How to See If Your Photos Are Being Used On Another Site

How To Do a Reverse Image Search

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I’ve got a super quick and easy tutorial for you today. This is a cool trick I’ve been using a lot lately, and I thought I’d pass on this neat tool to you just in case you’ve ever wondered how to do this. Did you know there’s a really simple way to see if photos have been taken from your blog and uploaded to another site? This trick will allow you to do a “Reverse Image Search” for any photo from your blog, or any photo you’ve uploaded on the internet, to see a list of all the other sites where this photo appears.

Why would you to do a reverse image search?

  • To see if your uploaded photos are being used on another site without your permission.
  • To find the original source of a popular Pinterest, Tumblr, or Facebook photo.
  • If you have a photo on your computer and you can’t remember where it came from.

*This trick can also be useful if you if have a photo on your computer, and you can’t remember where it came from. You’ll first have to upload it to the internet so you can grab its URL.

Once you’ve done that, here’s how you do a Reverse Image Search.


Find the image on your blog, right click, and select Copy Image Location (Firefox) or Copy Image Address (Safari).

IE Users: Right click on the image, select Properties, and highlight the Address (URL) and click CTRL-C to copy.


How To Do a Reverse Image Search

Paste the URL into Google.


How To Do a Reverse Image Search

On the result page, click Search by Image.


How To Do a Reverse Image Search

And this is what will pop up next. You’ll first see a collage of Visually Similar Images. This is pretty interesting to browse through. Not all of these images may be your images, but they will all look a lot like your image. It’s kinda neat.


How To Do a Reverse Image Search

Keep scrolling down, and now these results will all be for the image you searched for. You can click on these results and see all the sites where your photo is posted.

And that’s all you do! You’ll probably see a lot of sites like Pinterest, and you may discover new sites that have written about your blog and shared a photo or two. Try doing a reverse image search on photos from your most popular post, and see what comes up.

Hope you find this useful!

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