Anthropologie, Le Creuset, and Land O’Lakes Giveaway

Time’s Up!

The winner of the Anthropologie, Le Creuset, and Land O’Lakes Giveaway is:

#371 Kristin: Mmm, I would love to try it them in a Mexican(/Italian kind of) dish – chicken enchilada pasta. I bet it would be amazing!

Congrats Kristin! I’ve sent you an email! :)



Happy Friday! Excited to share a fun giveaway today. It involves butter! And my favorite kind of butter… Land O Lakes! Come enter for a chance to try the new Land O Lakes Sauté Express starters along with some gorgeous kitchen goodies to celebrate.

Have you tried the new Land O Lakes Sauté Express starters yet? It’s Land O Lakes Butter with olive oil, fresh herbs, and spices mixed right in. They’ve got yummy flavors like garlic, Italian herb, and lemon pepper. How easy and yummy would this be for making chicken, shrimp, noodles, potatoes, rice… anything! This would definitely kick it right up a notch! I can’t wait to get in the kitchen and experiment.


The Giveaway

One winner will receive:

  • One full-value coupon for any Land O Lakes® Butter Half Sticks
  • One full-value coupon for Sauté Express® Sauté Starter
  • Serving bowl, half-stick butter dish, and measuring spoons from Anthropologie
  • Le Creuset cast iron skillet


How to Enter

To be entered to win, simply leave a comment in the comments section of this post. What would you try the Saute Express Starts on first? I’m thinking lemon pepper on chicken sounds fabulous! Or maybe garlic & herb on biscuits… YUM!! :) Can’t wait to hear your ideas!! :)

Contest ends Tuesday, April 2 at 8 pm CST. One entry per person, please. Winner must have a US mailing address. Winner will be chosen at random and notified by email. Giveaway graciously provided by Land O Lakes.

Be sure to like us on Facebook for all the latest updates on new recipes, new posts, and new giveaways! :)

Thanks so much for looking! Have a gorgeous weekend and good luck!!! :)

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981 Responses
  1. Stephanie

    yumm! Definitely Lemon Pepper chicken- my husband puts lemon pepper on everything!

  2. Meridith

    I would love to try the lemon pepper on a piece of fish. Trying to encourage my family (especially my daughters) to eat more fish since they claim I cook chicken way too much! But lemon pepper chicken sounds awfully yummy, too! :)

  3. Nancy Eckler

    What a great give-away! I would try making breakfast sausage with maple syrup and apples. Haven’t tried it yet, but this would definitely be an incentive!

  4. Carolyn McDonough

    I hope I win!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the orange skillet AND all anthropologie kitchen stuff!

  5. Angy

    I’d love to try the saute express on seared fish steaks – maybe ahi tuna? mmmm, I can taste it already… ;)

  6. Stephanie

    I have so been wanting to try those Saute Express starters! Since chicken can sometimes be boring, I think that would be the first thing I’d try–to see how much Saute Express could liven it up!

  7. Lisa Michelle

    I would use it for whatever I had on hand at the time! I would love that cast iron skillet though. :-)

  8. Sam M

    I’ve been wanting to try these on some chicken ever since I saw the coupon in the paper. I just haven’t been able to find them in the store yet.

  9. Gail

    I have not tried these yet, have been wanting to do just that…thought maybe the Italian Herb on venison over bowtie pasta – YUM!

  10. emma

    I’d use the italian herb one to saute strips of chicken and then add that to a big ol’ baked potato for an easy dinner.

  11. Thomas

    Have not seen those yet in the store, but they look interesting. I’d try a seared steak to start with!

  12. Lindsay R

    There is a seared chicken recipe I have been wanting to try…white wine, shallots, sun dried tomatoes and heavy cream! awesome giveaway!

  13. The Other Elle

    How cute are those measuring spoons?! I don’t really care what I cook, as long as I get to use *them!* I totally get you, though–Land O’ Lakes is our favorite kind of butter, too. Think I will try the garlic one next time I make jambalaya…mmm!

  14. Deirdre

    I’d use the Italian Herb to make pork tenderloin with a cheesy polenta side. Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. Michelle

    YUM! I think some of the garlic and herb plopped on top of some pan-seared steaks before they go into the oven to finish cooking would be INCREDIBLE!

  16. Leigh

    I’m with you. I would try lemon pepper on chicken. It’s one of my favorite things to make so this would be a new, probably easier method!

  17. Jill M

    I just bought some saute express last week. I have yet to try it out, would love to do so in the Le Creuset!

  18. Maria Malaveci

    Lemon Pepper for me. I love anything with lemon! ♥


  19. Bethel

    I would love to try this on fresh vegetables–asparagus, sprouts, green beans cooked with new potatoes–the list is endless! We cannot get enough of good fresh vegetables in our house!

