The Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery

Cupcake Review at Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery

Maria and I met through our blogs almost three years ago at the BlogHer Food blogging conference. We instantly hit it off (perhaps it’s our shared love of all things sweet!) and have kept in touch ever since. We talk almost every day now whether it’s about blogging, husbands, life, or cookies. :) Ever since we first met, Maria has been convincing me that my next bakery tour needs to be in Salt Lake City. Filled with award-winning bakeries, world-renowned chocolate, and some of America’s top pastry chefs, I knew I had to put Salt Lake City at the top of my list. I have been dying to make it happen! Maria knows her sweets and I knew she could take me to all the best places. :)

After my parents and Kevin went home from our ski trip to Deer Valley, I was so excited to be able to stay an extra week with my friend and let the sweet adventure begin.

We went to a new bakery every day, and this post is the first of several chronicling our sugar exploits. Now might be the time to break out the stretchy pants. You’ve been warned. ;)

Cupcake Review at Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery

Our first stop was The Sweet Tooth Fairy gourmet bake shop. Featured on Rachael Ray, winner of Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars”, and acclaimed for her famous “Cakebites,” we got to sit down with sweet owner and self-taught baker Megan Brown in one of the cutest bakeries I have ever visited.

Cupcake Review at Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery

How fabulous does this cupcake case look?? :)

Cupcake Review at Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery

Megan dreams up fun cupcakes in flavor combinations she loves and makes them happen! Talk about a dream job. :)

Cupcake Review at Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery

The Sweet Tooth Fairy is more than cupcakes. She’s also got decadent brownies, bars, assorted sweets, her famous cakebites, and soft, chewy cookies topped with frosting. Loved these cute “cupcake” cookies!

Cupcake Review at Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery

Perfectly sweet frosted hearts for Valentine’s Day.

Cupcake Review at Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery

How fun would it be to open up a box and find these cupcakes inside?? :)

Cupcake Review at Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery

All the flavors sounded so delicious and unique. There was no way we could choose just one! :)

One of my favorites was the Strawberry Shortcake cupcake (bottom right). The frosting is flavored with real strawberries and it tastes like a strawberry milkshake! Yum! Also loved the Double Fudge cupcake (top right).

The Junior Mint cupcake (top left) was a special of the month. The frosting tasted just like the middle of a Junior Mint and was dipped in a hard chocolate shell like a dipped cone. Then it was all topped with a little Junior Mint on top. I LOVED the texture of the sweet, soft frosting paired with the crunch of a chocolate shell! All cupcakes need to be made like that. :) Another favorite was the toasted coconut cupcake (bottom left).

Look how massive their cookies are! They take two hands to hold them. :) Love that they are topped with frosting. :) This pink frosting on the cupcake is the strawberry frosting from the Strawberry Shortcake cupcake, and the white is an almond-flavored buttercream like on the vanilla frosted cupcakes.

Cupcake Review at Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery

They are so soft and chewy on the inside!

Cupcake Review at Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery

The Sweet Tooth Fairy also has the revolutionary “Cupshake” — a cupcake blended with a milkshake! You can pick any cupcake and they will mix it with ice cream to create a perfect cupshake. This decadent combo is a Chocolate Hazelnut Nutella cupcake blended with vanilla ice cream. Mamma mia!

I have now had My cupshake brings all the boys to the yard stuck in my head for over a week.

You’re welcome.

Cupcake Review at Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery

But my absolute favorite thing at Sweet Tooth Fairy was their Cakebites! It’s no wonder that’s what they’re famous for! :)

Cupcake Review at Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery

This Salted Caramel Cakebite was absolutely life-changing. Salty, chocolaty, caramely. Perfection. I could eat a whole box of these.

…which is totally what I recommend you do. ;)

Did you know you can order Sweet Tooth Fairy Cakebites online? Megan ships her cakebites daily anywhere in the continental United States. Since she knows you guys love sweet as much as I do (and it’s totally unfair that you have to look at all these pictures and can’t eat them too!), she’s offering three Kevin and Amanda readers a dozen of her famous cakebites so you can have your own cakebite taste-testing party!! :) Yay! You can pick whatever flavors your heart desires. :) View flavors online here.


How to Enter

1. Three lucky winners will receive a gift box containing 12 cakebites in the flavor or flavors of your choice.

2. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment this post. What’s your favorite cupcake flavor combo? What’s a flavor combo you’d LOVE to see in a cupcake?? :)

3. Contest ends Friday, March 8 at 11 pm CST. One entry per person, please. Winners must have a continental US mailing address. Winners will be chosen at random and notified by email. Giveaway provided by The Sweet Tooth Fairy.

4. Make sure you check out Maria’s Sweet Tooth Fairy photos and recap of our day and enter her giveaway for another chance to win!


If you love cupcakes, Like us on Facebook! :)

Thanks so much for looking you guys!! Good luck!! :)


Time’s Up!

The winners of the The Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery Cakebites Giveaway are:

#168 candace: I had an ice cream cone the other day at Jeni’s in Nashville with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream and a scoop of banana cajeta ice cream. The combo was amazing and it made me eager to mix those two flavors together soon when baking!!

#487 Debbie Armend: I am definitely going to have to schedule a trip to Salt Lake City. This bakery looks AMAZING!! Thanks so much for always sharing the sweet treats with us :) You can’t go wrong with Dark Chocolate with Mocha frosting!

