Spring Things I Love

Look who's got scented wax melts now! Found these at Walmart.

1. Look who’s got scented wax max now! I found this at Walmart. They have lots of flavors, but this one especially spoke to me. :)

American Eagle Super Stretch Skinny Jeans

2. Thanks to The Pioneer Woman, I am now the owner of these American Eagle Super Stretch skinny jeans. I haven’t been in an American Eagle in twenty-five hundred years, but as soon as I put these jeans on I was in LOVE. I didn’t want to take them off. In fact, as soon as I bought them I changed right into them. Talk about super soft and SUPER stretchy! Now I know why Ree loves them so much! They feel like yoga pants! :) These might actually make me want to change out of PJs in the morning. ;)

3. Right next door to American Eagle was Forever 21. This maxi dress was right in the front window and calling my name. You guys know my profound love for maxi dresses. I am so glad I tried this one on. It is honestly THE most comfortable, most flattering piece of clothing I have ever owned. I’m going to wear the heck out it this summer!

4. Squeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Have you seen this??! I love everything about these photos!!!!!!!! MEEP! *faints*

5. Did you see the new Hunger Games trailer?? Talk about CHILLS!

Hummus party with Sabra!

6. Are you a hummus fan?? :) I am working with Sabra to come up with some new, unique recipes using hummus. Kevin and I had a little hummus taste-testing party this weekend to find our favorites. We loved all these fun flavors! My favorites were Luscious Lemon and Basil Pesto. Kevin loved the Southwest Garden hummus because it was super spicy!

7. Tomorrow I’m giving away a Silhouette Portrait! What do you guys think about giveaways? Are they still fun? I’m thinking of trying out the PromoSimple widget for tomorrow’s giveaway. Have you used it yet?

8. Have you seen the new KitchenAid Facebook Recipe Tab? I love it because you can click on an appliance and it will give you recipes using that appliance. So if you’re thinking of getting a KitchenAid mixer, but wondering what all you could make with it first, you can go to the Facebook Recipe Tab, click on Mixer, and it will give you all kinds of recipes to make using a mixer. Same for their blenders, toaster ovens, etc. You can even add your own recipes to help build the KitchenAid community! And speaking of KitchenAid Blenders… I’ve got another giveaway coming up on Thursday, so if you’re wanting a new blender… Stay tuned! :)

9. So making this, this, and this for dinner this week. And this for dessert. ;)

10. You’re awesome.


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39 Responses
  1. Lisa (Colorado Mountain Marm)

    Hum-YUM-mus is my new FAVORITE food ~ I think I would even choose it over (shock!) chocolate!!! Can’t wait for the recipes!!!

  2. Anne

    I used to make pita sandies with salmon, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, and lemon hummus. It was delicious! Hmmm, I should try that again sometime. Yum!

    I love giveaways, but it kind of drives me crazy when you have to do a million things to enter. Whatever happened to the good ole days of checking out a website and leaving a comment?

  3. Sara

    I am a huge fan of Hummus. I wish I knew where to find all those fun flavors! I especially like to have Hummus with carrots, peas, brocc., and of course crackers!
    I love giveaways…though I never win!
    I think the KitchenAid Facebook stuff is waaaay cool!

    I was wondering if the Febreeze wax cubes are as good as the Scentsy and Walmart ones. I have the cupcake one from Walmart going in my classroom ALOT and it smells wonderful! I get lots of compliments when I have it going!

    I have noticed you have lots of shoes too…where do you get your shoes from? That would be a fun post!

  4. Marcie

    I love American Eagle jeans- I need to go in and check out those skinnies! LOVE the photos of the baby with the puppies. It was exactly what I needed after seeing all the grim and disturbing images from the Boston tragedy.

  5. Trish

    I’ve been getting your emails for awhile now and I just have to comment about your pantry make over- WOW – LOVE IT. We have an older home with an open pantry style and I am definitely going to check out the site you linked. I also love how you used a glass jar for your extra cupcake liners – brilliant – now why didn’t I think of that.

  6. ashley - baker by nature

    Yes, yes, yes! AE denim is SO comfy (and cheap – what what!). Also, I may have slightly teared up watching the trailer for the new Hunger Games. Maybe…

  7. Stephanie C

    SQUEE!!! is right. If I had puppies and a baby I would so take pictures like that. Thank goodness I have neither. The only think that would have made it better is if they were Boston Terrier puppies! (that’s my shout out to Miley & Howie).
    I am putting the AE jeans on my list and can’t wait to see what you come up with on the hummus. Anxiously awaiting :)

  8. ryane

    Hummus LOVE SABRA I would LOVE some Black Bean Hummus. I make it from time to time ,But Would love Sabra to make it Yummy and AMAZING. thanks never get tired of giveaways.

