Scentsy Giveaway

Last week I shared a few favorites from my ever-growing candle collection, and I loved reading all the responses and suggestions you had. I am so excited to share a few of my favorite Scentsy scents today, because I know you’ll appreciate these heavenly fragrances as much as I do.

Scentsy Giveaway

Scentsy’s wickless candle bars are slowly warmed with a low-watt light bulb to release their incredible fragrances. They have a variety of beautiful ceramic warmers to choose from, even warmers you can design yourself!

Now. Let’s get on to the scents!

Scentsy Giveaway

Mochadoodle. Delicious roasted coffee beans and cocoa balanced with sugar, caramel and heavy cream. Oh, you know I had to try this one first! Definitely one of my favs. Such a sweet, hazelnutty scent. I could smell this all day long!

Toasted Caramel Sugar. Warm milk with caramelized sugar and toffee, swirled with the scent of sweet vanilla musk. I got this one in a travel tin and I love it. Totally wishing I’d gotten it in the bar too! :) I’ll probably keep this travel tin on the cubby in my foyer so that guests are greeted with a warm, delicious scent as soon as they come in. If I had another one I’d stash it under the seat of my car. Why does my car always smell like dogs? Oh yeah. Because I have dogs.

Scentsy Giveaway

Sugar Cookie. Warm, sweet blend of butter, sugar and creamy vanilla. This one smells just like birthday cake! :) You know what’s fun about these Scentsy bars? They come in cubes you can break apart and you can combine scents to create your own perfect blend. Would love to try this one with a blueberry or pumpkin scent. Or strawberry. Or coconut. Blueberry Pound Cake. Strawberry Shortcake. Sweet Heavenly Coconut Delight. Scentsy? I’m available.

Scentsy Giveaway

Pumpkin Roll & Vanilla Walnut Room Sprays. I have a lot of room sprays, from a lot of different places, but these are definitely the most fragrant room sprays in my current collection. A quick, powerful burst of fragrance, and they last forever. AKA, pretty much my salvation when Howie graces us with a drive-by Hiroshima.

Did I just say that outloud?

Scentsy Giveaway

Central Park Pralines. A decadent confection of rich roasted pecans, buttery caramel, and cinnamon sugar. This is a warm, sweet scent that definitely reminds me of holiday baking. I’m totally hooked on this one!

Scentsy Giveaway

French Kiss. Sweet fig tenderly caressed by coconut pulp, exotic cedar and caramel. You know me, I am always drawn to the bakery and cafe scents! But with this intriguing description I had to branch out to the Romance collection to try this one. This is a warm, rich scent, and you know what I’d like to do?

Combine it with Sugar Cookie.

I can’t be helped.

Scentsy Giveaway

What’s your favorite Scentsy scent?

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1,223 Responses
  1. Nancy@Nancy's Couture

    I love the Cinnamon Vanilla and the Sugar Cookie! I would love to try the French Kiss and Silver Bells.

  2. Rebekah T

    Oh how I would have loved to have won this giveaway. Unfortunately I didn’t see it until it was already to late to enter. Boohoo! Freakin’ awesome giveaway!

  3. Lori Patrick

    Central Park Pralines.
    That name alone seriously made me start to drool!


    I’ve never tried Sentsy so I’m pretty excited! :)

  4. Thea Vincent

    Hmm..not sure if I’m too late on this with the time difference but it’s worth a shot. I’d love to try the toasted caramel sugar!

  5. Cindy LeBlanc

    I want to try the Central Park Pralines and the Sugar Cookie. Guess I like the smell of baked goods around the holidays. Better to smell it than to eat it!

  6. Darrah

    I have heard that the Blueberry Cheesecake scent is really yummy. I’d like to try that and pretty much all the other bakery scents!

  7. Shannon Voss-Clinard

    Fab giveaway! The gingersnap scent I’m etching to know what it smells like. Hmm, starting to remind me that the holidays are soon upon us.

  8. Lori Seabold

    Would love to try the blueberry cheesecake. Thank you for the opportunity to sign up for this awesome giveaway!!!

  9. Katie Stoakes

    Autumn Sunset – Fall is my favorite season and I am always drawn to the smells – pumpkin, apples, leaves, cider – pretty much the description of this scent!