#762 Abby: That strawberry frosting sounds incredible!

Congrats winners! I’ve sent y’all an email! :)

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954 Responses
  1. Asia L W

    My all time favorite combination will probably have to be red velvet and brownie with chocolate frosting or Triple Chocolate yum!!

  2. jenne

    Such a cool bakery! I would love to see a creme brulee cupcake! That is probably my absolute favorite dessert! :)

  3. Amy

    I would love to try an almond joy cupcake! Or the junior mint, or the double chocolate, or….I could try them all!!!

  4. Kristen M.

    I love salted caramel with vanilla cake. I think salted caramel with peanut butter would be so good.

  5. carla

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Caramel combination I am in the developing stages of for my girl’s 9th birthday in May. I know it’s gonna be awesome I just haven’t figured out all the details.

  6. Mary J Atkinson

    My favorite is usually red velvet or coconut, but I would love to see a blueberry cheesecake cupcake!

  7. LiSa

    How could anyone choose just ONE!? hmm.. well right now I’m into Salted Caramel Chocolate anything ;)

  8. krysta

    oh I am just GIDDY that I stumbled upon this post WITHIN the giveaway time! that RARELY happens for me! :) thanks so much for the opportunity to win some cakebites! even if I don’t win, I think I’ll definitely have to be ordering!! YUM!

  9. Amanda F.

    Huge fan of their S’mores cupcake in the summer! SO AH-mazing!! Would love to see a peach or cherry cobbler flavor!

  10. Gina

    Too many great combos to choose – chocolate & peanut butter, raspberry & lemon, anything with cream cheese frosting. I would try every single one of her combinations if I were able. Too yummy!

  11. Mollie

    All of the cupcake flavors look great, but the peanut butter chocolate is always a winning combo! The strawberry shortcake also looks amazing!

  12. janna brown

    Peanut butter and chocolate…or raspberry and chocolate…or strawberry and chocolate…you get the idea! :)

  13. Nat

    I love STF! My sister always buys a dozen for Christmas morning…nothing better! I love love love the peanut butter and the double fudge! Today is a double fudge kind of day! :) thanks for the giveaway chance!

  14. Angie Mc.

    I had a pistachio cupcake once that was sooo dreamy!!! I would love to have one of those right now!

  15. Liz

    Wow. Your pictures look amazing! My favorite flavor is vanilla with chocolate frosting. I would love a peanut butter patty cupcake – that would be AWESOME!

  16. Kellee

    Chocolate and coffee…the top of our wedding cupcake stand was an Opera Cake…lots of chocolate and espresso! It was heavenly!

  17. Tonya

    Oh, my YUM!! I love Pink Lemonade and rarely see this in a cupcake. I also love anything with Nutella in it. Delish!!

  18. Suha

    I want to try the cupshake! Sounds DELISH! Would love to visit that bakery. It looks amazing! The junior mint cupcake looks scrumptious. I’ll have that please.

  19. Stacie M

    LOVE chocolate with chocolate buttercream frosting…chocolate cake with coconut cream frosting sounds like a good combo!!

  20. tiffany h.

    I’m a basic cupcake lover–chocolate w/vanilla frosting. I’ve never heard of the cupcake bites and would love to try them. Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. Anissa

    Chocolate and caramel with some nuts would be amazing. I want to try those cake bites, and the cookies are way too cute!

  22. Amy L.

    Wow! They look so amazing! I wish I had some of all of them right now :)
    My favorites would be chocolate with vanilla frosting or strawberry with buttercream. I bet a lemon cupcake with buttercream would be good.

  23. Amy B.

    Anything chocolate!! peanut butter and chocolate, salted caramel and chocolate, vanilla and chocolate – the list could go on and on…

  24. Alicia Brimley

    I actually live about 5 min from the Sweet Tooth Fairy in Murray, UT and it’s one of my favorite places ever. The cake bites are incredible. My favorite cupcake is the strawberry one too!!! I am super impressed with their bakery also because they make gluten free cupcakes that I can get for my 9 year old daughter. I love this bakery!!!

  25. Tia

    These look amazing! I love any cupcake that has coconut in/on it! And you can’t beat a chocolate/peanut butter combination. Yum! Thanks for this opportunity!

  26. elle

    Favorite cupcake combo? Chocolate fudge.
    Combo I would love to see? double chocolate fudge with a strawberry filling.

  27. Tiffanee Z

    I’m a plain vanilla girl! I love the Fairy Fetti cupcake. I’d love to see a banana or butterscotch flavor!

  28. megan

    Oh my goodness this post had me drooling!! vanilla on vanilla is my favorite combo. Can’t wait to check out their online store. Great giveaway!!

  29. Lisa Green

    My favorite cupcake flavor is chocolate cake with vanilla icing! That salted caramel cakebite sounds like it would be good in a cupcake too!

  30. Angie

    I love a yellow cake cupcake with homemade chocolate buttercream icing! Would love to see a twix cupcake!!

  31. Marie Holmes

    My favorite cupcake is yellow with peanut butter frosting. But I sure would love to try a turtle cupcake. Chocolate, caramel and pecans. Yum!

  32. tinaehb3

    I love red velvet and lemon, well not together but either of these two are definitely my favorites! This shop is beautiful my daughter would love it!!

  33. Shelly

    What a fun bakery! I am a big fan of chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! But that salted carmel looks divine!!

