Which Lens I Used

Guess what.


Click on this picture.

Go on, give it a click. I’ll wait.


Notice anything? Something new perhaps?

You know, down there in all those camera settings?


Maybe like… what lens I used??! :)

That’s right — I’m so happy to report that this weekend I finally figured out how to add which lens I used for each photo posted on Kevin & Amanda. And the great news is that it also works for all the previous photos I’ve uploaded since I started posting the camera settings in January of this year. So if there are any photos you’ve been wondering about, you can now go back and click on that photo for the lens information.

Biscuit Beignets with Praline Sauce

Like this photo.

return of the swamp monsters-19

And this one.

Foley House Inn Bed & Breakfast, Savannah, Georgia

And this one, too.

So be on the lookout! From now on you can click on any photo to see not only which camera and settings I used, but also the lens!

Note: Not a life altering announcement. That is all.

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41 Responses
  1. Ada @ New York

    That is wonderful! I am glad I stumbled upon ur blog … photos r AMAZING + cam specs every more amazing ; )

  2. Regina

    I love seeing how you shot some of your subjects. I love the image of all the photographers taking shots of the same subject. Sometimes it is just as much fun shooting the photogs!

  3. Faith (don't want use my real name)

    Question: Are you going to add trackback websites to make you more easy for yourself?

    And comment: Thanks for adding what is the lens that you did use it… Have a wonderful day!

  4. Kelsey

    Oh Amanda thank you! I just got Canon a few months ago and am still learning. I have a lot of learning to do! I’m about to buy a new lens (it came with an 18-55) so this will help me pick the lens that is right for me!

  5. Julie

    I love it!! I love it…Did I mention I love it? =) You totally have my dream camera!! I want to get it!! Where did you buy it from? Did you buy it online or from a store? And I’ve seen so many different prices anywhere from $100.00 to over $1,000.

  6. Sara @ Our Best Bites

    Quick question…is there ANYTHING you can’t do?? You are sort of a technical-photographic-culinary-crafting-designing-fashionista genius! Lol Seriously, I’m always so impressed at your wide range of talents! This is an awesome, awesome feature. I’m excited to go browse through all of your photos and start clickin’!

  7. Amanda Brandeburg

    Amanda! I love your site. It has been very helpful with your photo info since I am getting more involved in photography. I have admired your site and just wanted to tell you how fun it has been taking photo classes and using pointers you have posted. Thanks again :-)

  8. Aimee Loeser

    amanda, i originally found your blog through jones design so that i could customize my blog with a new font. i became quickly addicted to your posts! :) but more than that i wanted to thank you for introducing me to many new and very delicious recipes!! i truly look forward to your posts…thank you! aimee

    ps. i will be posting a blog about your blog tonight! :) hope that is ok!

  9. Elizabeth

    HI, thank you so much for posting this information. i just bought of my brother his nikon d60, and have no idea how to use it, and i have always wanted to learn how to take shots like the ones you have taken. thank you for the insight.

  10. Marla

    It may not be life altering, but it’s an accomplishment to brag about. Now … how did you do it? (really, you don’t have to answer that) Lol!

  11. L.S.

    Wonderful~ I hope it’s not a tedious task to go back and add info for every picture…?!? By the way, I’m new to your blog and is still figuring my way around, do you ever, like, photoshop your pictures? Or are there posts here, like this one for example, that gives tips on how to take food photography? I simply love looking at your pictures!!!

  12. Susan

    as someone who is just learning how to use a camera (used to have a simple point and shoot – -now I have a Canon Rebel T2i) – -I really appreciate any photo help I can get – – so I LOVE that you give these helpful hints – — I do have a question – – what should I use to clean the “screen” (is that the right term) on my camera – – and what is the best way to prevent scratches on it (is there any type of protective cover I can get?

  13. Emma @ She Got Married

    Thank you! You and The Digital Photography School are seriously how I’m learning to become a better photographer. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

  14. Tara @ The Butter Dish

    Yay for Amanda! I know you’re a Canon Girl and I’m on the Nikon – but each of them have pretty equivalent lenses.

    I’m so glad you were able to pop this in as well. It really does help. I remember asking (pleading) for you to add this and if there’s one thing (although many) that is so cool about you AB – you listen to your readers!

    Slowly, ever so slowly I’m learning my new Nikon D7000 and being able to look at your photos is super helpful.

    You are a Rock Star A!

  15. Jennifer


    You so totally rock.

    And please post more videos of the doggies. It is so entertaining for my four year old!!!

  16. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    Perhaps not life altering to you but to the rest of us…awesome!

    PS- I hope you got my email and it didn’t go into your spam folder.

    1. Amanda

      Thankfully, no! :) The settings are grabbed and automatically generated from the EXIF data stored within the image. All photographs taken with a digital camera have this EXIF data stored within in the image file, although sometimes the information gets stripped when editing the image or saving for web.

      Here’s a fun tool to view the EXIF data for photographs:

  17. Carrie

    Love this feature Amanda! I have read for a while but never commented (sorry!)
    I have a question….In the first picture, what is on the end of everyone’s lens? I am new to the world of DSLR and I have so so much to learn. Your pictures are always amazing!

    1. Amanda

      Thanks Carrie! It’s a lens hood. It’s to help keep sun flare out of the lens when photographing outdoors, but I keep it on my lens for extra protection when I carry in my purse. It keeps the lens from getting scratched and I don’t have to keep taking a lens cap on and off. :)

  18. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    I keep trying to comment but my comments are disappearing..maybe going into your spam folder? Not even saying anything other than this is awesome!

  19. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    Amanda, this is SUCH a GIFT to your readers.

    Thank you so much for doing this! I always click your photos and see the settings, now I can click to see the lens. I recently got the Canon 24-70mm lens and am loving it so much and can’t wait to be look at your pics now and see which pics you used that lens for and which you didnt b/c I know you have that lens, also.

  20. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    Amanda, this is SUCH a GIFT to your readers. Thank you soooo much for doing this! I always click your photos and see the settings, now I can click to see the lens. I recently got the Canon 24-70mm lens and am loving it sooo much and can’t wait to be “nosy” on your pics and see which pics you used that lens for and which you didnt b/c I know you have that lens, too!

  21. MacLeod House

    That’s great! Now you need to share which plugin you used with the rest of us nerds out here okay? :) Would love to know!!

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