  20. Christine

    These sound awesome! I think I would try the garlic herb on some pasta with mozzarella and red peppers- yum!

  21. Jen R

    I think I’d try it with some fish…I am only just now getting into eating fish- I always hated it as a kid!

  22. Aimee S.

    I haven’t tried the Saute Express yet, but I would love to try the garlic and herb on shrimp!! Sounds yummy with a side of pasta. *now I’m hungry!

  23. Cindy

    I’ve been meaning to try this (I love Land O’Lakes Butter) and would be so excited to win! garlin, YUMO!

  24. Deanna

    I would love to try the garlic & herb on some salmon! The Le Creuset pan reminds me of my sweet Grandma. She used it all the time…it was a pretty yellow. But, my sister got it when she passed away. :( Would love to win it!

  25. Brittany McGowan

    I would love to have this for my fiance, he loves cast iron! He would probably cook a nice breakfast casserole in it or some yummy breakfast potato hash

  26. Rebecca

    Wow, that looks yummy – maybe noodles or biscuits or rice (I’m craving carbs here…lol!). What a fun giveaway! :)

  27. Simone

    Ok I have never heard of those starters, but I love the idea! The Italian herb one sounds great for over some whole wheat pasta and with some chicken and sautéed mushrooms!

    Fingers crossed!

  28. Jan A

    I would try this with pork chops. I have a recipe I’ve been wanting to try, but haven’t worked it into the menu yet.

  29. Morgan

    I’d probably try it on chicken or fish. And I just want to say that LOL is my fav kind of butter too!

  30. Kimberly

    I have been eyeing this cast iron skillet, thanks for the opportunity to win it! Looking to cook with all of those fabulous ingredients!

  31. Robin P.

    I was just thinking I need a iron skillet. I don’t know how I’ve gone so long without one. Please fill the gap in my kitchen and pick me?

  32. yvonne

    I would cook up an egg/egg white omelet with goat cheese and finely sliced roma tomatoes. This is a beautiful set.

  33. Sonia Mazur

    I would definitely use the garlic and herb to make cheddar biscuits like the ones fro Red Lobster! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  34. Lisa P in CA

    I think the Lemon Pepper on chicken would be yummy! That’s what I should fix for dinner tonight!

  35. PatriciaD

    Forgot to add that I love that serving bowl, half-stick butter dish, and measuring spoons from Anthropologie…AWESOME!!

  36. PatriciaD

    What an awesome giveaway…I’ve been thinking about trying those Saute Express in garlic and herb with mushrooms and shrimp…over rice…YUM!!

  37. Dawn

    I would definitely try these saute starters with chicken. Always looking for a new way to serve chicken!

  38. Marie

    Recently graduated from college where I taught myself to cook. I would love to use the Saute Express Starts on an extra special dish (i.e. salmon) for my parents to thank them for their support!

  39. lori peuterbaugh

    any of them with chicken and pasta or risotto…. sounds wonderful. thanks for another fabulous giveaway amanda!!!

  40. Danielle

    I would love to try the Italian Herb on some sauted veggies & potatoes, maybe some chicken too – yum!

  41. Meagan

    The question is what WOULDN’T I make with these?!!! But, for starters, I’m thinking potatoes of some sort. Maybe roasted? Roasted in a new Le Creuset cast iron skillet? :)

  42. Joy

    What a great set.. thank you for the chance to win.. wow.. I am not sure what I would do first. but it would be fun doing it.

  43. Rina Gonzales

    I love butter and it would be a special treat to have a Le Creuset skillet! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  44. Kristina

    I just bought some of the Lemon Pepper & Butter Saute Express this morning. I’m going to use it for sauté a piece of North Atlantic Cod that we have.

  45. Nicole B.

    Oooh, I would try put a thick slab on top of a steak right as it’s about to come off the grill. Yum yum yum.

  46. Kaylee Nelson

    Love your site….I visit it at least once a week :)
    I would love to try some garlic and herb on chicken and veggies!

  47. tanny s.

    I would definitely make some veggie pot pie filling! I’ve been on a kick lately. Thanks for sharing!

  48. Nicole Church

    What a lovely giveaway! The first thing I would make would be a mushroom cream sauce over fettucini. It’s my husband’s favorite lunch.

  49. Judi

    Shrimp. Definitely shrimp. Then I’d pour em all into my pretty new serving bowl and just look at it for hours. :)

  50. Amy

    I love the sautee express. I just used the garlic one on green peppers sauteed as a side dish last week. so good! I really would like to try the Lemon Pepper on chicken.

  51. Mary

    I would like to try mixing garlic, and italian herb, together on crusty italian bread. Mouth is watering just thinking about it! Thanks for the inspiration you are always giving us.