  34. Ramona

    My all-time favorite cupcake flavor is red velvet with cream cheese frosting. I really would like to try a good key lime pie flavored one!

  35. Tiffany

    Oh, I would love to win! I want to try the salted caramel one! Who am I kidding? I would try any of the flavors!

  36. Joelle W

    There have got to be days that you wake up and pinch yourself… a hard days’ work at that Yummo Bakery?!?!?! I’d say a Salted Caramel cakebit would be close to perfection for me! I might like to see a vanilla raspberry combination with a hint of almond in the frosting… I think I need to go find a cookie!

  37. Ashlee S

    My ALL TIME FAV would have to be Peanut butter and Chocolate, but GAHHH how could you even pick just ONE?! ;) Cupcakes are my enemy. I hate to love them. Ha. Any combination with Peanut butter would be fantastic. How about a White Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake?? Hmm..I bet its already been made though! … I guess Im going to go make some cupcakes Thanks for the chance to win!!

  38. Parktessa

    Lemon Coconut!!!! Mini holiday in a cupcake. I’d love to see a dark chocolate with raspberry, lemon or orange :)

  39. Molly

    Oh my word so hard to choose! I really want to try all of them but I’d probably go with cookies and cream. Thank you!

  40. Lindsay B

    Such a cute bakery! I haven’t met a cupcake I didn’t like – I love lemon/blueberry cupcakes from a bakery here in Tulsa. I would love to see anything mixing chocolate and coffee flavors :)

  41. Janet

    I would probably love every single cupcake in the bakery, my favorite is yellow or white cake with butter cream icing and jillions of sprinkles!

  42. Sue

    What lovely ideas….and flavors! This is a really difficult decision, to pick just one blend of flavors… I think classic chocolate and peanut butter are my utmost favorite, although I do love chocolate with a butter cream or cream cheese flavor, too! Oh heck, chocolate and anything has me sold. I would like to see a cupcake for spring with lemon and blueberries or a strawberry cake with a chocolate top. :)

  43. Sarah T.

    The more chocolate the better! Double, nay, triple chocolate! :)
    I was in SLC in December – wish I’d known about this bakery. Course that could have been really dangerous… :)

  44. Laura

    I’m pregnant…so all of these look AMAZING! :) I love coconut, so that woul dbe my first choice…but all of them look to die for. YUM!

  45. Niki

    I have to go with the general red velvet with heavy amounts of cream cheese (or butter cream) icing!
    (However, I did try a cupcake once that was salted caramel preztel flavored. Ah-mazing!)

  46. Cindy L.

    The salted caramel cakebites look so very, very delicious! So hard to decide with all the beautiful goodies displayed :)

  47. jersey

    wow… awesome! i would love to try a junior mint cupcake…what a great idea! im typically a fan of anything peanut butter too. mmmmm.

    *fingers crossed*

  48. Nancy Wyatt

    I was lucky enough to go visit SLC a few times the last three years and I always made it a point to stop in at STF!! I fell in love with their Nutella cupcake. YUMMO!! We bought various flavors and afterwards I wish that I had gotten two of the Nutella! Thanks for hosting this! Hugs from Conroe, TX

  49. Holly

    Ohhh on my next stop home (Logan, UT) I will for certain have to stop by this little shop! I love anything coconut in a cupcake and would love to see an “almond joy” cupcake recreated. I have seen these but never with the mushy coconut center that it offers.

    Thank you so much!

  50. Viv

    Love Sweet Tooth Fairy!!
    Call me boring but I love a good white cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting…and add a little coconut :)

  51. sierra Hess

    I love the Cinnamon Churro cupcake! So yummy! We live about 20 minutes from there so I take my girls there on their birthdays to pick out whatever cupcake they want!

  52. Kathee kiefer

    Mmm. Red velvet with cream cheese, but since my favorite gelato is salted Carmel, would like
    To try a cupcake like that. I would like to see a Carmel, toffee and chocolate combo.

  53. Tracy

    I love Lemon Meringue Cupcakes from Sublime Cupcakes in Wyomissing, PA. A flavor combo I would like to see…I can’t come up with anything, because I can only think about the Lemon which should be rolling back out on their flavor schedule very soon.

  54. Lolalo

    I just got back from Salt Lake City yesterday! My favorite is chocolate and/or chocolate mocha. I also like most anything lemon.

  55. Erin

    I am salivating looking at these pictures! I love anything with chocolate and fruit. However, I would be interested in trying something with maple and bacon. I have a recipe for a maple cupcake with bacon frosting that I am really aching to try.

  56. KarlaJ

    My favorite combo is the classic vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting. You just can’t go wrong! I would love to see a maple cupcake with a peanut butter filling, maple frosting, and topped with salty roasted nuts. YUM!

    Love that apron in the first photo! Thanks Maria and Amanda, sounds like you two had a great time!

  57. DeniseG

    I’m a lover of cake, but cupcakes have never really appealed to me that much. That said, when I must, I prefer simple white on white. Although, I did have a boston cream pie cupcake a few months ago that really knocked my socks off.

  58. Amye

    I always want to say my favorite cupcakes are some sort of chocolate and or peanut butter combination. But I always end up picking lemon as my favorite. I don’t know why. I love chocolate and peanut butter omg. But for some reason lemon always wins. Lol.

  59. Thaïs Abraham

    I love chocolate cupcake is the homemade chocolate “hostess cupcake” with vanilla cream in the middle. I try to eat gluten free, but I will “cheat” for an amazing cupcake! I would love to have a mudpie with peanut butter cupcake…YUM!