  10. Jeannette Pierce

    Camu Camu sounds like a wonderful scent, or the Autumn Sunset, or how about the guava nectar bar. Oh my gosh! there are some wonderful things to choose from.

  11. Michelle

    I am a huge scentsy fan, I can’t wait to try the blueberry cheesecake and I’m always up for any holiday scent!!

  12. Lori

    Ooohh I would love to try any of them! I never heard of Scentsy before but love the idea of it! Maybe Cozy Fireside….

  13. Monica Anderson

    What a great give away ! I have tons if scentsy and even brought one in to my hubbies office!
    Super excited that my new scents should be here soon! Can’t wait to try cranberry muffin and sentimental cider

  14. Amy

    I can’t wait to try Silver Bells! Winter Wonderland is one of my favorite bars and I love peppermint scents!!

  15. Wendy Rupper

    I just got a catalog and I wish it had scratch and sniff listings! I usually go with lemon or lavender, but hmmm…They all sound good, Central park pralines sounds like a yummy choice for fall-I’d try that one next!

  16. Jamie

    I would love to try Cozy Fireside, Sugar Cookie, or Eskimo Kiss – any scent that enhances the holiday season!

  17. sam

    I recently had the pleasure of trying all of the scents on display, and it was a delightful treat to the senses. The one I’m most interested in trying now, though, is the one designed for a baby’s room. My 3-yr-old great nephew recently had heart surgery, and I’ve ordered a plush toy to help him through the healing process. I’m hoping the baby powder scent will have a soothing effect to keep him calm when doctors and nurses come to check his monitors and run more tests.

  18. HayLee Shurtleff

    I LOVE Scentsy!! I like Camu Camu, kahiko hula and coconut lemongrass. Just to name a couple. Oh MAN I hope I win!! :)

  19. Cindy

    I would love anyone of them. I love their names….Pumpkin Roll, Mochadoodle,
    Eskimo Kiss…It would be a hard choice.

  20. Corrianna {SouthernMother}

    Ooooh, I’d looove to try the Baked Apple Pie! Or the Mochadoodle! French Kiss! Autumn Sunset?
    I want them all! :) I absolutely adore Scentsy!

  21. Therese Broussard

    Wow! I haven’t tried any of them before, but with names like Sentimental Cider, Mediterranean Spa, and Cucumber Lime I’m definitely intrigued.

  22. Anele

    I would love to try the Toasted Caramel Sugar. The name alone made me want to lick the monitor but that is inappropriate! :)

  23. Regina

    I want to try the Cranberry Spice. I am actually going to my fist Scentsy party Saturday!! I can’t wait; I’ve heard so much about these!

  24. Andrea E.

    I LOVE to bake, not just because I love tasting the baked goods, but because it makes my house smells so yummy! That’s why I would want to try the Cranberry Muffin…”the cozy scent of homemade muffins on a crisp weekend morning”.. YUM!!

    Thanks for the opportunity. I think I’ll do some shopping on Scentsy even if I don’t win!

  25. KatieandWags

    Silver Bells sounds so festive and I’m totally ready for the holiday season as my first bubs is due and Christmas has never felt so EXCITING!

  26. Alissa

    Ooooh!!! Pumpkin Roll sounds delish to me. I love anything pumpkin this time of year and that sounds like it would smell heavenly!

  27. Ieasha

    I love candles!!! I really love the smell of the spa, it’s relaxing and soothing so I would definitely go with Radiance or Inner Peace. However my husband loves beach and tropical scents so I would also want to try Kahiko Hula and Tropical Twist. This is my first time hearing about Scentsy so thanks for the information!!

  28. Kati

    I have never tried sugar cookie! That seems like it would be a perfect one for the holidays! I also love anything that smells like cinnamon this time of year! I have never tried to sprays before. I need to get my hands on those for sure.

  29. Emma

    I would love to try the Cozy Fireside! we just bought a cabinish house and it would be a great smell in the new home!

  30. Megan

    Oh my goodness! How have I not heard about this? The Toasted Caramel Sugar sounds amazing, although almost all of them sound scrumptious! I must check these out! Thanks for the opportunity to win some…

  31. Katie Niemiec

    As a college student, I could always use a break – I would love to try the Beach scent! – anytime I’m on a beach, it is instant relaxation, I definitely need that in college! or even Poinsettia Pine just in time for Christmas time!