  52. Alvina

    I would definitely try it! Not as good as my husband on making things from scratch so this would definitely help! I would probably try the garlic and herb one first! :)

  53. Susan H.

    The lemon pepper over chicken sounds yummy to me. I would like to try that. Thanks for the giveaway.

  54. betsy

    I have a couscous recipe that includes lots of sauteed veggies. It dirties just about everything in my kitchen, but it’s SO worth it! :)

  55. Selena

    Really any of them on chicken since I always seem to have such a issue coming up with new chicken recipe ideas!

  56. Sarah B.

    Actually, I’m allergic to cow’s milk, so no butter (or Saute Express Starters) for me. But the Le Creuset pan and the Anthropologie goodies would be put to use immediately!

  57. Allison

    Savory style? Probably fish first. Haha I didn’t read the rules I just saw a great pan and though- pancakes :)

  58. Allison

    I’d probably make some pancakes! Just woke up (intensely late) and craving some berry or fruit pancakes. :)

    Wish me luck!

  59. Kristina

    I make a butter/olive oil/garlic/lemon mix to put under the skin of roast chicken. Any of these would be great with that! And so easy after a day of work.

  60. Trish

    I love Land-O-Lakes products and would definetely love to try these. I also love Anthropologie! I love that you have two of my favorite things in the same giveaway…cooking and shopping!!!!

  61. Maria F

    I will try the starters with salmon and stir fry veggies and serve it on the anthropologie bowl along with the butter dish to decorate the table. Lovely giveaway!

  62. M. Perfect Living

    Oh, I think the lemon pepper on tilapia with white rice & spinach on the side sounds so divine.

  63. Layne

    Oh mamacita! I love butter and I LOVE Anthro! Dream give away! There is nothing better than fresh sautéed vegetables from the garden with a little basil chicken to make a fresh spring stir fry!

  64. Jane Mykleby

    I’d definately do something savory. Will look for them. Thanks for the chance and the heads up on the product.

  65. Laura

    I love this!! I am in the process of transferring my whole kitchen to Le Creuset, I’m addicted ;) As soon as I read about the butter spice pack I thought Pork Loin, seared and roasted in my Le Creuset french oven YUM!

  66. Deanna C

    Seriously I can’t wait to see what you come up with with these. I would make anything you create :)

  67. Tiffanee Noack

    What a yummy prize! I would whip up some fresh greenbeans with a little bacon, artichoke hearts and some roasted almonds and thin sliced chicken breats using the saute express starter!! Making me hungry just thinking about it!

  68. Lisa B

    I would love to drop some of the garlic herb on a grilled steak!
    Thank you for all the great posts Amanda. Happy Easter!

  69. Michelle

    What a fabulous idea. Why didn’t I think of this :)
    What about a tablespoon or two inside of a nice juicy hamburger patty. Slap in on the grill and enjoy.
    I am thinking my hubby and 4 boys would enjoy this idea.
    Hmmmm….may have to try next weekend.

  70. Shannon

    The first dish I would try with the saute starters is probably a spring vegetable like asparagus or peas! Yum!

  71. Mary Civello

    Would love to try it with mushrooms and sauté steak or chicken to go with. Just the right size pan for me too. Thanks

  72. April V

    Ahh, you got me with that lemon pepper on chicken!! That sounds so good, that that’s exactly what I’d do first!!

  73. Steph Couponsx

    I would love to make chicken stir fry.. or japanese food – chicken, steak, shrimp, veggies

  74. Loralei

    I’m thinking some Italian seasoned chicken breasts and a delicious side of linguini with olive oil, butter and cheese.

  75. Leah

    I would have to try all of them, especially the garlic as herb, on some tilapia!! Thanks for the opportunity to win this great set!’

  76. Leanna

    I don’t know what I would make with the butter. Something with chicken and whatever fresh vegetables I have at the time. I bet it would be good with brussel sprouts.

  77. Adrienne Seal

    I would also love to try this. I think the lemon pepper would be good to try on asparagus. What do you think??

  78. Pamela

    Seafood definitely! Shrimp and scallops sautéed with chopped tomato and onion on crisp French bread. Yum. Garlic butter or lemon pepper.

  79. Katie Crokus

    You are fabulous Amanda! I’m new to following blogs but u look forward to your fun updates every time! Gosh I love your desserts so u would probably mix up in of your Best Chocolate Cakes like I will for Easter!! Thanks :)

  80. Isabel Warrell

    Shrimp, pasta, chicken – I would try it all possibly even for the same meal! I guess you would say I would indulge while celebrating! :)

  81. Lawrence S. Kashdan

    I think I’d like to try the Garlic & Herb Saute Express on some chicken parmesan. Sounds like an idea long time coming…

  82. emily

    I love all things potato (I have a serious obsession) and lately I’ve been thinking about replicating a rosemary potato pizza I tried at a nearby restaurant. I’m betting this would be perfect for that!