  60. Wendy F

    I love chocolate and peanut butter together! I’d love to try the Peanut Butter as well as the Lemon Cakebites!

  61. Nicole

    Everything about this post looks yummy!!!!! I think my favorite would have to be the strawberry shortcake. It looks devine!!!!

  62. Melissa R

    Vanilla bean icing on a vanilla cupcake or a Nutella peanut butter cupcake would be a fun one to create. Everything looks so good!

  63. Alie

    So strangely enough, the first versions of the logo and graphic design for this shop were done in one of my graphic design classes when I was in school a few years ago. Small world!

  64. Lindsey

    These sweets look amazing! My favorite cupcake is a simple but delicious vanilla with vanilla frosting I recently had a cinnamon roll cupcake that was awesome!

  65. Kim K

    The Sweet Tooth Bakery looks absolutely delicious!

    I would love a collection of cupcakes in my favorite candy bar flavors. Snickers, Almond Joy, 100,000 Dollar Bar, junior mints (hey wait..she did one!) Skor or Heath. Yumm..craving cupcakes and candy bars now. Thank you!

  66. Melissa Dawdy

    These look DELICIOUS!!! I so want to plan a trip to Salt Lake so I can visit this place!!!! YUMMY!!!!

  67. Fran

    I am an equal opportunity cupcake eater. I love them all! Except icky things like coconut. Thanks for the chance!

  68. Evelyn

    OH MY GOODNESS! You should have had a meet up or something! I love your blog so much & Sweet Tooth Fairy as well! Favorite cupcake flavor?? Salted Carmel! :) And I wish someone would make a nutella strawberry cupcake….Then I would be forever fat FOR SURE! ;)

  69. Brenda

    I would go for anything that combines chocolate (the darker, the better) and caramel! Throw in some peanut butter and maybe crushed cashews or almonds and you’ve got an awesome cupcake!

  70. Erin

    Everything looked delicious. I’d be all over the salted caramel cake bites! New flavors? I’m up for most anything!

  71. Katie

    Those look amazing! I love peanut butter chocolate or chocolate hazelnut and the strawberry shortcake looks great too!

  72. Erin

    I love ALL cupcakes, but I think Oreo is one of my favorite :) Your bakery looks amazing, I hope to one day visit!

  73. Katie M

    White cake with buttercream frosting is my favorite cupcake flavor combination.

    I’d love to see a “FROSTING flavored cake with EXTRA buttercream frosting” cupcake. I lve sweet things :)

  74. Summer Bonner

    I think the Fairy Fetti sounds Delicous…I am drooling over their too cute store….Love the Presentation, Decor and Happy Atmosphere…Wish I had one Close to me….Maybe I can win some of their Cake Bites…Thanks for the Chance.

  75. Kristen

    What a magical place! I can’t wait to try it one day, although it might be far in the future! I love a dark chocolate cupcake with raspberry buttercream and raspberry filling. Nothing better!

  76. Elena Lin

    My favorite cupcake flavors are chocolate, lemon, or salted caramel! For a different flavor, how about a cupcake with spiced chai tea flavor?

  77. Peggy

    All of these cupcakes look delicious! However, I always seem to go back to my favorite, yellow with chocolate frosting.

  78. Ashy

    Hey Amanda, what I wouldn’t give to try a pumpkin and cream cheese cupcake. I love pumpkin rolls but I wish someone woulda have made a cupcake similar to that texture:-)

  79. Elaine Rudd

    I received a small box of these from a friend….they were amazing. I didn’t want to share them..but I did. Almost wish I hadn’t! They are all amazing. The lemon or the double chocolate were to die for…but they are all wonderful.

  80. Robin in NC

    Peanut butter & chocolate!!! It doesn’t get any better than that!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  81. Leslie Kiley

    I think the Jr. Mint sounds to good to be real! I love chocolate and mint together and I make a glorious chocolate mint sour cream cake but these cupcakes sound so good! Love to try the cakebites!

  82. LindaB

    My favorite cupcake combo is hard to find… I live a soft textured ginger bread cake with a tart lemon frosting. Makes me want to bake just typing that!

  83. Dianne

    I love sweet/salty combo of salted caramel for a cupcake flavor. The flavor I would love to see would be red velvet jalapeno..sweety and spicy, YUM!

  84. Robbie

    Anything chocolate….salted caramel…let’s be serious…any cupcake flavor would be fabulous.

  85. Boo in MN

    Chocolate and peanut butter would be favorite. Would love to try like a white chocolate and coconut! :-)

  86. Sara

    Double Fudge for my husband!
    Peanut Butter for me (but I’d take a few of my husbands, too)!
    And FairyFetti for my daughters!

  87. Melissa Braun

    Chocolate with salted caramel is my new favorite combo. It’s delicious in candy bar form and sinfully good in cupcake form–which I made last weekend! Sweet and salty and oh so tasty!

  88. Amy

    I thought the chocolate hazelnut but then you mentioned that the strawberry shortcake was flavored with real strawberries?! That takes the cake! So Strawberry Shortcake totally gets my vote. YUM to the MAX!

