Target Dollar Spot Find: Cookie Dough Bites

Have you guys seen these in the Target Dollar Spot?!

I found these chocolate covered cookie dough bites at my Target this weekend and had to pick them up! They’re little popable bites of cookie dough to-go. How could I say no?

Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough Delights | Target Dollar Spot

They come stacked three to a box.

Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough Delights | Target Dollar Spot

Let’s unwrap these bad boys and give them a try! Here we go.

Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough Delights | Target Dollar Spot

First up we have sugar cookie! So fun and colorful. This one ended up being my favorite.

Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough Delights | Target Dollar Spot

Next up we have peanut butter cookie dough! How soft and fluffy does this look? This one ended up being my third choice. For a chocolate peanut butter treat, a simple Reese’s Cup is hard to beat.

Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough Delights | Target Dollar Spot

And finally we have classic chocolate chip. This one’s everything you love about chocolate chip cookie dough wrapped up in chocolate. It’s pretty hard to resist!

Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough Delights | Target Dollar Spot

These are so right up my alley. Look for them next time you’re in  Target, and let me know if you see any other flavors! I got one of each that my Target had.

Have a great Monday!

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29 Responses
  1. Lindsay Kay

    Saw these at target last weekend and they had the same three you said. I think it’s a toss up between chocolate chip and sugar!

  2. Lucy

    We found these a couple days ago, along with the truffles and the Bailey’s/Malibu treats, too! I picked up 1 for each person in my family to add to their Christmas goodies. It wasn’t until I found your blog and read this post just now, that I realized I forgot to pick up some for myself. I’ll have to go back!!

  3. Charissa

    These look SO delicious. I’m usually skeptical (to the point of avoiding) the dollar bins – this post has reformed me ;).

  4. Deanna

    Hi Amanda, After reading your post I just bought 3 of each kind at Target yesterday having no idea if they were good or not but you never steer me wrong, these are sooo good! I love your finds I would never have known they had existed (teenaged dream nail polish, candle scents from walmart ….) P.S. We crave your Cheeseburger Flatbread Melts at our house, They are AWESOME!!

  5. brandi

    walgreens had these a while back (in larger boxes!)…i got some and i wasnt a huge fan (maybe because they werent cold? since thats how i eat cookie dough) but my son LOVED them. he ate the whole box!

  6. Erin

    I have NOT seen those which is shocking since I always get sucked into the dollar spot before I venture into the rest of the store. Either they are not there or someone cleared them out before I could. Mission.

  7. Dawn Cort-Bennett

    First– YUM! those look delicious…
    Second- That rich, caramel backdrop color… what is it?? I just fell in love, is it a photography backdrop, or a wall color? If it’s a wall color do you know the name? That is an AMAZING Fall color!

    1. Amanda

      Hi Dawn! These were taken on my kitchen table, in late afternoon when the lighting gets really warm. In the first photo, the yellow wall color is Sherwin Williams Jonquil. The second photo is just my table. :) Hope this helps!

  8. annette godfrey

    I follow your blog all the time and just love it. Please do some more scrapbooking recipes. I loved all those yo did. Thanks

  9. tina

    I’ve never seen these. I know my kids would love them. Well at least two of them. One hates chocolate unless it’s chocolate milk or chocolate chip cookies. How weird is that ?!

  10. Urban Wife

    I saw these a few weeks ago when I was in Target! They look wonderful and for $1, they are totally worth the few extra calories.

  11. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    We’re making a Target run later this week. Darn, these might just have to pop into the cart for our high cal day! Thanks for the heads up!

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