  32. Cindy Fematt

    Cinnamon Bear is lovely. I have moved and am living out of boxes, some day I will reach the box with my burner…I hope. Maybe Santa will bring me another one!

  33. Roxann Shook

    Mochadoodle sounds reallllly intriguing. I also would love the Sugar Cookie, since I already am tempted to eat the Pumpkin Roll.

  34. robyn

    definitely would love the sugar cookie now for the holidays, then the cucumber lime for the spring and summer….love things smelling yummy…

  35. Christle

    Amanda you never cease to amaze us with the awsome give-aways! Did you ever find out why soy candles dont hold their scent like parafin candles?

  36. Sonia Mazur

    Cranberry spice sounds awesome for the Thanksgiving Holidays. Thanks for the opportunity to try them out!

  37. Leslie

    I just heard about Scentsy last week where I smelled the vanilla suede and OH MY HEAVENS it smelled wonderful.

  38. Sherrie

    Oh My, how do you ever decide?? There are too many yummy scents to choose from. I could easily spend $100.00 on these scentsy’s

  39. martha

    OH! My husband just bought me one of this last week and I love it! I have Sentimental Cider, Welcome Home and Vanilla Cream. They all smell so yummy! Now I must have Gingersnap and Blueberry Cheesecake! (And some more warmers! lol)

  40. Sara Johnson

    I would love to try their newest one. The name escapes me but the scent has stuck with me since I smelled it. Ooolala!
    It smells like winter snow and sugar about to be sprinkled on homemade doughnuts! OHHHHHHH, I can’t wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas Break!

  41. Missy Torrez

    I love this time of year and getting ready to put out all my Christmas decorations. I am excited to try the Silver Bells and give my home the feel of the holidays.

  42. Trisha

    I would for sure try ‘cozy fireside’! We have French Kiss at my work and it is delish! I love these things, hopefully one will be able to make a home at my house! :)

  43. Jennifer

    I’ve been dying to try scentsy for some time now. Maybe tomorrow will be my lucky day! Silver Bells sounds like it’s smells amazing!

  44. Michelle

    I’m going with the Mochadoodle as well. I have one scentsy, but would LOVE another one. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  45. Lucy

    I have never heard of these and am very intrigued! I would love anything citrus flavor. It looks like an awesome product!

  46. Cheryl K

    I have heard good things about Scentsy recently; I am a candle, warmer nut…with the holidays coming up I think I would like to try Silver Bells and Eskimo Kiss…

  47. Ginny

    I want to try Black Raspberry Vanilla, Guava Nectar & Cucumber Lime to name just a few. So many look scrumptious!

  48. Trisha

    I would love to try Cranberry spice, Silverbells and Cinnamon Bears. I love this time of year with all the yummy smells.

  49. Amanda

    The Fig and Exotic Cedar(not sure what the is exactly:o) in the French Kiss sounds yummy! The Eskimo Kiss might be good too!

    <3 Amanda

  50. Dana

    Toasted Caramel Sugar! Now that sounds heavenly! So far though I haven’t found a scent I don’t like :)


  51. Cindy

    hmmmm, definitely vanilla walnut…anything vanilla just makes you want to grab a little Jane Austen and while away a few hours–love it!

  52. Sophie

    I love Scentsy! Everyone sells it where I live hehe

    I’m really wanting to try the new scent Silver Bells. I also want Sentimental Cider and Pointsetta Pine because they smell amaaazing.

    I recommend Eskimo Kiss, Black Raspberry Vanilla and Hazelnut Latte :)

  53. vanessa hagen

    Caramel.. ANYTHING CARAMEL.. Its delightful. Candles, my iced coffee with extra caramel syrup and sauce, Caramel apples. Soo Yeah caramel is my vote!

  54. Ann

    Cozy frieside has me itching for a cup of hot apple cider, a flannel blanket and snuggling up to a crackeling fire!!!

  55. Margaret L

    Oh….How fun. I have always wanted to try these! Right now I am drooling over the Poincetta Pine and Christmas tree scents. Living in SW Florida it is almost impossible to have a real tree. Poincetta Pine scenting the house sounds heavenly!

  56. Melissa

    How exciting!!! I would like to try the Pumpkin Roll & Vanilla Walnut Room Sprays. Love these candles but never tried the sprays. Good luck to me!!