  89. Makeup Morsels

    oh YUM these sound delicious. I’m pretty traditional when it comes to my cupcakes, so I tend to like vanilla cupcakes best but goshdarn it’s so hard to find the perfect tone. I also like cookie dough flavored cupcakes and salted caramel’s good as well mmm. My friend also made these cupcakes with coffee frosting (I think she got the recipe off your blog actually) last year, and I devoured those. So good. Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. Linda Ortmeyer

    I’m on a diet and my mouth is watering for anything almond flavored. These look amazing–think I can taste them through my computer!

  91. April was in CT now CA

    That is a gorgeous bakery and at $2.35 a cupcake that’s a steal compared to the $3 each for our local cupcake shop! I love, love anything with blueberry so any cupcake incorporating that gets my vote.

  92. Michele

    Chocolate and peanut butter would have to be my all time favorite combination! Cupcake awesomeness!

  93. AnaBel

    What a darling shop, and heavenly treats! My top three cakebite flavors: coconut, coconut, and more coconut!!! I’m easy to please :o)

  94. Leah

    Totally just depends on my mood for my favorite but right now, probably Strawberry Shortcake. I’m a total fruit nut so I would also love to see a Raspberry flavored one! Yummm :)

  95. Julianne @ Beyond Frosting

    I all time favorite cupcake is a chocolate stout cupcake with maple cream cheese and bacon. YUM!

  96. Katie @decoratemylife

    Wow! That bakery is precious! My favorite is chocolate mint or thin mint cupcakes! DELISH!

  97. shirley

    wow..I don’t know if I could even make a choice!! Peanut butter & chocolate…this time
    Thanks so much, great giveaway

  98. Sarah D.

    Foe a decadent cupcake I would go with chocolate and Nutella. For a lighter flavor it would be lemon and raspberry.

  99. KimmieB

    Generally, my favorite flavor is Red Velvet or Salted Caramel. But, I love cupcakes, so any flavor sounds great!

    I can’t think of a combination that I would love to see, that hasn’t been done yet… :)

  100. Christine

    My fav cupcake combo is raspberry lemonade (lemonade flavored cake with raspberry frosting). Yum!

  101. Beckie Windell

    I LOVE Sweet tooth fairy! I also love Red Velvet and Creme cheese and I also love chocolate and carmel! YUM! I would love to see a peanut butter and jelly cupcake!!! Wouldn’t that be awesome! I would DIE! Vanilla cupcake, Grape/Rasp. jelly in the center and peanut butter frosting! OR Vice VERSA!! WOO! I would DIE and go to HEAVEN!!!

  102. Andrea

    I love sweets too! A cupcake place near my home has a strawberry cupcake with real strawberries that blows me away every time. Now I just want them to use that icing on a cookie…great idea!

  103. Janie

    I don’t think you can do better than salted caramel and chocolate cupcakes! I would love a lemon merinque cupcake and a malted milk chocolate cupcake too! Such a cute bakery, I live in Salt Lake and haven’t been there yet, it is definitely now on my to do list!

  104. Karissa

    Literally live 3 minutes away from STF and my husband and I fill up a punch card more than I’d like to admit! My favorite is the Red Velvet cupcake, also anyone who visits when Rootbeer is the flavor of the month- get it in a Cupshake. To.Die.For.

  105. Lindsay A

    Anything salted caramel is going to be my pick for a cupcake. Or key lime. I’d also go for a Junior Mint style cupcake. Oohwee!

  106. Crystal Russell

    I love smores anything!! So definitely a roasted marshmallow combo of something sounds amazing!! <3

  107. Shelby

    That looks like such a great place. Will definitely check it out when we visit Salt Lake City for a race! I am all about mint combinations. So, grasshopper, the junior mint cupcake, etc. are all flavors I love to see in a cupcake. But, truth be told, I would try any type of cupcake!

  108. Patty

    I like the “and more” flavor!

    Seriously, how could you choose ONE? PB & Choc is always a great combo. Maybe a pina colada would be a good flavor.

  109. Lisa Baldwin

    My favorite cupcake is the “Samoa” so rich and decadent! Love, love, love the Sweet Tooth Fairy!!!!

  110. Katherine R.

    My favorite cupcake flavor combo is cinnamon sugar! I had one recently, topped with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and I am hooked! I would love to see a strawberry & white chocolate cupcake, though, too!

  111. Kerrin

    I LOVE a plain old double chocolate cupcake, so long as it’s extra moist, but those Junior Mint ones posted above have me very intrigued!

  112. Connie K

    Salted caramel looks soooooo good! I am 31 weeks pregnant and it all looks good – wish i could take a bite out of my computer screen right now!

  113. michellejg

    Sweet Tooth Fairy has the BEST cupcakes! My absolute favorite is the VaNIElla cupcake! Oh how I love that almondy, coconutty, vanilla frosting, which since I am a HUGE chocolate lover is saying a lot :-)

  114. Danette R

    What a cute shop! That cupshake looks amazing! My favorite combo is definitely chocolate and mint!

  115. Aimee

    The salted caramel sounds delicious! I would love to eat a cupcake that tasted like a chai tea latte!!

  116. Elizabeth W

    Mmmmm, they all sound amazing! Samoa cakebites sound great, but I gotta say the junior mint cupcakes seem like they have found their way to my heart! My favorite candy ever!

  117. Debbie

    Wowza! Gorgeous photos. My favorite is lemon with raspberry. However, tomorrow it will probably be something totally different because it’s all so yummy.

  118. Dez

    YUM! I love The Sweet Tooth Fairy. And you just made me want to try a bunch of different things. I recently had one of their February only specials – Jr. Mint Cupcake and it was SO yummy! Especially for one who LOVES the candy!

