    Hi Amanda!! Finally, a new post! :P I’ve so missed reading up on your blog I was like, what’s takin’ so long I need new inspiration :P Great job as always!

    Cheers from Vancouver,


  8. Barb in FL

    Wow Amanda! Congratulations!! How wonderful to have your fonts seen all over the world in print! I love the new blog look by the way! Awesome!!!

  9. Megan

    Congratulations! I have been wanting to send you my hand writing for awhile now so maybe I’ll get to it soon! :) Love the blog look!!

  10. LoriAnn

    How cool is that!!! You know…I’m sure some of your subscribers would be happy to help you with creating fonts if you would create a tutorial. I know you must spend hours doing it, but maybe there is some way we can help? Maybe with cropping all those letters?

  11. Carrie

    Thank you so much! I love all your fonts and I use them for all my scrapbook journaling and the newsletters that I do for my girl scout troop! Thank you so much!

  12. creole wisdom

    That is just great! Congratulations. I wish that magazine was printed in my area (Minneapolis/St. Paul). I’m actually shocked it isn’t! What the heck?!? I think Princess Lasertron is in one of those issues, too. How cool for you!

  13. Chris A. (Chreamps)

    Congratulations! That is just awesome that you were featured – way to go! Thank you so much for offering these wonderful fonts for free!

  14. HeatherB

    Congratulations on the magazine mention, that is so cool (and so well deserved)! That must have been a real kick for you to see in print. And I’m going to have to dust of Pea Jenny Roman, seeing it in your image reminds me how much I like that one!

    And thanks for the new fonts, they are all really cute. I’ve just d/l all but Pea Mique, which I am getting an error on.

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