  57. Carrie Ashcraft

    I would love, love, love to try mochadoodle! It just sounds tooo yummy! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway:)

  58. amanda gibson

    I am a scentsy addict for sure. I love the blueberry cheesecake – and cranberry spice – and autumn sunset – and the list could go on and on and on!

  59. Toni Thomas

    Can’t remember if I left a comment yesterday, I hope not :( Anyway I cannot wait to try the sugar cookie! :)

  60. Amie S

    Winter Wonderland sounds absolutely amazing- it reminds me of the Mad About Mint bar they used to have, which smelled like all kinds of winterfresh gum rolled together! Also the gingersnap with the gingerbread warmer would be super cute!!

  61. Maria

    I would love to try Sentimental Cider…. Right now my favorite is Pumpkin Roll, but this one could take over!

  62. Heidi

    I haven’t tried any of the ones described, but the Central Park Pralines would be my pick! It sounds tantalizing to my tastebuds, I can’t wait for it to tickle my nasal cavity! Ah, I love smelling a little of heaven here on earth…

  63. Suzette

    It’s just not fair to say we have to choose just one. I love the ‘food’ scents for the kitchen and ‘clean’ scents for bathrooms and bedrooms. I’d love to try them all!

  64. Trish Tallent

    Would love to try out these no wick candles!!!! I have little children so candles with a flame aren’t too safe…but the wickless candle would work! I would like to try the Mochadoodle scent!

  65. Kimberly Wishert

    I’ve heard some friends mention these and talk about how great they are. I think Autumn Sunset would compliment my home and remind my family of our fall day trips we have every year. The thought just made me grin from ear to ear thinking of our great memories!! :)

  66. Dawn

    I would absolutely LOVE to try the mochadoodle! My favorite scent is snickerdoodle, which sounds very similar! And I love mocha scents! You have me enticed!

  67. Angie B.

    I have pumpkin roll on the brain with Thanksgiving around the corner. I bet the Scentsy scent is a close second to the real thing!

  68. Alexis Neppl

    Mochadoodle! Fun to say & I bet even better to smell. I love warm & inviting smells when you walk into a home. I haven’t had a chance to buy any scentsy, but my friend is having a party on Friday!! So winning would be an added “treat” ;)

    Thanks & I love this blog!

  69. Danielle W

    I am a candle and anything that smells great kind of gal and this really made me smile when I saw this great give-away oppertunity! I think being that it’s the Holiday season and my favorite, I’d love to try Cozy Fireside and Eskimo Kiss comes in at a close second!

  70. Ann Sheppard

    They all sound great, it’s hard to choose! But, since I must, it’s a drizzly rainy day here and Cozy Fireside sounds just perfect!

  71. daneilia

    i would soooo love to try the pumpkin roll….i absolutely love anything pumpkin. i always have pumpkin spice candles roaming around my house every fall…..its one of my favorite scents :)

  72. stacy murphy

    Ohhhhhhh are you kidding me??!! COZY Fireside for sure!! Wish I was sitting next to one right now! LOL!

  73. Alyssa T

    Would love to have French Kiss burning in our home to remind me of the good times I had studying in France.

  74. Melinda

    OMG French Kiss sounds a-mazing. It sounds like one of my favorite Victoria’s Secret scents that got discontinued. :(

  75. Traci Branscum

    OK…so I have heard so much about Scentsy and must get on the bandwagon. I have to order some to try but if I was lucky enough to win one I would try the French Kiss first. They all sound so wonderful!

  76. Shelley W

    Gotta LOVE Scentsy! Mine is on 24/7. I cant wait to try the new Eskimo Kiss. Thanks for the chance to win!
    -Shelley W.

  77. Peggy Nickelson

    Hi Amanda,
    I adore coffee and chocolate, co mochadoodle would be my first choice.
    Thanks for a chance to win such a fabulous giveaway.


  78. CherylP

    I am dying to try Cozy Fireside! I just love the idea of the flameless scents~ much safer in my house with a five year old and a crazy lab puppy!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  79. Mandy

    Poinsettia Pine??? Are you kidding me! MMMMMM. And I could have one of those in my office. Oh, I need to win this!