  119. Ann

    How about a vanilla bean cupcake with a fresh mango/lime zest filling topped with a light and fluffy frosting and sprinkled with toasted coconut?

  120. Sara S

    Favorite cupcake flavor? I really like spiced cupcakes with a creamcheese frosting!
    What cupcake flavor combo? S’mores!!

  121. Lisa

    I’m pretty simple, loving white or yellow cake with cream cheese frosting the best, but I’d pretty much kill for one of those salted caramel cakebites. Ooohlala!!

  122. ~Kim

    WOWZERS! Let’s just say that it’s a good thing that SLC is about a 2 days drive from me because this little place has my heart right now! I may or may not have tried to lick my screen when I was looking through your pictures! My favorite combination would be a yellow cake, with peanut butter inside, and a cream cheese and peanut butter frosting! FOR REAL, that would be heaven!


  123. Susanne

    usually my favorite cupcake is a white on white! but my mouth is watering looking at those amazing combinations! i would definitely try that sea salt caramel.

  124. Laura W

    I’d like to see a banana hazelnut cupcake. I think my favorite cake bite flavor would be coconut. Thanks for the giveaway!

  125. Shannon @ Paper Made Bakery

    I love PB and chocolate — I think maybe a pineapple upside down cupcake would be yummy! How would that be?! :-)

  126. Rose

    I wished I lived in Salt Lake City. Then again, I’d probably weigh a ton if I did as I would probably visit Sweeet Tooth Fairy Bakery EVERY day. . .

  127. Lisa Hanger

    I’m a CHOCOLATE girl!! One day I just have to make it to this cupcake shop and see it for myself!!

  128. Brittany

    I love chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes and some kind of cupcake that was like a Take 5 bar would be great!

  129. Amrita

    I love PB and chocolate combos!
    And I would really love to see a PB-banana-chocolate combo!

    Thanks for the chance to win! Those cakebites look and sound ah-mazing!

  130. Amanda Fry

    I love German Chocolate cake. I would have to say that’s my favorite or funfetti cupcakes. That’s what my wedding cake was.

    Combos I would like to see….. I love anything Strawberry so maybe a Strawberry milkshake cupcake (kind of like the one you have in the picture) or a Girl Scouts Samoa cupcake. YUM!

  131. Monica

    I love just about any favor of cupcake! My favorite though is milk chocolate frosting and vanilla cake!

  132. Lois

    I am a chocolate fan through and through, anything with chocolate, but caramel and coconut are also wonderful…

  133. Susan G

    I’ve never met a cupcake that I didn’t love, but I make vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting most often. I guess that would be my favorite!

  134. stacy

    I’m a red velvet girl at heart. I would love to see a cupcake made like a girl scout Samoa cookie- my favorite!

  135. Alicia

    I’m lucky enough to live around the corner from a Sweet Tooth Fairy, and I love it! My very favorite is their toasted coconut cupcake… I make my husband buy me one for every special occasion! :) I’d love some kind of dulce de leche/tres leches combo cupcake. Yum!

  136. Anne B

    My mouth is drooling looking at all of these pictures! I like milk duds so I would love to see a cup cake with some sort of milk dud type combination. Yum!

  137. Autumn

    I love the Sweet Tooth Fairy! My favorite cupcake is chocolate on chocolate! Yum! I would love to try the thin mint cupcake they have this month though. Bummer I don’t live in Utah.

  138. Heidi Ferguson

    drooling, passing out…from the pictures alone!! Fav combo?? Chocolate/peanut butter/ganache !! Would love to win a dozen!!!

  139. Holly Moser

    My absolute favorite cake and frosting combination is banana cake with chocolate frosting. It was a major part of my wedding cake and it’s what I always get for my birthday. I would love to see this same combination but with hazelnut somehow incorporated. Maybe a Nutella frosting?

  140. Susan Glenn

    peanut butter and dark chocolate! Praline and dark chocolate. These are so small and perfect looking btw, I’m sure they won’t wreck my diet. Well, sort of sure. Well, willing to find out….

  141. Melissa R.

    The salted caramel sounds so good! I would also like to try a Nutter Butter cupcake as that is my favorite cookie.

  142. Katie

    Why is it I always seem to see these yummy posts at bedtime? Now I am hungry! :)

    I would LOVE to try that salted caramel cake bite. It looks and sounds heavenly! YUM! A favorite of mine is pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting. Not really a cupcake, but maybe it could be!

  143. Sarah

    I love key lime coconut cupcakes! I love fruity cupcakes and would love to see strawberry cake cupcake with nutella frosting.

  144. Layne

    Ooh all things chocolate. I would say a perfect cupcake would be chocolate brownie with cream cheese and chocolate chips cooked in. Topped with a peanut buttery frosting and a small Reese’s on top! yep! :)

  145. Sallie

    I don’t think I could pick just one cupcake – I love so many! Right now it’s all about lemon icing :)

  146. Jeannine N

    Omg, I want it all! Peanut butter & chocolate, my all time favorite cupcake combo! Would love to try any & all of them!

  147. Jennifer Akridge

    I love the look of the cookies and cream. Chocolate looking cupcake, vanilla frosting with a sprinkle of chocolate cookies. I think I might die.

  148. Jennifer E

    My all time favorite cupcake combo is yellow cake and chocolate frosting. I’d love to try a pina colada cupcake though!