  83. Kimberli Bean

    The garlic and herb sounds delicious with chicken and pasta! Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway!

  84. Tanjanica

    I would use the Italian Herb on some grilled salmon along with sautéed veggies ( zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers, garlic, and onion) over pasta and shrimp!

  85. April was in CT now CA

    I can’t wait to try this, I’ve been looking for it at my grocery and they don’t have it yet. I hate to steal your idea, but I love, love lemon chicken and that’s definitely the first way I’ll be trying it.

  86. Angi D

    This looks so fun! I haven’t seen the Land O’Lakes butter things in my local grocers yet, hopefully they’ll reach our igloo soon!

  87. Lee

    Something that gets dinner on the table faster AND tastes yummy? I want all of them! Can’t wait to try these on chicken and shrimp.

  88. Brillke

    I think I’d like to try some sort of open-face style dish. Maybe I would try lemon-pepper chicken over potatoes.

  89. Amber

    I would put the garlic herb or lemon pepper ( or both) on salmon and put it in a pan outside on the grill. ;)

  90. Boo Goblir

    A side dish of red potatoes or a chicken-broccoli-rice main dish is what I would try first! Yum! :-)

  91. Julie Kelly

    Great giveaway! I will be adding this to my grocery list this week! I am thinking the garlic and herb on shrimp, YUM!

  92. Heather Spooner

    I’m a simple cook. Tossing cooked pasta in the Italian Herb would make a delicious side dish. Thanks!

  93. Katie

    Ok, I’m thinking shrimp and broccoli sautéd in the garlic -herbs over vermicelli with grated Parmesan cheese…yum.

  94. Ann

    I am thinking of using the garlic and herb to saute some peppers and onions to be served with hot italian chicken sausage. Yum!

  95. katie morphew

    What an amazing product! I need to get some & use it on tilapia filets. Sounds so yummy! Thank you so much for such an awesome giveway, got my fingers crossed! :)

  96. Kate

    I would love to try the sauté starters on some pasta or maybe even sautéd brusselsprouts yum yum!

  97. Heidi F

    I just bought some of the new Land o Lakes saute stuff. I haven’t used it yet. But I plan on making chicken with it. I think it’s a great idea!!!

  98. Michele

    My go to no brainer meal of Pasta with shrimp or chicken and vegetables would be perfect with Saute Express!

  99. Robin in NC

    The Garlic Chicken & Potatoes sounds so yummy…that’d have to be my first creation!!!

    Happy Easter Kevin & Amanda!!!

  100. marly z.

    It sounds simple, but I think I’m going to use the Italian Herb to saute’ homemade croutons. I’m guessing about 3-4 minutes start to finish. I’ve got a feeling I’ll be making myself more often. Bye, bye pre-made box.

  101. Traci

    I’m also going with the lemon and herb with chicken for the kids and husband and some salmon for me.

  102. M86

    I would go the comfort food route, and saute some chicken with the Garlic & Herb. Add some homemade alfredo, with some tomatoes and bacon… Yum!

  103. Kristyn

    I love tilapia and am always looking for ways to dress it up. Maybe the garlic and herb would be awesome with fish! I’ve never tried them before, so not sure it would work, but sounds good anyway. :)

  104. Melissa R

    I would sauté shrimp in the garlic and herb butter and serve over pasta with more fresh herbs and lemon juice. What a fun giveaway!

  105. Noelle Christensen

    This sounds like a fun giveaway. I LOVE chicken so the lemon pepper would be the first thing I tried. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!!

  106. Marite

    Ohh ~ the smell of a fresh baked loaf of bread with herbs, hmm will need to give it a try. Can just imagine how wonderful the scent throughout the house ~ yummy!

  107. Vicki F

    I would love to try the garlic and herb saute with buttery noodles with this great recipe I found on the web for Asparagus with Gorgonzola wrapped in puff pastry -yummy! Great giveaway, thank you.


    I think shrimp..yes,,shrimp and a sauce .Land O Lakes Sauté Express starters sounds good

  109. Alexia

    Hmmm, I would definitely try the Garlic and Herb on Salmon. Sounds YUMMY! Ok, I’ve got to go pick up some today, my mouth is watering! :))

  110. Sharon

    So cute Girl! Anthropologie, Le Cresceut & BUTTER! We love to sauté veggies & salmon is the first that come to my mind. Now I’m hungry! Thanks Amanda ! Happy Blessed Easter!

  111. Stacy

    What a wonderful giveaway! I love Land O Lakes, and their half sticks is the best thing since sliced bread. I haven’t tried the Saute Express, but I’m sure they are delightful. I would have to start with some mushrooms in the garlic..yummy!

  112. Lizzy

    Wow the garlic saute express starter would be a great starter for my shrimp scampi. Thanks for introducing me to this new product.

  113. Morgan T