  80. Jen

    COZY FIRESIDE!!!!!!!!!! Oh wow! Today is just such a day, gentle silver light through overcast and chilly skies scream “COZY FIRESIDE!” I sit in my slippers, pj’s and cozy jacket, dreaming of the crackle of the fire, about to turn on the sounds of Christmas, desiring the smells of spices, mulled cider and pine…. Oh wait! Maybe the Poinsettia Pine Scentsy Bar! The description totally just put me in dreamland!

    “Sparkling pomegranate and tangerine layered with evergreens, amber and spice.” *ahhh, heaven*

  81. Kwynn

    Christmas Tree! I have an artificial Christmas tree but would LOVE to have the smell! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  82. Patty Brett Kolbo

    I’ve smelled French Kiss and Hemingway. Would love to have those. The plug-in burners are great as well!

  83. Daphne

    Well hello Amanda, I am glad to see that you adore the Scentsy collections as much as I. I think the scents are great and the wickless part is wonderful. I would so love to add to my collection, but my chances to win are slim I am sure…there are so many wonderful people that are big fans of your page. So to all good luck and “God Bless”…

  84. Stacy

    Now that the weather is getting a little cooler, I would love to try the new fall and winter scents. What a great giveaway!

  85. Vickilyn Crawford

    I totally adore the names of Mochadoodle, Eskimo Kiss & French Kiss…I think I would totally need to try Black Rasbperry Vanilla and Vanilla Cream…along with SEVERAL others!!

    thanks for the opportunity!!

  86. Mandy H

    I have to admit I am a die hard Home Sweet Home girl…if they made a perfume I would buy it but after browsing I really think I need to try Silver Bells for the Holidays this year!

    Icy peppermint candy canes dance over warm and welcoming winter pear and crisp apple, all enveloped in a velvety blanket of caramel and vanilla sugar. Yummy!


    Sugar cookie really sounds yummy! I would love to try that or the french kiss! I wanna win!!!!

  88. Carla Pruitt

    I would love to try the PUMPKIN ROLL….with me on Weight Watchers, if I can’t eat it, I’d sure like to smell it! =)

  89. Brittaney

    Ooh, I love Scentsy and would love to try ALL of the scents. But if I have to choose just one, I’ll choose orange dreamsicle. Something about anything dreamsicle makes me crazy and reminiscent of summer.

  90. Ola Jaggers

    I can’t wait to smell Blueberry Cheesecake…. and I love the sports warmers!!! They would be perfect for my boys’ room, you know they’re kinda like dogs…. their room smells, it has to be all that sports equipment, lol!!! I totally do not usually compare my kids to dogs… but hey, they are BOYS!!!

    Thank you so much for the chance to win!!!

    okj83 at live dot com

  91. Lauren W

    Wow, I’d love to try Eskimo Kiss- the combo of blackberry jam, caramelized brown sugar, vanilla, and amber sounds mouth watering!

  92. Audrey

    You had me at mochadoodle! I am not much of a coffee drinker, but it is my favorite aisle in the grocery store because the smell is delicious! Ooooo, can’t wait to try mochadoodle.

  93. Kristine

    ohhhhh Beach or Havana Cabana Scensy…although I’m leaning towards Cinnamon Bear Scentsy for Christmas! mmmmmmmm

  94. Marie

    OHMYGOODNESS I LOVE SCENTSY! My favorite is their French Kiss scent! And now I’m *dying* to try their new Eskimo Kiss and Spiced Grapefruit scents! What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  95. Amy Jensen

    Autumn Sunset sounds wonderful, especially for this time of year. I’ve heard of Scentsy but never tried them. Reading this makes me very curious and interested in purchasing some of my own. Hopefully, I’ll be the winner tough!! :-)

  96. Lisa

    What a great Christmas present this would make!! Eskimo kiss sounds like it would be such a clean scent and the toasted Caramel sugar and spiced grapefruit sound devine!! Or maybe Autumn sunset!! OH MAN there are way to many to chose from!! LOL Thanks!!

  97. Destiny

    I love for my kitchen/house to smell like cinnamom or a pie baking so I would definitely choose Cinnamon Bear Scentsy Bar.

  98. Christa

    I’ve heard so many good things about the Sentsy’s and would love to try them. I FOR SURE would first pick the Reggae Sunset…..mmmmmmmm

  99. Sarah J.

    I’d love to try either Cucumber Lime or Newborn Nursery. Afterall, who doesn’t love the smell of a newborn?! :)

  100. Natalia

    I love scentsy, but it is just way too hard to choose the flavors when I order. I go through the catalogs for hours before finally choosing something.