  149. Tracy

    I love salted caramel but anything chocolate will always do! I would love to see a chocolate and banana combo or bananas foster. :)

  150. Lia Simpson

    Chocolate fudge with mini chocolate chips and cream cheese frosting. I’d love to try an orange creamsicle cupcake

  151. Laura Sayre

    The lemon or salted caramel. I think any flavor mixed with lemon is a winner. Perhaps something like lemon lavender would be good as a cupcake. :)

  152. Tiffiny Palm

    I would love to try the lemon cake bites! I think a fun cupcake combo would be lemon/coconut…..this is making my mouth water!

  153. Lorraine R.

    My husband makes tons of cupcakes a year for friends, family and school events…he makes a wonderful orange creamsicle cupcake! But I would love to see a Tiramisu cupcake…Yum!

  154. Denise

    Well, I would have to say chocolate with chocolate, and maybe with some chocolate! But I also love strawberries, so maybe a chocolate cupcake with strawberry frosting would be good.

  155. Christina T

    I like to try new combos but I love the classics, chocolate and vanilla. This bakery looks wonderful and I would love to try some cakebites!!

  156. Michelle

    Amanda ~ you do such a fabulous job of profiling all the fun places you visit! I have heard about The Sweet Tooth Fairy many times on The Nie Nie Dialogues. I would love to try the VaNIElla Squared cupcake, but my favorites flavors are chocolate, hazelnut, and peanut butter! I need a variety pack!

  157. evelyn

    I love anything with nutella or peanut butter, but those salted caramel bites looked amazing, too!

  158. Kathy Albert

    I really like the mint chocolate cupcake.I love the flavor of chocolate/espresso and butter cream.

  159. Avery Karnes

    I love a chocolate fudge cake with mini chocolate chips baked in and a mint buttercream icing!

  160. Amanda S

    Yum! It would be really difficult to choose, but I would have to go with something raspberry flavored. Or coconut!

  161. Ruthie

    My mouth was totally watering as I saw these pictures… I am a chocolate LOVER so anything chocolate is good with me :)

  162. Deb Hooper

    I would love the toasted coconut (along with everything else in the store). A combination I would love to see would be Strawberry and chocolate hazelnut nutella. That would be heaven. I can eat Nutella straight from the jar.

  163. Sheryl

    What an adorable bakery! Wish there was one here in Minnesota. The Peanut Butter & Chocolate cupcake sounds heavenly! I’d love to try a Snickers flavored cupcake.

  164. Tiffany

    The strawberry shortcake looks amazing, I am ready for summer. I would love to see a maple, bacon combo :)

  165. Jessica

    I have never met a cupcake that I didn’t like. Anything with chocolate is doubly fantastic and I would love to see some sort of fudge brownie sundae cupcake. Delish! :-)

  166. K

    Favorite cupcake, huh? It really depends on the mood – refreshing and light like a liliko’i or passion fruit cupcake with a lemon cream cheese frosting… or a decadent treat like dark lava chocolate cupcake with a chocolate ganache topping! It’s a toss up!

  167. Tracey C

    I had a strawberry and chocolate cupcake a few years back. It was fantastic. That became my new favorite.

  168. Pamela

    My fav..dark choc fudge over salted caramel…..suggestions, bourbon mint choccolatee Chip julip, old fashioned cocktail cupcake (cherry on top please), and last but not least a keoke coffee cupcake. Adults only please!

  169. Jenny Z.

    i think i’d love to try a strawberry + lemon combo! maybe the sweet + citrus would taste good!

  170. Cami S.

    These look amazing! I love coconut so my favorites would be german chocolate, pina colada, pretty much anything with coconut.

  171. Natalie G

    My favorite cupcake is a chocolate with raspberries; however, I haven’t met too many cupcake flavors I didn’t like!

  172. Leslie Syme

    I love the STF salted caramel cupcake. I love it! I also loved the junior mint and somoa that are flavors of the month.

  173. Kaytlin

    I am OBSESSED with salted chocolate/salted caramel so those bites sound AMAZEBALLS. My favorite cake flavor is Funfetti because I love colors.

    i was just dreaming of those cake bites…mmmmm..

  174. Lynda M.

    My fave is chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting. I would love to try a champagne cupcake with strawberry frosting.

  175. Jennifer B

    Thanks for sharing your sweet adventure with us!! I would *love* to try a Margherita flavored cakebite with a bit of sweet and a bit of salty – mmmm!!

  176. Sher

    Lovely goodies! Lemon cupcake with cream cheese frosting sounds yummy. Also would love to try that salted caramel!

  177. Audry Barrie

    I love everything chocolate…I love sweets but chocolate is by far my favorite and chocolate with peanut butter comes next…so my fav would be a chocolate peanut butter cupcake..

  178. Ivy

    One of my favorite cupcake combos is a classic yellow cake with nutella frosting, yum!!! What I’d like to see? Maybe a cinnamon-y cake with biscoff frosting?

  179. Kaitlin Marks

    My favorite cupcake flavor is one I came up with the recipe for and baked! :) Its a rich chocolate cake, topped with a sweet, creamy coffee buttercream! Its fab! :)

  180. Cindy Gale

    I think I would be happy with most any cupcake with buttercream frosting. But I’d be curious how a cake or brownie batter flavor would taste. Great. Now my mouth is watering from thinking of it… :-)

  181. Bryndee Slade

    My favorite is the toasted coconut! I would love to try and apple streudel cupcake with real apple.