  9. Deanna

    We love hummus around here…even my 3-year old!
    Love giveaways…even if I never win! LOL!!
    No skinny jeans for me. :(
    Love your blog! Thank you!!

  10. Traci

    Yeah! I’ve been spring shopping and have been totally frustrated looking for skinny jeans that fit normal womanly shapes. I’m going to try these. And that dress? So cute! Shopping spree, here I come!

  11. Sommer @ ASpicyPerspective

    Thanks for the info on those comfy jeans-I’ll definitely be checking those out! And those puppies are just adorable!

  12. Rene

    Love the skinny jeans. Will have to check them out!
    Can’t wait for your Silhouette give-away. Been wanting one of them! Hope I win!! (Even though I never win anything). ;)

  13. Linda L

    Those bars look AMAZING!
    BTW, I checked out the dress on line and there are a lot of complaints about it shrinking a bunch, even tho the washing instructions were followed to the letter.

  14. cheri

    Hummus is our favorite food at our place. Love it best with Sea Salt bagel chips!
    Give Aways? I’m getting tired of them. I don’t even participate anymore … especially if you have to go and “like” a bunch of pages and leave comments all over blogdom … seriously? Who has time for that?

  15. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    I haven’t been in American Eagle in years either and now I want those jeans! Any jeans that feel like yoga pants, I am so there! Usually stretch jeans kind of stretch out and slide down on but I want to try these. Like now! Since you love them so much!

  16. Debbie

    HUMMUS is my favorite food (besides chocolate!). Avacado and Cilantro Hummus is one of my favorites! My kids love it too. Just about anything goes with Hummus. Stacy’s Pita Chips are a great way to eat the Hummus…carrots work too… :)

  17. Stephanie Hanson

    Ok on the baby covered in puppies….Ohmygosh, that is the cutest thing EVAH! Anyway, onto the hummus. One of my fave restaurants here in Colorado – Boulder to be exact – is a place called The Med. They make an AMAZING curry hummus and I just want to eat it all day long. I made some at home, but I just don’t have the time to make homemade hummus. So my vote would be curry hummus :-)

  18. Teresa Young

    oh my God! I totally bought those jeans a month ago, and I am in love with them. they are seriously the comfiest jeans ever!!

  19. Rachel @ Baked by Rachel

    I’m obsessed with the new trailer omg I can’t wait for November. As for the jeans – I haven’t been in AE in years. I feel too old for it now. Biggest question – how is the waist because I know AE is typically lower waisted than others and that totally can’t happen here.

  20. LinhC

    1. I’m going to AE tomorrow to check out the jeans.
    2. LOVE giveaways, especially Silhouette products. Well, actually, I love all giveaways. :)
    3. Just saw the Hunger Games trailer. OMG, I can’t wait for Nov.
    4. We love hummus at our house. So much healthier than dip.
    5. I need to try one of those maxi dresses.

  21. Barbara @ Barbara Bakes

    I may have to investigate those skinny jeans. I haven’t tried any yet. I’m using ProSimple for a giveaway right now. A few people have had a hard time figuring it out, but I think they finally got it to work. I’m looking forward to seeing you next week!

  22. Kristina Peterson

    Wow – so want those jeans now!

    There’s so much awesomeness in this post – can’t wait to try the Chili Tortellini and Take 5 Bars! What’s better than pretzels, peanut butter, and chocolate?

    Thanks Amanda!

  23. Lori @ RecipeGirl

    Great post! Totally going to check out those jeans, and I’m loving the price! And those baby/puppy pics are SOOO CUTE!!!!

  24. shelly (cookies and cups)

    Thanks for the link up! Hope you love the bars! They are a little messy but worth every crumb :) And how hilarious, I just got back from the store with the ingredients to make those carnitas! xoxo

  25. Cookbook Queen

    Aaaaaand now I’m obsessed with that dress.

    I am doing a giveaway tomorrow and was going to use rafflecopter, but I’m going to look into Promosimple!!!

  26. TidyMom

    I’ve been wearing AE jeans for years, but those skinnies are by far my favorite! they are like wearing pj’s!!

    Thanks for the heads up on the tarts, are they as good as the BHG ones at Walmart?

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