  101. Michelle

    That Central Park Pralines sounds like just the ticket to me! Nothing is better than a house that smells like buttery, sugarry goodness!

  102. Kelly

    Ooooh! I soooo want to smell the Newborn Nursery… I don’t have kids of my own, but there are few things better than the smell of a baby :-) And there are about a bazillion others I really want to smell….

  103. Carrie Gill

    Pick me pick me! I’ve been meaning to try Scentsy for a while now but just keep procrastinating on it… this would be perfect :)
    It’s a toss! Like you I have a laundry list of scents I am dying to try, Cranberry Spice, French Kiss, Central Park Praline, Mochadoodle… something tells me I would spend FAR more than $100 :)

  104. Molly Jac

    Pumpkin Roll..Oh…my….goodness. Heaven in a candle!! I love these, and almost everyone at work has them. Great giveaway, they last forever and smell ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh so delicious :)

  105. Leslie

    Just in time for candle season! I love anything Christmas-y smelling and throw in the sugar cookie scent to smell like you’ve been baking.

  106. Karela

    Ohhh my mouth is watering. I think I’d combine the Toasted Caramel Sugar and MochaDoodle and pretend I’ve walked into a Starbucks.

  107. Heather

    I am feeling the fall weather right now so Sentimental Cider, Cozy Fireside, Baked Apple Pie all sound WONDERFUL to me!

  108. Rebecca

    Oooh after looking through the different scents, I still have to go back to mochadoodle–sounds perfectly heavenly!

  109. Linda Gilliam

    OH fun, I have wanted to try these for a LONG time, if I were picking, I’d have to try the Mochadoodle and the Pumpkin Roll, and of course anything named Sugar Cookie has to be great! Lol!
    Thank you for the great opportunity to win such a nice prize!

  110. Mindy Phelps

    Are you sure its not a buffet table!! I would love to try Citrus Sun Tea and ooh Silver Bells and….all of them!!!

  111. Carli

    Wow! There are so many! Love love the new Prancer Warmer! Definitely want Baked Apple Pie, Cranberry Spice, and Cozy Fireside!

  112. Tiffany

    Oooh I’d love to win this! ALL the scents sound to die for, but the one that caught my eye on the website was Gingersnap. YUM! I never win anything but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one! :)

  113. Megan B.

    I would love to spend the cold Colorado nights with the scent of Cozy Fireside…makes me want to curl up with a blanket and hot chocolate.

  114. Molly

    Ohhh, I love Scentsy!! So hard to pick a favorite and looks like there are some new ones since I last checked. I really like the romance collection but the spa collection scents sound really good, too. What an awesome giveaway!

  115. Jenny Cochran

    Hey Lisha! I’m gonna say French Kiss because I love coconut smells and the silver bells sounds great also!

  116. Canchy

    Guava Nectar Scentsy Bar!!!! I can’t wait to smell this one…. I think it will remind me of my childhood in my backyard back home in Puerto Rico. A few friends and I used to play with Barbies under a guava tree for hours and hours. One of them used to climb the tree to get the biggest and juiciest guavas from the top!!!!!

  117. Melissa

    I’ve never heard of Scentsy, but I have a feeling I’m about to become obsessed! I love that you can mix and match the bars!

    I’d have to try Hemingway — I love food scents, but my fiancé says they are like a trick (walk in the house, smell food baking, realize it’s a candle and there are no fresh cookies!), so we compromise by going with rich spicy and nature-y scents like Hemingway :)

  118. Lacey Wolf

    Ahh! Silver bells! That sounds perfect for the upcoming HOlidays! Blueberry Cheesecake sounds delicious too! :)

  119. Sharie Thompson

    I would have to try “Silver Bells” the scent of the month…The minute I read “Ice Peppermint” I knew.
    Thanks again for sharing!

  120. Nikki

    I have the blueberry cheesecake bar, and it smells good enough to eat! I have sugar cookie in my Scentsy warmer in my classroom and Home Sweet Home is my favorite in my home warmer. I want to try You Go, Girl next!

  121. Sheila Meinecke

    I would love to try the masculine scent- vanilla suede. I am the only female among 3 men, and would like to give them a scent thats not too sweet or female, this would smell great in the family room.