  182. Alvina

    Mint Chocolate Cakebites look the best! In general I also like chocolate on chocolate cupcakes. :)

  183. Carrie F.

    The red velvet cake bites are my absolute favorite!!! But really, everything at Sweet Tooth Fairy is my favorite…… ;-)

  184. Mary

    So many to choose from! My favorite is peanut butter with chocolate. Yum!
    Thanks for sharing your adventures, can’t wait to see the next one.

  185. Amy F

    The junior mint cupcake looks AMAZING. I am addicted to chocolate, you have no idea how happy I will be if i win this!

  186. Melissa P

    I love love love the strawberry shortcake cupcakes!
    My sweet friend brought me a box of these cupcakes for my birthday last year and they were all so good! I’m hoping for a repeat this year!

  187. Sarah

    I love a good chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting and or filling. I combination that I think would be really good but rarely see is a chocolate cupcake with coconut cream frosting.

  188. Jenn C

    Oooh, I think an Almond Joy combo would be delish (it’s hard to top coconut), but also some kind of raspberry lemon would be yummy…..Thanks for the chance to win….my mouth is watering!!

  189. Becky

    My fave is always chocolate lava with white fluffy thick icing on top and a marchino cherry on top. I would like to have a pumpkin pie cupcake with cream cheese spiced frosting. Golly Gee….this bakery is to die for. YUMMMMMMMM. Amanda…you are one skinny taste testing beauty. I don’t know how you keep your wonderful figure while taste testing all these scrumptious sweets.

  190. Kimberly

    I love STF! I’ve never had a cupcake there I didn’t like, but my favorite would be anything with Nutella. The cookie dough cupcake is also amazing, and I wish they sold it all the time.

  191. Julie F.

    Wow! That is a beautiful cupcake display. I love the classic vanilla or almond buttercream cupcake.
    I also love lemon cupcakes. Wish I lived closer to her bakery!!!

  192. Meg | In the Kitchen & On the Run

    carrot cake with cream cheese frosting or red velvettttttt mmm drool!

  193. kimberly/tippytoes

    I misread Junior Mint to be Thin Mint (maybe because we’re knee deep in Girl Scout cookies at my house). I’d love to try a Thin Mint cupcake. Or any of those on the menu, especially the Salted Caramel. Oh my goodness, this may be what I ask for as a birthday gift.

  194. Kristi

    Your pictures make me hungry. I love my daughter’s lemon cupcakes with lemoncello frosting, or her chocolate cupcakes with Amaretto frosting.

  195. Melanie

    I actually live 20 minutes from the Provo location of Sweet Tooth Bakery, and I’ve NEVER BEEN! Now that seems like a horrible tragedy that MUST be remedied. I’m pretty sure those sugar cookies are going to be my lunch tomorrow. Shh, don’t tell my kids. I have a favorite cupcake recipe that is flavored with jell-o, so it can be just about any flavor I want – and they’re all fabulous! I need to branch out in my cupcake tasting.

  196. Amber G

    I am a fan of moist chocolate with buttercream frosting. My husband is more into fruity flavors… so like vanilla with strawberry.

  197. Aubrie

    I love the Sweet Tooth Fairy! One of my favorite cupcake combos is Chocolate + Raspberry + Cream Cheese. Love!

  198. Kristina

    My personal favorites are Raspberry Chocolate & Salted Caramel cupcakes. I would love to see an anything coconut cupcake, another favorite flavor!

  199. Evil Pixie

    Wow! What impressive goodies! My favorite flavor combo is a classic one: peanut butter and chocolate. Love it!

  200. Heather D

    Wow. Wow. Wow. I am seriously drooling!!! I love lemon and coconut, but I’m not sure how they would combine!! I better leave the combining to the experts. I’d nom down any flavor. That salted caramel..oh my word. I’m going to read this post and go straight to the treadmill. haha

  201. deannab1

    My favorite candy bar is a whatchamacallit so I would love to see a caramel, peanut butter, chocolate, crunchy topped cupcake. YUM!

  202. Connie

    my all time favorite cupcake is the marble one, but it’s tricky to find now. i don’t know what she called it, but there was a lime rickey one that was A-MAZ-ING!!! my husband swears by the samoas. i’m still waiting for the chai cookie to come back. or her to send me the recipe. whichever…i’d have my daughters ship them to me (since i no longer live there…)

  203. Kristin

    My favorite is a classic – yellow cake and chocolate frosting. But I love to try new flavors. The Nutella one sounds amazing!

  204. Zan Caperton

    Chocolate Hazelnut Nutella WOW!!!!!! The salted caramel cake bit sounds pretty terrific too!

  205. Kati

    I have always loved chocolate with a good swirl of cream cheese mix, but that salted caramel looks AMAZING!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to try them out!

  206. Laurie Ann

    Oh My Yummy! I would LOVE to try the Red Velvet and Double Fudge Cupcakes – If I was going to special request a flavor, I would like a Cupcake that tastes like an Orange Creamsicle With Vanilla/Orange Zest Frosting – Oh Yeah!
    Thanks For the Chance to Win Cakebites!
    Laurie aka Idgie

  207. Kristin

    I absolutely love just about anything with Nutella, especially in cupcake form. Salted caramel is also a favorite…it’s just so hard to pick one.