  122. Suzanne

    I can’t decide between the Newborn and the Pima Cotton scents–and I think I’d love all of the man scents too.

    Hard to choose!

  123. Cheri

    I love scentsy – My brother has one warmer – His place always smells devine – I would love to try Eskimo Kiss — it sounds wonderful.

  124. Karen Armstrong

    Love, Love, LOVE the Maple Butter!!!! Gotta get more! And just talked with Lisha about a basket party! Would love to give these for gifts – perfect time of the year and wonderful idea with no fire, burning, etc.

    1. Lisha Edwards

      Thanks, Karen, for booking a BASKET PARTY! I offer Nationwide Basket Parties! They are super easy for me to mail in a priority box, so it’s easy for ANYONE to share the wonderful scents and then receive lots of free Scentsy and several half-priced items as well! Contact me by email – Thanks! Lisha

  125. nancy geise

    i just went to my first scentsy party for the fall/winter catalog. WOW SO MUCH TO choose from i bought a nightlight, warmer and 2 bricks of scents it was hard to choose. i got cranberry muffin and hazelnut latte. which shall i choose next ???

  126. emily

    OMG i wish i could smell these! this time of year i simply love anything cinnamon so Cinnamon Bear would def be a part of my order!

  127. daphne

    We are renovating our home…and scents play such a huge role in making us feel comfy/cozy in our new space. We are New Yorkers, so Central Park Pralines is a MUST! And we have a spare bedroom decorated in a beach theme, so the Beach Room Spray would sooo fit in with the whole feel of the room :) I can’t wait to give Scentsy a try!

  128. Valerie Scott

    Blueberry cheesecake and Baked Apple Pie sound awesome:) Love having my house smell like I just baked something!

  129. Betsy Pratt

    Wow!I’d never heard of this company but am definitely a candle/scent lover! Scentsy has a LOT of scents I’d like to try- like Christmas cottage for the upcoming seasons, all of the Bakery, Spa and Citrus scents.
    Thanks for the opportunity to play!

  130. Angela

    I think the Hemingway sounds intriguing – rich, ripe apples and warm, woody accents of sandalwood and cedar with hints of spice. Sounds very fall-ish.

  131. Nichole L.

    I’d like to try the Eskimo Kiss, Silver Bells, Christmas cottage, Winter Wonderland….oh I could go on and on. They have so many cute warmers too!

  132. Cindy

    How in the world can I resist a scent called “eskimo kiss” and describe as having the scents of blackberry jam, caramelized brown sugar, vanilla, and amber!!! Absolutely delicious :)

  133. Dawn

    I would love to try the Sugar Cookie! Also, the Mocha Doodle. I’ve been craving sweet food smelling scents lately!

  134. Stacy

    I’d like to try the Silver Bells since it sounds so nice & I’m hearing it’s a hit! Also, the French Kiss & I’m curious about the Newborn Nursery one. Sounds fresh and light.

  135. Sue

    I LOVE them all – and would love to win … I think Cozy Fireside might be the one for me to try. But then … Silver Bells sounds like a great one to try … hmmmmm maybe both! Thanks for all you do! Your blog is great.

  136. joy

    I have been wanting to try scentsy for awhile. The gingerbread would probably be my most immediate pick. Fun giveaway!

  137. Carolyn

    I love Scentsy! Mochadoodle sounds very inviting and silver bells would be two that I would like to try. I love blueberry cheesecake!

  138. Kristin S

    MOCHADOODLE! I’ve been hearing about that scent for ages and want to actually smell it. What a great giveaway!

  139. Tawnee

    this is an awesome giveaway!!

    i would love to get the gingerbread warmer. & i’d definitely have to try cozy fireside, eskimo kiss, snowberry, & Christmas cottage!!

  140. Laura

    I would love to try any of the Scentsy buddies! They are so cute and would be perfect for our new addition (due in January)! :)

  141. Colleen M.

    Call me a over passionate Christmas gal, my tree & decor went up this weekend, but I can’t wait to try the Christmas Cottage.

  142. Jen

    Ooh! I love Scentsy, but don’t have the money to try all the scents I’d like, so this would be perfect. I really like Camu Camu, but the Citrus Sun Tea sounds really intriguing. Or the Vanilla Walnut. I can’t decide – I want them all!

  143. Kimberly O.